Ebook ã Frat Boy and Toppy PDF Ë Frat Boy PDF \

Ebook ã Frat Boy and Toppy PDF Ë Frat Boy PDF \

Frat Boy and Toppy ❮EPUB❯ ✺ Frat Boy and Toppy Author Anne Tenino – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Brad is great at meeting other people’s expectations But his own Not so much Take the gay thing Okay so yeah It took a morning meeting with a frat brother’s hairy naked ass for him to admit it but Brad is great at meeting other people’s expectations But his own Not so much Frat Boy PDF \ Take the gay thing Okay so yeah It took a morning meeting with a frat brother’s hairy naked ass for him to admit it but he knows the truth about himself now Let the gay life commenceUnfortunately it’s not that easy He hasn’t uite determined how to come out to anyone even Sebastian the geeky hot TA in his history class Sebastian is everything Brad is not Intellectual suave hairy Out And he doesn’t seem interested in Brad even when Brad makes a fool of himself trying to catch his noticeScore one for foolery Sebastian does than notice Brad; he takes him to bed Brad’s been with plenty of girls but with Sebastian the sex is something else entirely—hot mind blowing affirming and a little domineering in a way that drives him wild But when great sex turns into something —dare he admit the “L” word—Brad must face the crushing realization that Sebastian doesn’t feel the same Unless of course he does After all even grad students can be idiots about matters of the heart.

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  1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    HOLY CRAP guys RUN to All Romance and pick this up FREE today 42014 Re read 52913 Bump up rating to 45 starsThis book was just what I needed while I was feeling depressed It was wonderful Just fun sweet and sexy God Anne Tenino does this genre of light MM to perfection I am so impressed how she makes her main character so vulnerable and relatable I LOVED the title the second time around and couldn't wait to read about Mr Toppy and his frat boy YUM Thanks Anne for cheering me up Original rating from 111112 35 starsI almost didn't read this book because of the title It is so cheesy and icky However I was willing to give it a go because this book comes highly recommended by people who like me have a minor obsession with boys who like boys I'll pretend it's minorAnyway this book was very sweet and super spicy It is about a jock Brad who has a crush on his hot TA classic However the jock against appearances wants to be dominated and ahem put in compromising positions His TA Sebastian is than happy to complyThese is very little conflict in this book It is hot and creative hairbrush anyone? and an easy fun read for a Sunday afternoon

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    45 starsThird time re read this time in audio formatHoly crap this was an excellent audiobook Frat Boy and Toppy is one of my comfort reads and I find myself coming back to it time and time again when I need a pick me up For me it is a nearly perfect combo of sweet hot and light and I could read it all day every day I was a little wary about how I would feel about the audio version I've had MANY awesome books ruined by a terrible narration I shouldn't have worried because Nick J Russo absolutely slam dunked the reading of this story He just killed it You go bbThis book is a fun book about a college frat boy coming to terms with his sexuality Brad isn't one to dwell or angst over it though No he is the type to get experimental and then make a decision I just LOVED Brad and I love him and with each re read Nick J Russo did a perfect Brad voice as well as a perfect Sebastian voice and he made those hot sex scenes even hotter I love the light kink in this story Brad is a total bottom and I LOVE how turned on he gets by ass play There is also some light Ds play that is exactly the kind that I like YUM This book isn't a thinker It's a total enjoyment read that will MAKE YOU SMILE It is a book that I will continue to readlisten to every single time I have a bad day and I doubt my ability to love a book again It's short and sweet and everything this girl needs in her life Copy provided in exchange for an honest review

  3. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written March 25 20164 Stars Adorable love me some cute boys 3 boysA two year old freebie MM I remember a lot of friends recommended like Vilda As amusing fun and nice as it says? Oh yes I was happily silly smiling already after a few pagesLove me some wonderful cute and funny college romance a depressing gray and rainy holiday weekend Good Friday day This cute football frat Brad Feller on his way to at last accept reality and step outside a hidden closet and the few year older older experienced Sebastian DeWitt did it well and nice for me — Applauses and Thanks ‘God he hoped Sebastian wasn’t some kind of mind reader Given the choice between mind reader and beer can dîck he’d take mind reader though’I should read Anne Tenino much often Entertaining and so dmn heartmelting heartwarming heartbreaking heartwrenching endearing We get a young man's important thoughts a charming easy light storyline and it is all very well told Just the right amount of kinky yummy steam as wellYou got the basic underlying plot right? Frat Boy and Toppy Still happy giggling My like I LIKE sweet funny college NA like this one

