Every Parents Nightmare MOBI ´ Every Parents eBook

Every Parents Nightmare MOBI ´ Every Parents eBook

Every Parents Nightmare ➽ [Download] ✤ Every Parents Nightmare By Belinda Hawkins ➲ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk What would you do if your son was jailed for life in a hellhole of a bulgarian prison for a crime you believe he didn't commitIn 2009 young Australian traveller Jock Palfreeman was found guilty of the What would you do if your son was jailed for life in a hellhole of a bulgarian prison for a crime you believe he didn't commitIn young Australian traveller Jock Palfreeman was found guilty of the murder of Andrei Monov the only son of Every Parents eBook º two people well connected in the Sofia legal fraternity He claims he went to the defence of Gypsies being attacked by Monov and a bunch of soccer hooligans The Bulgarians claim it was an act of cold blooded murderIn a case of many twists and turns where vital evidence was kept out of court and crucial witnesses never called Belinda Hawkins brings to life the legal battle that haunted two shattered families on opposite sides of the globe She also reminds us of the dangers we all confront when travelling to worlds very different from our own But it is the attempt by Jock's father Dr Simon Palfreeman to obtain justice for his son and the terrifying emotional cost involved that are at the heart of Every Parent's NightmareThis is the harrowing story of what happens when world's collide It is also the powerful and heartbreaking story of one father's fight to prove his son's innocence.

  • Paperback
  • 317 pages
  • Every Parents Nightmare
  • Belinda Hawkins
  • English
  • 10 August 2016
  • 9781742379852

10 thoughts on “Every Parents Nightmare

  1. Helen McKenna Helen McKenna says:

    While most Australians will be very familiar with the Chapelle Corby case very few have probably heard of Jock Palfreeman Yet Jock is living the same nightmare as Chapelle he is currently stuck in a foreign prison for a crime he believes he did not commit and has very little hope of being released within the next decadeLike thousands of other young Australian travellers Jock set off for his big adventure back in 2006 Not one to stick to the normal tourist trail Jock preferred to find off the beaten track places to visit often volunteering and sleeping rough in his efforts to experience another culture That was how he came to end up in Bulgaria Having visited the country before he was keen to head back and visit friends for the Christmas break in 2007 Unfortunately that decision set him on a collision course with an evil crime that left a young man deadJock and his friends were having a night out in the city of Sofia Although he did not normally carry a knife on that night Jock made the fateful decision to borrow his friend's knife for protection given that violence is a real issue in some areas of Bulgaria As he and his friends were heading back home they came across a group of hooligans who appeared to be attacking a young gypsy man Initially electing to steer clear of the fray eventually Jock put himself in danger to assist the young man and that was when things turned really uglyThere is not a clear account of what happened next just dozens of different versions which when pieced together would seem to indicate that it was not Jock who stabbed and killed a young Bulgarian student Yet Jock was arrested and has remained in prison to this day charged with the murderJournalist Belinda Hawkins took a personal interest in the case and this book is the result of her extensive and thorough research The odds stacked against Jock are monumental language difficulties being a foreigner the fact that the murder victim was the son of prominent citizens as well as an inefficent and corrupt police system His family have also worked long and hard in their efforts to have Jock's case appealed but to this day it has not happened Although very well written Every Parents Nightmare is uite information heavy Also as there are so many accounts of what happened that night it is easy to get a bit bamboozled with all the facts For that reason I found I had to re read parts and really think to get all the info straightAll in all this is a hearbreaking story that is indeed every parent's nightmare It will also make any parent whose child has returned safely home from an overseas adventure extremely grateful

