Mustache ePUB å Hardcover

Mustache ePUB å Hardcover

Mustache [Reading] ➷ Mustache ➭ Mac Barnett – King Duncan is terribly handsome but a terrible king His kingdom is in ruins and when his subjects appeal for help he only builds tributes to his handsome face His subjects are finally ready to stand King Duncan is terribly handsome but a terrible king His kingdom is in ruins and when his subjects appeal for help he only builds tributes to his handsome face His subjects are finally ready to stand up for themselves and they have just the plan to get out of this hairy situation A Mustachebecause sometimes good looks alone just aren't enough.

10 thoughts on “Mustache

  1. Tatiana Dengo Tatiana Dengo says:

    The story and the illustrations were very funny and they complemented each other closely It was especially entertaining to look for the humor within the pictures such as in the signs and the characters' expressions However the ending left me slightly confused and feeling like there should be another page to finalize it

  2. Sheri Sheri says:

    I loved the illustrations of the book The story was good but the ending could of revealed a better lesson than it did I might use it again for a writing activity and let my students write alternate endings

  3. Hamster Hamster says:

    I think mustaches like cockroaches insecure mice have saturated the kid lit marketThis one however was fresh unexpected and most importantly for a picture book it had good picturesSeriously funny

  4. Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) says:

    My kid liked this than I did but since it's for children I went with her rating The illustration style isn't really my thing I'm not sure why because they are done well It is humorous and there are some bits in there that are for adults If you find the illustrations appealing than you will probably really like this book There are some interesting choices in the plot which are amusing nice little twist at the end of the book

  5. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    Weak concept and fairly weak story and super weak ending I kind of got the impression that the author and illustrator thought highly of their own cleverness and that seeped through

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is just begging to be paired with a mustache craft

  7. The Styling Librarian The Styling Librarian says:

    Hilarious picture book with the story of a stubborn egotistical king who cares about his handsome face than his subjects' needs

  8. Ying Lee Ying Lee says:

    In a town lives a narcissist king who cares only about his own appearance instead of the town people's well being The town people cannot stand the king's narcissism and decide to draw a mustache on every King's portray Furious is the king of course who wants to find out the criminals but it turns out that every town person is involved in this mischievous act In stead of expanding the jail to put everyone in the king finds out that he in fact looks good with mustache This is a funny and hilarious book for elementary school aged students This will be an ideal book to read aloud to the whole class if your school has a Mustache Day

  9. Pam Pam says:

    A self centered king focuses on his outward appearance and lets the kingdom crumble around him His subjects begin drawing mustaches on his portraits which angers him He tricks them into confessing and has to build a huge jail to hold them all They get what they wanted better roads a playground and decent homes so are happy to be there Meanwhile he's all alone with his mirrorDiscuss being focused on self exclusivelyRealistic and colorful illustrations bring the story to lifeNot my favorite Barnett book but readers will enjoy the humor throughout

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    The illustrations are what make the book great Otherwise for Mac Barnett book the story could be betterThe king loves himself and has a poster with his picture plastered around the kingdom The townpeople keep drawing mustaches on them This makes the king angryThe story seemed a little weak like it was floundering along And the ending was purely pointless

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