The Crucible Epub å Paperback

The Crucible Epub å Paperback

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  1. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    I hate to rate this so low when it seems that the only people who do so are those forced to read it by a cruel teacher I'm even troubled by the fact that I haven't seen anyone else bring up what bothers me about this playYes it's well written that is the dialogue is expertly handled There are truly beautiful passages such as this one I came into this village like a bridegroom to his beloved bearing gifts of high religion; the very crowns of holy law I brought and what I touched with my bright confidence it died; and where I turned the eye of my great faith blood flowed upBut when it comes down to it this is yet another piece of literature in which men HAVE sex but women ARE sex Men have complex lives and motivations; women's lives center entirely around men specifically around attraction to and dependence on menMiller brought up the very real issues of property and land lust that dominated the real trial Why did he insist on sexualizing the girls involved to the point where he had to make one of the girls several years older than she really was The terrifying thing about what the real afflicted girls did was that it comes across as a sort of motiveless malignity They were lashing out at their own repressive society possibly egged on by parents who wanted to use them as weapons in battles over land That's fascinating Instead Miller decided to say that the girls really were engaged in witchcraft or at least in stereotypical witch behavior dancing naked in the woods at night concocting evil brews He insists that there are accounts of similar klatches in Europe where the daughters of the towns would assemble at night and sometimes with fetishes sometimes with a selected young man give themselves to love with some bastardly results He doesn't seem to realize that these accounts are all from accusers or from the tortured accused He really seems to believe that this went onThen there's the main character John Proctor Can't imagine why I have a hard time sympathizing with himImagine you know a family with three young children They hire an au pair The dad has an affair with this young woman hardly older than a girl a virgin completely inexperienced in life or love The mom suspects that something is going on and fires her but stays with the dad The dad bitches at the mom for always giving him that look and not acting happy to see him all the time The mom breaks down crying and admits that her cold behavior must have pushed him into having an affair The dad also bitches at the au pair because this affair got her hopes up and she really thought it meant something to him the way it did to her He screams at this teenager who was lucky not to get pregnant btw since they didn't use birth control to get over it already he's married and he's staying that wayIf you heard about something like this maybe it happened to a friend of yours maybe you read about it in a novel would your first sympathy really be with the poor tormented man who has to put up with all these women acting like he owes them somethingWhy has no one pointed out how creepy it is that John Proctor is genuinely supposed to be a sympathetic character and Abigail is a monsterAnd by the way contrary to what Miller says in his afterword the only legend that has it that Abigail turned up later as a prostitute in Boston is the one he started by writing this Sorry I'm not in 9th grade and I still have problems with this modern classic I understand why it is one; but I just can't give it the three I liked it stars

  2. Manny Manny says:

    JOHN PROCTOR What what are we doing here Where are weELIZABETH PROCTOR We're in a review John JOHN PROCTOR A reviewJOHN HALE Yes a review Newt Gingrich has been encouraging people to read The Crucible We've agreed to help himSAMUEL PARRIS It's our duty John We're in the middle of the second worst witch hunt in American history JOHN PROCTOR The second worstSAMUEL PARRIS Yes the second worst After what's going to happen to Donald Trump in 2017 But at least our case is remotely comparable so it offers people a point of referenceJOHN PROCTOR What's going to happen to him Is he going to be pressed under huge stones like my friend Giles CoreySAMUEL PARRIS I don't think soJOHN PROCTOR Hanged on the basis of false accusations like Rebecca NurseSAMUEL PARRIS I believe notJOHN PROCTOR Entrapped and then imprisoned like my poor wronged wifeSAMUEL PARRIS I have different informationJOHN PROCTOR Well what thenSAMUEL PARRIS People on late night talk shows are going to make a great many sarcastic comments about his tweeting habit And after a while he'll have said so many insane and self incriminating things that a special counsel will be appointed to find out just what the hell is going onTHE WHOLE COURT Oh how dreadful PauseJOHN PROCTOR You're right We have to do somethingCURTAIN

  3. Amalia Gkavea Amalia Gkavea says:

    A masterpiece in the history of Theatrehow can one put into words all the feelings that come to surface when you read The Crucible What makes it even shuttering is the fact that it has always been relevant to any era because it represents the fear in front of something we cannot understand and the need to create witch hunts in order to cover up our own faults as human beings and as members of our socities John Proctor is the Everyman he stands for every human being that is rightfully afraid in front of the face of an inhuman justice being torchured over imaginary faults and mistakes What elevates him to greatness though is his fight with himself and the way he wins it over desperately battling to preserve his honour his ''name'' ''I have given you my soul leave me my name'' is the ultimate cry for respect and understanding in a society that has lost all elements of compassion I wonder is our time so very different than those by gone eras Are we understanding now open minded Do we find the respect we ask for Do we earn it I fear we won't like the answer

