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Paperback à Crystal Cove PDF/EPUB å

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  1. Jill Jill says:

    DisappointingI haven't been this letdown in a Lisa Kleypas story since I read Where Passion Leads At least the excuse there it was her debutJustine Hoffman despairs of never falling in love especially since she's seen her best friend and cousin Zoë fall in love with Alex Nolan in book #3 Dream Lake Owner of the bed and breakfast Justine's been raised as a pagan and is a hereditary witchJason Black has produced the most successful fantasy video game series ever Staying at Justine's BB the handsome rich game developer has come to Friday Harbor to view land owned by Alex But Jason has another reason to be on the islandLet me just start off with this ualifier I'm a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas both her historicals and contemporaries And I've read every book she's ever written But this whole Friday Harbor series I've found less than impressive and the magical realismsupernatural elements awkward and not particularly enjoyable But overall books #1 3 have been okay but definitely not Lisa Kleypas's best in my opinionSome problems I hadThere was very little romance with a distinct lack of chemistry between the leads The romance though not uite insta love came close Their relationship was rushedThe hero Jason was unlikable selfish and manipulative And I just couldn't warm to the idea of his having no soul Nor could I uite imagine him and his personality fitting as a gamer and developerJustine started out as a strong independent woman but folded pretty uickly and easily after meeting JasonThis is neither contemporary romance nor paranormal romance but rather a clumsy blend of the two that Ms Kleypas doesn't uite manage to pull offMissing also is her trademark wit especially in the dialogueThe fantasyparanormalsupernaturalmagical realism elements in the previous books have been mostly tangential to the contemporary setting This story was centred around the paranormal with way too much information about witches covens and spells It lacks depth in characterisations especially of the protagonistsShades of ShadesThere seemed to me to be a mild but distinct essence of FSoG added to flavour the story The hero is gorgeous dark controlling reclusive private and uber wealthy He suffered an abusive childhood He enjoys some kink He's particularly keen on Kinbaku the Japanese art of 'the beauty of tight binding' with mention of a safe word And also Maguro sexual passivity or 'a woman who lies still in bed' I really don't think that Ms Kleypas needed to go down this road and in fact I think it could well alienate a number of fans and potential readers To me it seemed a too obvious ploy to jump on the current FSoG bandwagon and market fascination with bdsm That sex scene Kinbaku view spoilerFor regular readers of bdsm this would be considered light and not even worth a mention But for readers of contemporary romantic fiction andor Lisa Kleypas this particular sex scene may come as a bit of asurpriseFor me this scene was not offensive or shocking But neither did I find it beautiful sensual or erotic In fact it sounded distinctly uncomfortable to read and I imagined poor Justine ending up contorted than a pretzel Or perhaps trussed up like a turkey or chicken which brought this video to mind A young free range chicken A dominating ravenous chef A naughty tale of fowl playhttpwwwyoutubecomwatch?vOa3eC0If that hadn't been enough to uash any steaminess or titillation from building in this scene then I completely lost it when Jason asked Justine for her safe wordview spoilerWhat's your safe word? he whisperedChicken LMBO hide spoiler

  2. Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* Carol Cork *Young at Heart Oldie* says:

    Lisa Kleypas has a special place at the top of my list of favourite authors I love love her historicals but I understand her reasons for wanting to extend herself as an author by writing contemporary novels The Travis series is one of my favourites and I have enjoyed the first three books in the Friday Harbor series So I was looking forward to Justine’s story but Crystal Cove was so disappointing What didn’t work for me There was so much emphasis on the witchcraft that at times it seemed like a paranormal book with romantic elements It didn’t even feel like part of the Friday Harbor series Apart from a very brief appearance by Zoë and Alex none of the other characters from the previous books made an appearance I missed those delightful and often funny family moments There was no slow build up of the relationship between Justine and Jason and I never felt that all important chemistry that spark between them It seemed very superficial and about lust at first sight than love at first sight “Because love is there not just in the big romantic moments but in all the little things The way he touches your face or covers you with a blanket when you’re taking a nap or puts a Post it note on the fridge to remind you about your dentist appointment I think those things glue a relationship together even than all the great sex” Zoë sums up my feelings perfectly I missed those little gestures that speak volumes about the hero You know the ones I mean Derek Craven stealing Sara’s spare pair of glasses and keeping it in his breast pocket next to his heart; St Vincent bringing the warming brick on the coach for Evie’s cold feet; Jack Travis changing a diaper; Alex Nolan’s endearing habit of leaving Post It notes everywhere These guys know how to steal a woman’s heart Unfortunately Jason didn’t grab my heart He was too controlling aggressive and manipulative There was no give and take as far as he was concerned Everything had to be done his way So what happened to the impulsive and outspoken Justine of the previous books? She simply caved into his domineering waysYes there’s plenty of steamy sex in this book but I found the ‘truss me up like a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store deli’ scene was a complete turn off It didn’t fit in with the tone of the story and it was so unromantic What worked for me As always I cannot fault Ms Kleypas’s evocative and multi textured writing As Justine unwrapped the linen a wonderful perfume rippled upward honey sweet greeny herbal lavender musty candle waxy The cloth with its frayed selvage and ancient fingerprint smudges fell away to reveal a leather bound book with ragged deckle edged pages The leather binding gleamed like the skin of black plums and cherriesHer lovely touches of humour are there too “A wonderful looking man isn’t he?” Sage asked of no one in particular “And so well endowed” “Sage” Justine protested “I was not referring to the fruit of his loom dear I meant endowed with looks and intelligence Although ” Sage proceeded to lengthen the crotch of the pants She held them up and asked Justine “What do you think? Have I allowed enough room in the rise?” “I think you’re a little too interested in what he’s packing”The writing and humour did increase my rating by half a starPerhaps I’m just getting nostalgic in my old age longing for those heart melting stories that leave a big smile on my face and those sigh worthy heroes like Westcliff McKenna and St Vincent VERDICT DISAPPOINTINGRATING ★★★½This review has also been posted on my blog

