The Burning Sky PDF/EPUB Å The Burning PDF \

The Burning Sky PDF/EPUB Å The Burning PDF \

  • Audiobook
  • The Burning Sky
  • Sherry Thomas
  • 03 May 2015
  • 9780062295385

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    Why should Atlantis pay any mind to me?Because you are younger and have far potentialPotential for what?For greatness The Burning Sky is the author's first YA Fantasy novel after writing many adult Historical Romance novels and it really shows I expected some light fantasy and possibly a romance I was okay with that but this story is so ridiculously superficial And not even in a fluffy somewhat enjoyable waySome of YA's toughest critics on Goodreads enjoyed this book so I felt sure I would love it But I felt my interest waning as soon as the Mary Sue MC waltzed in without a personality but with a big ol' The Chosen One banner hanging over her head Iolanthe Seabourne has no personality No hopes fears or defining characteristics beyond the fact that she is the greatest elemental mage of her generation She excels at everything cannot do any wrong is part of an old prophecy to be the saviour and is so lacking in anything interesting She's not even a character; she's an archetypeAnd every other character is an archetype too We have the evil tyrant the aged mentor and a brave prince called Titus who also manipulates Iolanthe to get her to behave the way he wants There is no depth to the characters no depth to the plot and the attempts at depth to the world resulted in lots of tedious info dumpingDespite there being tons of information in the beginning I still cannot envision the world this society or its history in the slightest Maybe because Thomas' style is very slow and difficult to read The superficial characters seem suited to a middle grade novel good guys always triumph evil villain handsome princes etc but the writing is way too heavy there's no flow to the style you have to push your way through itBy the last third of the book I was skim reading out of boredom and a desire to finishBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

