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Breath of My Ancestors Read Breath Of My Ancestors Author Ty Gray EL Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Breath Of My Ancestors Is A Book Of Essay Observations, Poetry And Narrative Story Telling That Reflect The Conscience And Consciousness Of The African In America It Describes The Tragedy And Triumphs Of A People Who Have Risen From The Dregs Of Chattel Slavery To The Leaders Of The Free World It Is Indeed A Testimony To The Indomitable Strength And Character Of The Veritable Backbone Of The United States, Which Is The African American.

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    No Offense TakenHow do we know where we re going if we don t know where we come from In Breath of My Ancestors, Ty Gray EL presents readers with some serious issues from the past that we still struggle with today I have to admit, after reading this book, I was unable to begin my review This book gives you a lot to think about I was in complete awe and had to take a few days just to reflect This could very well be a 4 or 5 star book For me, I gave it a 3 because I wasn t feeling all of the book It was a great history lesson, I just couldn t relate to all the poems I walked away from this book learning a few things and feeling good about the contributions our ancestors made The one poem that I really liked and enjoyed was Bless the Day Where Would You Be Without Us It s a quick lesson on some of the great inventions we use today I would definitely recommend others to read this book, BUT at the same time, I say proceed...

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    As the author, I think its fantasticLOL

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