  4. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The Crucible a play in four acts Arthur MillerThe Crucible is a 1953 play by American playwright Arthur Miller Miller wrote the play as an allegory for McCarthyism when the United States government persecuted people accused of being communists In 1692 in the small town of Salem Massachusetts rumor has it that a young woman has done an obscene curse The inhabitants accuse each other and fall prey to an unstoppable mass hysteria and then a trial begins that may lead to fearsome revenge Arthur Miller conceived The Salem Witches in the black age of the witch hunt deployed in America during McCarthyism Later he collaborated in its adaptation to the cinema entitled El Cruol and whose script is offered after the playعنوانها «جادوگران شهر سالم سیلم ماساچوست»؛ «ساحره سوزان»؛ «چشم‌ اندازی از پل و گذر از آزمون»؛ «آزمون آنشین»؛ «بوته ی آزمایش»؛ نویسنده آرتور میلر؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز پنجم ماه اکتبر سال 1972میلادیعنوان جادوگران شهر سالم نمایشنامه در چهار پرده؛ نویسنده آرتور میلر؛ مترجم مجید امین موید؛ حادثه درویشی؛ تهران، صائب، 1345؛ در 125ص؛ موضوع نمایشنامه های نویسندگان امریکایی سده 20معنوان ساحره سوزان؛ نویسنده آرتور میلر؛ مترجم فریدون فاطمی؛ تهران، نشر مرکز، 1368؛ در 155ص؛ عنوان چشم‌ اندازی از پل و گذر از آزمون؛نویسنده آرتور میلر؛ مترجم منیژه محامدی؛ تهران، افراز، 1388؛ در 191ص؛ شابک 9789642837878؛ عنوان آزمون آنشین نمایشنامه در چهار پرده؛ نویسنده آرتور میلر؛ مترجم منوچهر خاکسار هرسینی؛ تهران، افراز، 1389؛ در 208ص؛ شابک 9789642434626؛بوته ی آزمایش ساحره سوزان؛ نمایشنامه ای در چهار پرده است، و با چهار عنوان به فارسی برگردان شده؛ نمایش‌نامه نخستین‌بار در سال 1952میلادی و پس‌ از آن بارها با اجراهای گوناگون روی صحنه آمده است، از ژرفترین درام‌های جهان پس‌از جنگِ دوّم جهانگیر و اثری کلاسیک در نمایش‌نامه‌ نویسی مدرن است؛ داستان محاکمات جادوگری در «سیلم»، در سال‌های 1692میلادی تا سال 1693میلادی، در «ماساچوست» آمریکاست؛ نمایشنامه، در باره ی باورها، و چگونگی زندگی ساکنان خرافاتی فرقه ی «پوریتان» است، که در شهر «سالم سیلم ماساچوست»، روزگار میگذرانند؛ شهری، با قدمت چهل ساله، که توسط پیروان همان فرقه، بنا گردیده، و در آن از هیچگونه تفریح و سرگرمی همانند تئاتر، یا جشن کریسمس و ؛ خبری نیست، و مردمانش موظف هستند، که تعطیلات خود را، تنها با دعا و نیایش به درگاه خداوند سپری کنند؛ در همین راستا، عده ای نیز ماموریت دارند، در سطح شهر گشت زنند، و افرادی را که اوقاتشان را به بطالت، و بدون پرداختن به مناجات سپری میکنند، شناسایی کرده، و آنها را به اداره کنندگان شهر، معرفی نمایند، تا پس از پیگیری، و بررسی وضعیتشان، در صورتی که دلیل قانع کننده ای، برای عمل خود نداشته باشند، مجازات شده و مایه ی عبرت دیگران شوند؛ در قوانین سفت و سخت «سلیم»، شایعاتی مبنی بر اینکه زنان، در حال تمرین جادوگری هستند؛ ترس و سوء ظن مردمان شهر را برمیانگیزد؛ و هنگامیکه یک دختر جوان به نام «الیزابت پروتور» را، به جادوگری متهم میکنند، رهبران خود مختار کلیسا، و اهالی شهر اصرار دارند، که «الیزابت» محاکمه شود؛ بیرحمی دادستانها و اشتیاق همسایه ها به شهادت در باره ی همسایه های خویش، خشونت سرکوب شده ی اجتماع را، روشن میکند؛ تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 04101399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  5. Manny Manny says:

