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Therapist in a Box Volume 3 Reading Therapist In A Box Volume 3 Author Anankha K Chandler Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Many People Are Stuck In Emotional Prisons Of Anxiety, Discontent, And Fear Some People Have Severe Depression Most Of Us Don T Feel Truly Alive And Happy We Just Grunt Along In Our Ruts Hoping Someone Or Something Will Come Along And Magically Change Everything For Us The Truth Is There Are Internal Changes That Need To Take Place, And We Can Only Make Them For Ourselves Therapist In A Box , A Series Of Thirteen Interactive Audiotapes, Provides The Tools For Listeners To Make Those Changes In This Powerful Program Of Psychotherapy And Emotional Healing, Anankha Chandler Shows Listeners How To Change Anything From Simple Frustration To Debilitating Depression And Anxiety Listeners Learn How To Change Perceptions, Rework Beliefs, Heal The Past, And Consciously Plot Strategies To Create The Life They Desire On Side 1 Of Each Tape, Anankha Asks Guiding Questions That Help Listeners Intellectually Understand The Feeling Or Behavior That Bothers Them, And On A Conscious Level, Change Them This Is Left Brain Or Logical Healing On Side 2, She Takes Listeners Through A Hypnotherapy Session In Which They Give Themself What Is Needed From The Past To Emotionally Work Through Events This Provides Right Brain Or Emotional Healing To Complement The Left Brain Healing.

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