نيران صديقة‎ MOBI Ð نيران Kindle

نيران صديقة‎ MOBI Ð نيران Kindle

 نيران صديقة‎ [PDF / Epub] ★ نيران صديقة‎ By Alaa Al Aswany – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk La revolución egipcia de 2011 cogió al mundo por sorpresa y obligó a revisar los análisis políticos y sociales erróneos ue desde hacía tiempo se habían hecho sobre Egipto Alaa Al Aswany uno de La revolución egipcia de cogió al mundo por sorpresa y obligó a revisar los análisis políticos y sociales erróneos ue desde hacía tiempo se habían hecho sobre Egipto Alaa Al Aswany uno de los novelistas más aclamados de Egipto nos ofrece una crónica viva de la نيران Kindle - sociedad egipcia en la ue analiza en profundidad todas las cuestiones más importantes ue llevaron al sorprendente derrocamiento de la dinastía de los Mubarak Crítico controvertido y directo Al Aswany aborda todos los interrogantes ue ahora surgen sobre Egipto ¿ué transformaciones de fondo han hecho caer el «muro del miedo» en Egipto ¿ué reforma política será capaz de devolver la libertad la dignidad y la justicia a los egipcios ¿ué papel jugarán los Hermanos Musulmanes en la nueva etapa ¿Cómo se puede recuperar un islam egipcio abierto y tolerante frente al extremismo wahabí En sus valientes artículos periodísticos y siempre bajo el lema la democracia es la solución el autor ha pedido insistentemente a su gobierno ue sirviera al pueblo y al pueblo ue exigiera sus derechos ¿Por ué los egipcios se rebelaron inesperadamente ¿Cuáles eran los problemas y contradicciones de la sociedad egipcia ue hicieron inevitable la revolución A través de un análisis enormemente sincero y esclarecedor tanto del potencial como de las limitaciones ue determinarán el futuro de Egipto Al Aswany nos desvela por ué la revolución ue sorprendió al mundo estaba destinada a producirse.

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  1. Dawn Bates Dawn Bates says:

    If you have been following the news recently you will have noticed the huge shift in power from the corrupt government to the people on the streets in both Tunisia and Egypt If you haven't then there is probably no point in you reading any further your head is probably too far up your own backside to ever come out If on the other hand you did see the news ; and you want to know what on earth happened to make all these protesters come out in such force and with such determination? then this book is a MUST READSome of you may have heard about the Yacoubian Building or Chicago also written by Alaa Al Aswany both great reads if you haven't read those either This man has a way with words a profound passion and a mind that inspires intrigues and interests you at every level If I was allowed one dinner guest Alaa Al Aswany would be at the top of my list I love this manCompiled from a series of articles that ran in Egyptian press how he wasn't arrested and detained as a political prisoner I have no idea but none the less these articles explain what has been happening in Egypt the dire state the country is in and the 'turn the other cheek' attitude that has allowed it to happenHe writes in a commanding way that to close the book without having finished an article leaves you wanting His common sense approach to life his intelligence and his moral way of thinking are skills to be admired and replicatedI have spent the last 15 years of my life learning about the politics in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East studying the people and the lives they lead I have come to my own conclusions over the years and have doubted until reading this book whether as a 'foreigner' I have understood the situations correctly Every last insight every opinion written in this book mirrored my own findings and feelings My frustrations with the government lack of leadership my passions and wants for each combined with my love of the Egyptian people are all in this bookSo in short if you wish to understand the politics of the revolution in Egypt and those in other countries this is the best place to start And Mr Al Aswany if you are free for dinner let me know

  2. Nourin Nourin says:

    My favorite chapter was noura and the national team very powerful broke my heart Loved this book learned a lot from it Alaa al aswany is an inspiration

  3. Fadillah Fadillah says:

    The revolution of Egypt occurred in 2011 and i was not well versed in it back then Most of my classmates studied in Egypt back then and has been vocally supporting the revolution My facebook wall filled with a huge support of Muslims Brotherhood posts and eager to see the candidate from the Islamic party to take over once Mubarak resigned I am not surprised either given the fact that most of them studied at AL Azhar University At that time however i was restrained to voice out my own opinion I always support the ideals of secular government ; away from ambiguity of religion standard and crystal clear implementation of good governance However i cant say this lightly I will be framed as infidel or someone who pushes Islam away and i have no strength to defend myself Here we are in 2016 which i am manage to dig and read to understand the Egypt revolution Mr Alaa writing it perfectly and even in its own simplicity one cant turn away from all the facts that he wrote and assembled it in his book Being an Egyptian himself he shared his devastation and sadness seeing his own country being harmed by despotism government and corrupt officers and politicians He lamented of what Egypt used to be and compared it to the current state of Egypt This is truly powerful and insightful book

  4. معتز عناني معتز عناني says:

