The Very Hungry City ePUB ✓ The Very PDF or

The Very Hungry City ePUB ✓ The Very PDF or

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  1. Elinor Hurst Elinor Hurst says:

    There was lots of interesting stuff in here about how to design cities to be less energy hungry and the planning implications of this The author's main motivating concern seemed to be the rising price of fossil fuels and the imminence of peak oil and he made a very strong case for change based on evidence of the difficulties ahead of us in this regardI was utterly gobsmacked however by his almost complete omission of the most pressing issue of our time and what should be the most urgent driver for this sort of change and that is global warming He alluded to it briefly in passing but it seems his heart wasn't in it and climate change didn't even rate a mention in his summation I don't know why Troy played it down but for me it was a significant flaw in the bookOther issues I had with the book were its lukewarm attitude towards renewable energy its rather dry style and its US centrism Although the latter might be an advantage for an American reader working in urban planningOverall it was a useful read which I will be keeping as a reference for its helpful analysis of issues of sustainability in urban planning The chapters on smart mobility and reinventing neighbourhoods with their in depth coverage of Swedish and Danish urban planning and transport approaches were my favourites and uite inspiring

  2. Matt Matt says:

    Very Hungry City is an excellent account of the inter relationship between urban areas and energy and it explains the key issues that determine the energy usage of a city its form modes of transportation infrastructure climate etc In doing so Very Hungry City provides an interesting and entertaining analysis of the potential effectiveness of many of the tools that are currently used or proposed to reduce urban energy consumption and to improve uality of life in cities The author's analysis is clear and his conclusions are straightforward and thoughtful The conclusions of Very Hungry City portray an energy picture that is complicated and nuanced than typically found in the mainstream media This characteristic of Very Hungry City sets it apart from much of the information including other books on environmental issues and makes it a valuable read for those interested in environmental issues and for the government officials and policymakers currently deciding how best to invest the tremendous amount of resources directed towards climate change air pollution urban congestion etc

  3. Brandi Brandi says:

    Austin Troy's The Very Hungry City Urban Energy Efficiency and the Economic Fate of Cities is an exploration of issues surrounding energy consumption by large cities or urban energy metabolism Some of the factors that influence energy consumption include transportation weather patterns building construction and so on Mr Troy gives ideas and suggestions for how energy consumption rates can be improved via methods such as conservation greener buildings energy efficiency and transportation improvements A lot of his advice is uite practical and would not be too difficult to implement if people were willing Unfortunately I see the unwillingness to change to be the greatest factor working against the implementation of many of the ideas that Austin Troy presents in this book even though many of his ideas have other benefits such as pollution reduction financial savings etc Overall an interesting and informative book it would be of interest to anyone interested in environmental issues urban planning and public policy This book was won from the Goodreadscom website in exhange for a review

  4. Eric Eric says:

    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads The title of this book The Very Hungry City Urban Energy Efficiency and the Economic Fate of Cities is a theme carried throughout that cities have metabolisms like those of competitive eaters and that insatiable ability to eat is very damaging to our world As Austin Troy notes this hunger didn't matter when energy was cheap and plentiful but as the cost of energy increases and the available stores of certain types like oil decreases we have to deal with this appetite Troy lays out the reasons why cities are hungry from air conditioning to water needs to driving habits roads to other forms of transit Troy then shows how we can curb this need for energy mainly through improved urban planning and better building designs Though the author focuses a bit too much on what Europe has done while ignoring the economic impacts of some of their choices he does provide an insightful overview of the issues and interesting ideas for resolving them

  5. Crystal Crystal says:

    I received this book as a firstread and I would like to thank the author for for sending it to meThis book has a great deal of valuable information and I think it's unlikely you would find all of it compiled together in any other book Unfortunately I found it difficult to read because of the organization and structure

  6. Jatin Sarvaiya Jatin Sarvaiya says:

    A good book well written on how energy flows and its utilization patterns Our appetite for cheap energy has to break This read is good for those who wish to understand current use of energy in communities and how with minimal adaption communities can actually use less Term to google Jevons Paradox

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    I won this book through Goodreads and it took me a while to get through it just because there's so much info it can't be sped read It's well written interesting and thought provoking Maybe a bit depressing but definitely worthwhile reading

  8. Yy Yy says:

    I won this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Hope to read it soon Thanks

  9. Yvonne Stegall Yvonne Stegall says:

    One of my favorite wins from Goodreads I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in green energy and going green received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

  10. L-H L-H says:

    I won a free copy of this book through the Goodreads first reads program I can't wait to read this book Thank you

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The Very Hungry City ➹ [Download] ➵ The Very Hungry City By Austin Troy ➼ – An important investigation of the ways that cities consume energy and how energy efficiency will determine which ones thrive in the future As global demand for energy grows and prices rise a city's en An important investigation of the ways that cities consume energy and how energy efficiency will determine which ones thrive in the future As global demand for energy grows and prices rise a city's energy consumption becomes increasingly tied to its economic viability warns the author of The Very Hungry City Austin The Very PDF or Troy a seasoned expert in urban environmental management explains for general readers how a city with a high urban energy metabolism—that is a city that needs large amounts of energy in order to function—will be at a competitive disadvantage in the future He explores why cities have different energy metabolisms and discusses an array of innovative approaches to the problems of expensive energy consumptionTroy looks at dozens of cities and suburbs in Europe and the United States—from Los Angeles to Copenhagen Denver to the Swedish urban redevelopment project Hammarby Sjöstad—to understand the diverse factors that affect their energy use behavior climate water supply building uality transportation and others He then assesses some of the most imaginative solutions that cities have proposed among them green building energy efficient neighborhoods symbiotic infrastructure congestion pricing transit oriented development and water conservation To conclude the author addresses planning and policy approaches that can bring about change and transform the best ideas into real solutions.