In the Company of Thieves ePUB æ the Company of PDF

In the Company of Thieves ePUB æ the Company of PDF

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  1. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley Thanks to NetGalley and to Tachyon PublicationsThis is a collection of short pieces by Baker related to her 'Company' series of novels At this point I've read the first seven novels in the series as well as the first short story collection 'Black Projects White Knights' And the only reason I haven't read the others yet is that Baker has passed away and I'm going to be really sad when there aren't any to read So yes I'm a fan I'd say that these stories would be enjoyable to any reader but your enjoyment will be greatly enhanced if you've read at least some of the other 'Company' books as you'll have of an idea of the background ongoing 'in jokes' and who certain recurring characters are Some of the pieces here have previously been published but are middling hard to get so this volume is uite welcome The Carpet Beds of Sutro ParkThe Company's immortality process has gone wrong and the subject has been rendered something very like what in the 21st century we call 'autistic' The Company puts their failed agent to work as a kind of camera recording images of a San Francisco park for interested parties in other times and places However although he's not socially functional he forms a kind of connection with a woman he sees day after day who's obsessed with the small but hopeless cause of restoring the historical flower beds of the park Set on a much smaller scale that most of Baker's Company tales this is a delicate sensitive and touching story The Unfortunate GyttA 19th century metallurgist joins a secret Masonic type brotherhood but soon unexpectedly finds himself bundled off willy nilly; shanghaied into a most unusual mission to locate and identify a previously unknown substance with bizarre properties The Women of Nell Gwynne'sThe prostitutes at Nell Gwynne’s house are carefully selected women of many talents Few know that their clients include not just the upper crust of London society but The Gentlemen’s Speculative Society who pay mainly not for pleasures of the flesh but for secrets and spycraft Their payments to the madam seem to include technology which really seems to have no place in 19th century Britain When the Society arranges a job where the women are hired as entertainers at a very private auction a literal bedroom farce ensuesMother AegyptOne of my favorite Kage Baker stories like the best of her work it mixes humor and pathos to great effect Here a buffoonish con man meets a traveling fortuneteller whom the reader uickly realizes is one of The Company's immortal agents His attempts to make sense of her actions based on the world he knows are sadly misled Rude MechanicalsCompany men Joseph and Lewis are on assignment in 1940s Hollywood tasked with finding a legendary lost jewel the Tavernier Violet No it wasn't really cut into the Hope Diamond Against a backdrop of a German director attempting to put on a production of 'A Midsummer's Night's Dream' the two men chase the diamond through an increasingly absurd set of rapidly changing circumstances in a madcap caper Hollywood IkonsThis story was written out by Kage's sister Kathleen Bartholomew after Kage's death This was in accordance with Kage's wishes and done using her notes but I have to admit it's not uite the same The voice is different The ideas are very good a Company secret involves using mathematical principles to create artwork that has a very real and very dangerous effect on the mind of the viewer The Company assigns Joseph and Lewis to find and deal with some lost Russian ikons created using this process I feel like the choice of placement in the book directly following another story featuring the same two protagonists unfortunately accentuates the difference in style

  2. Kara Kara says:

    Company of Thieves A collection of short stories by Kage Baker taking place in her Company universe where time traveling cyborgs pilfer the past for future profits The Carpet Beds of Sutro ParkA very touching story about a flawed cyborg who takes refuge in his recorded memories to avoid the ugliness of the 21st century “Unfortunate Gytt”A sort of Steampunk take on the Roslyn Chapel section of the Da Vinci Code The main character has absolutely no idea what he’s gotten himself into and stumbles around sucked into a horrific adventure in which both sides race to get their hands on something that could change the world – or make people richer Mother AegyptA con artist runs into one of the bitterest of Kage Baker’s Company cyborgs Spectacularly ignorant of just how big a secret he’s stumbled on and fatalistically big ego’d he thinks he can sweep her off her feet with a little sweet talk and bon bons and at the same time line his pockets with profitable secrets It ends as badly as possible in a Russian comedy type of way Think The Twelve Chairs rewritten by Roald Dahl Rude MechanicalsIf Wile E Coyote put on a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream it might have looked something like this The cyborgs Joseph and Lewis go on a madcap adventure through Hollywood to keep the universe in order by making sure a certain diamond is not discovered until history says it will be It’s an old school comedy with punchlines you see coming a mile away but you are left chuckling the whole time in anticipation of the next anvil Coyote is going to catch on his head The Women of Nell Gwynne'sThe realities of prostitution lightened up with a Steampunk adventure The women are all well trained spies who take advantage of when men drop their guard in bed to collect information for the Company They have to infiltrate a house party private auction to keep some stolen technology from landing in the wrong hands A Victorian take on the spy movies where the villain holds an auction to sell the nerve gas missiles code list etc to the highest bidder Luckily the villain likes to think of himself as “cultured” and wants “entertainment” for his evil soiree Sexy steampunk hilarity ensues Hollywood IkonsBased on her notes Baker’s sister wrote this after Baker’s untimely death Joseph and Lewis are sent on a mission through WWII Hollywood complete with stolen art Nazis forgeries The Little Prince chocolate and Casablanca

