Defy PDF/EPUB å Kindle Edition

Defy PDF/EPUB å Kindle Edition

Defy ❰Download❯ ➽ Defy Author Sara B. Larson – Alexa Hollen is a fighter Forced to disguise herself as a boy and serve in the king's army Alex uses her uick wit and fierce sword fighting skills to earn a spot on the elite prince's guard But when a Alexa Hollen is a fighter Forced to disguise herself as a boy and serve in the king's army Alex uses her uick wit and fierce sword fighting skills to earn a spot on the elite prince's guard But when a powerful sorcerer sneaks into the palace in the dead of night even Alex who is virtually unbeatable can't prevent him from abducting her her fellow guard and friend Rylan and Prince Damian taking them through the treacherous wilds of the jungle and deep into enemy territoryThe longer Alex is held captive with both Rylan and the prince the she realizes that she is not the only one who has been keeping dangerous secrets And suddenly after her own secret is revealed Alex finds herself confronted with two men vying for her heart the safe and steady Rylan who has always cared for her and the dark intriguing Damian With hidden foes lurking around every corner is Alex strong enough to save herself and the kingdom she's sworn to protect.

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  1. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Mulan would fucking NEVER Screw the love triangle Screw the overwhelming romance This is not a fantasy book This is a love story Don't look for anything beyond that Hearts flutters Desire courses Cheeks flush Blood flows overwhelmingly to the penis instead of the brain WHERE IS MY PROMISED MULAN?I am just so bloody tired of so called bad ass heroines who do fucking nothing to prove that they're capable I am so fucking sick of heroines who spend their supposedly ass kicking selves sobbing and crying and fucking feeeeeeeeeeling things and checking out her fellow half naked soldiers wondering things like my god how did I not notice how fucking HOT his body looks when he's dripping with sweat It's a fucking reverse haremLet's just overlook the fact that there are fucking rape farmbreeding houses for a moment because there are bigger problems at play here Yeah you heard me Breeding houses Rest assured there will be a rant on that with many words starting with F and ending in UCK but for now let's stick to the main issue at hand which is to say the problem with this book is the fact that it is a goddamned romance and nothing complete with much sighing much longing much I CAN SEE HIS SOUL THOUGH HIS EYES crap and a love triangle If you took away all the breaths that goes aflutter and the pitterpatter of fucking heartbeats this book would be around 50 pages instead of the original 300I had high hopes for this book You know why I'm making so many random Mulan references? Because that's what this book promised me in a goddamned nutshell Come on now A girl disguised as a boy serving as a soldier The parallels are obvious But no Mulan has a good head on her shoulders Alexa's head is so high up her ass that it actually reaches her heart and that's my only explanation for the overwhelming amount of romance in this bookI wanted thisI got thisSummary Alex is actually Alexa a 17 year old girl disguised as a 20 year old man in the army She and her twin brother Marcel has been soldiers assigned to serve as Prince Damian's guards Years ago a foreign army invaded their land and the only option for Alexa was to disguise herself as a boy so she could join the king's army otherwise she would be forced into a breeding houseAlexa is special Skilled Spectacularly skilled Blessed with extraordinary fighting skills as her brother would say She can even beat her bigger brother in a fight Hell she can beat every fucking soldier in the suad Because she's really really special And talented And Rylan yummy Rylan with his chocolate brown eyes thinks so tooAlexa is in service to Prince Damian He's an asshole a gorgeous asshole naturally He parties all day He has women throwing themselves at him Well women who aren't in the breeding houses that is Still no fucking idea how that works Prince Damian is a complete asshole son of the motherfucking tyrant king but Alexa knows that under his dirtbag interior there's to him She can see the gentleness in his eyes she can see it in the way he tilts his head she can see it in the swirling pattern of the shit he takes in the outhouse The fact that he acts like a douchebag means absolutely nothing at allMarcel dies right away Well that's so fucking convenient Because now Alexa gets to be aaaaall alone with Prince Damian They're so close She gets to guard his bed She gets to be around him all the time She gets to see him half naked glistening in sweat And man is that fucking Damian a yummy dish MUST STOP BLUSHING BECAUSE SOLDIERS DON'T BLUSHShe thinks he sees interest in Damian's eyes which to a reasonable person would mean that Damian is gay since Alexa is under disguise as a MAN after all but fuck common sense right?Alexa spends days nights guarding Damian thinking of him bonding with him getting closer to him seeing his well defined abdominals dreamily interpreting and overthinking every fucking thing he says and does She gets to go on a secret mission with Rylan