Notebooks of the Young Wife PDF ☆ of the Young

Notebooks of the Young Wife PDF ☆ of the Young

Notebooks of the Young Wife ➹ [Reading] ➻ Notebooks of the Young Wife By Tara Black ➮ – At first Sight the Item may appear to be a Seat its slatted wooden Top curved as to fit the Shape of an Arse Yet a Glance at the Straps and Timbers of it reveals otherwise The Apparatus is indeed conc At first Sight the Item may the Young Epub Þ appear to be a Seat its slatted wooden Top curved as to fit the Shape of an Arse Yet a Glance at the Straps and Timbers of it reveals otherwise The Apparatus is indeed concerned with Posterior Matters though Notebooks of ePUB ↠ not in the Mode of Sitting For the Thing is a Whipping Bench no less made out of the finest Oak to a Plan from Sir Montague's own Hand.

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  1. Adam Adam says:

    I'm actually uite glad I'm finding a decent amount of books that have merit in this genre I was actually very nervous because as most people will point out when it comes to the movies or videos the writing isn't exactly there to keep you interested I was hoping somewhere out there I could find literature that actually held a competent tale and could at least keep me into the book and not because of all the lascivious play Not that I'm going to complain about that latter comment I just get into it if it's interspersed with an interesting tale So as I've said in my other reviews in this genre I'm sort of trying out authors at random and while Tara Black isn't the most engaging author I've come across she is still uite good I really like the story in this book I thought it was pretty well thought out overall especially since it's about books and I love books The story revolves around a house called Ardingley End in a small village It's set in modern times but with people that have a bit of a penchant for Victorian era punishments if you catch my drift The main character is Dr Jane Greene and she works for the rare books section of the British Library Not only is she a scholar for old erotica she also loves to practice the Corporal Punishments as well The story is generated around the master of Ardingley End becoming deceased He has allowed the British Library to take his rare books into their collection and he is rud to have very rare editions dating back to the 1700's this would piue any book collector's interest immediately regardless of content However Ardingley End has a rather interesting reputation of having a long history catering to Corporal Punishments of the perverse nature Dr Green is immediately sent on the case She is to secure and retrieve these books before any other high profile collectors get word of it In her research she comes across some writings by someone who pens themselves as Uxor Studiosa The person appears to have lived in the manor during the early 1700's and the writings are her notebooks she is the young wife This takes us on a journey of mystery and intrigue while trying to seek out these notebooks Dr Greene thinks they are hidden somewhere in the manor and that brings us on a journey to secret areas Now the household still holds to the Victorian traditions the End is known for so getting help from the staff puts them at odds and results in very necessary corrections However there is also an American historian snooping around and it seems a race to find out who will get to the rare collection first Did I also mention there's a time limit on this? There is Apparently there is a new master of the house coming to claim the estate and the books have to be moved before this other avid collector can get his hands on them The story takes us through spanking caning birching paddling whipping and even hints at an incestual situation between father and daughters Alongside this are all the other common occurrences one would expect from a novel in this genre One bad part for me was that the author is clearly pretty well versed in other languages There is a small amount of French in this book because the characters travel there at some point and the author never really says what the French actually means My knowledge of French is fairly rudimentary and I could guess on a few points the rest I had to rely a bit on what I knew of Latin to translate it Unfortunately I never could work out a full translation or grasp the full meaning just because a word derives from a Latin root doesn't always mean it means the same thing in another language depending on its use in a sentence This made the train ride through France somewhat annoying for me but it was very minor The other part that was kind of a little off is that there are usually gaps of time between each chapter I don't know if this was to shorten the length or what but it felt like I had to refigure out where the characters were at the beginning of most chapters or what kind of time had passed in the process It is a minor complaint overall in terms of the grand scheme of this novel Overall I really enjoyed this story and the way it's written It's written entirely from the Dr Greene's perspective in the first person This does leave a few gaps here and there because you don't get to see any other characters or see into their thoughts behind the scenes However this did add to the book's mystery factor a lot because in some cases you don't even know some people's names and you never do The focal point being on hunting for rare books gave me an air of The Club Dumas as a possible influence especially with all the bouts of mystery and intrigue of the characters De Sade's the 120 Days of Sodom gets referenced a few times in this book as well so I think some of the scenes are influenced by that work One of which I haven't read yet but after reading this I feel like I should read it next So if you have a penchant for domination and submission with a healthy dose of warm bums then this is definitely something to read amidst a very well told and intriguing story about rare books

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