The Countess Lucky Charm ePUB Ö The Countess Kindle

The Countess Lucky Charm ePUB Ö The Countess Kindle

The Countess Lucky Charm ➾ [Download] ➾ The Countess Lucky Charm By A.M. Westerling ➳ – Saucy pickpocket Simone Dougherty relies on her nimble fingers and uick mind to work London’s streets However using her wits to survive in the East End is one thing Using her wits to pose as the wif Saucy pickpocket Simone Dougherty relies on her nimble fingers and uick mind to work London’s streets However using her wits to survive in the East End is one thing Using her wits to pose as the wife of the attractive Lord Temple Wellington is another thing altogether Especially when her rebellious heart refuses to listen to reason Restless and bored with the life he’s carved out for himself black sheep Lord Temple Wellington determines to turn over a new leaf Somehow he The Countess Kindle - never imagined embarking on a new life would involve marriage to a fetching thief with a penchant for trouble A thief with mysteries of her own When Temple unexpectedly becomes the new Earl of Leavenby will both his and Simone’s dark pasts rise up to haunt them Or are they strong enough together to fight for their happiness.

About the Author: A.M. Westerling

From vikings to viscounts join the adventure live the romanceLiving by the motto You don't know unless you try AMWesterling started writing historical romance because she couldn't find the kinds of fun stories she enjoyed After all she thought who doesn’t enjoy a tasty helping of dashing heroes and spunky heroines seasoned with a liberal sprinkle of passion and adventure Westerling.

10 thoughts on “The Countess Lucky Charm

  1. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    I absolutely loved reading this book Very well written and very hard to put down Recommended

  2. Kathy Fischer-Brown Kathy Fischer-Brown says:

    AM Westerling's The Countess' Lucky Charm is a keeper Combine Pygmalian with a happily ever ending throw in a smidgeon of Oliver Twist add a healthy dose of love and passion a trek through the Canadian wilderness and a host of finely drawn secondary characters and you'll find a terrific read Westerling paints a picture of Regency Era English values and its cruel hypocrisy to dramatize the chasm separating Simone a charming East End pickpocket and Temple the younger son of a peer into one that only true love can conuer Minor points off for confusion arising from her misuse of courtesy titles but in the scope of the book's overall excellence it did not detract from my enjoyment of this story I look forward for from this talented author

  3. Jenna Jenna says:

    It's a good read and a very engaging story the author has a sense of style same with Johanna Lindsay one of my favorite author in historical romance I'm looking forward for of the author's booksA rugamuffin pickpocket Simone Doughety worked in the east side of London and as the constable was ready to put her in Newgate prison While running away from the authority she snucked inside the baggage own by Lord Temple WellingtonPosing as wife of Lord Temple going to Caledonia they become attracted to each other Lord Temple being a blacksheep was willing to change his life for the better involving marriage to Simone As Temple suddenly becomes the New Earl of Leavenby they are both haunted by their pastSimone was also searching her past not knowing who she really was and the only lead to her past was the necklace that she'd been wearing since three while she was found by Ted close to the river Thames

  4. Juliet Waldron Juliet Waldron says:

    A Regency which travels all over the world from the East End of London where the hero accidentally finds a pretty grubby pickpocket hiding in his trunk to New Caledonia Pacific Canada and then back to the high life in London I thought this novel was polished always entertaining and a far step beyond the usual Jane Austin Lite Regency fare The dialogue was crackling and the hero and heroine were well matched believable characters from their particular time and place There were perhaps three books here if all the locationslow lifehigh life had been given stories of their own but this writer obviously has great ideas to spare A fun fast read with a heroine you'll root for all the way

  5. Radd Reader Radd Reader says:

    The story dragged in the beginning and then when they get back to London it seemed to zip on by I can’t even count how many issues they had to face at the end of the book It was just one thing after another and too over the top and because of that it just didn’t hold my interest I kept sayingreally? Are you kidding me? then I would skip a lot of pages only to find another unbelievable obstacle I did a ton of skipping

  6. Petula Petula says:

    5 that was uite an adventure I loved it There were times I wanted to smack the hero Very self centred he only seemed to see things from how they affected him Lots of lessons for him to learn The heroine has so much courage but no self esteem The journey goes from London to Canada and back a lovely book

  7. Eileen Eileen says:

    The beginning was slow but it was a cute little story I grew uite attached to the charactersCould have done without the epilogue sometimes it's better to let me dream up my own continuation of a happy ending but it was reasonable

  8. Kirsten Lenius Kirsten Lenius says:

    uite a pleasant regency romance I never find ones where the noble marries a guttersnipe from the east end to be that believable but a good tale nonetheless I did like the ending and the epilogue

  9. Stefanie Stefanie says:

    It was ok nothing especially original Some inconsistencies that were pretty obvious even to me

  10. Joyce Joyce says:

    Chick lit Typical of the genre with a tried and true plot line

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