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Pumpkin (Diary Series) Pumpkin Diary Series Download Author Jean Ure Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Who Wants To Be One Of Three And Who Wants To Be The Middle One Of Three Polly Is Stuck In The Middle, With A Beautiful, Fashion Conscious Older Sister And A High Achieving Younger Brother Grabbing All The Attention Polly Wants To Be The One To Get Noticed, The One To Become A Famous Actress, The One Who Is Thin But When Polly Decides To Take Drastic Action To Shed Pounds, She Loses Than Just Weight.

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    This is a quite easy to read book that deals with some big issues no pun intended.The main character is what others have referred to as a foodaholic Her dad enables this for her by constantly feeding her She realises it is a problem and this causes problems It deals with eating disorders in a sensitive and relevan...

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    Okay but leans a bit towards fatphobia in its messages It s all I was fat, and that was the worst thing humanly possible , the unpleasantness and dangers of eating disorders are skimmed over it s pretty much tucked in in passing that she s been purging , and the end is sort of like well, you re slimmer now, so stop puking and start eating salad instead of pasta and everyth...

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    I read this book a couple of years ago Young adult books don t always cover eating disorders well, but this book did without over glamourising nor dramatising the effects It shows girls that changing your appearance to fit society s norms doesn t always benefit you.

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    I really am lucky to have this book in my library I really enjoyed this book and I loved how finally at the end the whole family starts bonding with each other The thing that I hated was when Penny couldn t tell her father that she was on a diet and he kept on ins...

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    Basically the part that is annoying is when she just tries to be funny and her friend who incur rigged her to go to acting school when she didn t feel copper table about her figure and her body then goes of and tells her she s attention seeking when ...

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    When I read this like I couldn t really relate to it bcs well I didn t care that much about my weight n stuff But now I kinda can especially I m the second daughter I have an older sis n lil bro n I m the fat one n recently I began to care a lot bout my weight so now looking back at th...

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    I rated this book two stars, because to be honest a book about being a kid that s basically stuck in the middle is kinda boring For other people they could be really interested but I am the one rating this and it s just no I didn t enjoy this book but thankyou.

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    Aa great teenage book about dealing with your size and being different from your siblings.

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    want to reread this

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    So cool I love it

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