لغز المريض المقيم PDF Ó لغز

لغز المريض المقيم PDF Ó لغز

لغز المريض المقيم ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ لغز المريض المقيم By Arthur Conan Doyle ❄ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Doctor Percy Trevelyan brings Holmes an unusual problem Having been a brilliant student but a poor man Dr Trevelyan has found himself a participant in an unusual business arrangement A man named Bless Doctor Percy Trevelyan brings Holmes an unusual problem Having been a brilliant student but a poor man Dr Trevelyan has found himself a participant in an unusual business arrangement A man named Blessington claiming to have some money to invest has set Dr Trevelyan up in premises with a prestigious address and paid all his expenses.

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  1. Aishu Rehman Aishu Rehman says:

    As with a good number of Sherlock Holmes stories initially there doesn’t seem much of a crime for Holmes to investigate in The Adventure of the Resident Patient; the man named Blessington simply having employed a doctor When faced with the facts though Holmes is immediately worried for the safety of the Resident PatientBlessington though doesn’t want the assistance of Sherlock Holmes and so Holmes decides to drop the case although the death of Blessington soon puts the detective back on itThe Adventure of the Resident Patient is not a story where the reader can solve the Holmesian case alongside the detective as most of the pertinent facts are only revealed late on in the story So rather than a who dunnit The Adventure of the Resident Patient is simply a good story to readWith The Adventure of the Resident Patient Conan Doyle once again shows that it is not always legal justice that deals with criminals and as with The Adventure of the Five Orange Pips natural justice that eventually sees the downfall of the criminalsThe Adventure of the Resident Patient was adapted by Granada TV an adaptation which saw Jeremy Brett play Sherlock Holmes This episode of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was first aired on the 15th September 1985

  2. Crime Addict Sifat Crime Addict Sifat says:

    Specialist Percy Trevelyan presents to Holmes an unordinary issue Having been a splendid understudy yet a poor man Dr Trevelyan has gotten himself a member in an uncommon business course of action A man named Blessington guaranteeing to have some cash to contribute has set Dr Trevelyan up in premises with a lofty address and paid every one of his costs I didn't imagine that this short was the best of the various that the writer had composed Truth be told it was genuinely normal yet there were as yet the agreeable characteristics of a decent closure and sensible conclusions

  3. Rob Thompson Rob Thompson says:

    view spoilerOne evening in October Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson return to their Baker Street apartment to find that a client is waiting to see Holmes The client is a doctor named Percy Trevelyan He has come on behalf of his resident patient a man named BlessingtonDuring his student days Percy Trevelyan was recognized as having great potential by his professors He won a prize for a paper which he wrote and hoped to become a well known specialist in catalepsy To become an acknowledged specialist a doctor needs to set up a practice in the West End of London This reuires renting and furnishing a house employing servants and keeping a smart looking horse and carriage Percy Trevelyan did not have enough money to do any of those things A few years ago Dr Trevelyan was approached by Blessington a man whom he had never seen before Blessington offered to help Trevelyan set up a practice He said that he would rent and furnish a house in the West End for Trevelyan pay the servants and even give trevelyan some pocket money In return Blessington would take three uarters of all the money which Trevelyan made and stay with him as a resident patient Blessington said that he reuired constsnt medical supervision due to his weak heartA few weeks ago Blessington in an extremely agitated state told Dr Trevelyan that there had been a burglary Therefore they should put stronger locks on the windows and doors Blessington was so troubled that for a while he stopped taking his usual pre dinner walk After a few days Blessington calmed down and returned to his normal routineTwo days before he went to see Holmes Dr Trevelyan received a letter According to the letter a Russian nobleman suffering from catalepsy would come to consult Dr Trevelyan at 615pm the next day The Russian nobleman arrived accompanied by a muscular young man who said that he was the man's son The young man said that he would wait outside while his father consulted Dr Trevelyan During the consultation the Russian appeared to suffer from a cataleptic attack he fell silent and stared ahead blankly Dr Trevelyan went to get some gas to revive his patient When he returned the Russian nobleman and his son had both gone Trevelyan's page a boy who had not been in his service for very long claimed that he had not seen anyone leave Blessington returned home from his pre dinner walk shortly afterwardsThe following evening the Russian nobleman and his son returned The old man said that when he came to and found himself in a strange room he walked out The young man said that he left with his father because he assumed that the consultation was over The young man waited outside while Dr Trevelyan spoke with his father for thirty minutes Again Blessington returned home from his pre dinner walk shortly after the men left Soon afterwards Blessington began to complain that an intruder had been in his room Nothing had been moved or taken but Blessington pointed out large footprints on the carpet At Blessington's reuest Dr Trevelyan went to see HolmesHolmes and Watson go back to Trevelyan's house with him at once As they approach blessington's room Blessington turns off the light and shouts out that he has a gun Dr trevelyan has to reassure Blessington that the two men who are with him mean no harm Blessington tells holmes that he is worried about intruders because he keeps all of his money in a box in his room He says that he does this because he does not trust banks He claims not to know the true identities of the two men who pretended to be a Russian nobleman and his son Holmes says that Blessington is lying and that he will not help the man until he tells the truthOn the way back to Baker Street Holmes says that the two men were looking for Blessington The old man only pretended to have catalepsy Holmes knows that the condition is not difficult to fake He did not mention that in front of Dr Trevelyan to avoid embarrassing himThe following morning Holmes receives a hastily written note from Dr Trevelyan which tells him to come over immediately When Holmes and Watson arrive Trevelyan says that Blessington has committed suicide by hanging himself from a hook in his room It is explained that Blessington kept a rope under his bed so that he could escape out of the window in case of fire Holmes and Watson go up to Blessington's room and find Inspector Lanner of Scotland Yard there Inspector Lanner says that Blessington appears to have killed himself at five o'clock in the morning which is normal for a suicide He adds that some screws and a screwdriver were found on Blessington's wash hand stand and that he smoked four cigars during the nightHolmes notices that the four cigar ends are from a different type of cigar to the one which is left in Blessington's cigar case He also sees signs that the four cigars were smoked by two different men Holmes announces that Blessington's death was not suicide but murderFrom footprints on the stairs Holmes realizes that three men entered the house the men who pretended to be the Russian and his son and a third unknown one He reasons that they must have been let in by an accomplice in the house probably the page They obviously picked the lock on Blessington's bedroom door They probably gagged him before holding a mock trial The men smoked the cigars while holding the mock trial The screws and screwdriver suggest that they brought the materials to make a simple gallows with them However when they saw the hook they realized that they did not need to build a gallows After the men killed Blessington the page let them out and bolted the door againSherlock Holmes goes off to continue his investigation He tells Dr Trevelyan and Inspector Lanner to come to see him at Baker Street that afternoonHolmes says that Blessington's real name was Sutton He was a member of a gang of five bank robbers who were led by a man named Cartwright During one of their robberies a man was killed The five bank robbers were arrested Sutton turned informer On his evidence Cartwright was hanged and the other three men were sentenced to fifteen years in prison The three men were released early Blessington became nervous when he found out they were free he invented the story about a burglary in the area to try to convince Trevelyan to improve the security of their homeTrevelyan's page is arrested but is released due to a lack of evidence against him Blessington's three murderers are never seen again They are believed to have been on a ship which sank off the coast of Portugal hide spoiler