  2. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Actual rating 35Be patientThat's the advice I would give to anyone starting this book I ended up liking it a lot but it took a long long time for me to get past the first few chaptersSherry Thomas is an established author in the Historical Romance genre; this is her first foray into the YA fantasy genre and I think it definitely shows I can see it in the writing style the book reads so much comfortably and flows so much smoothly when the author is writing about the Victorian England setting within the book and discussing the characters in general The action scenes the scenes involving magic and the alternate universe of the magical Domain are awkwardly written dry and uite poorly wrought outHer characters are excellent; well built complex without a doubt Iolanthe and Titus are my favorite thing about this book although I do have some minor complaints about them which I will address in a bit The characters excellent but the plot and the setting leaves a lot to be desiredThe first few chapters of the book did not leave me wanting at all The narration was dry emotionless the world building was without context with random magical elements thrown in that just left me frowning in confusion I was left unsure as to the time the place the setting because random terms and phrases and elements of magic were thrown at us without much context whatsoever Some things were eventually cleared up but the overwhelming impression I had of this book is that the world building is confusing and generic and the plot doesn't really make a whole lot of sense It suffers from a lot of telling not showingThe Plot The very beginning is just so so bad Iolanthe that's an awesome name by the way Seabourne living in Little Grind on Woe in the magical Domain receives some confusing messages about her destiny as one of the Great Elemental mages from her perpetually drunk guardian Master Haywood just before she summons some lightning from the sky to repair a batch of elixir that her guardian purposefully ruined so she wouldn't have the opportunity to use said elixir in a light show at a wedding at which she's supposed to perform because to be involved in such a performance would summon the attention of the Big Bad Atlantis Inuisitor and expose her for the potentially Great Elemental Mage that she supposedly isWait what? Huh???? Oh it gets betterPrince Titus VII Master of the Domain is within a fairytale He is about to kiss Sleeping Beauty when he is suddenly projected outside of The Crucible back in his own chambers He glances outside sees a bright white thunderbolt His destiny calls He Vaults teleports to Iolanthe where all hell is breaking loose He locks her inside a storage trunk sends it off to god knows where brilliant and then teleports himself away to a nonmage realm Victorian England in the year 1883 where he needs to find her again Where is that damned trunk?WHAT THE HELLDid I say that the beginning was bad? It was bad Luckily it picks up a lot from there Once both Iolanthe and Titus meet again after she's rescued from that trunk he finally explains what the fuck is going on He enlists her aid they set out to rescue the world from the Big Bad Magical Bane There's cross dressing There's school sessions at Eton there's traveling back and forth to the Domain It's interesting if you remain patient enough to find outThe Characters Really well done Sherry Thomas writes excellent characters It's rare that I truly truly like the leading characters in a book but I think both main characters are so well done Iolanthe is a l ittle bit of a Mary Sue but she's extremely likeable She is not perfect She fucks up sometimes and does stupid things against advisement hello lightning bolt but her internal conflict is so believable Titus needs Iolanthe She is a necessary part of the role he is to play in bringing down the Bane He absolutely cannot do this without her help and he enlists her aid Well Iolanthe is not brave She was a coward but better cowardly than dead She's a 16 year old girl She is scared She has been uprooted from her home her guardian has been arrested She just wants her life back This mission is going to endanger her lifeshe doesn't want that Iolanthe just wants to be a normal girl with a peaceful life She does not want anything to do with a Grand Destiny that might spell her doom I understand her conflict completely and I completely relate to her “So a steer should head willingly to slaughter because the farmer has fed and housed it? How many would make this bargain if they only knew what would happen to them in the end? You are asking me to give up everything for a cause that isn’t mine I don’t want to be part of any revolution I just want to live”“To live like this never knowing what it is like to be free?” His voice was tight“I will know nothing when I’m dead” It's completely reasonable I agree with her completely Not everyone wants a life filled with danger and I understand her reluctance And I also love it that despite her fear despite her will to live she eventually gives in to the bigger picture when she realizes what's at stake could she live with never trying just keeping herself and Master Haywood safe in some pocket of the Labyrinthine Mountains while Mrs Needles and countless others like her rotted in Atlantean prisons?Could she live with herself cowering while the world burned? Titus is also a really likeable character Iolanthe is not what he expectedhe expected a boy whom he has mentally named Archer Fairfax More specifically he thought Iolanthe would be a boy He has spent his life preparing for this destiny that his dead mother has foreseen and he expected his partner in this uest to be a boy his platonic partner who would be in agreement with him who would understand him and their shared destiny He didn't expect a beautiful scared girl who wants nothing to do with him But things were supposed to be different with her—with Fairfax They were to be comrades their bond forged by shared dangers and a shared destiny And now of all the people who despised him she despised him the most Their initial distrust then subseuently the dynamics of their growing partnership is a thing of beauty Iolanthe and Titus are an excellent pair; they work well together More importantly the romance is kept to a minimum Yes there is romance Both are initially rather bowled over by one another but this insta love fades uickly into distrust and resentment as they both come to realize that neither are as they seem with their conflicting purpose and need in life I truly enjoyed their banter and their growing feelings for one another The light romance and flirtation in this book was very well doneMy one complaint about the characters is that they are both too perfect in their actions to be realistic Iolanthe seems to be capable of doing anything despite her protests to the contrary She blends in as a boy in an all boys' school Eton perfectly nobody ever suspects that she is anything but the jocular Archer Fairfax She can play cricket with the best of the boys just by reading a book and watching the game for 5 minutes She can perform amazing acts of magic despite never having done so before Similarly Titus is James Bond than a 16 year old boy He withstands the tortuous effects of a Truth Serum He can perform any magical act no matter how minor just watch him repair some clothes and tailor them to fit Iolanthe you'll be amazed He can call up elemental magic as elouently as he can magically tie a cravat on an Etonian suit I know he's been preparing for this but he is too seamless He transitions from a playboy assholeish douchebag public persona better than any Oscar winner has ever done Titus is just too brilliant too flawless too good of an actor to be a believable teenaged boyThe Setting Plot Neither kept my interest The magical world and the accompanying magical system are both generic and poorly crafted I did not get a sense of Atlantis and the Domain at all There are magical creatures like phoenix Elemental mages are used for sideshow circus acts Whee We're supposed to believe that the Inuisitor are bad and we're fighting the Inuisitor and the Bane because they're evil and they throw innocent people in prison? Um no I need than that The motivations of the villains in this book are poorly shown It is too much telling not enough showing I need than a one dimensional villain to make this into a great book As it stands this book is good It could have been so much betterThere are footnotes in the back of the book that gives details about the world but honestlythat's kind of cheating in my opinion You shouldn't need a glossary footnotes etc to better understand the story; the background the setting should be clearly told throughout the book There's a way of integrating the setting into the story without the use of extraneous notes and I didn't feel that this book accomplished thatRecommended for fans of likeable main characters who do not mind a poorly crafted magical world

