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Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia. Volume 1 Folk Tales And Fables From The Gambia Volume 1 Download Author Dembo Fanta Bojang Bystricepodhostynem.eu The Stories Narrate The Tricks, Deceit And Greed Of Hyena In All His Relationships These Traits Come Out Strongly In The Tales Entitled The Cow, Hyena, Lion And Hare Share A Home , Hyena And Hare Go In Search Of Food And The Hyena And The Hare Hare, However, Shows His Ingenuity To Always Outsmart Hyena Cat S Pilgrimage To Mecca And His Self Righteous Attitude On His Return Was Challenged By The Eldest Member Of The Clan Of Rats He Was Reminded Of His Old Ways Before His Transformation Gambian Folk Tales Carry Moral Lessons And Even Though They Are Not All Spelt Out In This Collection, They Are Evident.

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    the amount of people dieing instantly in this book is quite amazing such a raw account of life and death and most importantly, the abruptness and irreversibility of death.

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