The Mu Rhythm Bluff PDF ☆ The Mu ePUB ↠

The Mu Rhythm Bluff PDF ☆ The Mu ePUB ↠

The Mu Rhythm Bluff [PDF] ✪ The Mu Rhythm Bluff ✩ Jonathan Mitchell – Some people are lucky at cards Others are lucky at love Drake Dumas is autistic and neither He's a 49 year old virgin who loves to play poker and usually loses He finds out about an experiment involvi Some people are lucky at cards Others are lucky at love Drake Dumas is autistic and neither The Mu ePUB ↠ He's a year old virgin who loves to play poker and usually loses He finds out about an experiment involving brain wave training and a revolutionary techniue called Transcranial magnetic stimulation in order to help mitigate his autism Though it does not seem to help his autism right after the treatment he finds himself a genius at poker consistently winning and able to read other players due to charged up mirror neurons brain cells that intuit the actions and intentions of others found to be deficient in autistic people His luck also changes with women However whenever he seems to connect sexually with a woman he loses his poker abilities There does seem some truth in the old saying lucky at cards unlucky at love for Drake However can having good poker skills entail danger for Drake He encounters a beguiling journalist interested in his talents but can her knowledge and interest in Drake be threateningDrake must find a way to keep his poker abilities intact He faces all of these challenges In the process he will learn something about his autism his attitudes toward it and love.

  • Kindle Edition
  • The Mu Rhythm Bluff
  • Jonathan Mitchell
  • English
  • 09 March 2016

10 thoughts on “The Mu Rhythm Bluff

  1. Ryan Ryan says:

    For some context this book was written by Jonathon Mitchell an autistic blogger who has written extensively on neuroscience related to the disorder He also writes about various social movements related to autism and autism's general effect on his life He also apparently likes poker and writing fiction and has combined all of these interests into writing this novelFor anyone with an autism spectrum disorder or who deeply understands it this book especially the first half of it hits hard The main character is Drake Dumas a lonely autistic man approaching 50 years of age His autism mild as it is severely hampers his life and several pages are devoted to every humiliation frustration agony and misfortune it brings on him A scene in which Drake attends a social group of other lonely autistic adults only for them to bicker about the tenets of autistic rights movements provides a cruel irony It's at this point you realize Drake Dumas is a shamelessly transparent Mary Sue of Mitchell himself and that everything that happens to Drake is either something that has happened to Mitchell himself or that he wishes it would happen to him Thus I imagine this book must have been simultaneously cathartic and incredibly sad to write The book is by no means a masterpiece Editing errors plus Mitchell's idiosyncratic dialogue and a rather ridiculous plot twist and ending somewhat hamper the experience but the impressive knowledge of poker and neuroscience on display as well as a heartfelt realistic depiction of adult life with autism make up for it

  2. Irene Tanzman Irene Tanzman says:

    This is a wonderful book in an unconventional format Like many individuals diagnosed with high functioning autism Drake Dumas has trouble in the workplace and socially He hates being celibate yet cannot attract a girlfriend He is obsessed with poker but continually loses However his participation in a novel experiment changes his luck but provides a whole new set of problems and obstacles This is a wonderful book that brings the reader into the world of someone with high functioning autism The character of Drake Dumas is believable and just leaps off the page Poker fans will especially like the poker scenes in the book I glossed over these because I don’t understand poker yet I enjoyed the book immensely Unfortunately this book is formatted poorly It is too large for a novel double spaced and has no page numbers However it is a good read

  3. Zed Dee Zed Dee says:

    The story started off a bit slow but then it surprised me by going places that I didn't expect I like being pleasantly surprisedUnfortunately I couldn't give this a 5 star because of formatting issues with the Kindle version like double spaces after most periods and sometimes commas some centre justified paragraphs and some line breaks in the middle of paragraphs These issues probably don't appear on the paperback version though

  4. Carolyn Gagnon Carolyn Gagnon says:

    I randomly stumbled across this book and couldn't believe how good it is Written by a man with a mild autism spectrum disorder this book is many times better than any of the highly promoted self published kindle books I've downloaded in the last couple of years In fact I think it's on par with works like Flowers for Algernon Unfortunately it could have used a proofreader but I ignored those minor issues as the story and character itself were artfully crafted It was so moving that at times I actually cried

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