  3. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Dazzling magic great characters WYVERNS and lovely romance That's pretty much all you need to know

  4. Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink says:

    Ahh This was so good How are people not talking about this series? I mean I know I'm late to the game here but still I absolutely adored this book Easily one of the best ships in YA fantasy and such a cool take on elemental magic Super complex and fun storyline My shipper's heart is a pile of mushSince there are already lots of reviews out there I'm just going to leave you with a few reasons you need to pick up this book if you are a fantasy fan 1 Seriously cool magic not just limited to elemental We're talking vaulting magic crucible books shapeshifting etc 2 Boarding school3 A D O R A B L E P R I N C E like he's one of my new all time favorite characters and I want to cry just thinking about his character4 Banter So much of it 5 Clever and adorable heroine6 NODS TO SLEEPING BEAUTY AHHH not a retelling but you'll see7 Super interesting take on the 'chosen one' prophesy ordeal and portal magic 8 The romance Kinda like a hate to love and super emotional and I cannot The only complaint I have was that at times I found myself a little lost and having to reread to make sure I hadn't missed anything Oh and it took the book a little while to pick up so hang in there if you are reading Other then that I freaking looooved this book I'm starting the seuel as we speak My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

  5. Jill Jill says:

    Trying to correct a tainted batch of light elixir Iolanthe Seabourne calls down a bolt of lightning Watching from a distance Prince Titus recognises the extraordinary lightning the phenomenon of the burning sky for what it is A sign the prophecy had come true Titus knows that the elemental mage that could bring down lightning is the one who will help him defeat the BaneTitus VII Master of the Domain at sixteen years of age has not yet attained his majority The Domain is under the oppression of Atlantis and its Lord High Commander Bane Sent from his own mage world into the non mage world Titus has attended Eton College for nearly four years Despite being shunted off to Eton Titus considers it a refuge from the domination of AtlantisIolanthe an elemental mage has power over water fire earth and now apparently lightning An orphan since a baby she lives with her guardian Master Haywood At sixteen her life in Little Grind on Woe is not exactly exciting her guardian eking out an existence for them as a teacher Having prepared for the unveiling of the elemental mage who is to help him bring down the Bane Titus had always expected a boy even creating a persona at Eton for him as Archer Fairfax Can Iolanthe now become Archer?Set in 1883 mainly at Eton College the English boys' pubic school and also in the magic world of the Domain this is author Sherry Thomas's first foray into young adult fantasy Known previously for her adult historical romances I was intrigued to see how she would write fantasy for young adults My verdict very well Though her prose is prosaic than her HR the characters and world she has created are vivid and fantastical from Ms Thomas's fertile and gifted imagination This is as creatively well written the world as impressively imaginative as any popular YA fantasiesUnderneath her sunny outgoing disposition Iolanthe is disillusioned and angry Titus's arrogant princely persona hides a reticent yet confident and modest character Despite the protagonists both being sixteen the story is delightfully free of the usual teenage angst and contrived misunderstandings Not that they don't have their moments but these two likable leads play off each other well developing into a sweet and very light romance between themThe Bane wants Iolanthe's powers And Titus needs them The story moves to a stunning climax Despite this being the first in a trilogy there is no cliffhanger As expected there are spells wands magical beasts aplenty An evil oppressor and his enforcer the Inuisitor For fans of fantasy young adults and adults alike ARC courtesy of Balzer Bray via Edelweissview spoilerThe following is a Public Announcement of my very first SUEE YOUHAVEBEENWARNEDFollowing the rules of SUEEING laid down here at Goodreads the announcement must be BOLDED ITALICISED AND CAPITALISED and must be followed by many many EXCLAMATION MARKSto really illustrate how excited the suee er isPlus it MUST contain IMAGES but not just any images No they must be a FUNNY b FLASHING view spoiler hide spoiler

