The Optimization Edge PDF/EPUB × The Optimization

The Optimization Edge PDF/EPUB × The Optimization

2 thoughts on “The Optimization Edge

  1. Miguel Miguel says:

    Good book full of examples It compels to embrace the optimization as a way of thinking in the corporate world

  2. Horia Horia says:

    An overall nice readSometimes long winded but the content is clearly separated into the 3 sections intro to optimization and how it is applied; how to implement an optimization project and what the future looks likeThe sections don't overlap so you can actually read them independently based on your needs

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The Optimization Edge ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ The Optimization Edge Author Steve Sashihara – Why downsize when you can OPTIMIZEAt McDonald's our focus has always been on providing maximum value to customers through 'optimal' uality and tight cost management which is why Optimization has becom Why downsize when you can OPTIMIZEAt McDonald's our focus has always been on providing maximum value to customers through 'optimal' uality and tight cost management which is why Optimization has become such a pivotal concept for us Steve Sashihara's book brings the concept to life Kenneth M Koziol The Optimization Kindle - Corp Senior Vice President Innovation and Design McDonald's CorpSteve Sashihara convincingly demonstrates how the application of advanced uantitative techniues can significantly improve day to day decision making which is what we have done at uadGraphics Dave Blais Executive Vice President uadGraphicsThe Optimization Edge is a powerful book that will change the way organizations make decisions and manage their assets Frances Hesselbein President and CEO Leader to Leader Institute; Recipient Presidential Medal of FreedomAt UPS the 'optimization edge' has given us a competitive advantage It enables us to solve problems of great complexity seamlessly and with increased velocity resulting in smarter decisions and ultimately bringing greater value to our customers Chuck Holland Vice President of Industrial Engineering UPSAbout the BookIn these challenging economic times and companies have turned to cut back management to ensure their survival But how do some manage to outshine their competitors and even grow during downturns How does Google outsearch the other search engines How does McDonald's McClobber the competition More important how can you increase your company's profits without downsizingThe answer is Asset OptimizationThis groundbreaking approach to decision making utilizes the latest advances in mathematics and computer software Optimization expert Steve Sashihara shows you how to sueeze every ounce of value from your company even under perfect storm conditions You'll learn how to Drive up your company's value even in a downturn Re allocate your resources for maximum performance Streamline your company and stay ahead of the competition Optimize your assets for long term growthA proven practical and workable alternative to corporate anorexia Optimization is your best option for dealing head on with marketplace volatility and resource scarcityThis step by step guide offers concrete ready to use tools drawn from decades of superior business practices the best kept secrets of global successes such as Google Marriott McDonald's Intel SAS and UPS You'll learn what Optimization is what best practices you can immediately put to use how to use Optimization to speed up and improve decision making and how to integrate Optimization into your organization's cultureIf you want to thrive in any economy and grow your company in the future forget about downsizing Get The Optimization Edge.

  • Hardcover
  • 274 pages
  • The Optimization Edge
  • Steve Sashihara
  • English
  • 01 August 2016
  • 9780071746571