  4. Meags Meags says:

    35 StarsNew Adult is a genre I’ve always really enjoyed In NA I love witnessing those pivotal moments of a character’s self realisations particularly when it concerns sexual identitydiscovery and the wonders and complications of falling in love for the first time This book was all about those things and I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to finally read it considering it has been patiently sitting on my TBR shelf since I first discovered the wonders of MM romance back in 2014 But there is no time like the present and I feel like if I had read this story closer to its release I may have been a harsher critic especially considering that there were things that happened here that earlier in my reading years I would have DNF’d over I’m talking about the actions that occurred at 45% actions that made me frustrated and uncomfortable but which I was much forgivingaccepting of now than maybe I once wouldn't have beenThe story itself is fairly simple with college frat boy Brad coming to the realisation that he’s most definitely gay and crushing on one of his course TAs – the older out and proud definitely experienced Sebastian Brad and Sebastian hit it off and got it on in spectacular fashion and I liked the easy way their relationship developed over the course of the story There wasn’t all that much drama present here which was great considering one of the main themes is a young jocks potentially problematic coming out to his frat brothers I actually enjoyed the somewhat humorous way Brad’s coming out eventually unfolded – mostly thanks to his straight roommate and his well meaning big mouth As for the characters themselves I really liked Brad I enjoyed following him on his journey as a young gay man stepping into his own and embracing his true self in all manner of sexually satisfying and emotionally empowering ways I didn’t uite like Sebastian as much as I did Brad something about his personality set me on edge most of the time but his actions and declarations later in the piece really helped win me over at least to a reasonable degree I liked most of the secondary characters present here too with the exception of the Brad’s ex GF who came across as too in your face for my liking I'm mostly intrigued by Brad’s frat brother Collin who is one of the many side characters who get their own stories in subseuent seuels I had fun reading this one and I look forward to reading on in the series

  5. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    When I finished this book I had a big ol smile on my face I'm not going to rehash the synopsis cause I'm a lazy bitch but I will answer some important uestions Does it have a good story? Ive been reading a lot of GFY mm romance and it was nice to take a break from those story lines Is it funny? Love able characters? Brad and Sebastian were so freaking adorable Is it emotional? I gotta admit I did shed a few tearsAnd of course the ever important is it HAWT? This book is panting wetting hot If you want a funny romantic steamy emotional uick read do yourself a favor and pick up this hot little book 5 stars

  6. Karla Karla says:

    3 ½ Stars Good but not Great I have mixed feelings on this book I wasn’t uite as enad as I hoped I would be It had a good start not much in the way of character development but there sure was a lot of sex In all fairness to the book I’m not sure my head was uite in the game with this one It wasn’t a page turner I didn't get thatI can’t stop reading this feeling like some fun passion and sex What I did enjoy was reading about Brad’s inner turmoil over accepting that he was gay He did uite a bit of debating with himself and it was very funny I adored his family’s reaction when he came out to them they already had their suspicions and he confirmed it then they just went with the flow how it should be unconditional love Brad and his sisters talking guyscuteBrad and Sebastian felt right together; I just wish we had spent time with them outside of the bedroom some everyday situations and settings would have added an extra layer to their character development and the story As the discussion—the very loud chaotic discussion—raged on Brad began to get really really pissed off “You guys are ruining my coming out” he finally yelledThe melee that ensued in the end when Brad came out to his frat brothers was hysterical One of the best scenes in the book All the planning just shot to hell Kyle and his note cardstoo funny Then we never get any real resolution to the confusion; although Brad and Sebastian settle their issueswith sexI would have liked to have seen the outcome of Brad’s coming out through to the end It had such great potential story less sex that would have been the way to go Copy of the book kindly provided by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley

  7. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    This book was sweeter less funny and realistic than I expected from the reviews I've seen It's a fairly straightforward coming out story about Brad who realizes in his junior year of college that his ladies man image is pure fiction and camouflage He's falling for his very male TA and can't deny it any The characters rang true and and were people worth knowing the sex was hot and the emotions worked with the story 5 stars for me and a comfort reread since the small amount of angst here is just enough for flavor and doesn't last too long I wouldn't mind of these guys but the short book length was just right for the story