  6. Steph Sinclair Steph Sinclair says:

    DNF I thought for sure I would love this since a few of my friends highly recommended it to me but I hated it The main characters are terrible and underdeveloped Let me count the ways Iolanthe is virtually a Mary Sue and can do no wrong She is The One with the power to save them because of reasons and has the BEST of luck wink wink Prince Titus is a spoiled brat that wants everything his way He even tries to manipulate Iolanthe several times to get her to do things by preying on her feelings There’s also a romance that came out of nowhere horrible world building GAH this is a fantasy novel FFS and info dumping all over the place Also I hated the narration Maybe I should have not gone with the audio but I tried the print too and it’s just a big old NOPE for me

  7. Simona B Simona B says:

    And that is why you do not trifle with the Master of the DomainThis is the story of how I fell in love with a book from literally the first three sentencesLiterallyThe first three sentencesLiterallyI'm not jokingThat can't be true you say? How dare you You know what? Just read this alreadyYeah I know And I am confident that you now understand what I meant by first three sentences This prologue swept me off my feet It left me breathless I have no word to describe how surprised and happy and delighted I wasAnd the best thing?The book lived up to the expectations thus created •The plot is nearly spotless and I enjoyed every single moment of it The first two or three chapters led me erroneously to believe that I had somehow made some wrong assumption and that the book was aimed to a younger audience than what I thought because the story begins with this aura of naivety so to say that left me a bit disoriented True it is that it lacks of originality and basically revolves around what I call the special snowflake syndrome but every page is so entertaining and so deliciously and skillfully written that I did not care in the slightest or maybe just a tiny bit Besides after that first couple of chapters not only does the story shake off itself that excessive simplicity that had bothered me but it also picks up the pace and introduces some even enthralling elementsThe only 'flaw' I can find is view spoilertowards the end of the book Titus gets to the library where the Bane is meeting with the Inuisitor and there he tries to assassinate the Inuisitor He has all the time to do the same with the Bane since he had cast a time stopping spell but he doesn't and I couldn't wrap my mind around this The occasion was perfect and he just didn't do anything and now I am wondering whether there was some reason why he couldn't which I didn't grasp hide spoiler

  8. Rachel E. Carter Rachel E. Carter says:

    Okay that was a bit creepy wasn't it? How about thisHey it's not my fault If you read the book you will totally understand why I chose Shrek GIF'sSo I read the blurb and was totally anticipating a hot arrogant prince cough cough no surprise I would be drawn to that a She's The Man movie meets Alanna The First Adventure storyline and some really cool Harry Potter style magic What I got was way of a British boys' club vibe we are talking about things like cricket not Harry Potter the school they attended doesn't teach magic There was way less casting magic than I was expecting for that epic cover however there was still a lot of magic thanks to the Crucible a book that allows its mage user to interact and role play fairytales the way one might do a video game to help build your magic travel and you can even really die if you transport your real self instead of just essence inside The Crucible and Iolanthe Prince Titus's interactions were easily my favorite part of this novel I don't want to give my favorite scene but let's just say it had me smiling like a fool and it had to do with Sleeping BeautyThree things I felt worth mentioning 1 I never got a jerkarrogant vibe from Titus the blurb was a bit misleading but then again I had his POV to read early on so I knew why he did what he did 2 this is one of the only books I have ever read that I enjoyed the guy's POV yes I am that picky reader who only likes one POV most of the time sometimes the guy feels too girlish or similar to the main character but in this one he really was his own person and I actually looked forward to his perspective and 3 Even though the blurb leads you to think Iolanthe is going to be fighting like a rockstar and encountering the Bane there was really not much action in this book butttt I just know the seuel is going to have some epic level battles they leave the boarding school at the end of this one so now the real action begins The seuel could totally be a 5 star book and I can't wait to read it