  4. Dan Wilson Dan Wilson says:

    As in the Red Headed League The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb and The Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk Holmes' services are reuested by someone who has entered into an unusual financial arrangement with a mysterious stranger This one develops differently than those however Doyle keeps the tension high throughout making for an engaging read

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Good and solid story but after reading about 15 other short stories about Holmes it slowly gets repetitive

  6. Greys Pulido Greys Pulido says:

    if you like spy adventures in the 1800s this is a good read

  7. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    This is a good mystery and a great way for Sherlock Holmes to stretch his detecting muscles but the ending left much to be desired in my opinion

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    “However wretch as he was he was still living under the shield of British law and I have no doubt Inspector that you will see that though that shield may fail to guard the sword of justice is still there to avenge” SHIt’s odd there is never talk of pay but only someone seeking Holmes’ advice and assistance But it’s understandable that Watson omits this as it’s considered unimportant and he’s documenting only the interesting bits Watson is a retired army surgeonHolmes has a habit of just ‘being there’ when Watson wakes Creepy Considering his expertise Doctor Trevelyan is a fool to not negotiate his pay with Mr Blessington The first half of the story is somewhat boring Nothing actually happens until Blessington cries intrusion Now I’m no detective but I’m surprised that Holmes initially finds enough of interest to bother with this case I’m also shocked that Watson being a medical doctor and this being in his wheelhouse doesn’t ask any uestions such as what medications Blessington is taking if there are side effects and any detailed reasoning behind his physical and mental capacities especially since Blessington’s death is considered to be a suicide Too bad this Watson could’ve really shownI’m also SOOO tired of hearing about how amazing Holmes is when it comes to identifying cigars and cigarettes Doyle repeats this particular ability too often But I will admit that the step by step deduction of Holmes’ analysis of the scene is really uite good matching the cigarettes to the cuts and holders the screwdriver and screws with the hook and rope and the odd hours of the latest patients to the disappearance of the page etc Although this isn’t one of my favorite stories it’s not bad just needs a better start

  9. Stacey Kym Stacey Kym says:

    'The Adventure of the Resident Patient' is the eighth short story of the eleven or twelve depending on the edition which makes up the collected novel of 'The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes'In this short Doctor Percy Trevelyan brings Holmes an unusual problem Having been a brilliant student but a poor man Dr Trevelyan has found himself a participant in an unusual business arrangement A man named Blessington claiming to have some money to invest has set Dr Trevelyan up in premises with a prestigious address and paid all his expenses I didn't think that this short was the best of all the other that the author had written In fact it was fairly average yet there were still the enjoyable ualities of a good ending and reasonable deductionsCongratulations to Arthur Conan Doyle on writing an enjoyable short story

  10. Emily Emily says:

    An average Sherlock Holmes story with Holmes picking up on details that lead to the solving of the case What makes me give it a lower than average rating though is that little of the evidence is available to the reader In order to connect the murder of Mr Blessington to the Worthingdon bank gang you would have to know of the gang and even Watson didn’t know of them Also Holmes gets the boy who helped the gang enter the house without the reader knowing how; he just shows up saying he got him A lot of information is given about Dr Trevelyan that seems to have no connection to the mystery at all Maybe that’s the point to make the reader have to sift through what is important and what isn’t? Even if that is the case I think much of importance was omitted for the reader to be able to engage in a story of a gang snitch who is found out and murdered by his gang years later

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