  2. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    In 2008 ABC TV's Australian Story senior journalist Belinda Hawkins fielded a phone call about a young man being held in a Bulgarian prison Jock Palfreeman an Australian national and British Army recruit had been accused of murder after a brawl in the country's capital and was facing a life sentence The story caught Hawkins interest and this book Every Parent's Nightmare is the result of a comprehensive five year investigationWith access to police reports legal documents CCTV footage and witnesses Hawkins pieces together the most likely seuence of events on the night of December 27th 2007 after Jock Palfreeman's decision to defend a Gypsy being harassed by a drunken group of privileged young Bulgarians She then goes on to expose the flawed investigation and corrupt procedures that led to Jock's conviction for the murder of Andrei MonovCooperation from Jock and his father Dr Simon Freeman ensures that the personal costs of this harrowing case are not forgotten It is every parents nightmare to wave your child off on an overseas adventure only to be faced with a horrific situation such as this As Jock languishes in a crumbling soviet jail his father and family continue to fight for his health safety and freedomWhether Jock Palfreeman is actually responsible for inflicting the wound that killed Andrei Monov remains a mystery Jock claims to not remember and the 'witness' accounts are proved here to be completely unreliable What is evident from Hawkins detailed and exhaustive study of this case and is independently verified by experts is that this young Australian did not receive a fair trialJock remains in a Bulgarian prison serving a twenty year sentence despite the reciprocal extradition agreement between our countries Bulgaria is demanding a financial contribution from the Palfreeman family in order to agree to Jock serving his remaining sentence in Australia while Monov's grieving well connected parents continue to exert influence on decisions about his caseEvery Parent's Nightmare is a well crafted and meticulously researched account of a tragedy that left one young man dead and another jailed for life Confronting moving and utterly gripping this is a true life story that deserves public noticeUpdates on Jock Freeman's case can be found at Every Parent's Nightmare while you can pledge your support at FreeJockcom

  3. Gabriel Hershman Gabriel Hershman says:

    This review is from Every Parent's Nightmare Jock Palfreeman and the true Story of His Father's Fight to Save Him from a Lifetime in a Bulgarian Jail Paperback This is an absolutely essential book for everyone interested in the Jock Palfreeman case and the monumental injustice that is so painstakingly chronicled here It will also be of interest to anyone wanting to understand why many of us felt that Bulgaria's entry into the EU was premature precisely because of the lack of objectivity and transparency in its legal system and the disgusting conditions in which prisoners are heldHawkins takes us through every stage of a flawed judicial process and shows us how being in the wrong place at the wrong time alongside the wrong people can change one's life forever Every Parent's Nightmare documents all the oversights contradictions incompetence selective use of evidence and uestionable rulings in both the first trial and subseuent appealHawkins is at pains not to be too partial towards the Palfreemans and her book is all the effective for that But in the end it does make you wonder how the Bulgarian authorities could sentence a decent young man to 20 years inside a hellhole jail and yet fail to provide consistent reasons for so doingI cannot recommend this highly enough

  4. Rob Rob says:

    This is the story of a thrill seeking liar who with a bellyful of alcohol decided to stab someone It’d be a good read if it weren’t an apologist’s tale Palfreeman has intentionally and repeatedly obfuscated his story to beguile the willing avoiding to mention his background as a troublesome nuisance adolescent at school and that he has a prior incident in NSW identical to what he did in Sofia What he and his apologists avoid to confront is that he had been drinking in Sofia returning to his room to arm himself with a large butterfly knife to re emerge on the street Why would someone do that? He has also completely manufactured the story of the presence of gypsies and skinheads 15 no less The authorities’ stern treatment due to his misbehaviour and bellicosity in the Bulgarian prison is a problem of his own making

  5. Biblionorth Biblionorth says:

    This is an excellent non fiction book well written and well edited The story it tells seems to belong to the realm of fantasy the nightmarish type With an intriguing cast of characters to encounter and chaotic accounts from witnesses of the events Belinda Hawkins chooses to present it in chronological order and thus brings much desired clarity to the confusion that appears to have prevailed throughout the trial She takes us on a journey filled with a vast range of emotions from bewilderment dismay and shock to warm empathy and great admirationThis is an important story one that had to be told to straighten the records and should be read by all if only to remind us of the fragility of life It is about courage truth and resilience it is about families and relationships about human rights politics law and corruption This story is not over yet Once you read it you'll want to follow up on internet at wwwfreejockcom