  3. willaful willaful says:

    The fantasy elements in this series have gotten blatant with each book from the delicate suggestion of magic in the first to actual witches performing actual spells in this the fourth I had no major issues with it in the previous books but I felt that Kleypas bit off than she could chew in this one The fantasy and reality mix just didn't gel I was also disappointed with the hero who starts off mysterious and intriguing and then uickly morphs into every other hopelessly in love uber protective hero ever And I never saw what was so wonderful about Justine that would inspire such intense devotion Two stars because it was readable and had some good moments but I'm tempted to go for one because I honestly didn't like it

  4. Liz* Fashionably Late Liz* Fashionably Late says:

    I NEED HELP I'm done with these series For real I LOVED the first book so sweet and romantic I loved the hot sexy scenes and the way the characters connected This? InstaloveInstalustJason was a controlling self absorbed super rich ass and I couldn't stand him There was some BDSM elements in the story elements I'm not familiar with elements I wasn't looking for in a sweet family storyFriday Harbor series started as a romantic book for the holidays and ended up as a Paranormal series I've heard Kleypas is a goddess in Woman Fiction but I'm sorry to say the paranormal elements didn't feel rightThis should teach me enough is enough

  5. Crista Crista says:

    2 12 starsThis review is a painful one to write I love this author and will ALWAYS love this author She has penned some of my very favorite books Dreaming of You Smooth Talking Stranger Again the Magic Devil in Winter and the entire Hathaway series These are books that have become comfort reads They have helped me through difficult personal times and are books that continue to beckon me for re reads time and time again For this I will always be grateful With all that being said Crystal Cove was a very difficult book for me to read and the first LK book that I have no desire to ever read again Please understand that this is just my opinion and my own personal feeling after reading this book I know many others will love this book and be excited with the new avenues that Lisa is exploringCrystal Cove's plot centers around pagan religion Witchcraft Wiccan beliefs spells and magic ect I am usually able to read and enjoy paranormal books because I am whisked away to another world a fictional world Pagan religion is real practiced today and is something that goes against my own personal spiritual beliefs Because of this I never felt at ease while reading this bookI absolutely loved the character of Jason Black He alone gets all the stars that I gave this book He was a traditional Lisa Kleypas hero in that I fell in love with him almost immediately The lines he has in this book that made my heart clench and my stomach flutter are too many to count He was simply amazing and yet his character was written without a soulliterally Again my belief is that we all have souls I just couldn't reconcile thisCrystal Cove is the most sensual and sexual of all the Friday Harbor books and Lisa Kleypas explores bondage in this book I didn't have a problem with this part of the bookin fact I loved the sexual heat of Crystal Cove However it's another indicator that Lisa is exploring new doors and challenging her writing which are both great things I simply wasn't prepared for this and it's something completely new for her writing and her readersThis book explores the idea of soul mates and Justine and Jason fall in love almost instantly This was a contradiction to the man who was initially introduced to us as reclusive private and mysterious Jason met Justine and became an open book emotionally physically and spiritually I would've liked to see of a gradual awakening between themThis book was definitely not for me Again I realize this is a personal preference and a personal belief system that influenced my feelings on this book Many will love this book and appreciate it For me I will revisit old favorites and hope that this book was an experiment and not the new face of LK's writing