the yummy chocolate eyed guard She gets closer to him She feels the camaraderie thelove? Wait can this be love? But what about Damian How does Alexa get close to Damian?But then they get kidnapped There's danger There's intrigue There's opportunities for Rylan and Damian to get closer to Alexa as they travel through the hot humid jungle And what does heat and humidity mean? TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES RYLAN AND DAMIAN YEAH Clothing optional because I swear that the guys in this book spend time half naked than the entire pack of Forks werewolves put together Jacob Black would be ashamedDoes the friendly protective Rylan mean to Alexa than the handsome intriguing mysterious Prince Damian? How will Alexa ever choose?And the fate of the nation rests upon Alexa Wait Where the fuck did that come from?The EMOTIONS Mulan would never fucking pull half the shit this stupid chick does Mulan is a fucking master of disguise compared to AlexaThis is me in a very unfortunate sparkly photo booth I would actually be a convincing man than Alexa because half the fucking cast guesses that she's a girl Why? SHE BLUSHES SHE FLUSHES HER HEART FLUTTERS SHE GETS FLUSTERED Soldiers would never Mulan would never Let's see throughout the book Alexa can hardly keep from blushing Her heartbeat was probably visible in her neck it was pounding so hard Her neck grows hot Her cheeks flush Her heartbeat flutters Her emotions are welling underneath the surface FUCKING ENOUGH ALREADY Is all this shit supposed to prove to me that you are a fucking warrior? I don't bloody think soI understand the need to be feminine that feminity does not disappear under the guise of a man That clothing does not hide who you are regardless there is a fucking time and place for your fucking emotions and your thoughts of romantic love so leave that shit elsewhere because I don't fucking want it I want a bad ass heroine who knows her duty I want a kick ass chick who can suppress her emotions enough to get shit done Alexa proves to me nothing Throughout her painful narrative all I got from Alexa is a girl who wants to frolic in a field of flowers with her douchebag prince while her fellow soldier stands posing half naked on the side I see a girl whose emotions whose need for romance gets the better of her and really fuck that shit It has no place in a book where the plot is supposed to be importantHer emotions ALEXA'S FUCKING EMOTIONS FOR HER LOVERS They are all over the goddamned place Is it a problem? YES IT IS She shouldn't be focusing on whether she's falling in love with Prince Damian or Rylan when her identity is at stake when a war is in progress when the fate of so many people lies in uestion Alexa can't seem to think beyond her needs and her feeeeeeeeelings Want some examples? I'll give you some examples Her heart beats oh how her fucking heart beats all the fucking time so much that I just wanted to rip it from her stupid fucking chest Alexa's heart all uotes from the book pounds many times constricts beats erratically thudded skipped a beat lurched unwittingly beats harder raced jumped into her throat skids a bit leaped into her throat beat unevenly raced constricted pounded flopped like a wounded animal leaped into my throat Ok I'll stop there That's around half the book HALF THE BOOKHer blood pulsed hot through her veins pulsed hot through her body several timesHer cheeks felt flushed blushed so many times grew warm with shame flamed multiple times burned grew hot again grows hotShe cries She bawls She runs away when her emotions for the two guys get the better of her when they're in the motherfucking jungle Her eyes burned with tears tears ran down her cheeks she swallows her tears She's a fucking Kleenex commercial She cries so many times that I frankly got sick of it I don't fucking care I understand that emotions get the better of people sometimes but seriously choke it down I want a warrior who can control her emotions I don't want you to cry like a motherfucking pussy when the boy you love lies to youHer priorities are just plain fucking wrong In the middle of the fucking forest she wonders This is a disaster Oh Yay A disaster Why is it a disaster? I can think of a few reasons why because they're kind of in a precarious situation Like they were just kidnapped they're traveling in the jungle They're afraid for their lives Surely THIS IS THE DISASTER TO WHICH ALEXA IS REFERRINGWrong Why is it a disaster? Rylan wouldn't meet my gaze and my stomach clenched But Damian looked straight at me and his expression was one of confusion even hurt ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Your life is in danger and you're concerned about two boys fighting over you like two alpha wolves fighting over which tree they get to fucking piss on first?Mulan would fucking NEVERThe Setting Rape houses? Really? Fucking seriously? WHY? I might understand it if there was a reason behind it if there was a compelling plot issue behind it but no The inclusion of the rapebreeding houses was absolutely pointless It is mentioned only several times throughout the book Seriously it is pointless It is a tool of fear and I hate the fact that sexual violence is used as the major threat of oppression There are so many factors at play in a crual