Leave It to Me eBook ¶ Leave It PDF/EPUB ²

Leave It to Me eBook ¶ Leave It PDF/EPUB ²

Leave It to Me ➹ [Download] ➵ Leave It to Me By Bharati Mukherjee ➼ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Debby DiMartino saved from death in infancy by Gray Nuns at an Indian desert outpost; adopted as a toddler by Manfred and Serena DiMartino of Schenectady New York; coming of age an inherently exotic g Debby DiMartino saved from death in infancy by Gray Nuns at an Indian desert outpost; adopted as a toddler by Manfred and Serena DiMartino of Schenectady New York; Leave It PDF/EPUB ² coming of age an inherently exotic girl in an inherently American town never sure if she was someone special or just a special kind of misfit Now at she's decided that it's time to find out time to track down her biological parents She knows only the barest facts about them her mother was a California flower child; her father an 'Asian national' serving life in an Indian prison for murder She knows that they were 'lousy people who'd considered me lousier still and who'd left me to be sniffed at by wild dogs like a carcass in the mangy shade' Her only inheritance from them is a literally haunting past 'white hot sky and burnt black leavesstar bursts of yearning' but now she wants revenge too 'When you inherit nothing you are entitled to everything' Debby says as she leaves home for San Francisco where if she can't find her mother she suspects she can appropriate what she needs Yet once there living the life of her newly named persona Devi Dee Tenderloin prowler all allure and strength and zero innocence' she senses that she may have inherited than she imagined a legacy of shocking idea and impulse begins to reveal itself as DebbyDevi focuses her sights on the woman who may be her 'bio mom' or just a dangerously unprepared proxy.

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  1. Chinook Chinook says:

    It sounded very promising on the back about an adopted girl who sets out to find her parents a hippie mom and a Eurasian dad There were some interesting descriptions about her trip from the Eastern US to California driving across time zones a day at a time and passing small towns just like her hometown that she wonders why people chose to live in However I didn’t like the book didn’t like the relationships the character kept forming and found the author interview at the back interesting than the novel One interesting comment she made was about using myths in cross cultural ways that the “megascale diaspora” of today make myths even applicable because their themes appeal and speak to all regardless of ethnicity I found this intriguing; sadly I hadn’t really noticed the influence of myth while reading the novel One of the uestions at the end in the guide is about identity What are the dangers of inventing one’s identity? Again interesting uestion but not an interesting novel

  2. John John says:

    I was about halfway through this book when my wife found it in the ahem reading room and asked me how I was enjoying itThe narrative's sort of bubbling along well enough I told her but by 120 pages in I feel I should have some idea of what the book's forThe trouble is now I've got to the end of it I'm still thinking the same thing I was never bored as I read and occasionally I chuckled or savored some neat turn of phrase or piece of description but I never felt I was part of an enterprise that was actually going anywhere Now that I've finished the novel I learn that it's in some sense a skewed retelling of the Elektra myth which I can see with elements of the Deva myth which I can't see because mea culpa I know nothing of the source legendThe later stages of the tale are scarred by a couple of plot developments so outrageously improbable that at least the first one for the second I didn't bother had me scouring back through previous pages in case I'd missedforgotten something that might justify it Answer nopeI wish I could be a tad positive about the novel beyond that it's an easy and overall pleasurable reading experience It's as if Mukherjee has got everything there and everything right with the exception of a coherent plot to hold it all together Oddly enough this reaction does mean I'm uite likely to pick up another of Mukherjee's novels just to see if I can tease out what makes her work tick

  3. Kecia Kecia says:

    I loved this description of salsa as a courtship dance Retreat and pursuit Promise and withhold All longing and heartache Ecstasy without messy consummationOther than that this was a real disappointment It was too too much in terms of both the writing style and the creepy direction the story took Cut out two thirds of this novel including ALL of the murders and it would have made an interesting short story There is something about an adopted girl looking for her birth parents that makes for a good story But when one of the parents is a romantic rival and the other is a psycho serial killer escaped from an Indian jail – it just gets too out hand

  4. JL Smither JL Smither says:

    I enjoyed Holder of the World by Mukherjee but was disappointed with this one The characters are shallow in thought and description The author doesn't provide enough detail about any of them for the reader to understand or sympathize with any of their actions Most of these actions which would be pretty horrific in the real world are presented as if they are not unusal to this society why?? I would not recommend this

