Kindle Edition ✓ Full Circle Epub å

Kindle Edition ✓ Full Circle Epub å

Full Circle [Download] ➵ Full Circle By Angela Ashcroft – After witnessing Freya’s harrowing birth Sebastian always knew destiny would bring them back together In a cruel twist of fate their reunion is under the dark shadow of his own brother Lucas who plu After witnessing Freya’s harrowing birth Sebastian always knew destiny would bring them back together In a cruel twist of fate their reunion is under the dark shadow of his own brother Lucas who plucks Freya from her mundane life and marks her Once marked Freya’s life hangs in the balance as she edges closer and closer to her death As she battles through an endless nightmare of “lost time” Lucas systematically cuts her remaining ties to her mortal existence Now Sebastian must choose between loyalty to his only family or betraying Lucas in a desperate bid to protect FreyaFull Circle is the enthralling first instalment of the vampire series that throws the lives and fates of three individuals together with tragic conseuencesBook is available exclusively through for the Kindle at for UK customers and for US customersYou can like our Facebook page if you enjoy the read.

5 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. ILVN ILVN says:

    Three and a half starsI Love Vampire Novels received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewFull Circle is one of the most uniue Vampire novels I have ever read It does have some of the elements you find in other novels in this genre but it also takes a very different view of how a vampire chooses his mate and then brings her into his world Freya is absolutely the most introverted shy brilliant and beautiful heroine I have encountered in a long time She has spent so much of her life thinking there is something wrong with her that she is unlovable undesirable and even though she received the highest marks at university she feels as though she is not deserving of anything other than an underpaid entry level position with the local government where her boss sexually and emotionally harasses her All of this stems from her father's abandonment when she was young after her mother died during childbirth Although she has had brief periods when she was actually able to flourish she always returns to a drab existenceWhen she is unknowingly marked by Lucas a true vampire in every sense of the word her world takes a very deadly turn He takes the times while she sleeps and turns them into nightmares while he is also draining her of her blood and life all without her realizing what is going on Then she meets Sebastian the light to Lucas' dark and she actually can see herself living a real life Their intense romantic interludes made me want to have a lot time with these two characters There is an immediate connection one of love and light Little does she know they are both vampires and living is not what either can give herThe flow of this book was difficult to pick up at first but after time it all began to work together to create a very dramatic story of one girl's life and two vampires fighting to give her their very different version of immortality This story has a lot of suspense and the romantic tension between Freya and Sebastian builds a beautiful love story The characters are well developed although it did take a time to get there with the uniue way the scenes and atmosphere was described and built The ending was left open to a seuel and I would be interested to see where Ms Ashcroft takes this very intriguing storyReview by ILVNhttpwwwfacebookcomILoveVampireN

  2. Bridgette South Bridgette South says:

    This book was an interesting story and I loved reading this It was definitely a different story none of the “single white damsel in distress falls for the pale white gasp vampire Hearts and flowers happiness” type of book You meet Freya and this book title serves a double meaning You come to this book at almost the end of the story and then rewind and actually COME full circle around so that was kinda neat as well The link Sebastian keeps between his vampire life and the life of the living is interesting and new as well The only thing that got me through this was the way it threw you from one viewpoint to another Reading one sentence to another then all of a sudden seeing things from Lucas’ viewpoint there needed to be of a warning that I was changing POV But other than that AWESOME STORY AMAZING details and I am planning on reading book 2

  3. Karen Harper Karen Harper says:

    I’ve just finished reading Full Circle by Angela Ashcroft I really enjoyed reading this vampire story I found it hard to put down but real life kept getting in the way Even though some of the ‘rules’ of the vampire world were familiar there were plenty of twists and turns to keep me interested until the end There were a few ‘What the?’ moments and I even fell in love with one of the characters I gave it 412 stars out of 5 I would have given it 5 except for a few places I thought were a bit wordy and I wanted the momentum to keep going I’m really looking forward to reading the next one and I’m glad I won’t have to wait long for itReview written by Karen from Confessions of a Bookaholic

  4. Two Nerds With Words Two Nerds With Words says:

    Reviewer Sarah JaneRating 5 out of 5 FairiesFrom the beginning I was hooked on Angela Ashcroft's Full Circle I literally did not put it down for two days During work hours too may I add Full Circle is about a loner girl and how even though she tries so hard to hide herself away she is noticed by her worst nightmareand that’s all I’m going to give you as I would hate to give anything awayBut seriously Full Circle is a different spin on a vampire novel that will keep you occupied and hooked for the entirety Paranormal fiends will no doubt devour it EnjoyDisclosure This book was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review

  5. Adele Adele says:

    I recived this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis is yet another different spin of vampires Gosh that sounded so negative but really i do love different vampiric ideasThis book was slow to start at first and it did include different POVs But i stuck it out and ended up reading what turned out to be a really good story This is one of those books you have to read to see what i mean But two brothers who are vampires i might add are both wanting the one girl to spend an eternity with I cant say than that because i feel if i do id be giving it away somehow Thanks ms Ashcroft for allowing me to read this book I look forward to what you have install for your next book

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