Mass Market Paperback ¾ Swamp Foetus eBook å

Mass Market Paperback ¾ Swamp Foetus eBook å

Swamp Foetus [Ebook] ➥ Swamp Foetus ➫ Poppy Z. Brite – Big talent gives off thermonuclear vibes I can feel them this is the voice we're going to be hearing for a long time Harlan Ellison In an old car rocking down a North Carolina highway with the radio o Big talent gives off thermonuclear vibes I can feel them this is the voice we're going to be hearing for a long time Harlan Ellison In an old car rocking down a North Carolina highway with the radio on so loud you can't hear the music Behind a dusty Georgia carny show In a mausoleum in Baton Rouge or in an alley in Calcutta Here wanderers come to rest the lost and lonely press their bodies up against each other the heat rises flesh yields bones are bared blood spills This is the landscape of today's most brilliant young horror writer Poppy Z BriteNow in a collection that sings like cutting edge rock 'n' roll and shows the deft touch of a master storyteller Poppy Z Brite weaves her uniue spell of the sensual the frightening and the forbiddenEvery page of Brite's work stresses the beautiful and heartbreaking strangeness of the world Fangoria.

About the Author: Poppy Z. Brite

Poppy Z Brite born Melissa Ann Brite now going by Billy Martin is an American author born in New Orleans LouisianaBorn a biological female Brite has written and talked much about his gender dysphoriagender identity issues He self identifies almost completely as a homosexual male rather than female and as of has started taking testosterone injections His male name is Billy MartinHe.

10 thoughts on “Swamp Foetus

  1. Abel Abel says:

    Really brilliant horror stories The kind you get jealous of They tread the lines between horrors they're subtle and rich and tactile They're never ever predictable or stale Of particular interest is His Lips Will Taste of Wormwood which uses Lovecraft's The Hound blueprints and constructs a startingly good yarn with Exciting prose sensuality good macabre notes for us death centric types I'd never read BriteMartin before but I've got other paperbacks coming and look forward with interest to see how he developed his mark on the horror world

  2. Spencer Distraction Spencer Distraction says:

    I actually have the original version of this called 'Swamp Foetus' Yes I'm gloating

  3. J.w. Schnarr J.w. Schnarr says:

    I rescued this book at the Calgary Horror Con because I couldn't stand to see it sitting there like an orphaned puppy waiting for someone to pick it up This kind of puppy however is for very special owners It drinks human blood and shifts in and out of reality like a shadow in a strobe lightFor those who have not been exposed to Poppy's work this is an excellent primer for what is to come And honestly if you haven't read at least something by Poppy Z Briteyour horror education is sorely lacking and your image of what horror was in the 1990s is a warped thing at best missing so many chromosomes it's unable to survive on its ownThe book includes the story Calcutta Lord of Nerves which for my money is one of the best zombie stories ever written A collection of stories beautiful in their celebration of the dark

  4. Kristen Kristen says:

    Every once in a while you stumble across an artist who is in the wrong time Poppy is one of those authors and artist who seems as if she was born too late to be happy From reading her stories you can envision her walking with the likes of Lovecraft and Poe I assume they would discuss language the beauty of the written word and the terrors of their hearts Brite has a style that harkens back to the 1800’s when flowing language and beauty could be found in even the darkest of tales This collection of short stories is dark gothic beautiful flowing engaging and sad Though she is labeled as horror I wouldn’t uite put her in that category at least in this book True there are vampires murderers and the undead but they are never frightening Brite looks at them all as a beautiful and necessary addition to a dark and morose worldAlthough her writing is beautiful and her stories thrilling to read this book will not be for everyone Her characters are sexually ambiguous often leaning closer to the homosexual side and although she never becomes overly graphic I don’t know that I would advise my husband read this Also her characters tend to be very thin fine boned almost androgynous males with uestionable morals and a penchant for eye shadow and lace The closest mainstream author I can think of to compare her with would be Anne Rice with a darker view of the worldPersonally I really enjoyed reading these stories I loved her use of language her sense of atmosphere and the brooding nature of her characters The theme that seems to run through the book is one of both love and death though the love is darker and horrifying and the death is beautiful and erotic If you read this book be sure to read the introduction by Dan Simmons one of my favorite authors It is both hysterically funny and also does a good job of setting your mind in the right mood to proceed into the stories

