My Infamous Life eBook î My Infamous MOBI :å

My Infamous Life eBook î My Infamous MOBI :å

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • My Infamous Life
  • Albert Johnson
  • English
  • 06 May 2015
  • 9781439103180

10 thoughts on “My Infamous Life

  1. Nnedi Nnedi says:

    All memoirs by rappers should be read the rappers I am soooooo glad I bought the audio version of this As a big fan of Mobb Deep and Prodigy himself I couldn't have made a better choice I took a lot of this with a grain of salt Rappers brag they twist things to shine on them that's endemic to the genre That said this memoir still reads as honest in a way that Jay Z's Decoded did not What interests me most about these memoirs are those moments of vulnerability that occasionally shine through and how freuent they are There were many in this memoir and that was refreshing and fascinating They were few if any in Decoded that left me feeling half truthed Great read Wish I hadn't left it on my to read list for so long Prodigy will be missed

  2. Danette V Danette V says:

    I am by no means a fan of rap music but what I do love is autobiographies read by their authors I stumbled across this and really enjoyed hearing Prodigy's story It felt authentic and gave me a glimpse into what was important to him and why I found him and his story surprising; it wasn't what I imagined I had the impression it was authentic and validated my theory that famous people come from weird huddles with their lives overlapping with other famous people but not necessarily having a direct impact on each other I haven't figured that out yet Prodigy was an interesting guy I would have liked to talk to him about his book and his life And now I'm listening to his music It turns out I actually don't hate rap as much as I thought; maybe because it makes sense to me now

  3. Laila Laila says:

    I was a big Mobb Deep fan so when I heard that Prodigy died recently I checked this out It's not a great book and he could have used some much tighter editing However it was interesting to find out about his life story but I would have loved to know about his family his travels while on tour etc and a little less about the details of every fight and there were many that he ever got into

  4. Freddy Freddy says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️12 The late rapper penned the raw materials of his memoir in prison It’s unflinchingly honest and often shocking It’s jarring that such a successful although not as financially successful as counterparts like Jay Z and acclaimed artist could be repeatedly embroiled in life threatening situations He admits that he often looked for trouble and this led to tension with partner Havoc who eschewed negative attention and anything that took away from their achievements and money flow Prodigy thoughtfully explores his childhood development strengths and foibles Along the way we meet famous rappers along with other celebrities as well as interesting personalities who orbited him I wished for insights into his music though especially details about the makings of his Mobb Deep and solo albums His life was tragically cut short from complications related to sickle cell and uestions still loom He seemed to have turned a corner in the right direction and had so much to offer

  5. Frances Frances says:

    This is a very thorough memoir which opens readers up to many of Prodigy's personal and entertaining stories I can't recall ever being bored at a given point in this book which means a lot for someone with a tiny attention span like me Overall it was just a dope read I would suggest this book even to someone who's not a ProdigyMobb Deep fan

  6. Varrsity Varrsity says:

    I've always been a fan of Mobb Deep and Prodigy was my favorite from the duo After reading this book I understand his lyrics and his wild lifestyle Good read

  7. Janne Sinivirta Janne Sinivirta says:

    Gets extra 15 stars for having Prodigy himself read it Unfortunately the book is not that well written

  8. Marco Ferreira Marco Ferreira says:

    I had always been hesitant to read rapper autobiographies but I said f it after Prodigy's passing I had my doubts going in but this was a surprisingly good read for any fan of Mobb Deep Especially if you came up listening to early 1990's NYC hip hop during that era The behind the scenes access to that whole era that Prodigy provides in this book is priceless and there's never a dull moment I also appreciate the honesty and vulnerability that he put into writing this book RIP Prodigy

  9. Jeffrey Bumiller Jeffrey Bumiller says:

    Albert Prodigy Johnson is one half of arguably the greatest rap duo to come out of the 1990s Mobb Deep This book is enthralling filled with illuminating details about one of the most vibrant decades for raphip hop Any fan of Mobb Deep will eat this book up Read it and find out why there ain't no such thing as half way crooks It's so good

  10. B. B. says:

    Thanks to the Borders closing I got this book for 250

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My Infamous Life[Epub] ➝ My Infamous Life ➢ Albert Johnson – From one of the greatest rappers of all time a memoir about a life almost lost and a revealing look at the dark side of hip hop’s Golden Era In this often violent but always introspective memoir Mob From one of the greatest rappers of all time a memoir about a life almost lost and My Infamous MOBI :å a revealing look at the dark side of hip hop’s Golden Era In this often violent but always introspective memoir Mobb Deep’s Prodigy tells his much anticipated story of struggle survival and hope down the mean streets of New York City For the first time he gives an intimate look at his family background his battles with drugs his life of crime his relentless suffering with sickle cell anemia and much Recently released after serving three and a half years in state prison due to what many consider an unlawful arrest by a rud secret NYPD hip hop task force Prodigy is ready to talk about his life as one of rap’s greatest legendsMy Infamous Life is an unblinking account of Prodigy’s wild times with Mobb Deep who alongside rappers like Nas The Notorious BIG Tupac Shakur Jay Z and Wu Tang Clan changed the musical landscape with their vivid portrayals of early ’s street life It is a firsthand chronicle of legendary rap feuds like the East Coast–West Coast rivalry; Prodigy’s beefs with Jay Z Nas Snoop Dogg Ja Rule and Capone N Noreaga; and run ins with prodigal hit makers and managers like Puff Daddy Russell Simmons Chris Lighty Irv Gotti and Lyor CohenTaking the reader behind the smoke and mirrors glamour of the hip hop world so often seen as the only way out for those with few options Prodigy lays down the truth about the intoxicating power of money the meaning of true friendship and loyalty and the ultimately redemptive power of self This is the heartbreaking journey of a child born in privilege his youth spent among music royalty like Diana Ross and Dizzy Gillespie educated in private schools until a family tragedy changed everything Raised in the mayhem of the ueensbridge projects Prodigy rose to the dizzying heights of fame and eventually fell into the darkness of a prison cellA truly candid memoir part fearless confessional and part ode to the concrete jungles of New York City My Infamous Life is written by a man who was on the front line of the last great moment in hip hop history and who is still fighting to achieve his very own American Dream.

About the Author: Albert Johnson

Albert Johnson better known by his stage name Prodigy was an American rapper and entrepreneur who with My Infamous MOBI :å Havoc was one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep.