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Written in Red PDF Ï Written in Kindle -

Written in Red ❰Reading❯ ➷ Written in Red Author Anne Bishop – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk As a cassandra sangue or blood prophet Meg Corbyn can see the future when her skin is cut—a gift that feels like a curse Meg’s Controller keeps her enslaved so he can have full access to her visio As a cassandra sangue or blood prophet Meg Corbyn can see the future when her skin is cut—a gift that feels like a curse Meg’s Controller keeps her enslaved so he can have full access to her visions But when she escapes the only safe place Meg can hide is at the Lakeside Courtyard—a business district operated by the Others Shape shifter Simon Wolfgard is reluctant to hire the stranger who inuires about the Human Liaison job First he senses Written in Kindle - she’s keeping a secret and second she doesn’t smell like human prey Yet a stronger instinct propels him to give Meg the job And when he learns the truth about Meg and that she’s wanted by the government he’ll have to decide if she’s worth the fight between humans and the Others that will surely follow.

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  1. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    45 stars It takes a lot to interest me in starting an adult urban fantasy series these days so I was a bit hesitant when Written in Red landed on my doorstep This turned out to be a happy surprise however because it ended up being a fantastic readMeg Corbyn is on the run As a cassandra sangue or blood prophet she is able to see the future when cuts are made on her skin This is a painful process in many ways and she's desperate to free herself from those who have been profiting from her gift her whole life She soon encounters Simon Wolfgard a snarly suspicious shapeshifter who takes her under his wing despite his better judgmentWhat I loved I liked Meg as a protagonist and her attempts to fit into her new surroundings were well written particularly the subplot involving Simon's panicked endearing nephew Sam The secondary character are distinct and memorable particularly the reticent Tess who just might be than she appears Simon is fiercely protective of those he holds dear And there are short but thrilling action scenes with spectacularly awesome deaths I admit to being a little bloodthirsty but really I was wriggling on the edge of my seat as I was reading some of those scenesThis book also has one of the most interesting depictions of werewolf culture that I've ever read The way they interact with each other the hierarchy the thought patterns and behavior impulses all these were well thought out and integrated into the story and were both a little scary and endearing in turn These shifters are primed for action and much in touch with their animal side than their human one You want us to save any meat for you? Blair askedHe wasn't human Would never be human I want the heart I'll come by for it laterWhen Meg was asleep But these wolves also aren't above some creature comforts now and then and can also be coaxed with cookies D A few things that could have been a little better the villains could have been complex The strutting on the make Asia Crane appears often and yet she's of an annoyance than a real threat After such a long build up the climax might've been drawn out Meg's blood prophecies are pretty cool so I would have enjoyed seeing of that And that cover oh sweet mercy that cover should be so much strongerI enjoyed this book so much however that those things didn't even matter in the end when there's great world building humorous dialogue and genuinely touching moments here and there I also liked that the book didn't fall into predictable PNRUF patterns of relationship behavior between Meg and Simon even though there's clearly an attraction The way they get to know each other happens gradually and it's going to be so interesting to see where their story goes in the next installmentAll in all a strong start to a great series If you're a YA reader who would like to try adult crossover titles this might work for you as long as you know it's not written in a wham bam instant gratification kind of way And if you're an urban fantasy fan you have to check this out I loved it I hope you will too This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher

  2. Mary Mary says:

    Real rating 25Let me start this bad boy off by saying that I wanted to love this book I bought it a while ago when searching for new fantasy and everyone across the board said it was lovely and I mean really who can deny a book called Written in Red?And the book and I started out pretty well The world building was good the characters I could get behind and the writing is solid and at times lovely Then it went south pretty fast Have you ever liked something until you noticed a flaw? It's like that one scene in The Two Towers with Pippin He has his hands bound then two minutes later for no reason he has his hands unbound It's a great scene but now I can't watch that scene without noticing that and thinking that maybe the film editors just decided 'Fuck all' that day It makes me cringe because it's a flaw in an otherwise great series I noticed the flaws about 40% in this book Through no fault of the book's own really My hubby and I were walking to a basketball game Our Arizona Wildcats are doing really well and were talking about books and what we were reading He's in a RA Salvatore book and I was 40% in this book Naturally his uestion was 'What's it about?'Me It's about a girl who can cut herself and see the future and she ends up with this group of shifters called 'Others'Hubby Really? That's their name? Others?Me Yeah well I mean they're other than human So the girl was pretty much being held captive and then she escaped into the group of Others and is hiding there Her skin is pretty legit expensive because she can see the future Hubby So what's happening with the Others then? He's still snickering about the nameMe Well she got a job delivering mail and is delivering mail There's people after her too Hubby Have they shown up?Me No well they're talked about But the Others are protecting the chick Meg and no one messes with the Others Hubby Why are the protecting Meg?Me They like her becauseumshe delivers the mail Hubby confused faceAnd that's when I started to realize that everyone loved Meg for no apparent reason and there was no plot happening It was all Meg delivering mail I think I had realized that Meg was loved beforehand for no reason but I was willing to push it aside because things were going to happen Well for 90% of this book I can safely say that most of this book is people falling in love with Meg for no apparent reason and her delivering mail I mean I really really really hate throwing the word Mary Sue around butI'm going to have to right now Because seriously Werewolf that dislikes humans? Loves Meg Vampire that dislikes EVERYONE? Loves Meg Werewolf that will not come out of a cage for any reason even kin? Well he's gotta get out of that cage for Meg By the last 10% you know when we should be getting to the climax we FINALLY get to see some plot in action And it's boring It's predictable I mean was anyone shocked by what Tess was? Anyone shocked at Asia? At the stupid henchmen? At what the Others could do? At the realization for the poison? I wasn't Also this is supposed to be a series yeah? So what happens when you make one species SUPREMELY overmatched for the other? The reasoning for keeping humans we invent shit yo is asinine because the Others don't even LIKE those thingsWhile I liked the writing and the book had me engaged until about halfway through I had to wait too long for action and by the end I had no fuck to give Meg is just a ridiculously special snowflake Mary Sue and I cannot handle it

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Re read on audio 2017MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListI just found another favorite series Happy DanceThere will be spoilers I must talk Meg has escaped from her controller She is a cassandra sangue which is a Blood Prophet They cut themselves and can tell prophecies by doing this so of course evil people want to keep them in a prison Meg finds sanctuary with The Others at the Lakeside Courtyard this is where the Others live and run businesses They had a help wanted sign for a Human Liasion job This would involve accepting mail deliveries from humans and sorting the mail like any postal person but putting them in the proper pony sleigh that would come to get the mail She would also make deliveries to some of the places that other humans didn't go andor messed up and were eaten Yeah in this job if you mess up you can be eatenSimon Wolfgard is the leader of the community and he is a werewolf But there are so many creatures living there that I love and am so excited to have read about They are all referred to as terra indigene There are vampires elementals owls hawks crows ponies and the list goes on Meg uickly befriends a lot of the terra indigene Some it takes a bit but most take to her uite well Simon Henry and Vlad are stunned that she made friends with Grandfather Erebus and Winter the elemental Meg makes friends with the ponies that come around to pick up the mail by giving them treats These ponies are also awesome when they are in their real form as magnificent ponies of different weather elements like Thunder Lightening Hurricane along those lines no those are really their names and they can bring those things down on you The Elementals actually ride them as well since they are so connected I fell in love with so many of the Others like I said before I love Simon even though he is cranky a lot of the time Then there is Henry who is a spirit guide and also a grizzly when the time fits Henry is so sweet well unless he is needed in taking something out Vlad is another important Other that helps run some of the businesses He's a vampire and he's very nice They have all of these shops and of course my favorite is the bookstore that the wolves run There are a few other humans besides Meg that work with the Others in the shops that I like a lot too And then we have Nyx another vampire and Tess she is someone you don't want to mess with even all of the Others are afraid of her and the elementals Henry does find out at the end what Tess is and so do I but I'm not telling you but she is to be the most feared is all I can say The crows are hilarious always talking about shiny things and coming over to aggravate Meg buy messing with her office supplies The Crows hawks and owls are always on guard around the complex Oh yeah and this new policeman comes around saying he will help them in any way he can his name is Monty and he is good people Since he's good people they didn't ever eat him although Vlad had a little taste I guess just to scare of the crap out of him He only had to shake his hand to get the blood so simple these vamps are Anyway one day in the beginning when Meg is starting out in the job I mentioned that she delivers some mail She decided she would go on over to the vamps place because they had a ton of mail that no one would ever deliver to them Meg was a little freaked out because they were all crowded around the fence as smoke watching her Then grandfather Erebus invites her in the gate to deliver his movies and makes sure they all know to never hurt Meg It was so sweet So no matter what Meg has the vamps on her side and they will fight anyone to the death for her Then as she's coming back around she sees a girl skating on the pond and stops to talk to her They talk about library books and Meg says she will bring some to her It was a nice little chat and then Meg was on her way Meg had no idea she had met Winter the elemental that people just don't talk to like that When Simon and the crew find out like I said earlier they are like you know the crickets thing LolSuddenly Simon has to go away because there is some trouble happening somewhere else and he needs to try to help figure out what is going on He tells Meg she is going to have to watch out for Sam Sweet little Sam his mom was killed by humans when they were out of the compound one night and he saw it Sam has been scarred and won't change back into human form and will only stay in a cage and out to use the bathroom when he is dragged by Simon But our dear Meg gets Sam to come out by putting a buddy harness on him and connecting it to her He seems to like this and goes outside and has fun The wolves do not like this because they see it as being a prisoner but Vlad and Henry watch over them and Sam even starts going to work with Meg Now there is this btch that keeps coming around and her name is Asia she tried to get the job Meg has and Simon told her no and so she tries to be friends with Meg She is evil and up to no good and I'm telling you now that I'm glad at the end when this little war goes down that Asia was taken care of by Tess Oh the glory You DO NOT mess with Tess she gets angry and wants you dead you are dead PERIOD She is friends with Meg too I love Meg she is a great person Then while Simon is away his maker yells at Meg and takes Sam away says he wants her dead for putting Sam on a harness and leash and he hurts her arm and makes her puke from fright This doesn't sit well with vamps and they give a warning that if Meg is touched again there will be war from the vamps Well after all of this fighting and Simon gets back that very night he gets real with his maker and tells him to never touch Meg again and he has to calm things down with the other Others Then all of the sudden Sam is in human form talking and upset about Meg and they are stunned just stunned Meg got him to come out of his shell and his fur so to speak It's all really sweet Well Meg starts having these bad feelings and has Tess come over so she can cut herself to get the prophecy yeah that all sucks She gets one and there is an uproar about the cutting and about what she saw but she saved lives and now she has the elementals on her side Lets just say everyone is on Meg's side after the prophecies the kindness and the Sam thing There does end up being a war with the humans that want Meg back and they want Sam too People die a few Others die but it all works out in the end Meg saw this was going to happen and not one of those jerks made it out alive They even got a doctor that wanted to provide an office at the compound to help any humans when Meg got hurt in the war and they had to take her to the human hospital Now none of this is over there is a lot of other stuff going on and the controller will always be after Meg too but that is to be continued in the other books Yay I'm so happy to have found another new favorite series I know it's just the first book but I can tell It's one of THOSE kind Oh let me add a few excerpts before I close EXCERPTS Vlad sighed How had Simon endured this silence from a pup he loved?He got out of the BOW carrying Sam so he wouldn't have to dry off the pup After setting him on the floor in the back room and watching while Sam rushed into the sorting room to find Meg he took the sacks and towel out of the BOW and carried them inside Moving silently he entered the sorting room Sam was sniffing on corner of the room now oblivious to everything except the scent he'd found Opening the Private door all the way he looked at the tableau and thought A Crow A prophet and a vampire walk into the office •••••• Do you like movies little Wolf?Meg jumped and let out a sueak Sam responded by making puppy growls and snarls which would have sounded impressive if he hadn't leaped behind her and then poked his head between her knees to voice those opinions She looked at the old man standing at the gate smiling gently at her Mr ErebusI didn't mean to startle youI know I just didn't see you She glanced at his mausoleum The door was open but there were no footprints marring the fresh snow on the walk She had gotten so used to seeing smoke drift over the snow she hadn't even noticed it this time Erebus didn't comment He just stood there smiling gently Sam does like movies Meg said to fill the silence She closed the full delivery boxes then went back to the BOW for another group of packages But I don't think he watches the same kind of movies that you doI like many kinds of movies Erebus replied looking at Sam Have you seen the movies called cartoons? I especially enjoy the ones where the animals or people do the most foolish things and still survive •••••• You stirred things up here he finally said Why?I'm not the one who You've angered the Sanguinati and that's not going to help us right nowYou don't know what's been going on here' Elliot snapped what that monkey fuck female has doneShe's not a monkey fuck and she is not prey Simon said his voice a low threatening rumble She is MegYou don't know what she's doneShe gets mail and deliveries to the complexes on a regular basis She has a routine with the deliverymen so we get the merchandise we bought And she got Sam out of the damn cageShe put a him on a leash Simon On a leashIt's not a leash a young scratchy voice shouted Of tried to shout It's a safety line Adventure buddies use a safety line so they can help each otherElliot stared frozen Simon turned barely breathing ••••• Around midmorning she got tangled in a bizarre game of tug between Nathan and Jake She didn't know which of them had brought in the length of rope as a toy but the Wolf still lying on the bed had his teeth in one end of it and the Crow had his feet clenched around the other and was madly flapping his wings Her mistake was thinking she could break up the game by grabbing the rope right in front of Jake's feet Suddenly Nathan was on his feet wagging his tail while he growled at her and Jake's caws sounded suspiciously gleeful Because the floor was a little snow slick and her shoes didn't have enough traction she was pulled from one end of the room to the other and couldn't figure out how to let go of the rope without falling on her butt •••••There are so many excerpts I would have loved to have added but I figured I should only add a few If you were ever planning on reading the book I would suggest that you do it it's awesome

