Serpents Kiss Epub å Kindle Edition

Serpents Kiss Epub å Kindle Edition

Serpents Kiss (Elder Races, #3) [PDF] ❤ Serpents Kiss (Elder Races, #3) Author Thea Harrison – Recently Vampire ueen Carling's power has become erratic forcing her followers to flee Wyr sentinel Rune is drawn to the ailing ueen and decides to help find a cure for the serpent's kiss the vampyric Recently Vampire ueen Carling's power has become erratic forcing her followers to flee Wyr sentinel Rune is drawn to the ailing ueen and decides to help find a cure for the serpent's kiss the vampyric disease that's killing her With their desire for each other escalating they will have to rely on each other if they have any hope of surviving the serpent's kiss.

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  1. Jilly Jilly says:

    Once again a hot blonde guy disappoints me That's right Chris Hemsworth I'm talking about you You could have at least answered my letters phone calls or emails But nooooooo someone has to send a restraining order instead of a love letter Fine Just don't expect me to keep sending you locks of my hair sigh Well it's obvious that I was running out of hair anywayFor some reason I expected Rune to be funny and adorable He wasn't He's just a boring guy in a pretty package Shiny things distract me for only so long ya know? And basically if a guy doesn't make me laugh or chuckle or at least smile during a conversation I'm done with him He has been written off When he's so boring you'd rather dieThis is why I married a funny man No pressure on him or anything I just need him to make me laugh every day of his life or I'll leave him Good luck finding another middle aged chubby wife who sits around reading all day in her pj's and doesn't cook or clean I am a rare treasure indeedAnyway this book was hella boring and I put it aside to read something else and then I realized that this book isn't the boss of me so I don't have to finish it if I don't want to Nice Sometimes being an adult rocks

  2. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Rune and Carling A Gryphon who was treated like a god in ancient times and a Vampire ueen and SorceressAlthough this is not surely my favorite book in this series it contains unuestionably my favorite scene in the whole series She said “Kneel”She felt his surprise as her command jolted through himBut then he did a thing that surprised her in return He raised his eyebrows gave her that easygoing insouciant grin of his and said “Okey dokey”With a flourish he went gracefully down on one knee in front of herWhat was this? He was down on the floor his powerful broad shoulders dipped in subjugation He even bowed his head He gave every appearance of submission and performed flawlessly to the letter of her order but Deep in the axis of that fierce remarkable soul the alpha male still reigned She circled behind him and stepped close to his broad shoulders to put her lips near his ear She whispered “You’re not really kneeling inside”He cocked his head to look at her over one shoulder His reckless gaze laughed at her He whispered back “You didn’t order me to do that It would reuire an entirely different bargain for me to really kneel to you”Caught in the unknown riddle she asked “What bargain would that reuire?”He gave her a slow smile “You must give me a kiss”The sleek arch of her eyebrows lifted “Just a kiss?”“Just that”“The bargain is struck” she said“And answered” he growledCarling put a hand onto his shoulder as she prowled to stand in front of him Then she slid her hands along the warm sun bronzed skin of his jaw She tilted his handsome wild face up to hers and he let her Then she bent to place her cool lips on his hot carved lipsHer body moved in the impulse to breathe again and she allowed it His masculine Power enveloped her and it was spiced with sensuality and warmth as it caressed her like a sun filled breezeShe lifted her head and stared down at him She narrowed her eyes She said “You’re still not really kneeling inside”Tap tap went her bare footHe cocked an eyebrow“What else did you expect Carling?” he replied “That wasn’t a real kiss” And then he demonstrated to her what a real kiss is And he kneeled again Carling stared Rune was down on his knee again where she had ordered him but this time she could sense from his emotions that he meant it He gave full sincere gracious homage to her She could see it clear all the way through him only instead of humbling that insouciant alpha male somehow it ennobled him with the courtly aspect of a medieval knight My God my poor poor heartRune and Carling will not have an easy relationship He is a hot blooded beast and she is a coldhearted vampire who has lost her will to continueLots of politics in this book Vampires love politics and cook up lucrative schemes Lots of science The author tries to explain how the vampires have been created somehowLots of time travelling in combination with magic Carlin is an expert in magic and PowerThe book has a slow pace that may discourage the readers Until Carlin finds her will to live and her passion to love readers may get too bored Rune’s enthusiasm will help you to finish the storyTaken as a whole the book is a great journey