  9. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestThis book has some of my favorite things in it magic spells dragons and forbidden romance I've had this kicking around my Kindle and finally got around to reading it because I needed a book with the chosen one trope THE BURNING SKY which reads a bit like a Victorian era Harry Potter than suited in that capacityWhen Prince Titus sees a bolt of mage called lightning come from the sky from his palace balcony he knows it's the sign foretold by his seer mother He goes to the site immediately and finds the culprit a girl named Iolanthe Hot on his heels are the evil tyrannical agents of Atlantis a bunch of secret police like people ruled by the Bane and the fearsome InuisitorTitus takes Iolanthe under his protection disguising her a boy and then sneaking her into Eton where he's already manufactured an identity for her as Archer Fairfax again using his mother's prophecy In between classes and cricket he teaches her the magic she's going to need for her survival but only at a cost he wants her to help him defeat the Inuisitor and overthrow the BaneI loved this book Okay it's very Harry Potter like with Latinate spells and apparating vaulting but mixed in with the traditional spells are Elemental spells and it's historical fantasy instead of contemporary urban fantasy Which makes sense since Sherry Thomas is a historical romance author as well I think her knowledge of that genre really let her take some interesting liberties with the era The Crucible is probably one of the coolest aspects of the story apart from the espionage and the court intrigue that is I can't say because I don't want to spoil it but trust me it's AWESOMEThe romance is also really well done Titus is a master manipulator but things between them don't really come into fruition until he stops trying to control her and realizes that love can't really exist unless it's between euals I'm also a sucker for mentormentee romances which is probably why I liked Maria V Snyder's POISON STUDY so muchTHE BURNING SKY doesn't get a full five stars for several reasons The characters are a bit wooden Titus is the stereotypical swoon worthy prince with a smart mouth and Iolanthe is a strong female character who whoops a lot of butt but that's all they are I guess the only really human thing about Iolanthe is that she doesn't really want to be a hero at first because she doesn't want to die but she gets over that uickly and then it's we must defend the kingdom this and you are the chosen one that The world building and writing than make up for the character deficits but it's still something I took into account when deciding to rate this book The pacing is also slow it takes a while to get off the ground and then towards the end there will be intense action scenes followed by sticky slow standing around and doing nothing scenes But again this wasn't that big a dealI really enjoyed this book a lot than I thought it would although maybe I needn't have worried seeing as how I love her historical romance too I think I'd recommend it to fans of books like THE GOLDEN COMPASS or HARRY POTTER traditional fantasy novels with interesting but familiar worlds and complex magic systems and strong female characters This book had all of those things and I'm very eager to see how the story continues in the seuel THE PERILOUS SEA4 to 45 stars