  4. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    I almost gave this sucker a five starMeg Corbyn escapes her controller who uses her abilities as a blood prophet aka cassandra sangue to his gain when her skin is cut she has prophesies He had kept her completely sheltered from the world so when she wants a job with the Others she has a whole lot to learn about them and other humans She is almost child like in her outlook of the worldThen the Othersthis is world building frigging extraordinaire Look I used a big word The Others co exist with humans Well partially there is no sparkly ass vampires in this world No to the werewolves that you wanna bang These wolves are the big bad typenot the pissy little boy ones Well I might want to bang themThese creatures don't mind eating you Steal from them? They will eat your hand off These are creatures done right Plus they have some other interesting individuals living among them Elementals that control the weather and you DO NOT want to piss off and Tess In this book you get a taste of Tess but you never really get the whole gist of what she is The vamps and wolves are scared of her that's enough to make me want to be herThen get this There is no romance No Mary Sue This book is just pure storyThis book doesn't move very fast at first slowly building up to an ending that had me turning pages so fast my eyes couldn't keep up I'm so glad I have the next in the series ready to read I would have to say the only thing that bugged me was the made up names for the days of the week but it wasn't distracting enough that I didn't love this book

  5. Anne Anne says:

    45 starsWow Ok looking at the ratings and reviews this is very much a love it or hate it kind of book As in some of my friends hated it so much they couldn't even finish Me on the other hand?Ohmygod I haven't guzzled a book down this fast in a long time I've already ordered the next one from my library and I'm looking forward to it than I have anything in recent memoryBUT As a fair warning I would encourage anyone thinking of buying this one to look at some of the other reviewsSome of my friends complained that there was too much extraneous detail about Meg's everyday life schedule etc and that it wore on them uite a bit Now normally too much of any sort of words or details that don't move the plot forward will kill a story for meI'm extremely action oriented when it comes to books but for some reason I didn't notice this particular complaintWhich leads me to believe that it will come down to each person's individual experience with this one because the opinions are varying wildlyAnother complaint was that Meg was a miluetoast but I really liked her And SimonI loved that the Others weren't nice That they weren't just humans under their monster skin Shit They were scary as fuckAndI don't know This story just GRABBED me by the ballsIt's set in our time and everything is recognizable but it's an alternate earth where monsters live among the humans They're the alpha predators and we know it And the truce between the humans and the Others is precarious at bestMeg is a human sorta who ends up running to a compoundcity run by Others in order to escape her situation in life And she ends up turning everyone and everything on its ear in the processI don't want to say anything else but if you're interested in a new urban fantasy series I personally think this one is really fantasticCheers

