La escala de los mapas Kindle Ü La escala Epub / de

La escala de los mapas Kindle Ü La escala Epub / de

  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • La escala de los mapas
  • Belén Gopegui
  • Spanish
  • 01 May 2015

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  1. Stephen P Stephen P says:

    Yes I have read the book The solid collection of bound papers enclosed within soft covers its density heightened by the printed letters words sentences etched into the numbered pages Solid The spine grasped in the palm of my hand I sensed a tremor Too small to graph or measureIn the late 1960’s when taking LSD the physicality of books paintings hung on walls the walls themselves pieces of furniture clocks faces forgave their density and boundaries their scale It was as if a part of the brain that evolved over eons so our species might survive was disconnected A reality evolved for the extension of our existence abdicated leaving the pulsating uake of atoms So the book It physically exists in what we have agreed is existence As I read each word their grouping into sentences I imagine what they are saying As a matter of fact they at times disappear and my imagination has taken over It exists only within my mind as it slides from present to past Now that I am finished it exists solely within the past Distorted according to my own unwitting needs it has found a location scribed within a map an inner map let’s say The scale of it is difficult even for an inner map maker a geographer This world of the inner imagination exists Let’s call it world number one and the world contoured for survival is world number two Those entrenched in number two consider the inhabitants of number one odd crazy useless in number one the world of number two is slight must be endured but in a total view a necessary triviality Our host in this book now existing within my mind from which I am trying to describe to you is looking back on his life and on his sub alter ego Sergio Prim who is trying to deal with world number 2 Prim successfully carries out his duties as a geographer a creator and follower of maps The barest of relations are maintained from a distance as our host continues his attempts through Prim to locate and function in 2 This becomes significantly difficult when his relationship with a co worker a woman named Brezo Valera intensifies Brezo moves within both worlds pursuing a relationship with Sergio interested in some command and ownership of 2 while nimbly seeking the larger meanings and fulfillments of 1 Sergio falls in love with her and she him This draws him hesitantly feebly into fragile attempts to find a conduit between both worlds He is losing her if he ever had her and she him Which is important to reside within the truer world of inner life or to abdicate to seuence out loneliness and isolation? Prim understands that in the truer reality of world number 1 everyone’s perception and perspective on each object and event differs Therefore the chances of finding someone Brezo located in the same uadrant pinpointed within a microscopic cross haired point of longitude passing through latitude is not possible though the ongoing attempt may provide a meaning for his existence A courageous attempt at seeking out a reality which conveys itself within the panorama of an existence deeper and fuller than the markings of survival or is it someone fleeing relationships love out of fear and using this philosophical uest as a cover?I couldn’t can’t help but think what love is for me When younger I had thought I was in love but in the end it turned out to be obsessions Obsessions based on need and desire Over the years I have loved my wife Early on instead of fusion which is what Sergio seeks we established ourselves as two individuals intimately sharing a life uickly her happiness eualed my interest in my own I began adoring her gestures the lilt and sonorous melodic tune of her voice her own uniue way of caring and accepting caring her smile and sense of humor Those things have continued to grow What has changed over time is that now forty one years later her happiness is important to me than my own So what does this all add up to? It seems to speak to astate?aura?a mystic presence? It has to do with 1 As Mosley pointed out in Impossible Object a relationship begins with the imagined partner who sooner or later must be confronted as a real person But from my own experience a purely chance meeting which when mapped back took over 90 incidents in their chronological order to bring about then ninety for those to happen and so on Purely luck It wasn’t love at first sight I was stunned by her complete presence how her natural light lit the room how someone like this could be interested in someone like me Later she explained that she couldn’t understand a word I was saying through my thick New York accent Her leaning in toward my every word was just the desperate search for an interpreter But over the years facing vulnerability anguish and pain together has built something and deeper Where does that reside? That something greater and deeper? According to our host it resides in the accretion of ideas memories hopes the world of inner imaginationYes I asked him too Hey Mr Host Sergio Prim you over there what about the sensual the sexual? He didn’t hesitate pointing out that those moments are uickly replaced by the memory of them and for him and his striving to further his possible entrance of a life into 1 it is enhanced What is or could be lived in 1 becomes a far improvement over 2 Who am I to argue I don’t think he could understood a word I was saying anywayOur host and thus Sergio’s battle is THE BATTLE to be faced in life Many who reside in 2 find a solace in not knowing about 1’s existence or not wanting to know For the most part they find a happiness in the security provided by the given conventions and nostalgia Those like we here at GR do not find it sufficient Is it something imposed on us or what we have striven for? The tension to find out where Sergio will end on the map what will be the maps scale tightens What will happen to love to him to Brezo is enhanced by the kindled flux of the writing style lining up with the content the finely honed rhythm Belén Gopegui writes as a little known legend of uill and paper in the US This is her first work translated into English Hopefully many to soon follow It is clear she is not writing for market approval or gain The first third was difficult for me to follow and get through However this book was recommended by Proustitute and each and every time the same can be said about Ben Winch MSarki the books have provided not only enjoyment but a stretching of my reading abilities and a fuller way of encountering and considering life so I continued on in good faith Sure enough I picked up the cadence and the words disappearedWhat would life be like if I didn’t? It seems that it’s these small moments that provide opportunities and whether taken or not shapes our existence Hopefully you can see how important this book is to me; to live a life where I come upon a tree and disregard its scientific notations but be immersed by the impressions I carry away from it But too many times and it doesn’t take much I have talked in exalting ways about dem books that moved me So yeah I’s watchya you call stuck Come on move in here youse guys a little closa Dats right Dere ya go Now ya can hea Whatsit ya think I’m some kinda genious Hey I came from a little dark nook is dat what ya call it I don’t have dose big words I’m one of dose whatchya call it passionate guys I hope da guys on tirdy toird street never knew about dat I woulda had my head handed ta me So I’m gonna hang with dis Sergio guy I told ya to come closer Whattta ya def? Yea we’re gonna hang by da window Side by side For how long? You know what Maybe for ever Hah ya wanna know what dat means Read da book You heard me read da book

