The Sweetwater Trail eBook ´ The Sweetwater ePUB

The Sweetwater Trail eBook ´ The Sweetwater ePUB

The Sweetwater Trail [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Sweetwater Trail By N.L. Campbell – Felicity Sinclair slept between silk sheets in New York but on the trail to the Oregon Territory she’s awake at night wrapped in a uilt of regret Her father’s railroad swindle cost Felicity everyt Felicity Sinclair slept between silk sheets in New York but on the trail to the Oregon Territory she’s awake at night wrapped in a uilt of regret Her father’s railroad swindle cost Felicity everything including her engagement to Edmund Ormond But Felicity isn’t the The Sweetwater ePUB ↠ demure debutante she appears to be She rolls up her lace edged sleeves to survive the trail to the Oregon Territory a journey of miles of trial and error where every mile travelled is drier than the one before Where the game is scarce and the graves common and life depends on keeping the oxen alive Rye Jones with eyes as cold as a Kansas river crossing studies her at night over the campfire How much of her father’s deceptive wiles did Felicity inherit The wagon train leader invested in the Garrety Brown Railroad and lost his medical practice his wife and his child But Rye is drawn to Felicity by her determination to leave her past in the prairie grass Felicity must choose a scratched out existence in the Oregon wilderness with Rye or escape to a life of ease in New York with Edmund.

10 thoughts on “The Sweetwater Trail

  1. Megan Megan says:

    Hard timesGood story peopled with interesting characters I found the author's style a little choppy and hard to follow so found myself rereading uite a few paragraphs to keep the different perspectives straight in my head Plot kept me interested in the outcome

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  3. Judy Judy says:

    I loved this story Yes the book did have uite a few grammatical mistakes especially toward the end of the book It was as though the author or whoever was responsible for proofreading just gave out during the last 13 Now that we have the grammar issues out of the way I must say this was a wonderful wonderful storyThe author's writing style is a little different than most NL Campbell doesn't give you complete scenarios as the story is written rather the reader is left to wonder if they missed something but the missing pieces are slowly filled in throughout the book I recommend that the reader have patience and confidence that the story line will be completed just continue reading and hold onto your uestions they will be answeredspoilers Felicity took to the Oregon Trail because her father gave her no choice She was a society miss from New York engaged to be married to a gent who was sure to have a sterling political career However her father's uestionable business choices took all that away from her She soon found herself bound for Oregon as part of a wagon train along with some of her relatives Cholera struck and killed off the men Felicity was left behind with her pregnant cousin Hannah and Hannah's mother Agnes Shortly thereafter Hannah died in childbirth and Felicity found herself responsible for Hannah's baby boy and her Aunt Agnes Felicity had no background to recommend her for the Oregon Trail The trail boss Rye tried to get her to turn back and when she refused Rye pushed prodded and angered her along the trail until she toughened out enough to do what she needed to doI loved Felicity and her character She had everything it took to be a true pioneer woman and typified those who gave the trail and their hope of a better life their all Whether these women were leaving behind a fancy life following their men and their dreams or hoping for a new start they forged a path that helped make our nation what it is today I can't wait for the next book in this series

  4. Dani Moore Dani Moore says:

    Felicity Sinclair was spoiled although she didn't know it Used to having the best of everything and now she was marrying the best as well Edmund Ormond soon to be a senator Well at least if she could fit into her wedding dressbut the tasty morsels call to herand she usually gives in If that were only the least of her trials Soon her family is beset by scandal her marriage canceled her family disgraced Her mother unhinged burns down their house and herself So Felicity and her father head west with her crotchety Aunt Agnes and Uncle Gerald Felicity could never imagine the terrors that await her on the trail She grows into a woman without even realizing it was happening Will God see her through everything? Is there a happy future for her? I won't spoil it for you A wonderful tale of grit and determination warts and all a story based on the true history of the Oregon Trail

  5. Emmy Emmy says:

    35This was an entertaining fast read It was close to being a full 4 stars except for a few things Some parts of the writing felt a little disjointed big jumps in time with no explanations that type of thing Also the final resolution felt a little anti climatic for me I think that could have been built up a little better I really enjoyed the bits of humor between Rye and Felicity although one of the jokes fell a bit flat but the progression of their relationship at least from Rye's perspective didn't feel exactly right Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but their were one or two instances that threw me in regards to the evolution of his feelings for Felicity But overall this was a nice clean romance that gives you a good feel for the harsh realities of the Oregon Trail

  6. LadyCalico LadyCalico says:

    This is one of those books that had plot weaknesses that should have bothered the heck out of me like why was the dying father cryptic about the importance of the law books just spit it out man you are dying but I loved the book so much that I overlooked them and just went along for the ride It is a rather unusual and better than average Oregon Trail story with a broad mix of interesting characters Felicity seems like a sap at first but initial impressions prove to be deceiving and we get to see guts and grit in her than your average dumb histrionic romance heroine Some parts of the story were pretty far fetched but overall it was a very engaging and entertaining read

  7. Melissa Melissa says:

    Not like the usual Oregon Trail books I read At first I wasn't sure about this book I'm glad I didn't give up on it The I read the interested I was in what was going to happen next There were some negative comments that I didn't see until later about the writing style or writing mistakes But it was the story and the characters that had my attention not any writing mistakes At first I didn't really like the main character She went thru a lot became someone that I wanted to have a happy ending To me a good book is a book where I care what happens to the main characters I'm looking forward to reading the seuel which doesn't seem to be available yet

  8. Lisa C. Lisa C. says:

    This was a fun entertaining read Although this type of story has been done over and over again this kept my interest After reading it I found myself thinking about the main characters and wondering where the next book will take themI liked the fact Felicity had been a city girl to the core and found it in herself to break free from her inadeuacies to become a strong independent young woman And she did it all herselfOf course you have to have a brooding handsome wagon master and Rye didn't disappoint He allowed Felicity to find her own way The interaction between them was very entertaining I enjoyed how they were so realistic and like 'regular' people

  9. Kari Kari says:

    This was a nice uick easy read I didn't care for so much internal thinking at the beginning of the book and at times it was tricky to keep track of who was speaking during conversation Overall though I thought the story and the characters were well developed I enjoyed observing the respect and love that developed between Felicity and Rye They were both believably flawed rather than being too good to be true characters; their banter was very real This story made me appreciate how difficult the trail was for pioneers I look forward to reading the seuel

  10. Florence Primrose Florence Primrose says:

    Felicity plans to marry Edmund a prominent New Yorker when suddenly she is forced to leave New York due to illegal actions taken by her fatherFelicity struggles with the difficulties and perils on the Oregon Trail After her father's death she assumes much of the responsibilities of her family on the trail and eventually begins to enjoy the challenge as well as caring for the driver RyeBut in the west Edmund shows up and demands she return to New YorkThis was a slightly different take of the wagon trains westward trips

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