High In Trial PDF â High In Epub /

High In Trial PDF â High In Epub /

High In Trial (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries, #7)/All That Glitters ➢ High In Trial (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries, #7)/All That Glitters Ebook ➨ Author Donna Ball – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk A weekend competition turns deadly in this seventh Raine Stockton Dog MysteryDog trainer Raine Stockton and her happy go lucky golden retriever Cisco have been looking forward the opening weekend of A A weekend competition turns deadly in this seventh Raine Stockton Dog MysteryDog trainer Raine Stockton and her happy go lucky golden retriever Cisco have been looking forward the opening weekend of AKC competitive agility all winter They travel to the low country of South Carolina to compete against some of the top dogs in the southeast for blue ribbons sueaky toys and perhaps even that elusive title of High in Trial But even in this carefree atmosphere of high spirited dogs and dedicated High In Epub / owners ambition runs high and when one of the competitors is found brutally murdered it begins to look as though corruption might have penetrated even this last bastion of decency and sportsmanship the AKCWhile Raine and Cisco stalk a killer a twenty year old mystery is unfolding back home that will have devastating conseuences for Raine and those she loves and every hour that passes brings a deadly threat closerALL THAT GLITTERSThe short story is actually a preuel to the entire series describing how how Raine and Cisco first met and solved their first mystery together.

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  1. Midwest Geek Midwest Geek says:

    This is a short cozy mystery only 265 pages This paperback edition includes the short story All That Glitters which can be obtained separately as an audiobook or e book High in Trial is also available separately in audio and in Kindle I mention these things because the listing here on GR is uite confusingI liked the High in Trial mystery that centered on a recent parolee her deceased father a judge and his former secretary For decription of the content see other reviews such as the one by Kristen At times the mystery seems to take a back stage to Raine's personal life and her agility competitions with her golden retriever Cisco So if you don't love dogs and hearing about or learning about dog trials you are apt to feel dissatisfied Donna Ball writes well; I continue to think this series is underappreciated She chose to tilt against the major publishing houses and start her own Blue Merle Publishing She learned the hard way about the way in which her promotion and distribution suffered For about this see her web site Her Ladybug Farm series for children seems to have received wider recognition I also read the short story which has a kind of Christmas feel good theme It also includes how Raine came to adopt Cisco There is some mystery but I wasn't impressed with this brief episode

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    High in Trial opens with a car wreck in 1992 and the arrest of Jerimiah Allen Berman for a robbery turned murder Moving into present day we find our heroes Raine and her golden retriever Cisco in Pembroke SC for the opening weekend of AKC competitive agility The excitement is soon overshadowed by the brutal murder of another competitor Back home in Hansonville NC Buck Lawson Raine’s ex husband is acting as sheriff and receives a notification of Berman's release A search to discover the reasoning behind Berman's hatred for Raine's father will soon unearth secrets that will forever alter Raine's lifeBook seven in the Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries series alternates begins in the past with a story that will leave readers wondering what exactly it could have to do with present day occurrences The rest of the book alternates chapters between Pembroke SC and Hansonville NC so that the reader is enthralled in both stories and looking forward to the discovery of how the two intertwine Also included at the end of the book is a short Christmas story which includes the tale of how Cisco came into Raine's life along with her two Shepherds Overall this is a great addition to the series with the inclusion of a mystery from Raine's family life Readers are left wondering how Raine will handle this new development and what it will mean for Dog Daze

  3. Mary Mcelroy Mary Mcelroy says:

    I enjoyed this and actually laughed out loud a couple of times at agility references I will read of this series Light easy reading

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    Another Donna Ball book that will appeal mostly to dog fanatics such as myself This installment of the Raine Stockton series with her golden retriever Cisco takes place at an agility trial Agility trainers will appreciate the detail of Cisco's runs but probably not be convinced of the possibility of a high stakes agility cup Anyway it's a very short fast paced read or listen if you do audiobooks

  5. Jewett Jewett says:

    It's hard to keep reviewing books in a series because if you like one you probably like them all but in this series they just keep getting better Maybe you have to be a dog lover to enjoy this one because it centers around dog trials but I loved it

  6. Ellen Thielen Ellen Thielen says:

    This series follows a dog trainer and her misadventures

  7. Amy Amy says:

    This is the book that drew me to the series But I purchased all the books and have been patiently reading them in order So excited that I reached this book in my readings and it did not disappoint For anyone in the agility world Ball is spot on in her descriptions She brings such emotions to me the reader just in her descriptions of Cisco Bullets are flying and yet Ball can capture the confusion on Cisco's face and my heart drops as I can visualize him Ball knows how to bring to dogs to life in her books By far the best writer of dog books I am very glad I have read them in order as I feel a part of Raine's life and family and this book had some monumental relationship revelations I will always want Raine and Buck back together though

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    I need to figure out the order in which the Raine Stockton books were published as I thoroughly enjoyed this one Granted the combination of dog mystery and dog sports is enough to make me happy but this book was well written with some really great twists in it I was positive that I knew who'd done it but I was very wrong Also not everything ended up hunky dory the ending left me wanting to read I can't stand it when everything is neatly resolved or rushed into resolution at the end of the book so I was glad to see that the author left lots of room for the storyline and characters to grow Excellent book I can't wait to read

  9. angela yargus angela yargus says:

    She Never Lets You DownI just finished High in Trial my heart beat isn't uite back to normal but I can give a testimony to this series A plus As a lover of dogs their training the pride and love that they evoke for their human partners I could relate to all that Raine experienced both logically and emotionally even though I know that being a dog lover the two traits do not have the possibility of existing at the same moment in our minds; logic has to be the first instinctEven if you are not deeply involved with the dog world you can be assured that you will love this book and it's authorI love you Donna Ball

  10. Jeanne Stephens Jeanne Stephens says:

    This latest book in the Raine Stockton Series is unputdownable It was written in such a way that kept you wondering “What will happen next?”I love the series because it is usually set in the mountains and it has wonderful dog stories This book is almost all set in South Carolina as Raine takes Cisco to a Field Trial weekendI loved reading about the field trials It was almost as if I was there I enjoy watching them on Animal Planet The dogs and owners always look like they are having so much funThis book is fast paced interesting and enjoyable You will love it

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