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Cairo PDF Epub Cairo By Nezar Alsayyad Undercostruction.eu From Its Earliest Days As A Royal Settlement Fronting The Pyramids Of Giza To Its Current Manifestation As The Largest Metropolis In Africa, Cairo Has Forever Captured The Urban Pulse Of The Middle East In Cairo Histories Of A City, Nezar AlSayyad Narrates The Many Cairos That Have Existed Throughout Time, Offering A Panoramic View Of The City S History Unmatched In Temporal And Geographic Scope, Through An In Depth Examination Of Its Architecture And Urban Form.In Twelve Vignettes, Accompanied By Drawings, Photographs, And Maps, AlSayyad Details The Shifts In Cairo S Built Environment Through Stories Of Important Figures Who Marked The Cityscape With Their Personal Ambitions And Their Political Ideologies The City Is Visually Reconstructed And Brought To Life Not Only As A Physical Fabric But Also As A Social And Political Order A City Built Within, Upon, And Over, Resulting In A Present Day Richly Layered Urban Environment Each Chapter Attempts To Capture A Defining Moment In The Life Trajectory Of A City Loved For All Of Its Evocations And Contradictions Throughout, AlSayyad Illuminates Not Only The Spaces That Make Up Cairo But Also The Figures That Shaped Them, Including Its Chroniclers, From Herodotus To Mahfouz, Who Recorded The Deeds Of Great And Ordinary Cairenes Alike He Pays Particular Attention To How The Imperatives Of Egypt S Various Rulers And Regimes From The Pharaohs To Sadat And Beyond Have Inscribed Themselves In The City That Residents Navigate Today.

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    The history of cities has always been the history of the individuals, events, and places and the interaction among them Fascinating history of Cairo told in terms of the main events s , historical figures, places built during an historical period w...

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    There are two approaches to writing a city s history the first rests on the assumption that the spatial and architectural characteristics of a city art of paramount importance, and as such all political, economic, and social changes and continuities are of instrumental value in the spatial and architectural narrative The second rests on the assumption that architecture and space are simply signifiers that point us i...

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    Ik heb inmiddels een hele serie biografieen van steden, maar deze is mij tegengevallen Wel mooie plaatjes, maar dat is niet genoeg De schrijfster is architect en je merkt dat ook Zij beschrijft Cairo via verschillend...

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    It is a very good book Traces the entire history of Egypt through the City of Cairo I wish I d read a history of Egypt first But really good background for all the sites of the city one might encounter on a brief or extended stay.

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