  6. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    I know I know but the details guysAll The Fucking DETAILS They destroyed meHow do people deal with this? Getting to the outside door to open it was a problem because she couldn't figure out how the short left end of the counter opened to let someone into the main part of the room So she got the stool from the sorting room and used it to climb over the counter She turned the simple lock to the open position and then realized the simple lock was augmented by a heavy duty dead bolt that reuired a key which might not be on the key ring she'd left in the sorting room 1 MY EYES2 The POINT? Have you heard about the POINT? The point is important NO the point is ESSENTIAL Stop forgetting the point Or I'll BITEAnd be assured that I don't need to be a werewolf to do it I just can't do this okay? I don't need to know every fucking detail and if the character wants to pee and where the bathroom is and Oh my GOSH OH And the curriculum of the characters discreetly incorporated? snortsTHEY DROVE ME NUTS Like THANK YOU for these entire paragraphs of infodump Asia WOOT I'm so interested Not This is so very long and tedious 150 pages in and I can't be bothered to read another one Aw hell I think Anne Bishop is not for me Moving on For of my reviews please visit

  7. carol. carol. says:

    Remember how I said Half Off Ragnarok was like sugary breakfast cereal? This is sheer milk chocolate candy addictiveness–the MM kind–where you think “sure I’ll have a couple” and then it’s a couple and then just a few and suddenly the bag is half gone Written in Red is melt in your mouth goodness targeted suarely at the urban fantasy paranormal fan whose appeal is intensified by a couple of surprising features It was so very readable going down exactly like those MMs; before I knew it it was 3 am and I was almost done Kudos Bishop kudosA brief prologue orients the reader to the history of the Others the indigenous spirits of the world and of humans At creation humans were given isolation to learn and grow but as they spread throughout the world they encountered the Others Humans and Others skirmished with humans largely on the losing side as the Others control natural resources Currently they have forged an uneasy peace with the Others maintaining compounds in some larger human towns and cities much like diplomatic enclaves The first chapter starts in the city of Lakeland with Meg on the run during a snowy night She sees a sign at the Other compound reuesting applications for a human liaison and realizes this could mean freedom from her prior life as human law doesn’t apply in Other territory Samuel dominant wolf and leader of the compound is vaguely troubled by Meg but gives her the job–after all they could always eat her uickly installed in the Liaison’s apartment Meg soon begins learning about the Othersas well as herself Interwoven with Meg’s story the narrative also follows Asia a human woman scheming to learn about Samuel and the Others; and Lt Montgomery a recently transferred police officer who takes on the role of ambassador for the department with the OthersThe creation of a supernaturalmystical creature dominant world is one of the most interesting aspects of Bishop’s world building I found myself fascinated by the idea of an alternate history universe where we have many of the same things cars sneakers bagels chick flicks the same rough geographic layout the Atlantik Ocean the Great Lakes but with the threat of the Others looming in the everyday background For instance it isn’t long before Monty learns that the the legend of the Drowned City is actually true–a human uprising in the area was punished by a massive floodCharacterization was acceptable if rather standard for the genre Because of Meg’s ability to make predictions through cutting herself she had a heavily circumscribed upbringing that prevented exposure to the outside world Thus we have the standard naive young woman who possesses ‘book’ knowledge without ‘street’ knowledge with a highly valuable magical skill set Bishop’s choice to use blood prophecy was inspired particularly as ‘cutting’ is a taboo real world issue Meg does develop as she struggles with agency particularly as she starts to understand about her own abilities Likewise the elemental spirits were well conceptualized with a sense of indifference to conseuences and a selfish focus on their own interests Tess was one of my favorites of the Others with her moody hair and mysterious identity However Samuel mostly seemed angry and conflicted and rarely gave the sense of a confident focused personality that one might expect as leader of a large dynamic group Likewise while the vampires initially gave a feel of spine chilling fearfulness any efforts in that direction were completely undermined when one of them asked Meg is it was “that time of the month?” Truly by the end they did seem a little like television vampires perhaps because of their own obsession watching it The two other narrative viewpoints of Monty and Asia were also very straightforward The police officer might as well have been called Trueheart and Asia was a one note scheming narcissistActually what has been perplexing me is that in the wrong mood I might have easily hated this book The language is relatively unsophisticated and dialogue focused The plot turned out to be predictable–my tension reading was out of concern that Bishop as a writer new to me might come up with unpleasant surprises but there weren’t any I could probably make a couple of educated guesses at the next book as well There’s also the larger issue of Samuel’s tendency towards violence anger and possessiveness I think he comes off as combative narcissist than ‘wolf’ and disturbed human than ‘Other’ no matter how many times he mentions the need to be in his “other skin” Gender identity and sexuality are all very straight literally with Meg and Tess the only unknowns in the story Plotwise Bishop is clearly setting up the beginnings of a romance but not until Meg learns her own dominance And Meg is one marvelous Speshul Snowflake To meet her is to love her apparently For a lot of reasons this could have gone the other wayBut the marvel was it didn’t I devoured the book in one sitting expected plot Speshul Snowflakes anger issues and all I can only conclude that Bishop is meeting my genre expectations so well with that flair of intriguing difference that it was irresistible In fact when I finished I was seriously spent a couple of minutes debating whether I should download the next book on Kindle and keep reading It was only discovering that only the first and second books are out with book three not expected until March 2015 and four and five in the works that kept me from an all night reading binge So I re read this one insteadHook me up and pass the MMs please Re read October 30 2015 Additional thoughts maybe part of the appeal is that it fails to hit my annoyance buttons Meg has agency imperfectly realized She is kind a uality I value and in my old age She also generally fails to display TSTL traits Simon while over aggressive is at least consistent within his speciesracewhatever and shows a great deal of internal conflict And as cheesy as it sounds the themes of the book are tolerance and friendshipRe read April 2016 Why? Because it's distracting entertaining and delicious and I've been feeling cruddy