regime such as this and there was absolutely no point to the rape housesSo there actually was a point to the rape houses according to the book They are used to breed soldiers What the actual FUCK people? That doesn't even fucking make sense According to the book the king's evil war bound regime started somewhere around the time of Alexa's birth which wasn't even fucking 20 years ago In all that time the only tool in his arsenal to create soldiers is to make breeding houses where women are imprisoned as soon as they get their first period and are forced to spend their entire fertile lives breeding new soldiers for the king's army? That makes no fucking sense You could kidnap soldiers from other countries You could train your own soldiers really well Or you could piss off your fucking entire nation and invest 10 15 years into a war that you are losing while you're waiting for your future army to grow up? Seriously?Children are not sprung forth from Zeus' forehead fully grown fully fucking able to fight This ain't Greek mythology these are people not gods Even if you wanted fucking child soldiers it would take 10 15 years to get them anywhere ready to fight And to piss off your entire nation like that? Why? You are fucking all your people literally and figuratively for no reason at all You fucking expect me to believe that? That men are willing to send their wives daughters sisters nieces off into these houses to be raped their entire lives to be killed by childbirth be terrorized and do absolutely jack shit about it? How fucking dumb do you think I am?Take a culture of extremism Take Afghanistan Take the Taliban Yeah they oppress their women They don't educate them But do you really fucking think that all the men would do nothing if all their women were taken away to be raped constantly? I don't fucking think so There is always a lineAnd this concept isn't even constant The setting itself is so poorly done You have 3 nations one of them is a uasi Chinese one and all of them are so poorly described that I have no sense of nationality no sense of what differentiates them no sense of why they are fighting amongst each other I don't know their society We are mainly in the country of Antion I know nothing of Antion culture I know nothing of Antion history I know nothing about the people of Antion besides the fact that they are constantly at wayThink of it this way I am neophyte to geography to history You give me 3 nations Ireland England Wales How the FUCK do I distinguish between them if I know nothing about them but the fact that they're relatively close to each other? The world building is so incredibly vague in this book There is largely no history there is no explanation for anything The magical system is completely basic BOOM Magic Some people haz it some people don't There you go Take it swallow it be thankful for it because you ain't given any than thatI don't know how and WHY certain women are allowed to go around dancing in the court and fucking Prince Damian while the rest god knows how many they are are forced into these breeding houses Screw this world It is faker than Kim Kardashian's plastic ass just as believable and nowhere as invitingThe Romance FUCK THAT LOVE TRIANGLE FUCK THAT The entire book is filled to the brim of Alexa's wavering heart between the unfortunate friend zoned Rylan and the douchetastic Prince Damian who has an exuisite exterior as well as an exuisite posterior The entire book is filled with Rylar's pained protestations of love love not like for Alexa and Prince Damian's runs cold then hot gestures of love love not like for Alexa Love Love LOVE SOOOOOOOOOO much love She admires their well muscled body their shirtless moments seriously the guys in Playgirl wear clothing than Damian and Rylan I almost cried again I could no longer deny that I was falling for him so fast and so hard it scared me But I had feelings for Rylan too he was the closest friend I'd had at the palace Priorities Why do you not have them Alexa? You have a motherfucking country to saveAlexa is a psychic Well actually she's not a psychic but I'm convinced she is one You see she feeeeels things She seeeeeees things Prince Damian is a douche He has always been a douche but in his eyes Alexa sees that there's something She sees that he's a kindly person because his eyes says so She feels that he is a gentle soul because of the way he bends his head She sees that he loves bunnies puppies and small children according to the way he hesitates before talking to her She knows that underneath his cruel front Prince Damian is the king the country needs because his farts smell like Calvin Klein EternitySTOP SEEING STUPID SHIT IN PEOPLE'S EYES Actions Actions speak louder than words people I hate it when people seeeeees through others' souls in books Eyes tell you nothing I once dated a guy who told me that we were meant to be together He said that he knew I felt the same way because my eyes were looking into his soulI was actually thinking of what I would be doing that night when I got home and played on my priest character in World of Warcraft That was our last dateThe end I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy All uotes were taken from an uncorrected galley and is subject to change in the final edition

  2. Sasha Alsberg Sasha Alsberg says:

    Slow start picked up 150 pages in and was interesting but predictable Alexa literally blushed every 2 pages so that was a bit annoying I didn't have too high expectations for this book so I'm not disappointed355 stars

  3. Sara Larson Sara Larson says:

    MY BOOK IS ON GOODREADS Also I might be a tad biased on this one ;

  4. Summer Summer says:

    Edit Huh I can't believe I didn't go over this but the issue on the rape houses? Yeah that was another pointless addition to a pointless book Thank you Scholastic for sending me this copy via NetgalleyBlergh DNF at 85%More times than I care to count YA novels usually gain a lower rating from me due to the romance More specifically when the romance takes over the plot Even specifically when the love triangle takes over the plot GrrrThis book had so much potential So much What drew me in was the fact that the heroine is disguised as a guy and is right under the king’s nose as being part of his Royal Guard Add in some magic sorcery and a seemingly good romance you'd think I'd love this Right? Right? Nope By the time everyone found out she was in fact a girl disguised as a guy things went a bit haywire from there I began to dread reading the novel as the story progressedI don’t give a crap if the writing is flawless which it wasn't or if the characterization was excellent which it wasn’t; if the plot is almost nonexistent or taken over by romance this euation will always be applicable NO PLOT VERY ANGRY SUMMER Before I go into my loathing of the romance let me delve into the character development Or lack of it I should say See the heroine Alexa was a very strong willed loyal girl at the beginning of the novel whom I admired greatly As the story progressed she became a whiny self pitying shell of her former self who spent most of her time trying to choose which guy she loves Oh you poor little thing You have two guys vying for your attention life must be so hard right? Kill me now Besides her no one else was developed very well Defy is supposed to be a high fantasy novel based on the impression I got by reading the synopsis Would I believe this based on the actual novel? Nope There was little world building so little that the only thing I know about Alexa’s world is that there is a deadly jungle located somewhere in the country was it even a country? That and the vague references to sorcery and magic pretty much constituted my idea of the world If those were my only two issues I would have given Defy two stars Suffice to say they weren’t my only issues Alexa is trapped in a love triangle between a snotty prince and a loyal best friend Much like her YA heroine counterparts it’s pretty obvious who she choseI mean based on the 85% I read she had already declared her love for the prince To add to that stupidity she chose the guy who repeatedly deceived her lied to her and tricked her into doing what he wanted her to do Really why should she choose the guy who was loyal to her his whole life who stood by her when she abandoned him and who always defended her?On top of this nothing really happened until about 23 of the way through and even that was boring I’m not entirely certain where the “action” and “intrigue” hinted at in the synopsis came from Alexa is a Mary Sue and I do not use this term lightly She is a speshul girl with magical powers an undefeatable swordsman and has the attention of the freaking King’s son Can you get any Mary Sue than that?I was expecting of a Crown of Midnight ish high fantasy novel; instead I was stuck with a sappy teen romance with very little attention given to much elseSeriously you’re better off watching Mulan

