The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot MOBI ë of the

The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot MOBI ë of the

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  1. Jackie "the Librarian" Jackie "the Librarian" says:

    This not Nancy Drew was my favorite mystery series when I was a kid Sure I read Nancy but she was an independently wealthy titian headed paragon who I could never live up to Why didn't she get a job or go to college? Was she just killing time solving mysteries until Ned graduated from college and married her? Now the Three Investigators they were kids like me without a car without much money and with very human failings I could totally relate And they had a cool secret clubhouse too But I am skeptical that the introductions were actually written by Alfred Hitchcock himselfThe Investigators solved mystery puzzles kind of like Scooby Doo but without the lame endings something supernatural seems to be going on and the boys uncover the real human agents behind the phenomena Except for this one no supernatural here Unless you think parrots are spookyIn this episode If a parrot stutters pay attention It could be a clue to a hidden treasure This series was reissued about 10 15 years ago and they stripped Hitchcock from the books replacing him with some fictional Sebastian Barth guy Sacrilege

  2. Cameron G. Cameron G. says:

    I recently finished reading The Mystery of The Stuttering Parrot by Robert Arthur My dad introduced me to this fast paced mystery book series that he loved when he was a kid As soon as I opened this book I was immedatly hooked This book is about three young dectives who promise to find a famous actors missing parrot When they start on this case they find that it is part of a bigger mystery of a lost priceless art piece I can relate to the charactors in the book because they always help people when they need it and I feel like I do the same This fast pace book is a pleaser to any audience

  3. Mike Mike says:

    Second reading Still pretty good after all these years There's still a bit of a stretch that the Three Investigators have an enormous stroke of lick in the end that wraps the case up fortuitouslyhttpwwwthreeinvestigatorsbookscoUsing as a book set in high school although it appears to be summer vacation just now

  4. Zoe Artemis Spencer Reid Zoe Artemis Spencer Reid says:

    One of those in the series I haven't read in childhood This time it's about treasure hunting with seven parrots as clues holders and one of them stuttered Successfully met up my nostalgic moment

  5. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    To to be or not to to be? That is the uestion said the stuttering parrot But can a parrot stutter?This is the best of the Three Investigators according to me The trail to a treasure hidden in the cryptic sentences taught to seven parrots Jupiter and team must decode each to lead them to a magnificent booty in priceless paintings before international art thieves get thereAll the clues were perfect as well as the twist in the tail Jupiter outdoes himselfI still remember some of themLittle Bo Peep has lost her sheep and don't know where to find them Call on Sherlock HolmesTo to be or not to to be? That is the uestionYou know my methods Watson Three sevens lead to thirteenAnd the last oneNever give a sucker an even break and that is a lead pipe cinch

  6. Hafsa Sabira Hafsa Sabira says:

    Three Investigators is my favourite childhood series Not one of the favourites is is THE favourite series I can't uite love any other series so much and even though I read all the books long ago yet I try to revise all the nook every yearThis year I decided to try audiobook and this is the first audiobook I tried What can I say the audio version was 10 times better than the printed version I could hear each character speaking in a different voice and I could FEEL the story than ever The moment I heard the voices I realized that these are the voices of Jupiter Pete and Bob Bob is almost missing in this story btw Sadly only two books are available as audio books But if you are a fan of the Three Investigators you must give it a try in YouTube

  7. Leore Joanne Green Leore Joanne Green says:

    This is a book I found in a carton in the dorms in a place where old things are usually left for any one who would like to take It looked familiar and when I looked at it I realized it was part of the 'Alfred Hitchcock' series which I used to read in elemetary school So I picked it up and took it for the nostalgiaBasically it reminded me a bit of Enid Blyton's detective novel's for kids just without the warm British feeling and the food The reading was fun and smooth the only thing that bothered me was the dozens of typos in the book but I was highly amused by the number of the psychometry words which were there a test I had to take a year agoI finished it in two hours Had fun6307

  8. Don Don says:

    I did not read this edition I read the silver covered 1973 edition I know that Hardy Boys were edited after the 1950's uite a bit I am not sure if the same is true for this seriesThese books just hit me when I was a kid It's EVERYTHING to a little boy in the late 1970's early 1980's Three boys a junkyard full of well junk that any boy can do anything withAlfred Hitchcock mysteries spooky houses it's all thereI much prefer the older editions Nostalgia I guess but the pages themselves for a book lover are perfect This had a great mystery and riddle to it The Stuttering Parrot certainly holds up but maybe I'm biased Everything is so serious any I read serious books Watch serious shows Don't get me started on social mediaIt was great to go back to boyhood imagination and fun

  9. Spencer Spencer says:

    2019 This was the first Three Investigators book that I had ever read; the first book that made me fall in love with the stories of the three friends who had started a business together The Three Investigators With their own business cards their own logo a uestion mark and each with their own role in the investigationsThis book however always remained my favorite of their investigationsIt begins as many of the best mysteries do with someone calling for help And not one but two parrots mysteriously disappearing Then its a race to find the rest of the parrots seven in all and trace the route to the hidden treasure described as a piece off the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it That isn't a house I want to approach Pete told him It looks like a house full of locked rooms that shouldn't be openMostly what he had bought was ordinary junk but perched up at the back end of the truck was an iron deer It was life size with huge antlersHmph Mrs Jones said Well we can sell it to a collector I suppose but I'll bet you paid too much money for itI didn't buy it to sell Titus said I'm going to set it up outside the gate He hopped down off the truck and gave his wife a sueeze around the waist Now I'll have two dears he saidIt was a pretty terrible pun but Mrs Jones giggled

  10. Alex Alex says:

    This was loads of fun The riddle of the parrots and the real threat and stakes of the book made this a lead pipe cinchI probably knew this before but had forgotten how delightful the old hardcover art is While some details could be accurate like the parrot should have been yellow headed not red there are so many of them tucked away that I can look past that Also the nice Hitch cameos on each cover are an excellent touch I’ll keep an eye out for how long that is maintained

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The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot ❤ The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot pdf ⚣ Author Robert Arthur – Hot on the trail of seven talking parrots that have seemingly vanished into thin air the Three Investigators are in trouble than ever Danger lurks at every turn as they search for the birds each of wh of the Epub µ Hot on the trail of seven talking parrots that have seemingly vanished into thin air the Three Investigators are in trouble than ever Danger lurks at every turn as they search for the birds each of whom can uote part of a coded message from The Mystery PDF/EPUB ² a mysterious dead man.

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  • The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot
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  • 14 September 2016
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of the Epub µ Robert Jay Arthur Jr was a mystery writer known for The Mysterious Traveler radio series and his Three Investigators series of novels He is freuently confused with the film producer Robert Arthur who was nine days older than mystery writer Robert Arthur JrRobert Arthur Jr The Mystery PDF/EPUB ² wrote a number of mystery books mostly for children and he also worked on the anthology television series Alfred Hit.