LOSER Life Of a Software EngineeR eBook Õ Life Of a

LOSER Life Of a Software EngineeR eBook Õ Life Of a

10 thoughts on “LOSER Life Of a Software EngineeR

  1. Tarun Agrawal Tarun Agrawal says:

    Well How to start with my disappointment It is the most ordinary book I have ever readI want my money back The reasons which added to my ever growing frustration with this book are 1 Creativity Zero The author has not shown any creativity at all All the examples in the book were too too ordinary I felt like I can write a book after reading this bookbelieve me i am a very bad writer2 The chapters look like a text book of some software engineering from an author trying to be cool3 The content of the book looked liked an answer sheet to me written by a student in his engineering examination who doesn't know the answer so trying to put same point again and again sometime in form of paragraph and sometime in the form of Table Yes table dude its not your company report why tables?? I could hardly smile after reading the bookI left it with 2 chapter remainingPlease don't read this

  2. Praveen Thumma Praveen Thumma says:

    Stay Away the most Ridiculous book I have ever read Waste of Money and Time

  3. Subrahmanyam Muramalla Subrahmanyam Muramalla says:

    Don't read this Just Sucks No matter nothing You are not gonna gain something by just fooling your boss Nor you gonna gain something by making him your friend

  4. Anant Chaturvedi Anant Chaturvedi says:

    If you are an IT engineer you can't help but smile

  5. Santosh Shaastry Santosh Shaastry says:

    If this book were a person I would characterize it as uninteresting boring repetitive obsessed with arranged marriageI picked up this book undoubtedly and like many others only because of the title I thought this is an attempt to satirically delve into some of the aspects of Software Engineer's life Hmmthat was not to be the caseThe experiences described in the book do not portray the reality of the Software Engineering field Statements on the lines of Fair skinned and beautiful people go onsite is absurd and clearly point to either of these1 The author inspite of working in the software industry has not got it2 Author's past work experiences have not been so goodThe author loves tables and comparisons as is evident from the innumerable tables spilled all over the book This is mildly OK in the beginning however as you progress through the chapters gets to you Bad ideaThe book seems to be a collection of the author's experience in the software world which does not seem to have been good so farEven if you discount all the problems mentioned above there is no continuity to the chapters or clarity in the expressions I am wondering why most of the chapters must end with the text Now you know whyhowetc There is a clear disconnect between the title of the book and the contentStrongly NOT recommended

  6. Arvind Passey Arvind Passey says:

    My review of the book

  7. Sougata Ray Sougata Ray says:

    I read this book a day ago It describes the life of a common software engineer and if you are a software engineer freshermyself being onethen my advice would be consider reading it At least you will get a feel of the world that you are going to get into It states and explains the facts in a funny manner you will sure have a good time reading itAlthough it has been a fun read all the way through still I found something missing there Don't know what it isbut still it is there Maybe Dipen has to go a lot of distance as a writer Another thing a lot of things in this book have been told in Hindiso Non Indian guys will not be able to take out the full pleasure of reading this book It's a point that the writer may have considered Anyways I have had a good time reading it

  8. Anupa Chatterji Anupa Chatterji says:

    Being in the IT industry for almost 7 years now I maybe a bit partial in rating this book a full five but that can be excused because I loved it so much because I could absolutely relate to each word I readRight from the title of the book to every observation that Dipen explains is so true The book is hilarious yet not exaggerated and I'm sure most of my fellow IT walas will agree Such a wonderful and apt description of the IT industry can only come from an insider and so it is For people outside the industryI'm sure it will burst many myths about the IT sector and people working in itIf you are feeling low or in mood for a hearty laugh do pick up this book and I guarantee your jaws will pain in no time

  9. Sanjay Sinha Sanjay Sinha says:

    Hilarious Best Stress Buster Ever everything is a Fact that happens in Day to Day Life in an IT Industry Dipen has Plotted it in a Very Well Manner with Perfect Examples that will make you go like ROFLComplete Funny Dictionary for Software Professionals; with unbeatable Examples People who want to Join the Industry should also go for itSo that they can have a Better Overview and People who are already IN there are lots of tricks and for youso that you can enjoy it An awesome readawaiting books frm the author

  10. Nihar Panwar Nihar Panwar says:

    brilliant i was on my way to chennai and happened to pick up LOSER at the mumbai airport the title suggested thst it was kind of my life too you wont believe if i said that i completed the book by the time i raeched chennai very engrossing extremely hilariousa must read book could not keep it down till i finished reading the best chapter was the one on onsite and offshore deewar expect a lot from the author

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