  5. Gillian Berry Gillian Berry says:

    sad trombone Originally posted at Writer of WrongsI'm having such a hard time writing this review for multiple reasons the main one being that I wanted to love this I wanted so BADLY to love thisI make it no secret that genderbending is one of my favorite tropes on the entire planet I wrote a whole post about it The second I read about a girl disguised as a boy in a synopsis have yet to find a good boy disguised as girl book but ONE DAY I want this story Give me this story book godsThis synopsis had me drooling despite the thrilling love triangle bit at the top I kind of ignored that hoping it would be a palatable love triangle in the vein of Alanna George Jon on them in a bit While I'm not a girl who prefers her romance on the side I'm sorry to say this angst fest completely dominated the plotWhich at first seems to be pretty good We're introduced to Alexa a girl whose parents are murdered of course but I can roll with this and who then disguises herself as a boy to join the army helped along by her twin brother side eyes Alanna The First Adventure She chops her hair off and assumes the name Alex Three years later she's part of Prince Damian's elite guard having successfully avoided the heinous fate that befalls most girls orphaned by the war in Antion the breeding housesOh the breeding houses Look I like reading fantasy that deals with misogynist societies and proves how WRONG WRONG WRONG that is I like genderbending because it comes with this great message that girls are just as capable as guys and isn't it STUPID for guys to only realize that after they've been tricked into thinking girls have penises Also when done REALLY right it talks about how meaningless gender roles and even gender in general genderally speaking should be But Larson has set up a world in which the boys are sent to the army and the girls are sent to the rape barracks where they are forcibly impregnated to breed the soldiers of the futureFirst off logic fail The war has only been going on for like ten years That's a lot of children this budget stretched kingdom suddenly has to feet because I'm pretty sure those nine year olds aren't exactly ready to fight wicked sorcerersSecondly ARGH Okay So Ashleigh over at the YA Kitten expressed all the reasons she didn't like the inclusion of this My issue is that the inclusion of these rape houses seems almost gratuitous The king needs to be evil so he's started this Alexa needs a reason to be frightened to be a girl so this exists Alexa needs a motivation and the menfolk who hate the rape houses need to be shown to be heroes so they all hate this The women in this story are either victims or they're Alexa Rape is not a plot point or a world building device It is not something that happens to other people than the victim This book had the potential to be fantastically feminist and it certainly tried to be but it missed the markAlexa begins with integrity and actually seemed like an interesting character to start She plays it very close to the ves and the juxtaposition of what she's feeling with how others perceive her was interesting to me I even felt for her particularly in a certain affecting death scene that I liked for plot reasons but that is extraordinarily poorly executed The writing in this book is overwrought and ungainly at times It would veer between authentically fantasy esue and abruptly contemporary Also Alexa? I ever hear you use the word harlot again I'm going to punch you But then Alexa loses her awesome Why? Because boys And now I get to talk about the love triangle Nooooooooo NOOOOOOO NooooooooooAnd now I am done talking about the love triangleSpoiler this did not happen but wouldn't THAT have been funOkay no I'll explain It's eye roll inducing I can guarantee you there will be tons of people who will love this but I sadly am not one of them I rolled my eyes so hard I sprained themIn this corner we have Rylan who was tragically born without a personality but luckily has warm chocolate eyes to compensate Take a shot every time the word chocolate is mentioned in reference to his eyes In this ring we have Damon Salvatore Prince Damian He has dark hair blue eyes a tortured past lots of secrets and a rockin' bod Take a shot every time Alexa gets lost in the blue of his eyesDo you want to know one of the reasons I love girl disguised as boy stories? The gender reveal The WTF moment The moment a character's entire perception of he MC changes The two SURPRISE BOOBS scenes in the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce a clear influence in the creation of this novel remain two of my favorite scenes in history We're cheated this Why? SPOILER that is not that big of a spoiler if you were paying ANY ATTENTION Because both boys knew all along How is that any fun? That just means it's instalove all over the place They've both been in love with her since day one END SPOILER And now she must chooooose between brown eyes and blue a boy who's safe and a boy who makes her feeeeeel the one who knows her secrets and the one WITH all the secrets the one who zzzzzzzzzzzzz Blah The middle section in which she is trudging through the jungle dealing with her FEEEEELINGS for both of her boyfriends is positively turgid It's all angst and no plot It is the Harry Potter puppet pal beating his head against the wall It was longThe genderbending is pointless if you don't ever actually SAY anything about gender roles If you don't subvert them challenge them or force others to rethink them And in Defy the entire conceit is pointless It mostly made me frustrated annoyed and yes eye rolly This book stayed both too close to Alanna and too far A names a male twin a dark haired blue eyed prince in love with the secretly female best swordsman in the palace all elements from both books But Defy lacks the message the fun and the SHIPS It lacks the girl power It lacks the eff you stereotypes women are not weaker moment To put it simply it lacksPoints for the scene in which Alex is forced to sleep wedged between Damian and Rylan I laughed heartily for the awkwardness Before the cheesy conuered Oh lordyAlso why are the native people aka ALL of the main characters in Defy white? I know this is fantasy and you can do whatever the heck you want but Antion is a country covered in jungle It has mangos macaws and acai berries There are jaguars This seemed like a fabulous opportunity to include some diversity in fantasy a genre which has historically been extremely whitewashed but alas Alexa's olive skin were as POC y as it got The world building was extremely thin and the same vaguely medieval European system just in a jungle Like so much of the rest of the book it was a wasted opportunity As is the plot which is disappointingly simplistic for an epic fantasy novel I am curious about what the plot could be in the second book but not curious enoughAlso Blevon is a stupid name for a country As is BlevoneseSiiiiiiiiigh