    Revolt In Cairo On 21 October 1798Anne Louis Girodet A political book describing the miserable stage Egyptians were living in the five year before the 2011 revolution This book is aiming to highlight Egypt's social political that led to revolt thus the Western's can have a clear vision of Egypt's status and to reduce the vast gap between the West the Arab world It showed how the west treats Egypt ally Iran enemy differently torture democracy fraud election to serve the interests of Israel the regime used the Muslim brotherhood as the boogeyman to frighten western countries from democratic solutionsBook contents 1 Gamal Mubarak as a successive candidate2 Mubarak's health issue3 Fraud Elections4Brutal force5 Mr ElBaradei Dr Ahmed Zewil as an alternative solutions6Gaza paying the price to pass the succssion plans to please Israel 7 Boycotting fraud elections8 Superficial religions and Wahabism9 Pope Shenouda endorse that Gamal Mubarak inherit the presidency of Egypt10 Dictator solitude 11 Sultan's jurist and the phenomenon of new proselytizers 12 Sycophantic ministers in despotic regime uotes from the book 1 The floodgates of hatred have been opened wide2 A wave of hatred for Arabs Muslims is now sweeping the West3 Killing is easier when we dehumanize the victim4 The Egyptian regime has understood that the key to the West's heart is in Israel's hand5 Egypt has reached rock bottom in the full sense6 Revolution is not a slogan or a prior objective but a stage a society goes through at a certain moment when everything becomes liable to ignite7Egypt has enough talent intellectual power to save ten countries together 8But I do understand that someone who has already lost something cannot then give it away and someone who is willingly to kiss people's hands in public cannot defend anyone's dignity9 More important than all that is the fact that in his great success ElBaradei has not depend on connection or relatives He has proved himself by his hard work his talent his dedication10 In other words the Egyptian regime spends twice as much as subjugating detaining repressing Egyptians as it spends on providing them on healthcare11 A leader who defends the rights of the nation must always remain on the field of the battle12 This story teaches us that all autocratic rulers considers themselves great heroes live in such state of perpetual self delusion13 In fact in my opinion rigging elections is much worse than bearing false witness because bearing false witness deprives an individual or a family of their due whereas rigging elections deprives the whole nation of its due14 The concept of the benevolent dictator just like the concepts of the noble thief or the honest whore is no than a meaningless fantasy15 The prophet Muhammed did not choose a successor because he wanted Muslims to be free to choose their ruler16 I have been given authority over you and I am not best of You Abu Bakr ElSeddik17 In a democratic system the president is the servant of the people in the full sense of the word as soon as he takes office he loses his privacy his whole is exposed to the World18 Lord Milner is said to have lost his way in the streets of Cairo one day and when his driver asked a passerby for directions the man replied Tell Englishman to ask Saad Zaghloul Pasha in Paris19 We should bear in mind that intellectuals who loose their way always start by despising the people20 Last year I went to vote in the elections at the sports club I belong to found crowds of club members who had come on their day off to stand in long lines to elect new board members21 Most of these parties are paper puppets on strings held by the regime22 It seems that the Brotherhood is destined never to learn from its mistakes23 Imagine God forbid what would have happened if someone less wise than president Mubarak were ruling Egypt It would have been a disaster Mustafa ElFekky24 Religiosity so prevalent today is superficial and without substance25 Mubarak regime continues to support Wahabism in order to benefit from the political submissiveness it installs in people's minds 26 What happened in central Cairo shows that the great collapse has already begun27 we all have a duty to act to save our country from the bleak future that looms on the horizon28 Before we urge young men not to harass women we first have to teach them how to respect women29 Islam never reuired women to cover their faces Otherwise if we could not see any part of women's face in the first place why would God tell us to avert our eyes30 Before Wahabi ideas started spreading we were less interested in the externals of religion religious in the sense just honest tolerant31 Even the prosecutor general after uestioning Aryan Youssef on a charge of throwing a bomb at the prime minister's motorcade stood up to his desk shook Aryan's hand embraced him saying May God protect you my child You are a patriot who loves Egypt 32 Every time they have been tested Egyptians have passed the test with distinction but afterward they go back to the substitute's bench33 The Three no's Theory no job no marriage no future34 He told me how he asked the only girl he ever loved to forget him because he could not marry her or have her wait for him 35 Recent Gallup survey found that Egyptians are the most devout people on the face of the earth36 Goytisolo turned down a prize worth 150000 because it was incompatible with his moral coscience 37 Because I can no longer withstand being a women on display38 In the end the proposal was defeated copts won one of the greatest battles in modern history by refusing to accept a sectarian privileges under any guise 39 The Egyptian regime that has failed to protect Copts is the same regime the Coptic Church supports with all its strength40 The conseuences of courage are never worse than the conseuences of fear41 In fact they believed just like the peasant in the story that they could coexist with the regime bow down before the oppressor and then set up their own small safe world for themselves their children42 then the regime's iron grip will be broken meet the fate it deserves43 Gaber Asfour did not feel the slightest embarrassment in taking a prize that a major international writer had rejected in solidarity with the Libyan people against the despotic Gaddafi regimeBest Articles 1 The only way to evict Mr Batista2 A surprise dinner with an important person3 Does rigging elections count as a Major sin4 Egypt sits on the Substitute's Bench5 Nora and the National suad6 Egypt awakened7 Does subservience protect us from injustice8 A discussion with a state security officerReferences mentioned advised to read1 Chameleon by checkov 2 Farah Bahlavei 3 كتاب النقاب عادة وليست عبادة ، دكتور علي جمعة 4 the phenomenon of new proselytizers ظاهرة الدعاة الجدد 5memoir of aryan youssefمذكرات عريان يوسف الذي حاول قتل يوسف وهبة باشا بعد ان قابل وفد الانجليز 6 Tartuffe Moliere 7قاموس العادات والتقاليد ،، احمد امين 8 الف ليلة وليلة 9 كتاب الأغاني للأصفهاني 10 كتاب الامتاع والمؤانسة 11 مفاخرة الجواري والغلمان 12 محمد فتحي13 محمود سامي البارودي14عباس محمود العقاد15 طه حسين16 ألفريد فرج17 عبد الرحمن الشرقاوي18 Albert Camus19 SartreJP20 Bertrand Russell21 Gabriel García Máruez22 saramago23Pablo Neruda24dostoyevski25 GOYTISOLO JUAN26 Wael abbas's blog

