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Elvis Road Hieronymus Bosch Meets Richard Scary A Stunning Art Book Which Unfolds Into A Foot Long Cartoon Landscape In Which A Paradoxical Mix Of Terrifying Social Commentary And Cartooning Fun A Single Drawing A World Overflowing With Hundreds Of Mini Narratives With Armed Maniacs, Rampaging Crowds, Chaotic Policemen, A Tree House Of Women, A Forest Of Literal Tree Huggers, And Hordes Of Shoppers, Frenzied, Inspired, And Dense , Characters Vehicles Buildings, Cartoon Icons, Corporate Billboards, Religious Figures, Parade Floats, Super Dildo, A Junkyard Purgatory, A Porno Strip Mall, And A Free Flowing Visual Fantasia Corporate Culture And The Mass Media Have Finally Come Unglued

10 thoughts on “Elvis Road

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    Not a book, not a comic strip or graphic novel, can t be read anythan the Bayeaux Tapestry can be read Brilliant, brilliant and, er, brilliant.

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    Seriously, this is probably the best thing I will ever hold in my hands my entire life I m not kidding.

  3. says:

    frickin insane.

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