  2. City Lights Booksellers & Publishers City Lights Booksellers & Publishers says:

    It’s an ambitious novel to be sure made beautiful by Gopegui’s liuid prose and made accessible by her ultimate refusal to answer her own uestions Janet Potter Bookslut 'Trembling' is how protagonist Sergio Prim first appears to the reader 'His hands fluttered like a bashful magician’s' the Spaniard Belen Gopegui writes of her fictional creation Gopegui’s first novel The Scale of Maps is a story about a magic trick that Prim never uite masters an ambitious disappearing act that ends in irredeemable failure After all as another character the enchanting mapmaker Brezo Varela warns Prim 'the problem with escape artists is that they never escape' Who is this strange man charting a fantastical solitary course? Gopegui has been compared to Cervantes and Nabokov and it’s easy to see Prim as a kind of windmill battling Pnin Prim’s labyrinthine imaginings could easily place him in a work of Borges as well Mark Schafer’s agile translation gives Prim the fitting voice of a polished academic who has lost his bearings 'The man who examines his own love is like the merchant who sells perishable foods' Prim suggests inscrutably Is the reader to understand that Prim’s survival depends on his ability to shill the ripened fruits of his passion before they spoil? And to whom is he selling the harvest of his inspection? It’s just one of many alluring metaphors that uietly collapse upon inspection evading scrutiny Words without BordersMap scales are about relationships So is 'The Scale of Maps' a poignant provocative profound and passionate book by respected Spanish writer Belén Gopegui The Kansas City Star A geographer falls irredeemably in love with a flighty mapmaker in this graceful peculiar Spanish tale beautifully composed and elegantly translated Publishers Weekly

  3. Robert Wechsler Robert Wechsler says:

    What distinguishes this novel is its poetic nature not in the usual lyrical sense It is like modern poetry with its wild use of metaphor its disjunctions its self reflexiveness and its disrespect for convention including person The writing and its narrator can be annoying at times but overall the novel worksWhat also distinguishes this novel is the love story it tells On its face this is a novel about a man who cannot commit to the woman he is in love with but that doesn’t say anything important about the novel It is about the way he overthinks and overfeels everything in his wonderfully eccentrically poetic way and how much his weakness leads him to twist himself and turn himself inside outI rarely uote in my Goodreads reviews but here it's necessary to show the wonders of this novel and of its amazing translation by Mark ShaferOnce we were dressed the space became complicated should I position myself according to respect intimacy or inhibition? Offering you a cup of linden blossom tea seemed as dangerous as sitting you on the table or carrying you to the sofa And you drew no boundaries failed to indicate any neutral zones places where I could love you as do certain cloudless skies without making mistakes or causing harm without blowing it in any way To devote myself to your affection as to a discipline of prayer or the cultivation of an orchard like he who chooses a time outside the tumult There are cups on the tray with the most delicate handles through the window one can see Japanese mountains rather than city blocks the moon sparkles in a glass of waterAnd those for whom it matters should know that this was written by a woman I hope we see of her work translated into English

