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Ebook à Becoming Human Kindle å

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  1. Matt Matt says:

    Imagine a world 150 years from now without wars reigned by a single World Government where global warming is a thing of the past and food comes from machines called replicatorsNice huh? Unfortunately this world is inhabited by 20 billion people the World Government is corrupt sunlight hardly reaches the surface any making it cold as hell and the air is only breathable through filter masks filled with some gelNot so nice anyFortunately there is another planet just 2 weeks travel time from Earth that looks promising to be occupied by mankind A terra forming process turned this planet Exilon 5 to a real neat place new cities have been laid out and people on Earth are just craving to live thereSplendidUnfortunately there is another race the Indigenes who have been living on the planet before men arrived Most of them died during the terra forming but some have survived and were driven underground 30 years ago Now there's some kind of cold war going on between the Indigenes and the World Gov Each side has its own agenda and is desperately trying to find out as much information as possible about the other raceThat's about the state of affairs when the book startsWe follow people from Earth and Exilon 5 on their respective paths both Humans and Indigenes some know what's going on some don't and some only think they know Of course paths cross on occasion and that's when things get really interestingFor me the whole book was interesting First of all I like dystopian stories I have read 1984 by George Orwell a couple of times in several languages well two actually In this book we have a lot of orwellesue overtones a 1984 ish bouuet if you will pardon my French Then there are some were fitting witty dialog scenes the main characters have with some secondary ones military people co workers people from the street I love this kind of stuff Sometimes the smallest details just make a good story for meThen there is the Sci Fi stuff I'm glad the book is not overloaded with that It's all nice and well but I think too much tech stuff could ruin a story which is not the case here If you are a Star Trek fan like me you'll have your familiar food replicators force fields and turbo lifts although they're probably different from the Star Trek universe You have some spacecrafts flying around artificial skin breathing filters DPads Light Boxes and surveillance shit euipment but that's about all No ludicrous deus ex machina gadget that help to get heroes out of trouble Finally the main characters I admit there are a few of them you should pay attention to Some reviews complain that there are too many people to follow and that it's hard to keep track of everyone That may be true but since I've read those reviews beforehand I just kept my own little dramatis personæ handwritten mind you and then it was no big deal at allReading this book was an overall pleasant experience Considering the fact that this is a debut novel the five stars are very much deservedI'm looking forward to the seuel called ALTERED REALITY which will be published later this year This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

  2. carol. carol. says:

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  3. Dianne Dianne says:

    In the future through overuse over abuse and over population Earth has become toxic to human life Light years away exoplanet Exilon 5 is discovered to be a plausible place to relocate humans to Only problem? It’s already inhabited by another species Solution? Force the indigenous population to die or adapt to the changes necessary to support human life Or just maybe they will learn to adapt and hide underground seeking ways to learn about the invaders Maybe they have grown smarter powerful and superior in many ways to the human race Bill Taggert an International Task Force Agent is charged with investigating this race called Indigenes but Bill has his own agenda on Exilon 5 His wife is missing and presumed murdered by the Indigenes and he intends to get definitive answers in the hopes of finding closure Contact has been made with an Indigene Stephen but attempts to capture him failed Meanwhile a young woman Laura on her first day at a new high security job at the ESC Earth Security Center has discovered highly sensitive files that she can’t help but read When she is secretly given information on the same subjects Bill Taggert and the Indigenes she is drawn into a twisted and terrifying conspiracy that runs all the way to the top of the political chain What are the dark secrets being withheld from the population? Why is it necessary for every action made by the population to be monitored by the government?Viewed and told through multiple POVs the plot is intricate involved and intense With several necessary subplots racing along concurrently the answers to what is going on will be HUGE Remember two worlds two races two histories but what about the future?? Good intentions vs selfish desires are all part of this story too What will the final outcome be? Will the human race destroy another world in its uest for supremacy and survival or are the only the privileged few going to come out on top?Eliza Green had me from page one Her creative world building constructed a panoramic view of the conseuences of two worlds colliding where both sides want to win neither trusting the other Will good conuer evil? I for one am looking forward to book two especially after book one’s stellar ending If you like Sci fi futuristic tales dystopian worlds with underdog ‘good guys’ fighting the good fight I think you’ll like this After book one and meeting Daphne I’m rooting for the IndigenesFor reviews and other book related things please visit