  6. Sandra Sandra says:

    ROUNDING UP TO 15 STARSWhy i thought this would be a really good book i have no idea Got my hopes to high for this one and look where it got meWhy do i do this to myself? It actually started really good At the beginning '4 stars' was constantly popping up in my head This is like a retelling of Mulan if you haven't seen that dinsey movie what are you doing with your life? and i am shocked it wasn't mentioned at all in the synopsis on the book cover ect Did the author think we would not link the two together? Alexa is a fighter she has been one since she was a small child But when war breaks over between the 2 kingdoms Blevonese and Antion she watches as the soldiers kill her parents Her brother and herself are the only ones who survive out of her family The soldiers take the little girls to a Breeding house a terrible place where the girls are raped and forced to breed children for the King's army but before they are able to take Alexa her twin brother Marcel uickly comes up with the idea of disguising her as a boy Because they are twins all Alexa has to do is cut her long her see the evidence and similarity so far?Now some 10 years later Alexa is known as 21 year old boy named Alex really she is 17 and is a personal guard to the Antion Prince Damian She's the best But even she cannot defeat the powerful sorcerer who sneaks into the castle and abducts the prince herself and her best friend Rylan into the wilds of the jungleThe longer she is kept there the sooner she realizes she isn't the only one with secretsand one of them is the unmistakable attraction towards Damian the prince But war is getting out of controldoes Alex have the courage and what it takes to end it once and for all? This is 'supposedly' a 'FANTASY' debut novel I personally think even mentioning the word 'fantasy' in this case is a really offensive thing towards the literature Let me tell you the truth THISISAYAROMANCE debut novel a super shitty one at that but we will get to that laterKingdoms kings princes and swords do not make a true fantasy novel and they never will In fact if not for all of the things i just listed i would think without a doubt that this is set in the modern times 'or what shade of chocolate his skin and irises resembled' CHOCOLATE DID NOT EXIST in eras and worlds like that By the way this is the protagonist's POV so we are inside her head and firstly she shouldn't even know what chocolate isCan you picture a soldier just casually unwrapping and eating chocolate? It just doesn't go right and if the author would be bothered to do some research before starting a 'fantasy' novel she would know that too Scratch that listening in history lessons would do the job just as brilliantly And the author mentioned it not only once and on PAGE 9 but also twice on page 38 Alexa; At the beginning i really liked her; i thought she was a great and strong protagonist who made it through hell and got out being even tougher She managed the pretence of acting like a man for most of her life and didn't break down in front of anyone view spoiler even at her brother's funeral hide spoiler

  7. Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday says:

