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The Night Swimmers ePUB ´ The Night PDF or

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  1. Gretchen Rubin Gretchen Rubin says:

    I love the work of Betsy Byars but somehow I'd never read this one Very short and packs a big punch

  2. Kathy Cowie Kathy Cowie says:

    Let me start by saying that I loved this book It reminded me why I constantly have my kids read the old Newberry and National Book Award winners Written in 1980 it brings to life summers when kids disappeared for days at a time when there were no planned activities and each day held its own possibilities After finishing this book I took a look at some of the other reviews on Goodreads to gauge the general opinion I was struck most by the repeated mention of how sad this book was and about all of the fighting Maybe because I live with a 9 and 11 year old I did not find the gentle bickering contained in this book to be a theme I found it to be hopeful and at times moving and funny None of the characters took themselves too seriously; from Roy in his “chubby” jeans to Shorty in his pink velour cowboy suit Admittedly this is a group of people who have been through a lot – their mother died and 12 year old Retta the oldest and only daughter has been left in charge of her two younger brothers But there is a new girlfriend and she is not an evil abusive stepmother And there is a new friend for the boys who shares their sense of adventure and night meanderings And finally there is a father who cares about his children than he once thought possible

  3. Josiah Josiah says:

    This was better than I expected and I have high hopes for every Betsy Byars book I read Her easygoing style appeals to me and The Night Swimmers offers that in spades As usual her kids are independent able to make most choices on their own in that way her characters sometimes evoke shades of EL Konigsburg's A lot of subtle wisdom is in these pages and I would happily read The Night Swimmers again

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    My mom read this book aloud to me and my brothers when I was little I didn't remember much of it and I like Betsy Byars Nice story to read in a day 125 pagesRetta is in charge of her two little brothers since her mom died Her dad sleeps in and writes songs after working nights School is out and she takes them to swim in a neighbor's fancy pool She's determined that they experience thingsThe dad's songs made me sad for our culture They're all about a woman's looks as though it's her only value SighI did very much appreciate the sibling dynamic and that way that kids can be sure of things Byars has a knack for that

  5. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    The Night Swimmers by Betsy Byars was the 1981 National Book Award winner for children's fiction Retta's mother is dead and her father a country singer works nights performing his music so Retta is left home to tend to her two younger brothers Johnny and Roy Wanting them to have an exciting taste of the affluent lifestyle she believes they deserve she takes the boys swimming each night at a pool in another neighborhood The kids are not supposed to use the pool which belongs to the Captain but Retta still feels somehow entitled to use it as though it makes up for some miscalculation of the universe that allows her particular family to miss out on a chance at a better life Retta goes to great lengths to make sure she and her brothers are safe and that they never get caught but it is only when one of them encounters real danger in the pool that things really start to improve for her familyI have mentioned before that I think Betsy Byars is a masterful writer and this book just further proves that point for me Like many other Byars stories The Night Swimmers has a very small contained setting populated by just a few characters Since Byars is such a minimalist when it comes to the scale of her stories she is able to spend much effort and text on minor details As this book unfolds the reader begins to picture the house where Retta's family lives the clothes they each wear and the food they eat The relationships between the characters come to life as Retta interacts with her dad her brothers and her father's girlfriend Even the kids' relationship with their mother is described in such a way that the reader misses her along with them even though she never directly appears in the story Byars creates a small world but it's a sympathetic one and one with a strong emotional impact that lasts and lasts well past the end of the storyAlso like many other Byars books this one does not end with a neat resolution There is always hope in a Byars story and there is lots of it here but the reader is still left to imagine the specifics of how things will turn out for Retta The lack of a definite ending is very realistic and it contributes to the feeling of authenticity and honesty that I have come to associate with Byars's writing She lays out situations in her books explores their problems and possibilities hints at probable solutions and then walks away leaving the characters better off than when they started but respecting their stories enough not to simplify or patronize them by providing all the answers This recipe for storytelling shows that Byars respects children and expects them to be able to understand complex people and situations I think that is what makes The Night Swimmers a special book and why it still resonates with me today even though it was published before I was bornThis review also appears on my blog Read at Home Mom

  6. lucy black lucy black says:

    Sweet and meandering story about working class siblings in the states with a dead mum and a useless dad I like stories about hard done by and resilient kids and the main character of this Retta is such an awesome kid I want to mum her hardout It’s sad but it’s hopeful it’s ugly but beautiful The food sounds disgusting and the dad is a joke but you know they’re the kinds of kids who are going to be really cool adults I don’t know who I’d recommend this to though People who like EL Konisberg and M E Kerr I guess I don’t know what kids now days would think of books like these This one was full of fat shaming that would make be hesitant to encourage kids I know to read it

  7. Michelle Tuite Michelle Tuite says:

    Reading 2019Book 74 The Night Swimmers by Betsy ByarsWhen I was a kid The Pinballs by Betsy Byars was a favorite book In my trolling of the National Book Award winners I found this little gem and had to read it It helps that it is short and so fit right in to my #30booksin30days book 4 challengeThe story is of three siblings and how they spend their summer after their mother dies and their father works nights They have to make all their own rules and adventures they certainly do makeup adventures This book is probably for middle grade readersI would have this on my classroom bookshelf for sure