  3. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    I've got to say this is my least favorite so far I really like the characters in their own right and even together but the plot was a challenge for me I see the potential but found it to drag on and on It was difficult not to DNF when it felt like it was going nowhere but again I liked the characters so I stayed Carling is losing herself and Rune has these special powers that seem to complement hers Together they make some phenomenons happen that hint at a higher purpose All in all I'm glad I didn't skip it because it gives me a better sense of the world and the different players involved Safety No OWOMSharing Neither are Vs No condoms No rape Yes to abuse

  4. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ says:

    If you looked up fucking boring under examples you'd see this book referenced It was really fucking boring I wanted to DNF it from the beginning as that's when the fucking boredom started and didn't end but I thought I'd miss out on crucial info to the series I really don't think I would've missed out on much at all This book barely involves any characters that appear in the proceeding books It's mainly a vampire book Rune a gryphon owes a debt to Carling the vampire elder a ueen of sorts He shows up on her mysterious island and gets degraded slapped and dismissed Why? Because Carling is batshit crazy and losing her mind the curse of super old vamps is they fade out dementia death Rune like an idiot decides to stay and help Carling She's sent away all her peeps but one sniveling vamp servant chick and her Pomeranian dog Rasputin At least once a day Carling fades out she zones out and looks like a corpse and the magic around her surges and wanes She doesn't really care about anything any she's an empty husk with zero emotions I'm fine with her dying btw Rune decides he'll save Carling or cure her of the vamp disease of dying He puts his sleuthing hat on and goes over her hundreds of years of research all while annoying everyone on the island all 3 living beings and cops a feel on Carling Some paranormal wackiness happens that only Rune is privy to he thinks he's found the answer and they run off to investigate Blah blah blah sexual tension idiots blundering blah blah blah The whole book is super fucking tedious and a giant info dump Nothing happens on the island which is about 60% of the book Then they get off the island and some nothing happens for 20% of the time There's maybe 8% action in this book and one murder Do you see why this was boring? Completely lacking in festive murders The book is all talking and thinking times If I wanted that sort of non action novel all convoluted with thoughts I'd read philosophy and btw I loathe philosophy I would rather read a box of user manuals than philosophy; at least I'd learn something useful from the manuals I hated Carling She's supposed to be a super powerful vampire but she's at that stage of life where she'd put motor oil on her cereal aimlessly walk the highways in her robe and tell you about wearing tinfoil to prevent people from stealing your thoughts if she wasn't under supervision See this is very unsexy and uninteresting because she doesn't even have those antics to enliven her life All she does is sit around and stare out the window and then throw emotionally cold hissy fits She's boring boring and some boring And she only wears shapeless caftans I can't condone this muumuu wearing behavior Rune he can turn into a gryphon which is cool but he's got shit taste in women By extension of hanging with Carling he's boring as fuck too He was a fun guy in the previous books but he's drained of all fun around Carling Sure it's serious that she's dying but did you have to kill off your personality to match hers? I don't know what he sees in her If it was just sex he'd find response from a blow up doll The whole book he's desperate to find a cure for Carling all while she does nothing I can't figure out ever why he's trying to save her He also pisses off everyone he knows during this uest and he doesn't care at all Rune you're now on my beat that bitch with a bat list the beating continues until the sense is knocked back into you or you grow a pair The best part about this book when I saw the words The End

  5. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Serpent’s Kiss is the 3rd book in Thea Harrison’s Elder Races Series and is the story of Vampyre ueen Carling Severan and Wyr sentinel Rune Ainissesthai In the last book Storm's Heart Carling saved Tiago's life at Rune reuest with the understanding that he would owe her a favor in the future And the time has now come Carling's power is slowly fading and the signs are that she is dying Rune agrees to help her find a cure for the serpent's kiss the disease that is killing herCarling turned out to be totally different to what I was expecting In the last book she was a total btch Cold and unfeeling But we get to see the real Carling here not the face she shows the world I liked finding out a bit about her past and how she became a vampireI adored Rune from the first time he was introduced He's a total alpha male kick ass but with a tender side to him His love for Carling was unwavering and he's not prepared to let her die One of the things I liked in this story is how much time the two spend together getting to know each other The interaction the sexual chemistry and banter between them is fabulous “’Don’t worry darling Carling’ he said ‘I won’t let you fall’Darling Carling She found herself grinning What a truly awful endearment Only he could pull off something so ridiculous”—–“’Are you purring at me?’‘I might be’ Rune said His deep voice was rougher and lazy with intimacy ‘Unless you’ve done something wrong Then I’m growling at you again’” And I absolutely loved the scenes with Carling and her dogand her cooking meals for it Total blastWe get to see some of the characters from the previous bookswhich made me very happy We also get of Khalil the Dijnn and Grace who are going to be in the next book Oracle's Moon I can't waitI am becoming a total addict for this series and I'm only on book 3