  6. David Shankey David Shankey says:

    Although the world is full of injustice and tragedy most of us even with our leisure filled lives do nothing about it If we all picked just one event incident or cause and tried to nudge it towards a better outcome it might just decrease ever so slightly the suffering around us Belinda Hawkins has done her share by writing this book which seeks to highlight the injustice and tragedy of the Jock Palfreyman story An imperfect but passionate man who as a result of his his own impulsive actions in the space of five minutes finds himself caught in a miscarriage of justice in a foreign land The author writes without judgement of any of the participants of the story but the careful unfolding of the facts leads relentlessly to the conclusion that what has happened to Jock Palfreyman is not fair and that his case deserves the attention and effort of all who hear about it to nudge his case to a better outcome

  7. Jessica Chasen Jessica Chasen says:

    Belinda Hawkins has done a fantastic job To take so much information and put it into digestible pieces so that the reader can make their own conclusion is no easy task I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good non fiction read which challenges your internal struggle What would you do in the same situation?

  8. Mrs Barbara Helleman Mrs Barbara Helleman says:

    This is a brilliant book which has been superbly researched and written The story of Jock Palfreeman and his father’s uest for his son’s freedom caught up in the Bulgarian legal system is both compelling and disturbing reading Whilst written in 2013 Jocks recent release on parole and the continued challenges occurring regarding that decision ensure the book has lasting relevance A must read

  9. Claire Claire says:

    A detailed insight into Jock's terrible ordeal It often left my heart racing with frustration at the injustice of his situation and trial A fantastic read

  10. Lauren K Lauren K says:

    In Every Parent’s Nightmare Australian journalist Belinda Hawkins meticulously recreates the night that changed young Australian Jock Palfreeman’s night forever and the months and years that have followed that day In 2009 Jock Palfreeman claimed he tried to help a Gypsy who was being attacked by a bunch of soccer hooligans but the combination of alcohol and gang mentality created chaos and Jock finds himself locked up in a Bulgarian prison accused of stabbing Andrei Monov to his death Certain it’s all been a big misunderstanding and confident that he will be out of prison swiftly it’s some time before Jock realises the seriousness of the allegations he faces Outside the prison walls the Monov family have summoned a rather large supportive following and the young Australian is being slandered in the mediaIt becomes clear early in the story that Hawkins is a talented investigative journalist who has followed many leads and uestioned many stakeholders in this case to try to gather as much information as possible If only the Bulgarian police and legal representatives had done the same It’s frighteningly frustrating to read how many careless mistakes were made and how people in power can change someone’s life forever I just can’t believe how much value the legal system put on the group of boys’ statements about the evening when they were so clearly unreliable I just kept thinking to myself that would never happen here in AustraliaBelinda doesn’t paint Jock as a saint; she provides a holistic perspective on this adventurous young bloke whose strengths are sometimes his greatest weakness I really empathised for him throughout the story and could relate to his frustration at the bureaucracies he faced How helpless and disempowered he must have felt at times And yet he’s a strong guy who tries to make the best of any situation; I enjoyed reading about his antics in prison how he advocated for fair treatment and stood up for prisoner rights I could also relate and empathise with Jock’s father Simon a timid man who faces one of the biggest challenges of his life Hawkins realistically portrays the range of emotions Simon must have experienced when he learnt his son was locked up in a Bulgarian prison The ambivalence he initially felt at Jock’s innocence to the strong sense of injustice he feels when he realises that there’s not enough power on his son’s side to ensure he has a fair trialEvery Parent’s Nightmare is the true story of a young man’s fate on trial in Bulgaria I experienced so many different emotions reading this story but the most prominent was frustration and disbelief It certainly makes me appreciate my home country Though I love to travel I can’t say Bulgaria will make it on my bucket list after reading this story

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