  8. Christy Christy says:

    4 StarsAfter reading a really intense book I was looking for a light sweet sexy and fun mm book This was a perfect read for me uick read about a college guy named Brad Brad is struggling with his identity He is in a frat a foot ball player stereotypical jock but he also likes boys One boy in particular his TA Sebastian Brad has been denying his sexuality for years Sebastian is an openly gay guy Brad ‘accidentally’ comes out to his family and a few others Eventually he lets Sebastian know Once he gets with Sebastian he has a lot of hard decisions to make He wants to come out to his frat but he’s not sure how it will go He’s also starting to fall for Sebastian but he doesn’t know if Sebastian is feeling the same way Is it love for Sebastian or just lust? I loved Brad and Sebastian They were awesome And Brad’s roommate Kyle was just great My only complaint I wish we would have gotten a little at the end an epilogue or closure about what happened after Also it would have been nice to have interaction with Brad’s sisters I wanted their take on what was going on I see this is a series so I’m hoping for a Collin book down the line Overall a nice easy read I really enjoyed

  9. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:

    AudioNovember 2018Man its been awhile since I read this book and its still just as charming as the last time I read it Brad and his hairbrush will never not be funnyStill the same rating for the storyThe Narration 375 Pants Off rounded to a 4I’m sure this is my first Nick J Russo 🤔 he’s alright better than Joel Leslie that’s for sure I liked his Brad but not in love with his Sebastian45Man I love college and I love drinking I love women men I love college 'I loved reading this book because it brought the funny in epic proportions I think this is my first laugh out loud read of 2012 and that makes it a winner because I love to laugh Frat Boy and Toppy is going on the list of one of my favesBrad is confused or maybe he isn’t confused just in serious denial about what he is feeling Brad is interested in women and he’s pretty much a ladies man but why is a naked hairy MALE ass getting his juices flowing He cannot be gay He is a jock that guzzles beer and parties like a rock star with his frat brothers So explain his anal curiosity or the fact that he just stuck a hairbrush up his ass when he doesn’t even own a hairbrush Also the sexy TA Sebastian from his class is giving him awesome feeling in his pants Brad is starting to see that he is gay and rearing to goIts not just all college fun and parties Brad struggles with the fact that he might have used a lot of women along the way to avoid the way he was truly feeling He was trying to fit in the box that those around him had put him in Accepting his feeling is making the weight lighter but Brad still has some coming out to do How does he tell a house full of jocks his friends and family that he’s gay?Seriously this book is freaking awesome Like “I found the masterpiece in you” awesome I laughed got a little teary eyed only because I was laughing so hard However within all the humour and light tone one thing becomes clear Sometimes people can be stereotypical asses I don’t know if that idea was meant to be subtle or maybe it wasn’t even the author’s intention but as you read you start to see it No way the guy with abs you can do laundry on who likes to work out and play sports be gay It is just impossible I think this book captures that and shows it’s not about physicality and how tough you are it’s about how you feel and Who You Are Then you just go ahead and embrace itThe sex will melt your eyes the device you’re reading it on and your pants will just up and leave you I haven’t seen mine in days; it will come back when it’s ready Since I read Whitetail Rock Anne Tenino has been on my radar and she is freaking awesome Her characters are uniue flawed and fecking hilarious I am reading everything she puts out no lie Frat Boy and Toppy is humorous sexy as hell and has me saying “I Love College”More of my reviews and ramblings at PANTS OFF REVIEWS

  10. Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books says:

    First I was likeCuz it's NA and it has that cheesy title and cover And NA has done me soooooo dirty latelyBut hot damn I'm so glad I pushed through it because this book was just what I needed and it has some of my favoritesbutt secks virgin super hot geeky top HUGE geek fetish muscular needy bottom with just the right amount of uirky humor Brad is just coming into his sexuality and crushing on his super hot and nerdy TA Sebastian I really liked how Brad's sweetness and vulnerability brought Sebastian out of his shell There was nothing typical about either one of these guys and when these two come together it's perfection This was a super light steamy and fun read with a little light DS action I'll never look at a brush the same way again winkHighly recommended

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