  6. Mimi Smith Mimi Smith says:

    45 stars The Series Predicament I may be the only one out there who says this but I loved this book as much as the previous books in the series For me the problem with series is most often about books being all so similar they getboring? Or something like that Here the main problem and the prevailing opinion is that the books after Dragon Bound weren't as good Different maybe Less focused on romance sure But I think we forget while comparing these are some pretty awesome books I loved Dragon Bound and Pia and Dragos I loved Storm's Heart even though the couple wasn't my favorite the book as a whole is awesomeyes even with the human ending the way she did and yes I loved Serpent's Kiss and it would've been a full 5 stars if not for the time traveling confusion Carling Life had fashioned Carling into a sleek lethal weapon the double edged kind that would cut off the hand of anyone who dared to wield it if they should try to grasp hold unwisely Carling is many things She's a witch She's a Vampyre She's Powerful She's a proud dog owner She's Wyr's mateAndShe's dyingSo she calls in the favor owed to her after she saved Tiago and gets Rune to come to her to her far away mystical island She knows the end is close but when she meets Rune vibrant gorgeous powerful alive Rune things start to change She starts to change She wants things now she wants to live andfeel and for the first time in a very long time she believes those things can happen With the also annoying gryphon's helpI liked Carling She comes across as cold and unapproachable and she is at the beginning But you can see how love and Rune change her make her feel and that's awesome Plus the makeover and the makeupsigh Throughout the unwinding scroll of centuries she had ruled than one country with unwavering ruthlessness in her slender iron fist She knew spells that were so secret the knowledge of their existence had all but passed from this earth and she had seen things so wondrous the sight of them had brought proud men to their knees She had conuered the darkness to walk in the full light of day and she had lost and lost and lost so very many people and things that even grief failed to move her much any Fascinating yes? She also has lots of interesting stories at the ready She had met the original Grigori Rasputin once as she had traveled through Russia to consult with a certain hermitic and irascible witch She had found Rasputin to be an odd intense man He had been undeniably human and very likely insane but anyone who could survive reputedly being stabbed poisoned shot multiple times mutilated and badly beaten before finally drowning deserved a certain amount of respect I HEART Carling and of course Rune Rune “His massive head tilted He regarded her with a gaze made tranuil by the bright sun and the limitless sky She said in wonder You are the riddle Of course I am said the gryphon” Rune is many things as wellHe's a WyrHe's Dragos's SecondHe's easy goingHe's charmingHe's a mysteryAnd he's in love with a Vampyre ueenHe didn't expect it to happen He didn't want it to happen but it didA little about Rune I loved Rune He's the guy who's playful and charming until he loses it Then he growls But he can purr too since gryphons apparently can He's usually a rational man Not now of course since he's mating and everyone's a threat But you know usuallyHe stays in touch with the times Listens to rock music is not afraid to say he likes chick flicks is hot What can a girl ask for?And one of the many Rune isms If it walked talked and uacked like a duck if it tasted like a duck when he caught and ate it It is apparently Carling lol The Mating aka Falling In Love Goddamn he thought I don’t love you a little I might actually love you a lot“Here’s the thing” he whispered “I love you I didn’t want to I fought it I put up barriers and they all came crashing down one by one It wasn’t just one thing It was everything you did both here in the present and back in the past It’s everything you were and everything you are So I just fucking love you and you are going to have to fucking deal with it You got that?” I found this part interesting as always A revelation to me is Rune's statement that mating really is a choice when you look at it And his comment that there had been women in the past at whom he would look or spend time with and know that there was a potential for a mating there is intriguing So if you look at it it's not ONE fated mating It's a combination of things And falling in love is always unpredictableThe love is not easy here It's unexpected but beautiful to see These two people are such opposites but you saw Rune's uotes up there He's a smitten kitten AwwwwIt didn't start out that way First there were her roadblocks ahead But it was kind of a major clue when a lady ran away from a blokeThat said something it did That was a signpost that read approach with caution Falling rock up ahead Handle with care You’ve come so far with her much further than you ever thought you’d get Don’t fucking blow it now sonI cannot darling because you would never need me as much as I would need you Your desire is beyond lovely but it isn’t enough I need to be needed And I cannot become a supplicant to that kind of ineuity and hope to surviveThen it was the disease I fell in love with you earlier today in the hotel lobby And everything you once said has come to pass But so much time has gone by Too much time So many tomorrows and tomorrows and tomorrows that the pharaohs really do no longer exist and all the gods have changed and everything I once knew has turned to rubble or has completely disappeared We have come together too late You must live or I will dieNow I am the one who is dying and you cannot mate with me and hope to liveWell that passed and they are now perfect together So Cute The Time Traveling Issues Yes this was my only issue with the book I didn't get the TT aspect and didn't think it was explained enough What started the episodes anyway? Why? what did they change the first time around? Time loops? What about the last time? Two Runes at once?I would've preferred the twist to be different The paradoxes and the uestions were a bit too much for me Rune and Dragos I know some readers had a problem with this but frankly I didn't Am I happy they're at odds? No Did it make me enjoy the book less? No Remember the previous characters aren't pin up dolls Yes they are happy at the time but there are still conflicts especially with a contrary group like this one It makes it real I still think Rune's primary reaction was a bit extreme but he was mating for Chrissake He was even growling at passerbys Do I think Rune will be a Sentinel again? Not sureDo I think he and Dragos will make up? YesAm curious about Khalil too Can't wait to read OM

