Aggie Gets Lost eBook ¸ Aggie Gets eBook Ê

Aggie Gets Lost eBook ¸ Aggie Gets eBook Ê

  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Aggie Gets Lost
  • Lori Ries
  • English
  • 01 July 2015
  • 9781570916335

6 thoughts on “Aggie Gets Lost

  1. Melki Melki says:

    There's not much to this that the standard boy loses dog boy finds dog plot but the illustrations by Frank W Dormer are sweet

  2. Teresa Garrett Teresa Garrett says:

    This book will appeal to students transitioning into chapter books It has three brief chapters beginning middle and end Ben and Aggie are best friends and do everything together Aggie is a dog and in chapter 1 she goes missing In chapter 2 Ben describes why he likes Aggie so much and how sad he is that she is missing The story is resolved in Chapter 3 Plenty of pictures will help young readers scaffold the text but they will have the satisfaction of having read a chapter book on their own

  3. Peacegal Peacegal says:

    This is a sweet story that describes a kid's sad and scary experience when his dog gets lost He and his parents do everything they can to get her back With a little help from a friend Aggie is reunited with her family at the end Simple basic illustrations and easy text

  4. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    Left foot right foot two feet four feetWe walk to the parkAggie pulls hardShe wants to play fetchThese are the engaging first lines of Aggie Gets Lost an easy reader about a little boy whose dog gets lost on a trip to the park The boy Ben must endure an awful night and a long search before Aggie finally returns homeLost dog stories are nothing new in the world of children's literature and the plot of this book doesn't really introduce anything new to that particular genre My enjoyment of this book comes instead from the author's choice of words particularly when conveying Ben's emotions about his dogWhen describing Ben's loneliness at night without Aggie Ries writes Aggie is not on my bed She is not under my bed She goes on to describe his feelings of restlessness as he wonders whether Aggie ran away because of something he did I climb on my bed I look at my toes Finally Ben becomes determined Aggie might not be where she belongs but Ben's attitude is positive But Aggie is somewhere And I am going to find herThe other truly uniue aspect of this book is the involvement of Mr Thomas He is a man in the park who is blind and uses a cane Ben is sure that Mr Thomas can't help look for a lost dog without using the sense of sight but Mr Thomas teaches Ben how to use his other senses to see This is how Ben ultimately hears Aggie's howling and reunites with his beloved dogThis book represents what I think of when I think about the perfect easy reader book The text and the illustrations work together to help the reader decode the story The text is not only easy to read but the writing also comes off the page and comes to life There are no cliches in the story and though there aren't many words the characters still have real emotions and personalities I have read a lot of dog stories in the past couple of weeks since so many were nominated for the Cybils but this one stands out heads above the rest in my opinion I highly recommend it and I look forward to enjoying the others in the series Aggie and Ben Good Dog Aggie and Aggie the Brave

  5. Tam Tam says:

    My 8 year old liked this bookA boy took his dog Aggie to the park to play fetch but he threw the ball so far that Aggie got lost when she chased after it The boy returned to the park the next day and sat on a bench by Mr Thomas a blind man Mr Thomas said he could help him because I can see just fine Not with my eyes but there are other ways to see I use my hands I use my ears I use my nose You've tried using your eyes Now try to see like meThe boy closed his eyes and used his other senses He heard Aggie howling and found her

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Another Easy Reader series I was unaware of This is a series that will appeal to young readers a boy and his dog Also love the uirky illustrations by Frank Dormer

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Aggie Gets Lost[Ebook] ➦ Aggie Gets Lost Author Lori Ries – Aggie and Ben are back with another adventure in three short chapters just right for beginning readers Ben and Aggie are playing fetch in the park When Ben throws too far Aggie doesn't come back Ben l Aggie and Ben are back with another adventure in three short chapters just right for beginning readers Ben and Aggie are playing fetch in the park When Ben throws too far Aggie doesn't come back Ben looks and looks but he cannot find her It is the worst day ever Ben's sadness Aggie Gets eBook Ê turns into determination as he retraces his steps makes posters and enlists other people to help turn Aggie from a lost pup to a found one.