    15 STARS I really thought reading a non romance Western before diving into a book as universally panned in my feed as Defy I'd be able to offer a uniue perspective Because I've been sufficiently warned off from this book but I genuinely thought taking expectations out of the euation bracing yourself for the worst maybe it won't be so bad There's a war waging between Blevon and Antion and Alexa Hollen just lost her parents to a sorcerer Together with her twin brother Marcel she is forced to pretend that she's a boy in order to avoid getting sent to the king's breeding houses where orphan girls get raped to breed soldiers for the war AlexAlexa and Marcel are now part of the Prince's guards as they try to protect his arrogant and pompous ass from assassination and kidnapping I just shook my head using the rag to wipe away the sweat dripping down my hairline Kai and his women I liked him well enough but I was glad he didn't know I was a girl He was attractive I suppose taller with his light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and his green eyes always crinkled at the corners from a constant smile But if I had to pick the most handsome man on the guard I definitely preferred Rylan's warm brown eyes His subdued uiet humor The surprising gentleness he had with animals Yup she's got ALL THAT in her plate and her thoughts are oriented towards picking which among her colleagues is the most handsomeAnd that was 25% inIt's a wonder how she got to walk with all that lady boner she's been sporting all throughout the book I kinda wish she went and dry humped every tree she came across just to keep these incessant thoughts at bay Because something has to shut her up long enough to explain what's all that breeding house bizzness why is it exactly part of the story? and maybe view spoilera better mourning for the eventual demise of her brother hide spoiler

  8. Whitley Birks Whitley Birks says:

    See on my blogThis book started out with one of the most horrific displays of misogyny possible and then it carries on in a mediocre fashion after that I probably would have finished reading the book if I hadn’t been so pissed off from the start but it wasn’t good enough to carry me through my distaste so I DNF ed at about halfway through when I realized that the main character wasn’t going to shut up about all the toned and muscled torsos around You’d think they were painted in neon with how often she notices andor stares at them I love a nice pack of abs as much as the next girl but in the middle of first aide is not the time for thatThe book opens up with Alexa’s brother deciding she needs to pretend to be a boy so that she can avoid the rape houses Yes you read that right In this book young orphaned girls are sent to “breeding houses” to be raped until they conceive and then the children are taken away to “be soldiers”Let’s see how many things I can find wrong with this basic premise without even trying It’s impractical; girls in shitty conditions get pregnant but not as often as they would when under less stress so you’re basically shooting efficiency in the face It’s impractical; if you need soldiers now babies aren’t going to help Girls can do stuff besides get pregnant PREGNANT girls can do stuff besides BE pregnant; there’s point in keeping them all in a rape house and not doing anything If you’re strapped for bodies and really that against sending girls to combat send your male servants and replace them with girl servants because as I said girls are capable of doing things It’s incredibly insulting to history; what you think real palace servants weren’t raped and then their babies pressed into royal service? That wasn’t good enough for you? You had to make dedicated rape houses to up the drama? I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH GIRLS CAN DO STUFF IF YOU NEED BODIES TO DO STUFF THEN USE THE GIRLS The only way this makes sense from a worldbuilding standpoint is if you really can’t think of anything girls are good for except sex and childbearing There was no point and in the end it came off as if the rape houses were just there to provide angst and excuse for Alexa to pretend to be a boy So not only is it illogical as hell but it’s being used as a cheap threat to show that the main character is in danger without actually defiling her “purity”And that’s just what I’ve got off the top of my head So from the word go I’m pissed off at this book anther in a long line of books that use rape as a cheap plot point without really actually saying anything about itBut there’s The worldbuilding in this book is terribly lacking There’s a jungle I guess and they eat tropical fruits but the rest of the world is so sparse that I really can’t picture it Honestly I thought that Alexa’s people were recent conuerors because so many little things followed standard pseudo European fantasy tropes The whole of it was tropes and jungle that’s all you get We can’t even get a good read on how sexism works in this country because the only points of data we’ve got are “rape houses” and “everyone who finds out about Alexa’s gender is totally cool with it” what?The plot feltskeletal I was so excited about a girl pretending to be a boy in the army because I love that shit but everything was skipped over The most Alexa ever had to do to hide her gender was bind her breasts we didn’t get to see any training or any logistics about hiding nothing Just skip straight to the point of love triangle because it’s not like the mechanics of hiding one’s gender is interesting right? And Alexa didn’t seem to have a good grasp on being a boy because she kept defaulting to stereotypes and assumptions about macho behavior so she read like someone who had only just started hiding instead of someone who had been doing it for three years At that point she should know how guys act and not freak out over the least sign of emotions as if such things are antithetical to manhood She should have seen guys acting in all manners and known that she could do the same but no she’s stuck in a rut She’s like that awkward phase Disney Mulan went through when she first arrived to sign up for the army only instead of being awkward and everyone wondering what’s wrong with her the book plays off like that’s really how guys areBook have you ever met a guy?The plot itself had promise and I honestly did want to see where it went but it kept being dolled out in tiny little drops in between Alexa going on about muscled chests and then pretending she can’t cry over her dead brother because that’s too girly I was too annoyed at everything in between plot points to keep reading especially since the interesting bits were so far apart A galley copy was provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honesty review