  4. G.G. G.G. says:

    I decided to buy the book and give it a chance after reading the reviews where it was sold My EReader is full of free books from promotion but this one caught my attention I hadn't read a sci fi in a while so I thought Why not?Although a little bit hard to follow at times when the author moves from one character to another to introduce them I understood that at some point it would fit together It was just hard to remember everything The author did an amazing job with the Indigene Stephen as I did not have problems at all empathizing with him It was not as easy to do so with any of the other humans and that is why I could not really give it a 5 A self published book that was worth reading

  5. Chris Dietzel Chris Dietzel says:

    I've been eager to read this for a while now Seeing as how it's a dystopian based on a polluted and overcrowded Earth it was right up my alley The basic premise and cover reminded me of the Sci Fi movie 'Another Earth' But where the movie is understated and deals with the possibility of another planet of humans 'Becoming Human' takes a Sci Fi approach with its action and space exploration The story started out strong Green has a good voice as a writer the dialogue is realistic and drives the story forward and the plot unfolds at a good pace On this other planet a race of people almost exactly like humans is considered a threat Blending mystery and suspense a secret begins to unfold Knowing that there are two books in the series you know there will be at least some uestions left unanswered While I'm curious to find out what ultimately happens the freuent point of view changes and how many different characters the story tried to follow made it difficult to become invested in every storyline But it was still an interesting idea that made me want to read to the end to find out what happened

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This book has a lot of different character perspectives I have a general rule that I will only allow tolerate this kind of thing from George RR Martin because he gives me no choice even if I skip all the chapters starting with Theon to read all the chapters starting with Tyrion instead Tangent overSo we have Bill Stephen Jenny Ben some guy and his parents a pilot the guy that has a crush on the pilot some evil GovernmentCorporate staff so on an so forth I have just listed 9 possible character perspectives You feel me?In the future earth has turned into the cesspit that we all saw coming unbreathable air hardly any natural food to be found but there is a solution and Exilon is it's name However Exilon is already inhabited by a mostly underground species that lives in crude tunnels underground they are tall fast colder blooded and kill ravenously and eat their prey raw And when the attempts at colonization begin the brutal change in atmosphere devastates themBut some survived and Bill is on a top secret mission to track them down Because the new human population of Exilon is not supposed to know about indigenous species and when humans start disappearing their disappearance is thought to be caused by the IndoginesThe story centers around Indogine Stephen's attempt to talk to a little earthling boy named Ben and to ask him uestions like What species are you and Does your skin repel water too Because that's never not creepyview spoilerHere's the thing this indigenous civilization that we met in the beginning that seemed so crude and bestial is actuallyhardier smarter faster better with technology then humans could ever beAnd they are confused why people from Earth came in and destroyed their home and turned their environment into something they couldn't live in Nowbeing these awesome super smart technologically minded super beings that they aredesperate to find the answers to these pressing uestions do they obtain an Encyclopedia perhaps listen in to the news? Hack whatever form of internet currently exists? Simply eavesdrop on people with their super duper senses? NO THEY DO NONE OF THISwhat they actually do is spend countless time and hours developing special filters to put in their nose and down their throat to breath the atmosphere they spend hours upon hours studying video surveillance of a couple at a bar seriously they can tap into video surveillance and this is the plan?? to learn how to move like humans then spend countless hours developing special silicon I think? like suits that sort of not really look like human skin and then finally their plan is complete yes Stephen our friendly Indogine starts talking with a small 8 ? year old boy to find the answers about the mass genocide of his people Seriously all those resources? And that was the goal?After which they sneak on a spaceship to earth with a yet unformulated plan to make the earth aware that they existed Which if I was a super intelligent being that could hack into technology I might justI don't know beam a video of myself to the people on earth and set the record straightbut apparently that would be too easy And all the different perspectives sort of connect a bit but most of them aren't really that compelling hide spoiler

  7. Eydís Eydís says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI loved itThe story is written from several points of view both on Earth and Exilon 5 and personally I loved these sneak peaks into a not too distant future; each character giving their uniue flavour and adding to the big pictureThe characters were believable each with their own distinct personality; driven by their goals for the future or demons of the past or presentIt pleased me that even though halfway into the novel I had guessed some of the plot that in the end parts of it still surprised me So I got to feel smart AND be taken by surprise simultaneously yayMy only complaint is the number of missing words and occasional grammatical errors but I'm willing to overlook that for the sake of the uality of the story as well as knowing that it comes from an indie authorThis first book covers the world building back story and introduces the main players all building up to the main story to be carried out in the following books in the series A clever way to ensure that readers will read the seuels I for one want to know what happens nextOn a side note why are people classifying this book as Young Adult? I'm puzzled because it is clearly not