  7. valee valee says:

    35 starsDefinitely better than book 2 which bored me a bit This one had a nice beginning and amazing development but then it got stuck with a boring to tears ending Things were getting better and better and I really thought I would end up loving the book but then the ending went ALL WRONGWHY did it go wrong?I love strong and capable main characters than any other type I just adore to see a character who is able to ACHIEVE whatever heshe wants because he is powerful enough to fight whatever comes against himher That's what I love the most about this genre reading about heroes and heroines with powers one could not even imagine possessing But then there's nothing I detest than seeing one of those heroines or heroes becoming weak and powerless view spoiler So when I read about this amazing ueen of the vampires getting weaker and weaker with every hour loosing not only her life spam but her strength I just couldn't help to get mad I loved the romance between this 2 characters but I hated to see how this amazing heroine became this superficial being who would be completely happy for all eternity by just getting a life with the one she loved Where went her power? where went her people? where went that fierce heroine who everybody feared? To stay to live Happily ever after in Miami Beach without a care in the world and nothing to do I don't know it just felt wrong to give a character like this one such a shallow ending I felt the same way towards the hero One of the most feared Wyr on Earth who dedicated his whole eternal life to fight for the Wyr king Do you really see a guy like that spending the rest of eternity doing nothing? hide spoiler

  8. Ren Puspita Ren Puspita says:

    More than 5 stars and Top Read 2012I think I know reasons why readers will find this book hard to understand and too slow for them Because like Rune Ainissesthai very difficult to pronounce and write huff Serpent's Kiss is a book that full of riddle Waiting its mysteries to be solved I sound like Sherlock Holmes here hmmThe event of Serpent's Kiss is continue from Storm's Heart Because Rune make pact with Vampyre's ueen or ex ueen that also a witch Carling Severan to save Tiago's life now he must oblige his promise to her Dragos not amused After he lost Tiago as his sentinel because Tiago mated with Niniane the Dark Fae ueen he must let Rune his First to go to Carling Turn that Carling has a disease called Serpent's Kiss That symptom make she lose her ability to drink blood directly from the source and she succumb to something weird that she called episode Rune decide to help her fight this episode But then it seems what he do will affect Carling's past power and her identity Can Rune saved Carling from the disease that slowly killing her?Rune is so hot hot hot And he's officially become one of my nom nom boyfriend ; I love how he's so caring and gentle to his darling Carling heh As for his attitude well he's not always easy going So much things he hide so well from people around him This gryphon call himself Rune Ainissesthai Rune for gylph a sigil that was stroke on a page but than that rune for mystery magic Ainissesthai was old Greek for speaking in riddle The mysterious magical riddle We will know about Carling past and how its intertwined with Rune This part can be so confusing but I feel its so romantic Because readers can read how deeply the connection between Rune and Carling I also love this couple Both Rune and Carling are old they're not new players at Elder world Not like Pia Giovanni Dragos's mate Or Niniane Lorrelle Tricks Even Niniane already know the world and rules she's younger than Carling Rune Carling relationship is matureAnd even Rune want to resist the mating bond while finally he's mating with Carling its so wow BTW not just the mating scene the way Rune try to make Carling wear modern dress rather than her usual caftan I find it to be romantic Alas the ending kinda make me sad Not sad ending of course Rune and Carling finally find their happines even some problems not solved yet But there are some event