Explore Gravity! eBook å Paperback

Explore Gravity! eBook å Paperback

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  1. Betsy Betsy says:

    First reviewed on Redeemed ReaderExplore Gravity is part activity book part experiment book and part textbook that explores gravity related concepts cause of gravity effects of gravity past discoveries and features coordinating activities and experiments Explanations of complex scientific concepts are very student friendly Most activities could be accomplished at home with basic household supplies The book is well organized and includes a good glossary as well as resources for further study In addition there is a timeline that showcases a nice history of gravity related discoveries and famous scientists space and astronomy concepts; Copernicus Gallileo Kepler and others Remarkably little evolutionary language is used for a book that references space but some readers may be disappointed in the use of BCECE references for dates All in all this is a nice resource for extra science enrichment and provides an opportunity to explore a fascinating element of creation particularly when we remember that all of creation holds together in and is sustained by Christ Himself

  2. Susie Susie says:

    I don't remember who recommended this to me but I will be adding it to our school library So much information and activities packed into one book Some of my favorite suggestions if you're stuck in an avalanche spit or cry to see which direction the liuids go; that will help you determine which way is up; I know you can put a scale in an elevator to help measure g's but I might really do it this timeOnly one small ualm; some times zero gravity is mentioned then microgravity As the book explains everything in the universe experiences gravity And there are few gas molecults floating around near the moon but I wouldn't characterize it as no atmosphereI plan to check out the other books in this series as well

  3. Chantia Singleton Chantia Singleton says:

    With vocabulary words like matter velocity attraction gravity and literacy instruction and integration would be impossible to miss with this book It would be great in a science center library Last semester I wrote a paper on how the integration of science and literacy aids in maximizing learning opportunities on both ends of the content spectrum This book would have been a perfect example of why There are so many literacy factors about it and could aid in creating a pretty rad science word wall

  4. Teresa Bateman Teresa Bateman says:

    Part of the Focus on Science series this fascinating large format paperback book introduces children to the concept of gravity and provides 25 projects they can use to test prove and explore gravity That doesn't sound particularly enthralling right? However the book is filled with fun facts interesting insights and even some history on the development of our understanding of gravity To be frank it was fun to read and children will enjoy the projects Black and white illustrations abound This is a book that merits a place in school libraries

  5. Terry Terry says:

    A teacher used this with her class and it worked fairly well The text was easy to follow the content was good and projects were very interesting The topic is well researched and the projects well thought outTo read our full review go to the Reading Tub

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Explore Gravity! ➿ [Download] ➽ Explore Gravity! By Cindy Blobaum ➵ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk How can something that grounds us and keeps us here on this earth be so invisible and mysterious We’re not talking about anything abstract and undetectable We’re talking about GRAVITY Gravity is a How can something that grounds us and keeps us here on this earth be so invisible and mysterious We’re not talking about anything abstract and undetectable We’re talking about GRAVITY Gravity is a force that affects everyone and everything Gravity is something we can easily understand even kids especially if they have the right tools to teach them Explore Gravity With Great Projects will introduce kids ages to the basics of gravity including concepts of matter attraction and gravitational pull Projects include creating a working model of a scale to learn what “weight” really means and how it’s affected by gravity By playing with various weights to make a marvelous mobile readers learn about the center of balance and how martial artists use this knowledge to throw their weight around All the projects in this book are easy to follow reuire little adult supervision and use commonly found household products many from the recycling box The fun facts trivia jokes comics and hands on activities will help kids discover the captivating science of gravity Further the informational text and hands on activities will excite kids about STEM the interrelated fields of science technology engineering and math.

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Explore Gravity!
  • Cindy Blobaum
  • 03 April 2015
  • 9781619302075

About the Author: Cindy Blobaum

With wanderlust and curiosity that knew few bounds Cindy Blobaum worked and traveled around the United States and Australia before settling down in Iowa Her jobs have included positions as a seasonal zoo keeper uality control technician at a potato chip factory carnival barker waitress and ice skating guardHer professional life is as a naturalist aka field trip lady educator and mom T.