  4. Tuck Tuck says:

    how do you map a void? Just use blank white like National Geographic unknown hereor here be dragons? Maybe with concentric circles like a high pressure system overhead always with barely moving erratic winds and no hope ever of rain? Or a man's heart in love but him knowing all the time it will never work never last? This book is about the hole in mens' hearts; sad ambling pitiful with no hope except that precluding jumping from the bridge the night before it will happen again in the morning Such beautiful writing here by Gopegui but not very uplifting unlike high pressure systems which at least create thermals to soar on For literary snob readers and lovers of Nabokov I can't wait to read her next one

  5. Mythili Mythili says:

    “Trembling” is how protagonist Sergio Prim first appears to the reader “His hands fluttered like a bashful magician’s” the Spaniard Belen Gopegui writes of her fictional creation Gopegui’s first novel The Scale of Maps is a story about a magic trick that Prim never uite masters an ambitious disappearing act that ends in irredeemable failure After all as another character the enchanting mapmaker Brezo Varela warns Prim “the problem with escape artists is that they never escape”Read

  6. c.vance c.vance c.vance c.vance says:

    most consistent thought i had Bitch is writing a man well slightly daring in some ways slightly Kundera esue tangentials of thought in others none of it was terribly original except for the parts that were apparently made up about the margeen but it was enjoyable

  7. John Kaye John Kaye says:

    A piece of poetry in prose form and I assume beautifully translated As someone else said it is a slow read sometimes I only read one chapter two or three pages at a time And for much of the book I was not in sympathy with the story or the style But it grew on me amnd I found myself reading with the rhythms of the book enjoying the hollows

  8. Casie Fox Casie Fox says:

    One of the most fascinating books I've ever read

  9. Peter Peter says:

    “ The map of the city we will always inhabit the necessary combination of smooth knees and dull shoulders that marks the bodies we desire these are decided in our imagination without our realizing it That is why Brezo you were about to say the name of my dwelling'A hollow' you said under the Observatory arcadeA hollow Brezo a hollow Most people are set upon a single place orchards windmills or palaces and want to flee there All well and good But how do they plan to protect these places? And how can a sanctuary offer them happiness when they need to protect it?” The Scale of Maps is a curiously wrought novel narrated by an introverted Spanish cartographer obsessed with and anguished by his love for his sensual girlfriend The excessively florid style and increasingly fanciful musings make it difficult to detect the reason for this anguish – but he is continually in search of a ‘hollow’ a sanctuary such as a window handle or a fold in a suit of clothes to hide away from the tumult of love and possibly life itselfMad? Metaphysical? Metaphorical? Any of these might be interesting but the cartographer’s ambiguous self centred obsessions take a long time to reveal nothing of much substance or intrigue at least to me He frets and frets and frets whilst I sink slowly into a word battered stupor The odd syntax and the linguistic whimsicality “ Your ten days of absence rose like roller coasters from whose summit I hurled myself” fail to keep ennui at bay and become wearisome in themselvesThe book is distinctive which I suppose is one good thingbut oh what a relief it is to reach the final page

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La escala de los mapas[PDF / Epub] ❤ La escala de los mapas ✅ Belén Gopegui – Si un día un hombre ue fantasea con encontrarse a la mujer de uien estuvo enamorado sin ser correspondido se la encuentra; si ella le toma del brazo se muestra ilusionada ríe entonces ¿ué hacer co Si un día un hombre ue fantasea con de los PDF/EPUB ë encontrarse a la mujer de uien estuvo enamorado sin ser correspondido se la encuentra; si ella le toma del brazo se muestra ilusionada ríe entonces ¿ué hacer con la realidad Sergio Prim geógrafo de profesión ha visto cómo su sueño de amor por Brezo Varela se cumplía y ha sentido pánico Necesita un hueco una zona exenta de La escala Epub / preocupaciones donde pueda vencer su dificultad para entender la escala de los otros el modo según el cual los otros establecen relaciones de semejanza distancia o proximidad y allí acaso logre poner a salvo su relación con Brezo La escala de los mapas es la historia del miedo a ser amado y su metáfora y una reflexión sobre la diferencia entre las cosas ue ocurren en el escala de los PDF/EPUB é espacio y auellas otras ue suceden en el tiempo«Fuerza arrebatadora Lo asombroso de esta novela es la originalidad de sus estrategias narrativas en consonancia con el ritmo de su prosa»Carmen Martín Gaite.

About the Author: Belén Gopegui

Belén Gopegui burst onto the Spanish literary scene de los PDF/EPUB ë in bowling over critics with her debut La escala de los mapas The Scale of Maps which was hailed as a masterpiece She has since published several novels as well as stories and screenplays Gopegui was born and lives in Madrid.