  10. Katerina Kondrenko Katerina Kondrenko says:

    9 out of 10 Ревью в моем блогеThis review on my blog Living A Thousand Lives please use ChromeYandex browser or AndroidIOS to see the page; otherwise spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not workShort SoundtrackImmediate Music – Burning SkyJon McLaughlin – We All Need SavingColdplay – Us Against the WorldStuff mages good vs evil elemental magic parallel worldsFail there are not enough romantic moments instead too much world building information necessary but stillWOW mature minds inside young adult bodiesPOV 3rd person two perspectives Love geometry is absentuote Core It will be you and me against the world Art Sources 1 2 и 3 unknown In a parallel universe where once magic was in full swing had appeared a douchebag the Bane and music gone fair and softly Formally the Master of the Domain is always the Elberon dynasty’s heir but in fact the power is in hands of inexplicably immortal usurper after being killed this man used to come back and look younger than before isn’t he a sly arse disease? Bane has many supporters called Atlantis; they act like a KGB MSS and Holy Inuisition all together Why they are very alike Love interrogations under tortures watch over everything and this show is running by Inuisitor The Inuisitor is a woman with a gift for breaking in people's minds in a search for information Atlantis are very dangerous guys even a currently monarch of the Domain Prince Titus the Seventh is terrified of them despite the fact he's a super talented self taught mageThe sort of fireworks my wand can produce will leave any girl breathless Don’t worry he talks about the actual wand this is not a Harry Potter ish pornTitus’s late mother was a seer and she prophesied that her son will meet the most powerful elemental mage of his generation and they together would be able to fight and kill the Bane In other words they were destined to do the very thing all the rebels couldn’t accomplish during the January Uprising BTW Titus’s mother prophesies are written in the special notebook and you can’t see them all at the same time just those you have to know right now One moment you're thumbing through its its pages and see nothing the other you stubble on something important The Prince thought that his Rambo partner to win the Bane would be a bad ass boy but the elemental mage he finally met turned out to be a girl Iolanthe Seabourne is a boss of fire earth water and even air but she has no idea about the latter In the world where a man being able to light a cigarette without matches is already a nice wizard Iola is a rare thing But Atlantis better never know about her abilities or else As you might guess Titus’s mother saw in her vision Iola Titus finds out about Iola's existence by seeing the lightning brought down from the skies Well after such show everyone knew it too at least in Delamer the Domain's capital city Lightning is hard to hide And lightning is hard to command No one could do it before That’s why the author of this illumination was doomed to end up in Inuisitory Titus vaulted the the 'crime place' so the Bane' agents wouldn't lay their hand on a powerful mage He helped the girl yep not a boy; what a shock for our dear prince to escape but didn’t manage to flee himself before the Inuisitor came Of course Atlantis suspected Titus in something For these people every talented mage is a dangerous thing who's supposed to became one of them or to be destroyed What's next? The great elemental mage is a person Titus is needed ASAP He has to train her for a battle with the Bane But how? He is under non stop supervision and Atlantis knew that he is involved in their deal with a mysterious mage on the run Titus was ready for such situation he had a plan But his mother’s visions weren't about a girl so the prince was preparing to meet a boy he had spread a legend at school in Eton about temporary absent of Archer Fairfax so all the students would believe that the elemental mage who's going to appear one day has been studying with them for years Titus had planned to train with him in Crucible fairytale book which is like virtual reality you can fight dragons there or you can go to the study section and meet now dead monarchs of the Domain and consult with them But Iola is not a boy How Titus would manage that?Do you remember a comedy film She’s the man with Amanda Bynes? I LOL everytime I watch it Iolanthe would have to disguise herself as boy tooBelieve me this farce is than funny But it was than a little ironic that she had never been as popular as a girl as she was now as a boy Seems like all the problems are solved but She was a coward but better cowardly than dead Iolanthe not a fan of death in the flower of her age she doesn’t want to fight but to give herself up to Atlantis isn't a pleasure either Titus throws dust in Iola’s eyes and our bumpkin swears on blood to be his partner like I will help you with the Bane but you will help to release my guardian who is trapped by Atlantis Only after the oath she get that Titus is a smooth operator “You snake” she said “What can I say? Prince Charming only exists in fairy tales” Or a snake Are you asking yourself what about romantic in this story? You are for a treat Our heroes are very sane they are 16 but act like mature persons love for them isn’t a purpose but a conseuence Titus is mad about his duty Iola is eager to undo her blood oath and get the hell away from the Prince and his crazy plans But there's something between them Deception attraction Sherry is very experienced with descriptions of relationship between man and woman she develops Titus and Iola's potential romance in a super nice manner Their dialogues reactions feelings and stuff scream about awesome slow burn I believed them I fell for them I shipped these two like a wild matchmaker I would love to have romantic moments between these two in the next booksI heard The Burning Sky is a warm up and the best parts would show themselves later But you know what? I’m very pleased even with this warm up thing The book is a harmony of adventures humor swooning and fantasy hardcore I don’t mind to eat such a mix for a breakfast lunch and dinner everyday So be itThe Elemental Trilogy Магия стихий— The Burning Sky Пылающие небеса #13 — The Perilous Sea Опасные воды #23 — The Immortal Heights Незабвенные выси #33

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The Burning Sky[Epub] ➛ The Burning Sky By Sherry Thomas – It all began with a ruined elixir and a bolt of lightningIolanthe Seabourne is the greatest elemental mage of her generation—or so she's been told The one prophesied for years to be the savior of th It all began with a ruined elixir and a bolt of lightningIolanthe Seabourne is the greatest elemental mage of her generation—or so she's been told The one prophesied for years to be the savior of the Realm It is her duty and destiny to face and defeat the Bane the most powerful tyrant and mage the world has ever known This would be a suicide task for anyone let alone a reluctant sixteen year old girl with no trainingGuided by his mother's visions and committed to avenging his family Prince Titus has sworn to protect The Burning PDF \ Iolanthe even as he prepares her for their battle with the Bane But he makes the terrifying mistake of falling in love with the girl who should have been only a means to an end Now with the servants of the tyrant closing in Titus must choose between his mission—and her lifeThe Burning Sky—the first book in the Elemental Trilogy—is an electrifying and unforgettable novel of intrigue and adventure.