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My Kitchen Cure ePUB á My Kitchen Epub /

My Kitchen Cure ➶ My Kitchen Cure Free ➬ Author Mee McCormick – My Kitchen Cure is a book about overcoming chronic autoimmune disease preventing cancer and transcending a hereditary setup for a life of illness and a diminished existence This book is about foods fo My Kitchen Cure is a book about overcoming chronic autoimmune disease preventing cancer and transcending a My Kitchen Epub / hereditary setup for a life of illness and a diminished existence This book is about foods for healing cooking for cures and eating your way to wellness.

10 thoughts on “My Kitchen Cure

  1. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    I have celiac disease and fibromyalgiaI am so frustrated with western medicine and the assembly line practice of specialistsI have never been one to just sit back and take my medicineI want to know what it is how it will affect my body and why I should take it Then I make my own decisionI was so happy to read this book as I feel that Mee Tracy McCormick is a kindred spiritIt was affirming to read about how she recovered from Crohn's disease by learning about empowering herself and the power of what we decide to put in our bodies I will be using some of her recipes and a lot of her inspiration in my own uest for optimum health and hopeI wish I had someone to cook for me like she does

  2. Sandra Savell Sandra Savell says:

    The book had a lot of good content and tips However I'm discovering that what is a good food for one patient with Crohn's does not always work with another patient 18 months after a bowel resection and the majority of foods with fiber beans and red meat are still off the menu Each patient needs to take what works for him or her and leave the rest

  3. Tricha Vickery Tricha Vickery says:

    It is a must read for anyone with autoimmune disorders It is that old saying You are what you eatBe good to your body and give it a fighting chance

  4. Donald Ozello Donald Ozello says:

    Good book Contains a large amount of useful information healthy recipes I recommend this book for anyone who eats but especially for those who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder

  5. Jim Morris Jim Morris says:

    This is going to have to be one of those rolling reviews that you add to as you go along That's because I haven't finished the book yet It's good enough that one has to read it in bite size chunks and think carefully about what one has readIt's also the kind of book that drives publishers nuts in that it doesn't drop easily into a genre in a bookstore It's a memoir that's also a treatise on real food and it's also a cookbook From a traditional publisher's marketing standpoint that's a nightmare From a reader's standpoint it's perfectI've got a half a dozen books here on how to organize your diet for health and maximum function and I can't force myself to read them They bore me to tears My Kitchen Cure is witty charming and engaging It would be fun to read if it weren't on an important subjectIn the spirit of full disclosure I should say that I have been friends with Mee McCormick for about ten years Our paths have diverged of late but I can truthfully attest that she is just as nice fun and charming in person as she is in the book I can also say that when I was hanging out with Mee and her family she was going through the worst of her intestinal health problems and she never said anything about it Through it all she was smart funny and the world's most perfect hostess Where I went to school that's how you define a class actThe memoir part which I'm still reading is important because it tells the story of how she faced the same fears about the complete reorganization of her diet that I still have She is not some lofty expert extolling from on high She's a buddy helping you through what she went through herselfOur situations are uite different however She was born or acuired at birth an intestinal deficiency that led to horrible ulcers and an intestinal weakness that sapped her strength and made her vulnerable to multiple debilitating health issues and oh yeah threatened her lifeMe I can eat anything The problem is that I actually do I need to reorganize my diet to drop about thirty pounds and live for a long time No matter the problem is different but the solution is the same

  6. Maria Paroussi Maria Paroussi says:

    The 2 go to the two parts of the book that include information about healthnutrition recipes and cooking tips Many of these are good although most of the information included is already known if you have read some of the original macrobiotics books that date many years ago The first part of the book the author's memoir is badly written babbling and full of details that reminded me American soap opera the author's Gucci bag the doctor who wore a pearl necklace just to name a few examples Also the spiritual pieces about God dreams gurus are expressed in such a superficial way that are neither convincing nor inspiring Perhaps she should have hired someone else to write the book for her or maybe help her with writing Last but not least I am uite suspicious when somebody with Crohn's who makes such a fuss about dairy products and wheat still eats meat even occasionally The fact that she and her husband own a cattle company explains a lot

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