    This is a magnificent play about what happens when hysteria takes over a society and evil people gain access to the levers of power; something alas which happens all too freuentlyThe focus of the story is John Proctor's struggle to redeem himself from the horrible guilt he has suffered since committing adultery with Abigail This is indeed very moving But for some reason the part I think of most often is a detail concerning one of the minor characters Giles Corey who dies offstage halfway through Giles is one of many citizens falsely accused of witchcraft by Abigail and those who are exploiting her He is an impossible situation; irrespective of whether he pleads guilty or innocent he is doomed But Giles has a long history of litigation and knows the law very well He simply refuses to enter any plea at allThey fetch huge stones and lay them on top of him to force him to say something But the only words he ever utters are More weight And so he dies uncompromised and his farm is inherited by his children The person telling the story finishes and adds It was a fearsome man Giles CoreyI just looked it up on Wikipedia; apparently it's all true The article is very good

  6. • Lindsey Dahling • • Lindsey Dahling • says:

    I may be in the minority here but I love me a female villain that has little to no redeemable ualities Not even kidding This could be because almost every single thing Americans read in high school involves a male narrator TKAM is the exception and Scout Finch is a tomboy so surrounded by terrible women whose sole purpose is to somehow ruin the man’s life Why do I love these despicable women Because it’s fun finding reasons they’re motivated to be awful while everyone else in the audience is busy loathing them looking at you Cersei Lannister and Delores UmbridgeJohn Proctor can call Abigail Williams a whore all the live long day but she’s not the one who is cheating on anyone She’s also half his age She also lived in a society that repressed absolutely everyone women in particular and ever citizen lived in fear of their own shadow thanks to the hellfire loving God and snooping neighbors Children were seen not heard Puritans spent all day every day working and praying except Sunday—then you were just praying Girl had a lot of pent up energy So when John Proctor showed her a way toehmchannel that energythere was no going back Also people in Salem were all tripping balls thanks to ergotism poisoning so she probably actually did see a few of those “spirits” flying around the courtroomShe was still a horrible human being But I sure do love revisiting the insanity of 1692 every so oftenFinally of course I also love the play because Arthur Miller wrote it to remind us of why literal and metaphorical witch hunts are dangerous Sadly it’s 2019 and we still aren’t listening to him Our witch hunts take place online now Maybe we’d pay attention if Abigail had a Twitter account PS—Giles Corey was a badass I’m positive historical censorship rewrote his last words because they most absolutely had to be “More weight motherfuckers” 🎤

  7. Brian Brian says:

    “Because it is my name Because I cannot have another in my life”The Crucible is many things A piece of great American theatre a gift to actors and a wonderful read One thing it is not is a piece of history so be warned Too many people read this as a historical text despite Arthur Miller's explicit instructions in the play's notes to not do so and thus they miss the forest for the trees This is not an examination of the Salem Witch Trials but rather a fictional rendering of a historical event in order for the modern reader or viewer to examine their own bias prejudices hypocrisy or concepts of honorTo me this play is about one's man's personal redemption The protagonist of the play John Proctor is a fallen man for many reasons and the play really traces his moral progression to final absolution through honor truth and dignity The events of Salem in 1692 are used for dramatic purposes to tell this story And what a story it isEvery time I read this play I feel intense hatred for theocracy and dogmatic religion wherever it may be found and I also find myself examining my own personal code of ethics and seeing how I stand in the world of moral affairs I should add this play makes me hate rigid dogma in all areas Politics religion philosophy science etc Mob mentality politics above all else etc are not exclusive to the world of religion or a certain political or scientific philosophy If you think they are you are the dogmatic fool this play takes onThe Crucible is wonderfully structured in four acts each one better than the one that preceded it and it builds to a crescendo and a very abrupt ending that leaves the reader with a pounding heart an angry mind and a moral uandary No small featThe text has a very large cast of characters but in this edition all of Miller's notes are included and so it reads like a novel and is a very enjoyable experience even if one never actually sees it in performance In the hands of a bad acting company it would be deadly dull but done well it is exciting The film version for which Arthur Miller also wrote the screenplay is not bad either Daniel Day Lewis is an excellent John Proctor and it captures the spirit of the text very wellThe climactic moment of the play is preceded by a very tender and brutally touching scene between a husband and wife both of whom have had their moments of not loving the other one well My heart ached and soared while reading itIf you don't know this seminal American work you should Read it let it take you on a very emotional journey and then self reflect The greatest literature makes us do just that

