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The Last Enemy ePUB Ð The Last Kindle -

The Last Enemy [Reading] ➹ The Last Enemy By Pauline Baird Jones – A lawman rescues a romance writer but can she rescue his heartTwo men need her One needs her deadAuthor Dani Gwynne must plot her own survival working against time terror and her fear of heights Deput A lawman rescues a romance writer but can she rescue his heartTwo men need her One needs her deadAuthor Dani Gwynne must plot her own survival working against time terror and her fear of heights Deputy US Marshal The Last Kindle - Matthew Kirby is the lawman in charge of finding Dani before she's killed by elusive killer who has never missed his markuntil now With the clock ticking down on their macabre game of hide and seek Dani must defeat a killer who won't stop until he gets what he wants Or he destroys them all tryingBook Lonesome Lawmen series.

  • Audiobook
  • The Last Enemy
  • Pauline Baird Jones
  • English
  • 21 August 2014

About the Author: Pauline Baird Jones

USA Today Bestselling author Pauline Baird Jones never liked reality so she writes books She likes to wander among the genres rampaging like Godzilla because she does love peril mixed in her romance.

10 thoughts on “The Last Enemy

  1. Kylie Kylie says:

    Since I like to end on a good note I'll start with the bad But I hope you stick around for the goodI felt at times throughout the book that the point of view switched randomly By that I mean some times I thought the story was being told from Matts perspective and then in the next paragraph it shifted to Dani's It kind of through me offI also felt something was off in the sentence structure I felt like there were missing words here and there and sometimes just the wrong word Example they spent the next few hours bouncing theories off each other about what Hayes might be up Fairly certain to should be added to the end of that It's a huge distractionI'm beginning to uestion whether or not EBooks are looked at as closely as paperbacks areAll of that aside this book was fabulous Lots of fun twists and my heart raced on than one occasion I may or may not have caught myself holding my breath a few times as well ;I found the characters to be relatable and sexy did I mention I have a thing for cops The ending was well written tacky corny and absolutely perfect I know that sounds bad but it was so good The drama felt really the details gory and disturbing All the right fixins for a great romantic thriller I was pretty pleased with the overall book rating it a 35 out of 5 just for the errors mentioned at the beginningI WOULD however recommend this book to everyone and would read it again myself

  2. Carrie Carrie says:

    TBR Challenge 2011 June Category Contemporary This book has been on my wishlist since April 2010The author's strengths are her actions scenes and her wordplay Jones writes some of the best action scenes I've ever read They are tense exciting and well plotted I found this true in her sci fi rom books and It's true for the romantic suspense The Last Enemy Her way with words and phrases is superior Even in this sometimes dark suspense Jones makes you smile and even laugh out loud at the way the female leads looks at life Be cautioned that this isn't a light and fluffy story It's gritty and the body count is high Toward the end when Dani is enduring an exhausting ordeal the reader is right there with her Jones does a great job describing the characters physical and emotional states I admit to some problems with the first 25% of the book when I didn't agree with the choices Dani made and felt her decisions hurt others I came to understand her reasoning better as the book went on but for a while I was stumped Also there was one part of the plot dealing with Dani's online identities and who knew what that seemed like a plot hole although I didn't backtrack to see if I simply missed the explanation One reason I prefer print books They're easier to search for information when you need toOverall very entertaining book I found myself reading aloud parts to my husband so he could enjoy the humor with me There is a lot of strong attraction and emotion between the lead characters but it isn't acted on for the most part There is angst and it's very well done Small spoiler ahead view spoilerThere is an HEA hide spoiler