  3. Jenn "JR" Jenn "JR" says:

    I enjoyed this collection of short stories the ladies of Nelle Gwynne was a bit like La Femme Nikita but I uite enjoyed Mother Aegypt's attempt at death by chocolate and the rollicking adventures in Hollywood looking for a purple diamond and ancient ikons that perform powerful magic Very fun read

  4. Tasula Tasula says:

    This collection of short stories plus the novella about the women of Nell Gwynne's is set in the world of The Company a 24th century corporation which uses immortal cyborgs to travel back in time to rescue treasures that might otherwise be lost Or at least lost to the corporation which makes a fortune by selling these treasures Thus the title In the Company of Thieves The stories are pleasant but not as gripping as the novels of the Company which are fabulous especially the ones starring Mendoza

  5. Shivani Shivani says:

    i loved all the books of kage baker i still can't get it in my mind that she is no longer there for booklovers like me i miss her and it would mean the world to me to win a copy of this book

  6. Kaethe Douglas Kaethe Douglas says:

    The Carpet Beds of Sutro Park is one of the saddest stories ever published Contrariwise Hollywood Ikons is pure screwball comedy It's a strong collection although I can't say if it would be as powerful if it didn't fit into The Company seriesLibrary copy

  7. Stefan Stefan says:

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  8. Dan Trefethen Dan Trefethen says:

    This posthumous 2013 book is a set of stories that are mainly set in the time traveling world of her “Company” novels with one exception “Mother Aegypt” The original publications were issued by a variety of small presses so this assemblage in one volume is a welcome treat for those of us who admired Kage Baker's stories when she was alive The one story original to this collection was finished by her sister from Kage's notes and direction who edited this volumeI give this book four stars for people familiar with Baker's “Company” novels While newbies could enjoy them as the stories have a thin veneer of explanation of the basic premise I don't think they would enjoy them as much Best to start with the first “Company” novel “In the Garden of Iden” although my personal favorite is the third novel “Mendoza in Hollywood”I have a fond memory of meeting Kage Baker briefly at the Nebula Awards in Seattle in 2004 where I complimented her on the recently published novella “The Empress of Mars” She told me that she had plans to tie together that story and later Mars stories into the “Company” stories That is exactly what happened before she died in 2010 and it was a pleasure to see her work out the connectionsRIP gentle author You done good

  9. Robert Robert says:

    I'm not sure I'd recommend this book to a total newcomer to the magic of Kage Baker but it certainly shows the best of her style in each of the ultimately interconnected worlds she created Yet it would demonstrate her versatility and style and probably lead the novice on a trek through all her worksFor me who had read all the Company books as they came out this was a wonderful find and a sad one since I hadn't known that she had died And it introduced me to Mother Aegypt and the women of Nell Gynne's I uickly added the books of both those series and look forward to reading them

  10. Djj Djj says:

    Baker's last book of short company stories some of which have been published before and one which was finished posthumously by her sister I so loved the company series one of my all time favorites so it was nice to revisit some of the stories and get a few new insights 5 stars for nostalgia

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In the Company of Thieves ❮Read❯ ➵ In the Company of Thieves ➹ Author Kage Baker – Espionage time travel and affairs gone terribly wrong define this final collection of Kage Baker’s stories in the Company series The employees of Dr Zeus Incorporated have discovered a nearly foolpr Espionage time travel Company of MOBI ó and affairs gone terribly wrong define this final collection of Kage Baker’s stories in the Company series The employees of Dr Zeus Incorporated have discovered a nearly foolproof recipe for success combining time travel and immortals The Company a powerful corporate entity in the th century specializes in retrieving extraordinary treasures out of the past gathered by cybernetically enhanced workers who pass as ordinary humans In the PDF/EPUB ² Whether a client wants a jewel worn by Cleopatra an original Shakespeare folio or to make a baby with the genes of Socrates and Marilyn Monroe Dr Zeus can make dreams come true The one rule that cannot be broken is that the recorded particulars of history cannot be changed Functioning with extreme stealth and caution the Company strives to avoid the curiosity and greed of everyday people which the Company of PDF Ç proves to be difficult than anyone could have foreseen Included in this exciting collection are four previously uncollected stories “Mother Aegypt”—a classic tale of Transylvanian intrigue and Hollywood Ikons a brand new story from a collaboration with Kage’s sister Kathleen BartholomewContentsThe Carpet Beds of Sutro ParkThe Unfortunate Gytt The Women of Nell Gwynne’s Mother ÆgyptHollywood IkonsRude Mechanicals.