  6. Karen Karen says:

    3 STARS “No one can tell you what your path is but someday you'll discover it and it won't be at all what you expected” This wasn't at all what I was expecting In fact I am slightly miffed that the series took this giant plunge off the deep end With that said I can't say I wasn't entertained I've been looking forward to Justine's story I've liked her character from the beginning of the series But I think our lovely author may have been indulging in too many of Jason's shots of Stoli when she sat down to write it It's not that I don't enjoy a good dip into the paranormal now and again And I have even enjoyed the touch of magic added to the other books in the series view spoilerUntil we started bringing heroes back from the dead 🙄 hide spoiler

  7. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    Images of Friday Harbor Washingtonimage error

  8. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    I'll tell you a little secret This is my first Lisa Kleypas book I generally don't read contemporary romance but the description on this felt a little PNR ish and I have long heard positive things about this author So I figured this was a great opportunity to give her a try Take a look at the blurb Frankly she had me at Man Without A Soul Unfortunately when I actually started reading I was sorely disappointed I think the description of the story is accurate but let me tell you about some of the things it leaves outThis is not PNR Maybe everyone else already familiar with Lisa Kleypas knew that This is a contemporary romance with paranormal elements That may sound nitpicky but for lack of a better explanation the two genres have a very different feel And I'm not sure who the audience is supposed to be Readers looking for PNR are going to unsatisfied and I am not sure that anyone looking for a contemporary will love the magic woven in It's an uncomfortable blendThe hero is a conceited self absorbed ass He is heavy handed He lies to Justine He makes choices that satisfy his own needs and she is expected to just get over it and accept it Then she does which goes on to frustrate me even Yeah he tried to make a noble sacrifice at the end but it was still to get what he wanted which by then was JustineThere are BDSM elements in the story which both surprised and perturbed me I don't like BDSM and actively avoid it I am a strong believer that if it's part of a book the blurb or cover art or SOMETHING needs to tip me off that it's in there Folks on Twitter and Goodreads asked me if I was sure Kleypas was writing BDSM I'll tell you what I told them he trusses her up in a hemp rope like a turkey at Thanksgiving and went at her while she couldn't move Yes definitely bondage and in the other scenes he's still clearly dominating Let's look at the cover and read the blurb again Did I miss something??There was absolutely no reason to believe that these two are in love Jason goes from wanting Justine for her magic to being in love with her instantly There was no basis for it and they were proclaiming their love within just a few daysI just couldn't invest in the romance I didn't like the hero And I didn't enjoy the sex Not a winner for meRating D ARC Provided by St Martin's

  9. D.G. D.G. says:

    Check out this review and others at badassbookreviewscomLisa Kleypas has been one of my favorite authors for a long long time I don’t think she walks on air and I’ve certainly not loved everything she’s written but I can’t remember the last time I was so disappointed by one of her books While reading Crystal Cove I was in disbelief that a writer known for her romantic love stories and great characterplot development would write a book with an insta love trope and plot holes the size of tanks I ended up rating it 3 stars barely because the denouement was surprising even if it was a tad convenientAt the beginning of Crystal Cove Justine finds out she’s been cursed against heartbreak and as such she can’t fall in love As a natural born witch she decides to break the curse even though she hasn’t had any training and has been warned not to even look at a particular spell in the book she owns Because warning people not do something is a sure fire way to make sure they don’t do itJason shows up in Friday Harbor with the apparent purpose to close a business deal However he has other nefarious plans in mind involving Justine She has something he wants and he will stop at nothing to get itAfter Justine breaks the curse they both feel this pull that tells them that they are meant for each other forever and ever Even though Jason came up as sort of creepy and manipulative in their first two encounters Justine is uickly bedazzled by who knows what But they find out that breaking the curse has terrible conseuences for them both – this is of course ANOTHER curse called the witch’s baneThe witch’s bane makes absolutely no sense Natural Selection tells us that anything that makes a species difficult to reproduce will result in extinction so I didn’t get why there were so many witches around Also it seems this curse doesn’t apply to same sex couples A man hating curse The witches make a show of being close to nature so it was unbelievable that a precept of their covenant perverted the cycle of creationThe whole witchcraft angle was really weird They didn’t seem to be any purpose to them besides doing parlor tricks All their supposed power demanded a price but they really didn’t do anything of importance All they did was talk pagan and eat organic What’s the point of being a witch if that’s all they didI had so many other issues with Crystal Cove Jason’s problem which was super convoluted and strange; how Justine seemed to know next to nothing about witchcraft even though she grew up with a witch for a mother; why she owned such a powerful book of spells when she wasn’t a practicing witch how said book was supposedly tied to the owner but how other witches were able to use it; how Justine’s estranged mother makes only one appearance to conveniently play the villain I could go and onOne of the few intriguing parts of the book was Jason’s Japanese ancestry This was the one thing about him that seemed real because it permeated different aspects of his personality Otherwise I really didn’t care for the caricature of the brilliant but recluse billionaireIf this series continues with the witches’ angle I’ll stop reading it Not because I have anything against witches or magic I read pretty much everything but because the premise is just too flawed in my eyes Books I read need to make sense in some level and when they don’t I just have to let them go