  3. Trish R. Trish R. says:

    A decent read But NOT even 1 little kiss I think I liked this book I thought Dani’s constant running and hiding from the US Marshalls was kind of crazy but I kind of understood it I did like how tough she was when it came to getting away from the bad guy as well as the Marshalls And yet the book made you think she was heading right into the bad guy’s hands without realizing it And you can sure tell this is a pretty old book by the way they talked about the computers We’ve come a long way since 1999 when this book was published This really wasn’t a romance either At 40% Matt and Dani still hadn’t met except for a stairwell chat that lasted for about 2 sentences and he was a couple of flights up looking down at her when he spoke then she walked out and jumped on a Harley and took off Oh Matt had begun to have feelings for Dani since the first time he saw her picture thinking she was dead and thinking he had missed something by not knowing her when she was alive And those feeling only got worse and confusing when he found out she wasn’t dead And then she couldn’t stop thinking about him either once she’d spoken to him on the stairs It was sweet thoughts not anything sexual sorta’ like desire but not AND I think the author should have made the hero younger he was 45 or stop complaining about his aches and pains It was a pretty good story overall but it wasn’t very realistic If you spent time around “real” cops especially in the 90’s and 2000’s you know they swore like crazy So to write a book like this is a little unreal It was ONLY a story about Marshalls witnesses and hired killers who didn’t have sex and didn’t swear If you’re looking for something hot and steamy keep looking because he NEVER even kissed her though there was words of wanting that went through their minds occasionally No real swearing to speak of dan hll sht that’s all and they weren’t used that much A very good book for someone looking for a G rated book And as much as I enjoyed it I won’t be reading this author again Her kind of writing is a little too mild for meThere were a lot of good secondary characters in this book Dark Lord Alice Riggs Luke Sebastian Meathook Kelly Peg Richard Hastings Bates Orsini and some I’ve forgottenAs to the narrator He was just OK for me His women’s voice weren’t very good and he read without an ounce of emotion but he gave the hero and the hero’s brother a very sexy voice He narrated this book in 2012 so I’m sure he much better now

  4. Valerie Valerie says:

    Wow Basically all I can say really lol I was completely thrown off what this book was going to be like and loved every minute of it I am usually a big fan of romantic suspense where you have the Hh hooking up and blah blah blahbut this was a complete surprise and I really loved it Do I wish there was at least a couple kisses here and there hell yeah but did it stop me from not liking the book nope This is the first book I have read by this author and she is awesome Her writing style keeps you hooked from the minute the story begins I loved the characters I loved that Dani never gave up even though things were just too much at times I loved her attitude and her uick smart ass remarks She was fragile but strong Matt oh my That description of him when Dani first ran into him at the cyber geeks place was swoon worthy of a nuclear bomb going off haha I complete went all drool like over it and was wishing I could jump in the book to get a better look haha If you are looking for some realism in a fiction based book you got it here I definitely recommend this book and this author I look forward to reading by her

  5. Khenta Khenta says:

    Terrific read I loved the novel PBJ's writing style drags you right in and won't let go Minor editing faults missing words and the fact that some scenes showed its original publishing date of 1999 didn't take from the overall reading pleasure The pacing of the story and the topics make the slow approach of the main characters towards each other believable

  6. Leslynn Leslynn says:

    A bit of romance but not too lovey dovey A bit of thriller but sadly not enough I loved the characters and their uirks but the storyline dragged too much and the antagonist was uite a wimp An enjoyable fluff read

  7. Maggie K Maggie K says:

    I have so many e books downloaded on my kindle yet to read not to talk about paperbacks and what did I do instead of reading one of them I downloaded this one Reason being it has been so long since I read a book that involved the US Marshal serviceI'm sort of disappointed if I am being honest I have never been a fan of writers who choose to tell us about incidents instead of writing out scenes as they are happening Story started out that way eliminating the creation of a suspenseful scene as it was happening where one might have felt some intensity or be on edge I get that not every violent scene needed to be brought to live so to speak but there was needed to bring some bit of tension to this story which sadly it was lacking Also didn't like the way than a few things happened without any lead into them like how did the hitman get into some premises without being detected before it was too late With that said the action towards the very end was exciting It was of a budding romance between Matt deputy Marshal and Dani author then anything else Not that it bothered me one way or another but would have liked if they had come together earlier in the story I'm not sure about reading the second or third book which has one of Matt's two brothers in each as main characters The trace of humour with uirky characters is a reason why I would but then like I referred to above I am not a fan of this sort of writing style

  8. Linda C Linda C says:

    Dani is in witness protection while waiting to testify in a murder trial when the safe house is breached She manages to survive and is on the run from a hit man and also pursued by the US Marshalls who want her back in protection This high tension suspense story follows Dani the hit man and Matt the marshall through a series of near misses lots of bodies and simmering sexual tension to a very satisfying conclusion A favorite author

  9. Diane Burton Diane Burton says:

    A very tense story This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as Dani eludes a professional killer US Marshall Kirby must protect her so she can testify against a murderer The twists and turns this story takes will keep you guessing as to who the real killer is

  10. Theo Theo says:

    Two reasons I read this book First the the author's picture She is firing a hand gun She must know what is like to

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