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The Nigger of the Narcissus: A Tale of the Sea PDF Epub The Nigger Of The Narcissus A Tale Of The Sea By Joseph Conrad Oknalubliniec.eu The Nigger Of The Narcissus1897 Is Widely Regarded As The Greatest Novel Of The Sea In English.Joseph Conrad S Account Of The Voyage Of A Sailing Ship From Bombay Harbour To The Port Of London Combines Uniquely The Skills Of The Master Mariner With The Power Of The Master Novelist It Evokes In Intense And Exact Detail What It Felt Like To Negotiate The Great Wind Belts Of Two Oceans But It Is Also Conrad S First Major Exploration Of The Psychology Of Service Of The Pressure On A Group Of Seamen Brought To The Testof The Moral Problems Of Conduct By Their Encounter With Elemental Nature And With The Secret Terror And Evasions Of Two Of Their Comrades.This Edition Includes An Introduction On Conrad S Conception Of The Sea In The Context Of The Late Nineteenth Century, And A Fresh Interpretation Of The Famous Preface Defining His Artistic Aims It Also Contains A Specially Compiled Glossary Of Nautical Terms.Cover IllustrationBirkdale Barque On Waist Looking Forward By John Everett

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • The Nigger of the Narcissus: A Tale of the Sea
  • Joseph Conrad
  • English
  • 20 June 2017
  • 9780192816238

About the Author: Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad born J zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized account of Colonial Africa.Conrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner He then began to work aboard Br

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    Obviously the title alone puts it somewhat beyond the pale for a high school curriculum even the reader with a broader experience of the evolution of racial attitudes is going to approach in hopes of a progressive stance than s he s likely to get.The title character is a West Indian St Kitts, I think with an aristocratic demeanor and a resonant voice one can imagine James Earl Jones in the part who can mete out twice the disdain he receives, a sailor hired on in India for a trip back to England who immediately declares himself too ill to work Although suggestions that he s malingering arise and at one point he sneers that he is in fact defrauding the chiefs, it turns out he is actually dying and ultimately deluding himself All the other hands revolve around him as a sort of all purpose other the most iconic characters are the captain who embodies noblesse oblige, a Cockney left wing agitator who we are persuaded to disdain, even though he gives voice to the reform movement of the latter 19th c against the dreadful treatment of the merchant marine that Conrad himself belatedly came around to, outgrowing the macho libertarian attitude to seagoing culture of his earlier days and the old salt, the 60 ish lifetime sailor who is as unquestioning of the class hierarchy of the ship as the captain.The complex racial, social and political questions that Conrad raises despite the neutral authorial stance, the trope of the ship as a mi...

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    I did like this novella, but in comparison to his other works, I must admit that I m not entirely sure how I feel about this one and I don t mean just the unfortunate title In many ways it is similar to other mariner stories of his that I have read, for example The Typhoon and yet there is something different about it The writing is brilliant as always, Conrad creates an interesting cast of characters, the narrative kept my interest, but for some reason my heart wasn t completely in it I felt like there was something I was missing Maybe I was just tired, I went to sleep late, and woke up at quarter to seven this morning, figured I might as well finish this book and read it in one sitting I felt immersed in the story the whole time Still, it seems to me that it is not one of Conrad s bests I can see why this novella, for many, marks the beginning of Conrad s quality writing This novella is not without its literary qualities It is easy to see its appeal, as it keeps the readers attention in many ways For one, it s adventurous and keeps up the suspense by than ju...

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    First, let s get the book title issue out of the way Don t come to me with your cowardly, censuring, squeamishness If you can t handle classic novels as their authors originally wrote them, then go get yourself a job in a government ministry in a totalitarian state somewhere, get yourself a job in a small town library where you can have Czarist powers, go get yourself a little rubber stamp and a little pot of whitewash and maybe an armband I am reviewing this book under its original title and there s nothing you can do about it.Now then What do I think of the quality of the writing found in this Joe Conrad book What do I think of the theme, characters, setting, structure Well, I think pretty highly of all of it The book as a whole receives only 3 5 stars from me but this is simply due to the overall impression the work left me with not because I can cite a great many things wrong with it There aren t a great many things wrong with it While Narcissus is not among my very favorite Joe novels, it lies somewhere in the upper middle range of my tastes Nevertheless, I can ...

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    Wow, i really struggled with this I found it really challenging to read, with its oppressive format For me it is pain to endure a book with paragraphs over a page long The last time I tried it was that awful book The Flanders Road which was absolutely unreadable.This book was a little better, but not enough for me to read it fully I don t mind admitting that I...

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    Jan, 2017 Children of the SeaBombay, un imprecisato anno del 1800 Sono gi calate le prime ombre della sera quando James Wait, imponente negro delle Indie Occidentali, si imbarca sul Narcissus, che far rotta per l Inghilterra Udirono la sua voce risonante nell ampio petto come se le parole rotolassero verso di loro dalla profondit di un aspro passatoI marinai e gli ufficiali sono ormai tutti a bordo, l appello si concluso Lasciato il caldo bagliore del castello di prua, i marinai furono avvolti dalla serena luminosit della notte, il cui tiepido alito si effondeva sotto le stelle che innumerevoli costellavano lo spazio avvolgendo gli alberi di un pulviscolo luminoso Verso la citt l oscurit dell acqua era solcata da strisce di luce che ondeggiavano dolcemente sull increspatura del mare, come dei filamenti che si prolungassero radicati verso la rivaIl vecchio Singleton, marinaio anziano ed esperto, sta seduto in disparte sul ponte, proprio sotto le lanterne, nudo fino alla cintola, tatuato come un capo trib cannibale su tutto il torace possente e sui bicipiti enormi Con gli occhiali e una venerabile barba bianca somiglia a un patriarca colto e selvaggio, legge Pelham di Bulwer Lytton s , Bulwer Lytton, proprio lui quello di ...

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    I confess that I read this as part of a Typhoon and other Tales , but is was so awesome that I felt it deserved a rating all of it s own It was so twisted and true how Conrad played out and expressed the actions, self interests, unspoken trusts, mistrusts, deceptions, and weaknesses of this crew of a sailing ship Granted I wasn t initially interested in all the British Sailor talk and trying...

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    Although Conrad is famous for his seafaring tales, I have generally preferred his books that are set mostly or wholly on land This is my favorite of all of his seafaring tales that I have read so far, it is better for example in my opinion than Typhoon or The Shadow Line, which are both good stories, but not up to Conrad s best This is one of the best stories told from the perspective of the crew of a sailing ship that I have ever read by any author The only one I can think of that I enjoyed as much is Two Years Before The Mast All of the characters in this story are distinctive and interesting Their interactions with each other and with their ship, their officers and the sea all ring true They are clearly rough men hardened by years in a rough profession, but the sickness of the title character brings out an unexpected tenderness and s...

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    great story great writing

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