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Folk Tales and Fables from the Gambia. Volume 2 Folk Tales And Fables From The Gambia Volume 2 Free Author Dembo Fanta Bojang Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Fight Between Massaneh Ceesay Bakary Niuminko For The Hand Of The Beautiful Banjulian Girl, Fatou, Has Been A Popular Legend In The Gambia The Two Men Used Marabouts Notable In Their Mystic Powers To Win The Young Lady Who Did She Choose This Second Volume Of Folk Tales And Fables Includes Myths As Well As Fables Koochi Barama Is A Story That Transcends All The Gambian Tribes He Was A Close Childhood Friend Of The King Of Sabach Koochi Lived With His Two Wives This Story Shows How Lies And Betrayal Can Affect Close Relationships In The Olden Days, Rulers Used To Forge Alliances And Exchange Experiences The Close Bond Between The Kings Of Niamanty And Burawulay Was Well Respected Thus When The King Of Niamanty Died, His Friend Was Consulted In The Administration Of His Estate The Fables In This Collection Continue To Teach The Moral Lessons And Our Cultural Values.

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