  5. Nancy Nancy says:

    Gorgeous prose unforgettable images These stories are very dark heartbreaking and visceral

  6. Joshua Gross Joshua Gross says:

    Some of these stories I really enjoyed and some of them were just ok and some of just didn't do anything for me On the other hand I found the prologue by Dan Simmons highly entertaining Dan Simmons showed that he was arrogant old kook and I'm exceptionally curious as to why he hashad such a boner for Poppy Z Brite

  7. Adam Light Adam Light says:

    This was my first Poppy Z Brite readThere were some excellent stories here my favorites being Calcutta Lord of Nerves and The Sixth SentinelGreat collection and I'm glad I finally gave this author a read

  8. Chantelle Chantelle says:

    I enjoyed this collection of short stories and was interested to see that Steve and Ghost from Lost Souls were in some of them I need to re read Lost Souls and Drawing Blood to see if I like them as much as I did when I was younger

  9. Sean Chick Sean Chick says:

    Poppy Z Brite is the only published fiction author I have read that I have actually met She came to Holy Cross High School because one of her fans David Leonard class of 1999 where are you? invited her She was nice open weird unpretentious and seemed uncomfortable This now seems obvious after reading Wormwood I too would feel weird speaking with a bunch of horny teenage boys If the administrators had paid attention they certainly would not have allowed her in so it was uite a coup Mr LeonardBrite's work is a constant flow between desire and death While not pornographic about sex in the way of a romance novel she is very open about it and it is the main ingredient of the horror To this end her best stories are those that are intimate a tale of death and desire between two people At her worst she is aimless As such stories here are either duds or effective works of horror The influence of Lovecraft is strong including a direct reference to him as a master of purple prose The same is true of Brite's lush wordings She reads like a sexualized goth retelling of Lovecraft and Keats However whereas Lovecraft portrayed scholarly men who encounter the abyss Brite's character's are libertine outcasts who encounter the abyss inside of vaginas or the mouths of other men The last is telling for Brite's point of view characters are men Is there any surprise she now goes by the name Billy Martin?For a person of a historical bent Wormwood is an artifact of New Orleans' goth period of the 1990s that awkward phase between when the city sold itself as a Cajun outpost and the post Katrnia obsession with all things African American This is when the French uarter was still dangerous Trent Reznor lived in the Garden District and ghost tours were first popping up Brite was part of that world indeed she did much to build it It is gone now and by the 21st century Brite had left behind horror making Wormwood's cover hilarious Harlan Ellison proclaimed that Brite was a voice we're going to be hearing for a long time It was not to be and I could see it in her back in 1997 or was it 1998? She seemed tired of it all but kind enough to talk with some high school boys wondering what their future would be As it turns out the future was a lot like Wormwood sex death and romanticism giving way to melancholy Hence the eternal draw of horror stories

  10. Robert Beveridge Robert Beveridge says:

    Poppy Z Brite Wormwood Dell 1994This relatively early collection of stories her first collection and third published work previously known as Swamp Foetus collects stories written between 1986 and 1992 Perhaps the most interesting thing about the book is watching the progression between the earlier and the later stories; you can tell before getting to the end each is dated which are which after an example or two of eachThis isn't to say the earlier stories are bad they're just raw And raw is not a bad thing In fact it can be uite charming especially when one encounters another two Steve and Ghost stories Angels and How to Get Ahead in New York which also happen to be two of the longest in the book It's rather odd to have watched an author create her own shared world and remain its sole inhabitantSteve and Ghost aside there's a lot of fun stuff here for the discriminating fan of viscerally atmospheric if that makes sense horror Brite's tales are not for the sueamish but she never treads into the realms of Robert Deveraux or for that matter her own novel Exuisite Corpse Even the zombie story which is a genre that basically invites excess gore especially since Peter Jackson's wonderful film Dead Alive has of a uiet dignified air about it albeit one with some language that may make some neophytes suirm a bit in a different wayVery good stuff It's easy to say in hindsight this is the beginning work of a very gifted author so imagine I'm saying it in 1994 and have amazing powers of presentiment ½

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