  8. James James says:

    Book Review I may be a little unpopular with my 3 of 5 stars rating for The Crucible a play by Arthur Miller but in my world a 3 means it's your generally good bookplaymovie with some great things some bad things and an overall yeah you should probably read itThe topic Salem Witch Trials one of my absolute favorite time periods in American history to research Miller is brilliant I acknowledge it He bring suspense timing and charisma in everything he does But when this is about an episode from our history over 250 years before the play was written I expected something a bit different stronger Too many scenes were too dry for meSo many schools put this play on as a high school production Even in colleges sometimes I was tempted to look for it on Broadway I mean I do live in NYC Why wouldn't I go try it out Really I blame myself hereCharacters are great You do feel strong emotions towards them I think what I wanted of was the mysterious air surrounding those deemed a witch There are some scenes where it's almost there for me but ultimately I wanted I should probably give it another chance it's been almost 25 years About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creatorspolldaddy poll9729544polldaddy poll9719251

  9. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    Recently a group of students allegedly shouted anti India slogans at the Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU in Delhi and the political and religious conservatives in India went virtually mad Soon any criticism of India was seen as unpatriotic and traitorous The JNU a leftist stronghold and a thorn in the flesh of the Hindu Right Wing government at the centre was termed a positive hotbed of crime and vice and a recruiting ground for terrorists Many a Muslim unless he wore his love of India on his sleeve for all to see was branded a Pakistani agent the refusal to say Bharat Mata ki Jai Victory to Mother India resulted in intimidation and even physical abuse in many placesWhat is interesting about this phenomena is that it is not only an orchestrated move from the right wingers many Indians are genuinely frightened that Pakistanis are in our midst bent on destroying the country with the support of the leftists There is a paranoia that is being exploited by the political vulturesI am frightened by how much this resembles McCarthyism the madness that gripped America from 1950 to 56 and destroyed many lives and careers Wikipedia says During the McCarthy era thousands of Americans were accused of being communists or communist sympathizers and became the subject of aggressive investigations and uestioning before government or private industry panels committees and agencies The primary targets of such suspicions were government employees those in the entertainment industry educators and union activists Suspicions were often given credence despite inconclusive or uestionable evidence and the level of threat posed by a person's real or supposed leftist associations or beliefs was often greatly exaggerated Many people suffered loss of employment andor destruction of their careers; some even suffered imprisonment Most of these punishments came about through trial verdicts later overturned laws that were later declared unconstitutional dismissals for reasons later declared illegal or actionable or extra legal procedures that would come into general disreputeIt seems that human beings don't learn anything from history and therefore keep on repeating itBut then according to Arthur Miller the Red Scare of the fifties was a repeat of a much darker event from the seventeenth century the Salem Witch Trails He wrote this play in 1953 to remind fellow citizens on how mass hysteria can engulf a society and demolish civilisationin 1692 a group of children in Salem were afflicted by diseases which showed classical symptoms of hysteria but were soon diagnosed as demonic possession by the church authorities based partly on the children's own confused utterings Soon people were being denounced left and right as witches and executed Malicious people with revenge and other material interests such as grabbing a condemned person's property seems to have contributed enthusiastically to the madness As John Proctor an accused says in the play Is the accuser always holy now Were they born this morning as clean as God's fingers I'll tell you what's walking Salem vengeance is walking Salem We are what we always were in Salem but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom and common vengeance writes the lawThese words are chillingly applicable to both McCarthyism and the events I uoted at the beginning common vengeance is writing the law Anybody can be accused proof is not reuired accusation is proof enough Any kind of fair dealing and neutrality would be seen as potential collaboration so the safest thing is to side with the accusers Verily the term witch hunt has entered the English language with strong credentialsA fire a fire is burning I hear the boot of Lucifer I see his filthy face And it is my face and yours Danforth For them that uail to bring men out of ignorance as I have uailed and as you uail now when you know in all your black hearts that this be fraud God damns our kind especially and we will burn we will burn togetherWe will We the conformists who let the madness continue to save our own islands of comfort in this burning sea of paranoid anger From the Oxford English Dictionary1 A ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures11 A situation of severe trial or in which different elements interact leading to the creation of something newIt is evident that Arthur Miller put a lot of thought into the naming of his play He wanted to emphasise the heat and the fire the hatred and the horror at the same time he also wanted to point out that after the melting process a refined product would come out Times of extreme tribulations in society are usually followed by a period of rejuvenationThe playwright takes a lot of liberty with history to make his point This is nothing new Shakespeare regularly did this it seems So in the play the historical 11 year old Abigail Williams the niece of the puritan minister Reverend Parris of Salem is transformed into an oversexed teen She has seduced John Proctor in whose house she was working as a servant and has apparently tried out some black magic to kill his wife During such a magic session in the woods with Tituba and other kids the Parris's Caribbean servant they are surprised by the minister Betty the minister's young daughter falls into a dead faint and cannot be cured by the doctor Abigail immediately shouts witchcraft and others join in; and soon the subterfuge becomes mass hysteriaMiller has chosen John Proctor to be tragic hero of this play; haunted by guilt at his infidelity even so because his wife forgives it he seeks punishment for himself at least inside his soul His torment is further compounded as his wife Elizabeth is denounced as a witch by Abigail To make matters worse there is the cunning Thomas Putnam abetting the hysteria to settle scores against old opponents and grab their lands As the roller coaster of paranoia rolls on towards its destructive end Proctor himself is sentenced to hang for witchcraft but Elizabeth ironically escapes as she is pregnantAt the insistence of friends and a few sane people who want to stop the madness John Proctor confesses at the last moment however he immediately sees the falsehood and cowardice in it and immediately withdraws it HALE Man you will hang You cannotPROCTOR his eyes full of tears I can And there's your first marvel that I can You have made your magic now for now I do think I see some shred of goodness in John Proctor Not enough to weave a banner with but white enough to keep it from such dogs Yes indeed the courage to stand up for what one thinks is right is ultimately the refined product that comes out of the crucible The character who impressed me most in the story was Giles Corey an 81 year old man who refused to confess or refute when faced with charges of witchcraft He was subjected to a horrendous form of torture called pressing thankfully it occurs offstage in the play where and rocks were piled on his chest in an effort to make him speak Giles endured this for a whole two days before he died his last words reportedly were weight There's guts for you