  5. Wes Pue Wes Pue says:

    Well written series of journalistic essays Somewhat repetitive but very interesting It is a brave book Critiue of how extremist views have tainted Islam in Egypt leading some to assert1 Islam allows only one form one worldview 2 people who don't agree are enemies 3 virtue involves about advertising your religious superiority4 religion is about belief not conduct5 creating a just society is of no importance The whole is propagated by televangelists for Wahhabi fundamentalism

  6. Ashlee Ashlee says:

    Very repetitive but did have some interesting anecdotal stories from his own personal experiences and those of other Egyptians Was to be expected that it would be repetitive since it was a compilation of articles he had published in newspapers Articles were also chronologically out of order unfortunately As always democracy is the solution according to Alaa Al Aswany

  7. Ryan Ryan says:

    Solid collection of newspaper articles published by Aswany in Arab newspapers over the last 5 years or so focusing on the corruption ineuality police brutality suppression of political discourse lack of ministerial accountability to anyone other than the president and cronyism of the Mubarak regim He also goes off on some of the blatant contradictions of certain devout Muslims within the administration who follow strict religious tenets but don't seem to apply general moral values in their lives when abusing political dissidents and protestors I read this while in Egypt to give me a better understanding of the current political situation and it certainly served its purpose However by halfway through the book I had well picked up on the repetitive pattern of the 4 page articles that all had a similar conclusion This book makes a clear argument against autocracy and its particular manifestation in Mubarak's Egypt and it supports the case for democracy But read a small random sampling of the 200 pages and you can arrive at the main points pretty uickly

  8. Fatemah Fatemah says:

    One thing I enjoyed about this book was the author's sarcasm besides that there isn’t much to say There are certain aspects I disagree with or think could have been addressed coherently One of them is Aswany’s utmost belief that with gaining political freedom through the implementation of real democratic bodies the social problems would undoubtedly be addressed Most of those currently in Egypt and elsewhere who advocate for “reform” through the channels of voting ie democracy forget that economic freedom is intertwined with political freedom Political freedoms are based on economic aspects so than anything else and should be acknowledged and addressed as such Besides that I enjoyed reading his rants I enjoyed the personal touch of the book and his obvious anger at the system

  9. Justin Ng Justin Ng says:

    The author most known for his book 'The Yacoubian Building' writes about the failings of the Egypt Government during the Arab Spring 2011 He provides an in depth analysis of the rising social and political unrest contributed by various factors such as the ill treatment of women corruption which leads to the fall of the Murabak Government The writer also gives ample elaboration on each factor and consistently prompts the reader to reflect at the end of each chapter with the sentence Democracy is the solution This book is suitable for those who want to know about the problems Egypt face in term of the economic political and social aspects The writer approaches the topic using an argumentative style of writing to convince readers that change is needed for there to be improvements in Egypt as a whole

  10. Cara Cara says:

    This is a basically a collection of op ed pieces Alaa Al Aswany wrote and published in newspapers at various times during 2009 2010 Some are very insightful but for the most part it reads like propaganda The repetitiveness of the entire thing started to wear on me after a while He literally repeats the same anecdotes over and over again I found it annoyingIt's also kind of hypocritical to end every essay with Democracy is the solution and then support the military coup against the country's democratically elected president just because he belongs to a party you don't like but that is in fairness beyond the scope of this book

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