  5. Rashaan Rashaan says:

    Being citizen of the world is crazy making You belong to nowhere and every where claims you You could be Egyptian Thai Fijian Spanish or Persian and strangers with a downright rudeness will marvel at your hair dissect your skin color and speak brazenly about the otherness of you Mixed race multi culturals must learn to straddle borders and serve as ambassador to a crowd that only pretends to be homogenized Members of the rainbow tribe learn to belong to multiple worlds and become schizophrenic in the process Bharati Mukherjee's rambunctious and mythic novel Leave It To Me is a fast paced tale that lassos and wrestles the mixed race experience to the ground Her writing as in Jasmine and Middlemen Other Stories scintillates She cuts through all the BS and morass to get to the beating bleeding heart of our racially complex worldDebby DiMartino or the reinvented and reincarnated Devi is a force of a nature What makes her a great main character is that we don't know what she's capable of and neither does she The best literary characters instill just enough fear in their readers so that we're surprised almost aghast at their potency Half Indian and half American Devi raises a path of destruction and retribution as she seeks her birth parents Born and raised in Schenectady by her adoptive Italian American parents the family that cared for and loved her throughout childhood adolescent and teenage years gets tossed aside while Devi follows a thin line between sanity and insanity stalking her heritage to the Bay Area of California a bastion for changelings and shape shifters Circuiting the cracked out Haight berserk Berkeley and even an off road jaunt through the Caldicott Tunnel for an evening of suburban madness in Lafayette Devi meets soul searchers and cosmonauts who are lost and confused than her own orphaned and jumbled self With psychic and transcripted transmissions from Rajasthan Mukherjee alights the Pacific Rim with a burning tale of explosive souls enmeshed in a Vietnam love versus war saga Devi's origin is the twisted tale of a hippie American mother who romanticizes the East bowing to her Oriental lover and lo a hapless baby with a hunger for revenge is borne Leave It to Me is a perverse dance of both classic and contemporary themes when Casteneda meets Conrad

  6. Delaney Mcdaniel Delaney Mcdaniel says:

    I found this novel mysteriously sitting on the shelf in my room so I decided it was worth a read Although I didn't find it to be anything super special it was a wonderfully told story I'm usually not one who likes coming of age stories but this one was a bit different as it involved some mature topics such as murder and resentment One thing I really appreciated about the story was how well it managed to include the history of each character and how creatively it incorporated India into the story This book was definitely worth reading but it could have improved in some parts where it came of as a bit too cliche or cheesy Overall though it was very good

  7. Hena Hena says:

    This is a strange one Overall it was decent and I mostly enjoyed it but there were times when it got a bit too rambly and other times when it was just a bit too out there for my taste okay that's an understatement Loco Larry? Romeo Hawk?If you want to read a novel by Bharati Mukherjee I would recommend Desirable Daughters and Jasmine over this one

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    Couldn't put this book down it's jam packed with chaos I don't know if that's a good thing all the way but it kept my attention And it transported me to San Francisco

  9. Rick Rick says:

    An interesting book Totally unpredictable Fun in spots Worthwhile and recommended

  10. Alessia Alessia says:

    This is probably one of the dumbest fucking books I have ever read The back of the book says this was about a girl who leaves home to go find her birth parentsbut that's not what the book was about at allSure she leaves home but then she only has her car so she ends up homeless and living out of soup kitchens for a while then she pretty much turns into a whore in the middle of the book The book is already half way done at this point and she hasn't set out to do what the main plot of the book even said she was gonna do Then this woman named Jess shows up and Jess starts to hit on her boyfriend Ham yyeeahhdon't ask about the names cuz I don't know either and then after the longest fucking pointless exposition section Jess turns out to be her mother So you mean to tell me that some random woman shows up out of nowhere and THAT is her mother? That's the biggest fucking cop out I have ever experienced in a book This just proves the the writer was too lazy to write a section where the main character actually travels and overcomes challenges in order to meet her goal cuz it's pretty much handed to her And let's not forget that Jess has a sexual relationship with Ham too meaning that there is this fucking strange and uncomfortable incest thing going onAll the characters were flat characters kept dying but I didn't give a fuck cuz they were extremely unimportant and this book lacked a complete sense of anything And that's really unfortunate cuz this book's premise sounded extremely interesting and one I would actually like but I almost feel that was the author's intent Rope you in with an interesting plot line only to have none of that be true in the actual book This book has a 27 rating for a reason cuz it's totally misleading with its plot and it doesn't have anything of substance that I should give a fuck aboutIf I was the authorI would be absolutely ashamed about this title

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