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    This was a really good book A great break from all the young adult novels that I have been reading lately It was written well and the book kept me intrigued the whole time I think because I have read George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series I was able to follow all the different point of views and characters a lot easier All the characters added something different to the story and I loved how it was starting to all tie together towards the end That was done well especially with the many different characters's we were following The one con to the book is that end was too abrupt I was confused at the end It didn't seem to fit the rest of the book but otherwise it was a good read Can't wait until I can read the next one I am excited to find out I would definitely recommend this book to sci fi readers It is an idea different enough to break away from many of the popular books out and it really makes you think about the future

  9. Brittany Brittany says:

    Check out my blog to see Reviews of Books and Movies as well as Recipes and DIY projectsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review Becoming Human the 1st book in the Exilon 5 Trilogy is written by Eliza Green Admittedly I was surprised that this was written by a woman from the first 13 of the book I had the feeling that it was written by a man Considering that the story is told predominantly through the eyes of men I must commend Eliza on capturing the essence of man in storytelling views Becoming Human is based in the year 2163 when Earth is overpopulated and polluted to the point that the sun is no longer visible in the sky and the temperatures have dropped A planet named Exilon 5 has been terraformed and has replicated 5 major cities that people have started being transported to However the race that was on Exilon 5 before the terraforming process were not completely annihilated and have continued to thrive under the surface Eliza does a great job of combining many fears and speculations into her futuristic novel Everyone has an ID chip embedded in their thumb that is used for everything from signatures to building entry Overcrowding has reached the point that bodies of water have been filled in to create housing Medical advances allow people to live well into their 100s reaching 175 as a ripe old age Optional suicide booths that inject a substance to painlessly kill people due to the mass overcrowding Workers are reuired for weeks at a time with drugs that allow them to stay awake and only getting hours or a single day off after a week or longer shift With no space for additional housing and the lack of sunlight from the layer of pollution food can no longer be grown on Earth and people eat and drink substances from food replication machines to get the appropriate nutrients Vitamin D shots are readily available for mood enhancement due to the lack of sunlight The Prologue to the book had useful information but was very dry and overly technical It kind of set a negative tone for the book and I was a little worried about whether or not I would be reading an enjoyable story or a science fiction technical novel; luckily the rest of book is much inviting and easy to become immersed in Eliza has written a lot of characters that are cold and detached in many ways and yet still have the ability for you to get to know them and want to know about their stories The main negative thing that I have to say about this book would be the dry prologue and the fact that it needs a cleaner edit There were times within the novel that some sentences would be incomplete or missing a word on the end of them Becoming Human is written from many different perspectives to give a whole picture kind of feel In the beginning it took a little bit of getting used to with a bit of jumping around in locations but once I got into the story line and used to the different locations of main characters I had no problems seamlessly switching between people and locations for pieces of the puzzle that was uncovering the big secret of Exilon 5 Overall I think that Eliza has a winning story with Becoming Human The build up is done well with hints at possibilities but nothing to amount to the actual ending of the story The book closes well with lead up into the next book in the Trilogy but not with a complete drop off I enjoyed the characters and was definitely feeling anger and disgust at what the leading organizations have been up to and I am definitely interested in reading the second book Altered Reality I give this book 45 stars and could easily bump it up to 5 with some cleaner edit and a prologue that was easily to connect with If you are into Sci Fi Futuristic novels Mysteries Suspense Space travel and Terraforming this book is definitely right up your alley

  10. E.K. Carmel E.K. Carmel says:

    I won a copy of Becoming Human by Eliza Green when the author guest posted on a blog I read I had never heard of the author but liked her voice in the post and thought the book sounded interesting It's the first of what I understand is a planned trilogy and I think it's very good for a first publishing effort Ms Green is an indie author and I was impressed by the level of professionalism here the cover was beautiful the copy editing was superb and I only had a small uibble with the content editingI was intrigued by the idea of a member of an indiginous species attempting to become human in an effort to protect the rest of his people from further harm by the humans who have changed the ecosystem of his planet and begun colonizing itAs is often the case this book is the set up for the meat of the story which I assume will happen in later books Which is ok as long as there is a good story This had a lot of promise and in my opinion mostly delivered Part way through however I got bogged down by the many different groups of characters on Earth and Exilon 5 This isn't unusual in scifi on a grand scale certainly not in the fantasy I've been reading of the last few years I just haven't read any lately and didn't expect itThe author does a good job of revealing little bits of the mystery though I was a little disappointed I figured some of it out before the end However there's enough left open to whet my appetite for the next bookOverall I enjoyed Becoming Human and I'm looking forward to Ms Green's next one

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