that broke my heart about Rune and Dragos I hope in the future Ms Harrison can fix about it My fantasy cast For Rune Ainissesthai Thea Harrison pick Nicholaj Coster Waldau as Rune but I want to pick Josh Holloway or Chris Hemsworth for Rune Since he described have a gold hair or blonde I assume and well builtI will choose Chris Hemsworth even his hair is dark blonde or I see it as brown he can be charming and easy going like Rune I blame it to my undying love to him when he become Thor PAs for Carling Severan I pick Eva Green I know Carling from Egypt and maybe Eva Green not suitable But I can see Eva as a wicked witch and exotic woman especially after I'm watching her in Dark ShadowsMy favorite scenes The mystery is written in your formshe said Your body is the runeHis massive head titlted He regarded her with a gaze made tranuil by the bright sun and the limitless skyShe said in wonder You are the riddleOf course I am said the gryphon You've gone and done it now you're so mine Rune Ainissesthai Rune Rune oh God Thee times the witching numberThat's spell already been cast he said into her hair And he gave himself to her spilling everything he had into his mateMy favorite uotes If you fail somehow if you die I will search for a way to walk through time to find you No matter where you are No matter when I swear it I will never leave you I will never let you go I will not let you fall or fail I will always come for you if you leave always find you if you're lost AlwaysDragon Bound maybe not wowed me like that book do to other readers but I'm glad to decide to continue reading another book in Elder Races series Turn some books that readers find it boring I end up like it Like Storm's Heart and Serpent's Kiss Thea Harrison soon become my autobuy authors her Elder Races series will become one of my favorite series and I can't wait to read her new installments

  9. ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎ ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎ says:

    Rated 35 This was the least favorite of the Elder series Different from the first two books With time traveling and changing this in the future and of blood pathogens Not much action in this book Carling and Rune's love story was sweet which of course made the stars With all that was happening with Rune and Carling with everything its been causing problems with the other paranormals especially Dragos Whoa So now I wonder if things will be fixed in the next book in the series We can see Ms Harrison is going to clearly in Oracle's Moon and she's a bit funny so I'm curious

  10. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ says:

    25 starsThings I liked about this book1 Rune “I love you I didn't want to I fought it I put up barriers and they all came crashing down one by one It wasn't just one thing It was everything you did both here in the present and back in the past It's everything you were and everything you are So I just fucking love you and you are going to have to fucking deal with it You got that?” Who doesn't love a hot strong gryphon who's a ladies' man but changes when he meets his mate? pure fiction I know2 Carling How like a male Pull out some tools and start banging on something and they flocked in from miles around She pushed her hair out of her face with the back of one hand and scowled at him I am perfectly capable of breaking it down myself Vampire extraordinaire Carling is a strong beautiful woman who survived in a men's world3 The time traveling aspectI liked how Rune's trips to Carling's past changed her present4 RasputinWho would have thought that the vampire ueen would own a Pomeranian named Rasputin? And love the little dog?Things I disliked about the book1 The gryphon vampire relationshipThe relationship between Rune and Carling felt fake to some extent I don't really know why I just know I don't see a gryphon and a vampire together2 The lack of actual actionSerpent's Kiss is static most of the time I would have appreciated action And the ending is uite anticlimactic

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