Paperback ¾ Against Euality ePUB å

Paperback ¾ Against Euality ePUB å

Against Euality ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Against Euality By Ryan Conrad ✼ – In the third and final installation of its trilogy Against Euality once again demonstrates that another ueer and radical world is possible The essays in this volume take a critical stance against the In the third and final installation of its trilogy Against Euality once again demonstrates that another ueer and radical world is possible The essays in this volume take a critical stance against the prison industrial complex and the system of ineuality and violence perpetuated by hate crimes legislation formally passed in the United States in as the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention ActPrisons Will Not Protect You a compilation of archived work is located at the difficult and traumatic point where the violence of the state against ueer and LGBT people colludes with the violence we are always trying to escape The pieces here uestion the gay community's fealty to the prison industrial complex arguing that hate crimes legislation which enhances penalties and can even be used to bring in the death penalty only serves to funnel massive numbers of people into prisons with increasing lengths of time served and the use of tortuous methods like solitary confinement This has significant racial and economic implications in a country that houses five percent of the world's population but nearly a uarter of the world's prisoners and where prisons have become for many impoverished area and people the only source of livelihoodWith an introduction by Dean Spade and work by contributors Liliana Segura the Sylvia Rivera Law Project Jason Lydon Jack Aponte S├ębastien Barraud Imani Keith Henry James D'Entremont Yasmin Nair Erica Meiners Liam Michaud Josh Pavan Bridget Simpson Prisons Will Not Protect You introduces the history of hate crimes legislation and its part in the expansion of the prison industrial complex It also examines specific cases like that of the New Jersey Four and Texas Four demonstrating the vulnerability of raced and gendered bodies within the labyrinthine and mundane realities of the law Prisons Will Not Protect You exposes the deadly links between state sponsored violence homophobia and the criminal punishment system.

About the Author: Ryan Conrad

Ryan Conrad is a postdoctoral fellow in Film Studies at York University where he is currently working on a book entitled 'Radical VIHsion Canadian AIDS Film Video' Conrad completed his PhD in the Interdisciplinary Humanities program offered through the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University where he has also been a part time faculty member in the I.

10 thoughts on “Against Euality

  1. Possum Paderau Possum Paderau says:

    This review is a WIP I have a lot of thoughts about this book that I'm going to work on organizing whenever possibleI was very torn on what rating to give this book and how I should review it On the one hand the book offered a lot of insights that I had never previously considered and also gave me a lot of empirical data to digest This book definitely convinced me that prisons aren't an effective means of managing conflict or reconciling harm committed against people Further the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our society also tend to be those most deeply affected by prisonsWith that in mind I had several issues with the book The first two are trifles compared to the others1 Many of these essays did not name their sources Without knowing what sources were used I cannot verify the veracity of the claims that were made and I cannot make a decision whether or not to trust those claims based on the credibility not credentials necessarily of the source of these claims 2 This book is poorly edited There were multiple grammatical and spelling errors3 I'm not sure why the article titled The Devil in Gay Inc How the Gay Establishment Ignored a Sex Panic Fueled by Homophobia was included The premise of the article was nearly identical to the one that followed except this one contained explicit descriptions of the accusations without warning readers The author clearly doesn't care how actual victims of pedophilia like myself might respond to graphic descriptions TW pedophilia sexual assaultof a woman forcing a child to lick peanut butter off of her cervix It's very clear that the author included these descriptions to shock and horrify his readers as if we're all as sheltered and wealthy as he is and need to be woken up to these realities I sat in a court and described in graphic detail how I was raped I do NOT need to be woken up I'm already awake I've lived this and I don't need a bougie white man telling me how it is My suffering is not a rhetorical device

  2. Krystal Marlein Krystal Marlein says:

    This was a very interesting and educational book to read Every essay is different It makes you think and opens the readers eyes to the hate and discrimination that goes on in our world I won this book as a good reads first reads winner

  3. Devin Devin says:

    The third incredible volume from Against Euality focused on prison abolition through the words of many Black and Brown people ueertrans people and a intersectional fusion of many oppressed persons One aspect of ueertrans studies I didn't study in college was the rise of hate crime legislation and its utter uselessness in terms of actually protecting ueertrans people Therefore I had never really made the connection between hate crime and the expansion of the prison industrial complex from the side of liberalism as opposed to the conservative side But it makes a lot of sense I really enjoyed the focus on that in here

  4. Stephanie Schroeder Stephanie Schroeder says:

    This book provides a cohesive enlightening and enlightened perspective on hate crimes legislation and prosecution that is unpopular everywhere but in and among especially Gay Inc Thank goodness for the Against Euality collective and its trilogy of important books and archives I'd give this final book in the series 4 or 5 stars except for the unwise inclusion of a badly written essay by John D'Entremont that while decrying the homosexual panic that fueled child sexual abuse allegations and convictions referred to one accuser as a schizophrenic and in another instance referred to another accuser asteroid addict I found it very offensive that in an essay ostensibly deconstructing multiple levels of violence against ueers poor people and people and communities of color the author chose to label and accuse folks in other communities and with other perceived disabilities and identities of not being credible based on unfounded grounds

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    A great introduction to why many ueer activists aren't in support of hate crimes legislation This book is a small collection of brief essays on the same topic so it can get repetitive but I think it's a good introduction if these ideas are newer to you and for all of us it's a great chance to survey some of the positions that various organizations and activists have taken in the last decade or so re hate crimes legislation and the role of mainstream gay rights organizations in perpetuating the prison industrial complexDean Spade's excellent and accessible intro is online and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in LGBT rights hate crimes legislation the criminal justice system and prisonincarceration

  6. Kathleen O& Kathleen O& says:

    This third volume of the Against Euality trio critiues the mainstream LGBT community's focus on hate crime legislation arguing that it does not solve the problems of violence and oppression facing LGBT people and in fact feeds the prison industrial complex While I found the arguments in this volume less compelling than those in the other two books in the series which is odd enough because I actually oppose hate crimes legislation and do not oppose same sex marriage or the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell which were the topics of the other two volumes in the series I still enjoyed reading this book

  7. Audrey Audrey says:

    This is a really uick read since it's a series of essays mostly blog posts I would have preferred analysis but this is a great introduction to prison abolition through a ueer lens specifically critiuing prison expansion and hate crime legislationPlanning to read Captive Genders soon; flipped through it briefly and there's much analysis and examples of ways to implement abolition

  8. Dee Dee says:

    Vital critiues of the prison industrial complex and hate crime laws written by fierce people

  9. Emma Emma says:

    Again so great And yet again Yasmin Nair nails it adding nuance and intrigue

  10. Lee Lee says:

    A terrific ueering of the prison abolition movement A must read for anyone doing work around race class sexual orientation gender identity or ability

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