  10. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    “The Devil is precise; the marks of his presence are definite as stone”Based on historical people and real events The Crucible is a searing portrait of a community engulfed by hysteriaThe Crucible provides such an interesting insight into the mass hysteria and paranoia brewing in Salem Massachusetts in the seventeenth century Although perhaps watching a production of this play would be enthralling than reading it I was tad bored at times and it took me far longer than it should to get through 150 pages of itMy major irritation was that a number of the characters had similar names Proctor Parris and Putnam oh my And given that these characters would often be interacting with each other I was constantly doing a double check in my head “oh yep that’s the reverend and that’s the rich guy who had a thing with Abigail” obviously I can’t gripe about this too much as these are REAL character names based on REAL events but I am complaining because it’s my review and I can enter sass emojiSpeaking of Proctor I’ve got some issues I gather that he is being portrayed as the “flawed protagonist” and that we should view him as some kind of martyr Yet by the end I still didn’t feel that sympathetic towards him Some of his actionsreactions just didn’t sit well with me so the ending etc just wasn’t as impactfulHowever Miller perfectly depicts the hysteria paranoia and fear that brews in Salem in the wake of accusations of witchcraft It’s pretty mind blowing that an accusation was as good as evidence and the only way you could “prove” yourself innocent and escape death was if you confessed Insanity I still find it hard to accept that these witch trials actually happenedI’m glad I finally read this one but maybe should have read it before I went to Salem I might have appreciated the history even The Crucible is definitely worth picking up if you have any interest in the witch trials Giving this one 35 stars

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The Crucible [PDF] ✅ The Crucible By Arthur Miller – I believe that the reader will discover here the essential nature of one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history Arthur Miller wrote of his classic play about the witch hunts and tri I believe that the reader will discover here the essential nature of one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history Arthur Miller wrote of his classic play about the witch hunts and trials in seventeenth century Salem Massachusetts Based on historical people and real events Miller's drama is a searing portrait of a community engulfed by hysteria In the rigid theocracy of Salem rumors that women are practicing witchcraft galvanize the town's most basic fears and suspicions; and when a young girl accuses Elizabeth Proctor of being a witch self righteous church leaders and townspeople insist that Elizabeth be brought to trial The ruthlessness of the prosecutors and the eagerness of neighbor to testify against neighbor brilliantly illuminates the destructive power of socially sanctioned violenceWritten in The Crucible is a mirror Miller uses to reflect the anti communist hysteria inspired by Senator Joseph McCarthy's witch hunts in the United States Within the text itself Miller contemplates the parallels writing Political opposition is given an inhumane overlay which then justifies the abrogation of all normally applied customs of civilized behavior A political policy is euated with moral right and opposition to it with diabolical malevolenceWIth an introduction by Christopher Bigsbyback cover.

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About the Author: Arthur Miller

Arthur Asher Miller was an American playwright and essayist He was a prominent figure in American literature and cinema for over years writing a wide variety of plays including celebrated plays such as The Crucible A View from the Bridge All My Sons and Death of a Salesman which are still studied and performed worldwide Miller was often in the public eye most famously for refusing to g.