Hardcover ã Enforcing Order eBook å

Hardcover ã Enforcing Order eBook å

Enforcing Order ❮Reading❯ ➶ Enforcing Order Author Didier Fassin – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Most incidents of urban unrest in recent decades including the riots in France Britain and other Western countries have followed lethal interactions between the youth and the police Usually these take Most incidents of urban unrest in recent decades including the riots in France Britain and other Western countries have followed lethal interactions between the youth and the police Usually these take place in disadvantaged neighborhoods composed of working class families of immigrant origin or belonging to ethnic minorities These tragic events have received a great deal of media coverage but we know very little about the everyday activities of urban policing that lie behind them Over the course of months at the time of the riots Didier Fassin carried out an ethnographic study in one of the largest precincts in the Paris region sharing the life of a police station and cruising with the patrols in particular the dreaded anti crime suads Far from the imaginary worlds created by television series and action movies he uncovers the ordinary aspects of law enforcement characterized by inactivity and boredom by eventless days and nights where minor infractions give rise to spectacular displays of force and where officers express doubts about the significance and value of their own jobs Describing the invisible manifestations of violence and unrecognized forms of discrimination against minority youngsters undocumented immigrants and Roma people he analyses the conditions that make them possible and tolerable including entrenched policies of segregation and stigmatization economic marginalization and racial discriminationRichly documented and compellingly told this uniue account of contemporary urban policing shows that instead of enforcing the law the police are engaged in the task of enforcing an uneual social order in the name of public security.

10 thoughts on “Enforcing Order

  1. Cathy Cathy says:

    The best book written on contemporary France and one of the best books on policing in general This is a gorgeous book Beautifully written sensitively analyzed compassionate and passionate ethnography of the policing of minority communities in France but relevant to all interested in racial ineuality and police violence

  2. Vicki Vicki says:

    I have a hard time rating books that I must read for class My enjoyment of such works are impacted by the forced nature of my reading Regardless Fassin's ethnography was uite engaging I am able to draw parallels from the setting in Paris to the police work in the United States I will likely be referring to this book in the future

  3. SpaceBear SpaceBear says:

    An incredible exploration of contemporary policing in the urban context Fassin draws from a large amount of experience conducted ethnographic research with police in the Parisian banlieue suburbs He analyses both the culture of the police as well as their relationship with the people whom they are supposed to be protecting and serving Most of the French police are working class from outside Paris and the banlieue are populated mostly by ethnic minorities This creates a dynamic in which the police see themselves as the front line in a 'war' on criminal immigrants Although the police see themselves as the ones protecting society at large from the criminals they are really provoking problems than they are able to solve At the same time they serve merely as a tool of the state to impose social order at the bottom of which are those of North or Sub Saharan African identity The book speaks to the futility of 'stop and search' techniues as well as patrol based policing Further it lays clearly the means in which policing can be both racist holding a lesser view of the other as well as discriminating racial profiling since it is likely to result in an arrest

  4. Rosie La tierra Rosie La tierra says:

    This is an amazing ethnography written by an anthropologistsociologist on the police force that patrols a low income neighborhood in France One of the best books I have read in awhile

  5. Miriam Miriam says:

    I had to read this for my anthropology of the state course at uni and its very enlightening It's fairly good to read some bits I had to read twice to understand but it was mainly smooth sailing It's a really interesting subject And especially with everything going on right now with the black lives matter movements and talk about police brutality in America its interesting to read It explains the reasoning behind the brute anticrime suads in the Banlieues and why they use the amount of violence that they do I recommend reading this book a lot

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    Fassin dives into an ethnography of French policing Perhaps he makes an affective move of highlighting the banality of patrolling through the style of his text I wish there were on the relation between the police and the populace

  7. Stefan Lischewski Stefan Lischewski says:

    One of the best ethnographies I read so far

  8. Soraninn Soraninn says:

    Indispensable dans son domaine accessible et très éclairant Lecture importante par les temps ui courent pour aider à se poser les bonnes uestions concernant les forces de l'ordre et leurs dysfonctionnements structurels politiues et professionnels

  9. Alex Lindsay Alex Lindsay says:

    A must read for anyone with an opinion on the state of policing in society today as well as the role of police and its relationship to the state Very well written and informative

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