  8. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    If you are like me you have read a gazillion UF books with the same old same old ShifterVampireWerewolf characterization They are all super hot and slightly aggressive than the average alpha male but basically they are humans that just happen to have a special diet OR can turn furry NOPE NOPE NOPEthis is not that storyIn this world the creatures that have both a human form and an animal form are not to ever be thought of as human They might be able to mimic being human to a certain extent but they do not understand most human things and while a few humans might be useful they think of most of them as Meat Yes you heard me right human are generally dinner in this book and than one is eaten I’m pretty sure they all deserved itpretty sure “Enjoy your evening”“That will depend on the menu If it’s beef it will be a tolerable meal If it’s chicken ” Elliot shuddered “What is the point of chicken?” “Eggs?” This was one of those books that I really had a difficult time putting down Once I was wrapped up in the Otherness of the word with Elemental Avatars walking about various animalhuman other combinations and Meg we will get to her in a second I was completely wrapped up and couldn’t set the book downIt all starts with Meg coming to ask Simon for the Liaison job for the Others in the middle of a snow storm He is confused by her because she is human but doesn’t smell like prey and he knows she is running from something but he can’t tell what Meg’s history and what she can do is fascinating to say the least She is a Blood Prophet which means when she cuts her skin she sees prophecies of the future for who or what she is focused on This also means that whoever she ran away from want her back desperatelyA small warning Meg cuts herself This is integral to the story and the plot it doesn’t make cutting seem like an okay thing but I could see why some would be sensitive to this Meg becomes part of the Other’s community and slowly but surely she finds her place in it It is still a struggle most of the time she doesn’t understand their reactions to her and she definitely has no clue why they react in certain ways But we get to learn about the Others with Meg and honestly that is what really made most of this story for me Wolves were big and scary and so fluffy how could anyone resist hugging one just to feel all that fur? “Ignore the fluffy” she muttered “Remember the part about big and scary” For all you romantics out there like me there is a very small hint that eventually there could be a romance between Meg and one of the wolves But if that is happening I think it will take awhile and be a slow burn Still it was just enough that it satisfied the need I usually have for romance in my books He watched her listened to her and knew she was truly asleep He kissed her forehead and found the act pleasing for its own sake And he admitted as he licked his lips it was enjoyable for other reasons Meg wasn’t bitable but he really did like the taste of her So if you are tired of the same old werewolf vampire story that usually involves a love triangle then this could be for you I enjoyed the plot the set up of the world and some of the main characters and just how unusual and different this story was Completely unconventional and totally enchanting I can’t wait to start the next book