  8. Michele Michele says:

    It has been years since I read this book as a children's librarian It is the story of three children living with their widowed father He works at night leaving them alone to their own devices My written notes indicate that I thought this Byars book was not up to her usual standards but its was a good story It shows the father in a somewhat unfavorable light It might be good for a children's book discussion

  9. Bailee Bailee says:

    The Night Swimmers by Betsy Byars tells the story of three children who have essentially lost both their parents the night their mother died These children struggle to experience life and friendship because they have no one at home to support them or push them to do better than they are One night Retta takes the boys to swim in a neighbor's pool It is something they've never experienced before and it seems like this might be the one taste of a happy life a free life they'll ever get But this freedom they've discovered by their father's lack of parental oversight just might be the demise of their very familyRetta is who I consider to be the voice of reason in this story Ever since her mother passed away she had to step into the role of mother and she struggles with the desire to be a normal kid too It's hard for her to watch other people live their lives make friends have good memories and act like they don't have a care in the world Rarely does she appear selfish in the story mostly because she devotes so much of her time and effort to her brothers that I think she forgets about herself along the way She faces the greatest challenges and the greatest losses as she fights to be her own person and controlling her brothers like only a parent can Johnny and Roy are typically boys growing up in a world where they want to have adventure but on their own terms They both struggle with the idea of Retta being the boss of them and that she basically has become the mother of the two of them I think along the way the boys lose sight of all the things she has given up for them which makes them come off as selfish but it's hard not to acknowledge that children are like that It seems like during the story the two of them lose their innocence towards the outside world They realize that not everything is good out there They learn that there are conseuences for their choices and these conseuences just might not be the ones they wantI always figured that when I found that one person I wanted to spend my life with it would be even harder when the situation arose that I would lose them It's something that I think a lot of people struggle with once a loved one passes away How do they move on? What's the point in living when the one person who made it all better is no longer there? The children's father Shorty deals a lot with these sort of issues over the course of the book I don't believe that he is selfish because he ignores his children and wants to live in the glory days of his music career No I think that he is just struggling to grasp at the few things he can control and the ruin left behind when his wife died I think that if his wife were alive and the story was different Shorty would've been a great father but things happened He lost sight of his family and himselfOverall it was a decent read I had some troubles sticking with the characters at times but it is an interesting and very real idea that makes up the plot

  10. Cassidy Davies Cassidy Davies says:

    SPOILER ALERTThis story follows three kids Retta Johnny and Roy and they are basically like orphans They lost both of their parents Their mum died and their father is to busy to support them They go out swimming in a neighbour's pool The kids can't really make friends and I feel like Retta feels like she has to be like her brother's mum because of her dad isn't rarely there Since Retta is trying to hard Johnny rebels a bit Retta also is to busy looking after the boys so she can't make friends so once Arthur a boy who befriends Johnny Retta is jealous Roy on the other hand is like a back ground character like he rarely does anything he only is apart of the story at the end when he almost drowns because Retta chases after Johnny cause he snuck out and so Roy is scared so he thinks they went swimming without him so he does a dolphin dive in the pool in the deep end and almost drowns I didn't really like Roy that much really because he doesn't do anything The neighbour is a coronal and he almost caught Retta Johnny and Roy because Retta called Johnny a chicken so Johnny dolphin dived in and that made a lot of noise so they sprinted away Roy thought also that Retta Johnny and Arthur went swimming that is when he almost drowned thought I should of shed light on it The dad on the other hand has a girlfriend who wants him to marry her and she mothers the children time to time She gave Retta advice about holding on to tight and Retta had an epiphany realising that is what she was doing wrong What Johnny and Arthur were doing was lighting rockets into the sky and Retta spied on them and scolded Johnny and Arthur accusing them of almost burning the whole town on fire I like the story a lot because it teaches a lot of things about grief Retta thought when her mum died and her dad made a hit song out of it she thought that was all her mum was worth to him just song material Retta also realised that she couldn't pretend to be someone she's not because she tried to act like her mum but in the end she was like her mum when she stopped trying It also has a good message about life and family I give it four stars

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The Night Swimmers [EPUB] ✴ The Night Swimmers Author Betsy Byars – Retta Johnny and Roy are the night swimmers three children whose father leaves them alone while he performs as a singerByars has the uncanny ability to know the secret livesthe outward postures and th Retta Johnny and Roy are The Night Swimmers three children The Night PDF or whose father leaves them alone while he performs as a singerByars has the uncanny ability to know the secret livesthe outward postures and the exact words her characters would surely use The New York Times Book ReviewA Boston Globe Horn Book Honor Book An American Book Award Parents' Choice Award A Child Study Children's Book Committee Children's Book of the Year An IRA CBC Children's Choice A School Library Journal Best Book of the Year.