  9. Melanie Melanie says:

    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsDespite my one star rating I wasn’t at all disappointed with Defy Simply because I knew it was going to be bad and I went into this novel just to see how terrible it was However I had not expected it to be so bad that I nearly vomited in my mouthDefy checks all boxes for one of the worst fantasy books I’ve read this year Sure we’re only 7 days into 2014 but I can just feel like it’s going to be the worst I’ve encountered1 Fail un kick ass protagonist? Check We have Alexa Alex Hollen disguised as a boy to be her brother’s twin in order to escape the breeding houses instead to be a member of Prince Damian’s personal guard Apparently Alex could beat the captain of the guard in a match but I felt that Alex was so weak I wanted an as hard as nails chick who would kick ass in her sleep I wanted a girl with a heart of steel But instead I got a girl who dreams of her two love interests I got a girl who couldn’t stop her goddamn emotions There was this certain scene where the main characters are being attacked and Alex uickly jumps into the action I was rather confused Because her personality was whiny and girly I totally forgot that Alex was supposed to be some heroic and kick ass boy2 Non existent world building? Check For majority of the time I couldn’t imagine anything that the author was taking about Just insert some castle here and jungle there viola I need details substance And not breeding houses3 Illogical plotting? Check So there’s a war that’s been going on for some 10 20 years and the evil evil king decides to get all females who have reached the age where they can reproduce to go to these breeding rape houses so they can make soldiers So basically these lil’ infants are going to go to war WUT? You at least have to have them grow up as well as train them which is also gonna take another 10 20 years How the flip does that work when your nation is already losing the war? How long is this war gonna go on for? NOTHING MAKES SENSE4 No history on the world the author as created? Check Apart from the horrendous and irrelevant breeding houses we don’t have much else There’s no history of what happened to make this war begin and stuff like that I don’t want to be thrown in the middle of a book and just left there staring into the distance I need background information I need to know why some people have special powers and why some don’t5 Love triangle? Check We have a snotty and lazy and ungrateful Prince Damian and a sweet but annoying best friend Rylan Who does she choose? Why of course the impossible to have Prince Damian rolls eyesSPOILERWhat makes me want to gag is that it just happens that both love interests knew that she was a girl ever since and loved her ever since OOEND SPOILERIf you want a girl disguised as a guy go for Eon or watch Mulan Honestly Don’t waste your time on this Thank you Scholastic for sending me this copy

  10. Gail Carriger Gail Carriger says:

    This book contains one of my favorite tropes a girl who disguises herself as a boy In this particular novel's take on the trope the main character Alexa is forced to undertake subterfuge because of her government's violence towards women In other respects this novel is a classic monarchical drama of transference of power At the beginning of the novel I found it difficult to like Alexa she seems to have little personality of her own However as the story progressed I liked her The main character's gender is discovered and or known by several male characters most of whom then fall in love with her This gives it a certain Mary Sue vibe compounded by the fact that the heroine is overly special in her skills and abilities and thus vital to the fate of the country In this regard I found the story somewhat predictable The romances and there is a classic love triangle were eually predictable By the end while I was very much enjoying the story and had grown to identify with Alexa I never did get behind the romances That aspect of the story felt overly angst ridden although I do think teen readers would enjoy it I also think that Twilight has a lot to answer forThis is the start of a series and it certainly has the feel of needing to read all of the books As there are only three I might go for it any and I couldn't take the angst I refuse to get into another Terah Edun Sworn situation

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