  9. Simona B Simona B says:

    Buddy read with my wonderful friend Nina Let's do this DOf course if Meg had taken shelter somewhere else instead of stumbling along until she came to the Courtyard she might not have found them and he might never have known her So maybe Namid was wise to make human females do foolish thingsNotice to mariners I'm still trying to collect myself Thus I'm not in the position to guarantee that the following review will contain than incomprehensible gibberish I apologise in advanceI won't say that Written in Red was a surprise for me I already knew I was likely to appreciate it thanks to some reviews I had read and above all thanks to a couple of friends of mine who claimed this series was a hidden jewel of the urban fantasy world So no I'm not surprised that the uality of this book is so high; but for sure I am astonished by how much I enjoyed loved and adored itIf you have already read some of my reviews you must know I never provide a short summary of the plot not even the slightest description of what the book is about before writing down my opinions Very probably than a few details emerge just the same given how specific I tend to be when analyzing the different element of the book but that's all You will almost never find in my reviews a sentence like This book tells about Even so you won't find it in this one I knew literally nothing about the plot when I started reading Written in Red except that there were werewolves and vampires and I strongly feel this played a part in my overall enjoyment which as you may have guessed was very very high“It was easier when all we wanted to do was eat them and take their stuff” he grumbledAnd it had been easier when he hadn’t cared if he made any of them cry”• The plot is one of the thing which please me the most It is well structured solid not too fast paced nor the opposite It is exactly the kind of plot a first book in a series needs action is not neglected but at the same time the readers have time to get acuainted to the world and the characters totally at their leisure and without a bit of boredomMoreover this is one of those plots which are not composed of a single narrative thread what I like to call 'multiplots' And the thing about these category of plots that makes me fall head over heels is that at the end in those hectic moments of the final battle or anyway in that which is the climax of the whole story it turns out that all these separate storylines converge into one You already know they are meant to of course but every single time I think of it as a little narrative miracle It's so satisfying And it's not as wasy as it may seem to 'reduce' the intricacy of such a big multiplot in just one key moment• The world building fabulous I do not have any other word I loved its richness its impeccably neat complexity and can only admire and worship Anne Bishop for the coherence the attention and the work she put in shaping it A plus• The writing is maybe the very first thing that made my heart beat for this book Anne Bishop uses the third person which she surely knows how to employ and thus had me sold completely after only one page I'll always chose the third person narrative over the first person Besides she has such an enticing way to write with her full and well turned sentences and rich descriptions She is always precise about what the characters do and how and this gives her writing a sort of concrete material uality that I cannot explain Her style gives the world she lays down for us a texture and a consistency that made it easy for me to attune to the story itself Anne Bishops writes as if she is shaping something material Her writing is a sculpture• The characters oh good god The blessed charactersIf you love books that feature a respectable but not so much cast of characters each one uniue and adorable and that's the case to add downright scary in his own way then Written in Red is your book A prophet Wolves big and scary and so fluffy Sanguinati what did you say? Vampires? Oh please only meat humans Only humans call them vampires a girl who's probably Medusa's daughter or anyway a close relative of hers Crows really a lot of them Howls a Bear a Coyote a couple of mice that will be uickly eaten And I've surely forgotten someoneBesides did I mention that one of the Wolves is a pup? His name is Sam and I swear on my heart you've never met anyone pretty and cuddly than himAnd did I mention another one of the Wolves is Simon Wolfgard? Like SIMON WOLFGARDHe made me melt in a thousand ways

  10. thefourthvine thefourthvine says:

    Okay first a warning if you ever engaged in self harm if you have ever been tempted to engage in self harm don't read this book Don't go near this book Don't even finish this review You'd be better off reading Moby Dick backwards while dangling upside down by a toeActually everyone would be better off reading Moby Dick backwards while dangling upside down by a toe This isn't just a bad book it's an actively awful one on virtually every level I finished this book so mad I came back to GR for the first time in years to write this review And then I stared at the blank box for weeks wondering how to encapsulate all that was terrible about this book in one review My conclusion I can't So let's just hit the lowlights discussed here in no particular order because you can't really rank disasters of this magnitude Hero ConfusionThis book has no idea who its heroes are The nominal good guys the ones the narrative wants us to root for are the good earth natives supernatural entities of many varieties werewolves vampires elementals etc Now The earth natives have powers that far overwhelm any human's abilities A single earth native of the weakest variety can kill many humans The most powerful varieties could kill every human on a continent without much effort and they have no weaknesses at all Because might exclusively makes right in this world yeah we'll get to that the earth natives own everything in the Americas And most things everywhere else as far as I could tell but the worldbuilding we'll get to that too is super shaky so I'm not sure The earth natives control resources transportation food water everything And they can take any of that away from the humans any time they want to They can also of course just kill them Just sometimes it's fun to make them eat their loved ones first This is textbook oppression The most powerful control everything and will kill you or take away what you need to live at the slightest hint of dissent And we're expected by this book to actively root for the oppressors to continue to dominate and oppress I couldn't manage itOh and I mentioned that there are good and bad earth natives according to the narrative What separates them? The good ones only kill and hurt some humans The bad ones want to kill all the humans When the good ones get angry they only kill or hurt the people who pissed them off plus a random selection of other humans who had nothing to do with it When the bad ones get angry they kill every human in a town or larger area That'slike it's an improvement not to kill everyone sure but It doesn't make you good It doesn't make you acceptable I'm not going to like you just because you hurt innocent people less This Book Hates WomenWOW does this book hate women The hatred oozes from every page It's not just that Bishop relies on the same tired old misogynistic tropes the Evil Ex Who Has No Redeeming Features and Cruelly Manipulates a Man the Terrible Woman Who Uses Her Body or Her Looks for Personal Gain and Thus Must Die Horribly and of course that wonderful standby the Only Good Woman Is a Victim It's not even mostly thatIt's that Bishop has structured this world based on the following principles1 Might and only might makes right 2 Humans are weak3 Women even when powerful are weak So you get a ruling class made up of earth natives and who rules the earth natives? The dudes The female earth natives may have phenomenal cosmic powers and many of them do but they don't make decisions They serve They cook They clean They care for children They admire shiny objects And that is all they get to do And the human women being in two despised classes human and female get even less The main female character Meg is a classic Good Woman Victim having been raised in captivity abuse and total isolation and yet somehow she's able to function in society; sadly I'm not going to have room here to cover the unrealistic pile of damaging crap that is this book's approach to trauma with her actual life starting at the beginning of the book She finds work as a clerk and gets adopted by the earth natives because she's well nice to them? I guess? And also does her job better than her predecessors? It's never made clear But her weakness is emphasized again and again from her inability to get over a countertop played for laughs to her inability to make choices for her own body repeatedly taken from her by many characters to her helplessness and need for protection She's the classic heroine who does not do but is done to Her main ability is to hurt herself No seriously that's her gift she cuts herself so she can issue prophecies It's frustrating as hellThe male main character meanwhile is everything you ever hated about the dominant male werewolf stereotype multiplied by ten with a heaping helping of oppression thrown in The only really interesting character is Asia a woman who attempts to do things for herself investigate learn stuff except she's the buffoon bad guy depicted as an over the top scheming moustache twirling villain who should burn burn burn for her crimes ofusing what she has to attempt to get ahead in this oppressive society that limits her choices Spoiler she's killed horribly As is the inevitable fate in Bishop's world of women who do stuff and make choicesThe Worldbuilding Is a Disaster A Racist Racist DisasterOkay so Native Americans You remember them right? Well theydon't exist in this book They never existed as far as I can tell And they aren't just erased either No They are explicitly turned into monsters The little legend at the front of the book describes the European colonists arriving in the New World and trading baubles and cloth for land rights Um That actually happened except it was to actual people who were then horribly abused and killed But no here they were all powerful monsters The heroes were the brave noble outmatched colonizers Yup This story attempts to reclaim the colonizers as heroes myth while apparently turning Native Americans into non human monsters I'll give you a second to settle your stomachBut once you've swallowed that giant choke inducing rotten pill you have to swallow a whole bunch tiny crap flavored ones Bishop has no explanation for anything in this book Why did human society develop along such similar lines with similar governmental systems for example when everything is so different? The earth natives were always there The human government has been a sham from the start Why would it look like ours? Why would the police system look like ours? Why would the entertainment industry be like ours? Why are the same inventions present when access to raw materials is tightly controlled by the earth natives and there are far far fewer humans? Innovation should be stunted but I guess it isn't WHY? I could sit here all night coming up with these uestions None of them is ever answered or answerable in a way that makes logical sense TL;DRIf you can ignore the misogyny the racism the utter senselessness the hero confusion and the other flaws of this book it's a page turning id romp If you read it with your brain turned on for even a single second the whole house of cards will collapse and you'll be left with absolute seething fury At this book at this author at the people who published it at the place that sold it to you at the paper it's printed on Read something else Almost anything else Read Ilona Andrews' Burn for Me and discover what urban fantasy looks like when it doesn't hate women Read The Martian and discover what page turners are like when they don't leave you feeling dirty Or read this In which case I wish you strength You'll need it

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