Light Me Up Ross Siblings #35 MOBI ´ Me Up Ross MOBI

Light Me Up Ross Siblings #35 MOBI ´ Me Up Ross MOBI

Light Me Up Ross Siblings #35 ❴BOOKS❵ ✭ Light Me Up Ross Siblings #35 Author Cherrie Lynn – Please note This is a short seuel to “Rock Me” that was originally published in the 2012 anthology A Very Naughty Xmas There have been no substantial changes made to the content He's planning a ni Please note This is a Up Ross Epub Þ short seuel to “Rock Me” that was originally published in the anthology A Very Naughty Xmas There have been no substantial changes made to the content He's planning a night that's anything but silentCandace Andrews is dreaming of a little sparkle in her Christmas stocking this year and now that she and Brian Ross have been Light Me PDF/EPUB or living together for over a year her overbearing family is getting impatient for him to pop the uestion She isn’t worried so much about pleasing them any but pleasing Brian is another matter entirelyThe night of the Andrews Christmas party Brian has plenty of sexy tricks up his sleeve But there’s one gift that would truly make this a Christmas Candace will never Me Up Ross MOBI ñ forget—the promise of a lifetime with the man she loves Is he ready to give it to herWARNING Contains explicit sex graphic language.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 58 pages
  • Light Me Up Ross Siblings #35
  • Cherrie Lynn
  • English
  • 22 August 2014

About the Author: Cherrie Lynn

Cherrie Lynn has been a Up Ross Epub Þ CPS caseworker and a juvenile probation officer but now that she has come to her senses she writes contemporary and paranormal romance on the steamy side It's much fun She's also an unabashed rock music enthusiast and loves letting her passion for romance and metal collide on the pageWhen she's not writing you can find her reading Light Me PDF/EPUB or listening to music or playin.

10 thoughts on “Light Me Up Ross Siblings #35

  1. Kristen Kristen says:

    Review originally posted for the anthology A Very Naughty Xmas5 SHINING STARSI really enjoyed this glimpse into Brian and Candace's future Rock Me Light Me Up was a delightful and steamy little gem that reminded me why Brian is one of my all time favorite swoonalicious heroes As for Candace well I adored her in this novella She finally became the girl Brian deserved I absolutely love these two characters their relationship and this novella I will most definitely be reading it again for the smile I know it'll put on my face and of course for Brian

  2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    I'm sending a HUGE shout out to my girl Kristen THANK YOU I loved this story and I'm not sure why I took so long to read it but I'm glad I finally did See Kristen and I were chatting on the phone and we had a conversation that went something like thisKristen Have you read the Ross series you know the one with Brian and Candace?Me I immediately think apadravya and my heart skips a beat Yeah by Cherrie Lynn I love that seriesKristen Did you read Light Me Up? The one where they get engaged?Me No I didn'tKristen You should read itMe Yeah?Kristen Yeah you should read itMe It's good?Kristen chuckles Oh yeah it's good chuckles It's really hotMe I got my iPad right here Let me check Kristen It's really goodMe I'm checkingKristen You'll love itMe99 cents? DoneMy ReviewJust buy the book It's hot it's romantic it's funny If you haven't read the series you can still enjoy this short story and if you're a fan but like me hadn'thaven't read it yet just do it You will NOT regret itThanks for the nudge KristenWant to know what an apadravya is? WARNING EXPLICIT PENIS PICTURE Wiki Article and Image of an Apadravya a Penis PiercingWARNING EXPLICIT PENIS PICTURE

  3. Karla Karla says:

    Light Me Upset me on FIRE It's all about Brian No one holds a candle to him He is the MAN swoon sigh faint That's it I got nothing else

  4. Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer* Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer* says:

    ahhh I never get enough of Brian and Candace I just saw this short story the other day and knew I needed to fit it in ASAP It was such a great addition to Brian and Candace's story I loved it Me and you? he said giving the first line of their favorite motto Against the world she finished Always

  5. AJ AJ says:

    5 starsOh my God Brian Ross you are absolute PERFECTION I knew I loved that man this just reinforced it Her mind was blank and her heart and body ruled And those? They were his propertyA short and insanely steamy little read overloaded with gorgeously swoony moments between Brian and Candace that had me alternately laughing and fanning myself and an absolutely epic finish that had me sueeing out loud So gorgeous I even teared up view spoiler He proposes Yes He proposes And it’s beautiful hide spoiler

  6. Wendy Wendy says:

    Short sweet and spicy Perfect

  7. Jen Jen says:

    Hmmm Brian That's enough for me

  8. Trish Trish says:

    I fell in love with Cherrie Lynn after reading her book Rock Me In fact I featured this book in the 18 and Over Book Blogger Follow I absolutely loved and adored the main character Brian Ross tattoo artist extraordinaire who also sported a very special piercing AHEM Think lower regions So I had to add Light Me Up to my TBR pile And I was not disappointed Brian and Candace were such an endearing couple to read about and there was a family resolution that helped bring their story to a close Sigh Candace and Brian's relationship has grown stronger and weathered many family differences They are living together committed and in love Only one thing would make it perfect an engagement ring The night of the family Christmas party brings those feelings to a head when Candace's mother asks her if the two ever plan to marry and even suggests that maybe Candace should pop the uestion But Candace is afraid to bring it up Things have been going so good and she doesn't want to put any pressure on Brian This novella delivers a great ending it highlights Brian's romantic side as well as his kinky sexy side And my only complaint is that I wish I could have had Here's a little snippetNot much longer babeThen you'll fk me?Jesus You have to ask?No I just like toHe didn't look up Fair enough I like to answerYes I'll fk youHard?Like you're unbreakable

  9. Marcie Oropeza Marcie Oropeza says:

    Hot hot hawt Nice closure at least to the point where Ms Lynn has brought us I foresee good things Having read Ghost another home run and then come back to read this it was nice to hear how Ghost and Macy's relationship is progressing as well as Brian and Candace's This was a very satisfying readThis is another one of my authors KA Lauren Dane Lisa Renee JonesJR WardKaren Marie Moning Jacueline Frank Nora Roberts Sable Hunter Melissa Cutler Heidi McLaughlin RC Matheson Olivia Cunning SC Stephens Donna McDonald whom I'll buy without hesitation; you just know anything they write is going to be a home run

  10. Cindy Cindy says:

    Fantastic epilogue like novellaI thought I had read this already but I was obviously WRONG because DAMN I have missed Brian Ross so much and this just stoked that fire and reminded me that I need a Rock Me reread

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