  10. Eilonwy Eilonwy says:

    2 12 stars rounded upJustine Hoffman is successful on the surface of her life she owns an inn on the Pacific Coast and is healthy and materially comfortable But everyone around her seems to be finding their soulmates while she’s alone and lonely longing for her own true love Sure she’s had boyfriends but they never stick around they always get scared and run away Because Justine isn’t just a businesswoman She’s also a natural born witch with powers she can’t always control This review contains mild spoilers This book was a little weird And a little awkward bordering on clumsy It set high ambitions for itself but couldn’t uite achieve any of them It wasn’t a bad book I did read the whole thing but neither was it very good or very satisfactory This was published in 2013 and seems to be a sort of response to Fifty Shades of Grey via a re visioning of the paranormal elements from FSoG’s original inspiration Twilight Justine is mousy and uiet like Bella and Ana and doesn’t have much personality Designated Love Object Jason Black is super rich aloof and distant and cold He’s also domineering unable to respect boundaries and “used to getting his way” as so many romance novel blurbs state about the hero Oh and surprise surprise he’s into some light bondage and Domsub sex play But it’s really high class arty bondage and Ds because he learned it all in Japan And he just happens not to have a soul The uestion the book tries to tackle is one Justine asks an honorary auntmember of the local coven after she discovers that the coven participated in placing a spell on her at the reuest of her estranged mother “Don’t you understand the difference between love and control?” But despite lots of writhing and contortions I don’t think this issue is ever truly confronted and answered at least not between Justine and Jason Jason seems just as controlling at the end of the book as at the beginning although the story makes a game attempt to make his intentions seem to be to behave differently in the future Justine is only marginally less passive by the end of the story And seeing how Justine has a perfectly awful mother with no redeeming ualities and Jason has a matching father I really hope these two are heading for some serious couples counseling and individual therapy before they have children On top of the weakness in failing to answer its own uestion the supernatural elements in this story also never uite meshed for me It’s not explored much and there are some major loose ends a storm comes up that’s implied to be unnatural but which is then never addressed again for instance The magical story line mostly concentrates on the idea that there are “natural born” familial witches all female with powers passed from generation to generation But the magic didn’t seem to be particularly useful or meaningful in real life it was never clear what these witches do with their talents other than dress like Stevie Nicks and hold meetings at the phases of the moon and occasionally save small children from choking but this is another element that just gets dropped It’s also an outright curse in that no man who falls in love with any of these women can live out his natural lifespan he will die within three years Two witches get around this by falling in love with each other; no shortened life for anyone in that case So of course Justine doesn’t want this to happen to Jason but how can she prevent it when they’re falling for each other hard and fast? And therein lie the stakes of the plot which did actually engage me enough that I wanted to know how it would all get solved And I liked the ultimate ending as far as this part of the story went My biggest complaint about this book is how dreary and grim most of it felt There’s no chemistry between Justine and Jason no charming moments no flirting no cuteness; but only dread and resistance I’m not sure the sun ever shines on this stretch of coastline The atmosphere felt chilly damp and dank It really needed some fun moments or at least of a sense of humor to break up this bleak mood Hmm maybe it was also trying to be Wuthering Heights? The weird thing is after I’ve said all this and sounded so down on this book I think it would make an awesome made for TV movie A movie could play up the magic and the magical stakes could cast a couple who share the chemistry that’s so lacking on the page and could add some snappy dialog and flirting and film in some sunshine I can see this as being really enjoyable and far convincing on the screen than it is as just words I’m going to try the Wallflowers series as my next Lisa Kleypas since all my friends seem to have loved those but I may be done with her contemporary novels

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Crystal Cove [Epub] ➞ Crystal Cove ➟ Lisa Kleypas – Justine Hoffman se ha labrado una vida cómoda en la peueña isla de Friday Harbor en la costa noroeste del Pacífico Es propietaria de un hotel y disfruta de la existencia segura y predecible ue siem Justine Hoffman se ha labrado una vida cómoda en la peueña isla de Friday Harbor en la costa noroeste del Pacífico Es propietaria de un hotel y disfruta de la existencia segura y predecible ue siempre había deseadoSin embargo un maleficio le impide encontrar a su alma gemela Cuando conoce al misterioso Jason Black desata accidentalmente una tormenta de deseo y peligro ue amenazará a uienes más uiere Pues Jason también guarda sus propios secretos y desea más de ella de lo ue el destino está dispuesto a concederle.