The Great Lakes Book Project PDF Ý Great Lakes Book

The Great Lakes Book Project PDF Ý Great Lakes Book

The Great Lakes Book Project ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Great Lakes Book Project Author Walter Blake Knoblock – The Great Lakes Book Project is just what it sounds like a book about The Great Lakes But it’s not something boring not a dry book of facts and figures rather it’s a preservation of memories It’ The Great Lakes Book Project Lakes Book PDF Ë is just what it sounds like a book about The Great Lakes But it’s not something boring not a dry book of facts and figures rather it’s a preservation of memories It’s over personal accounts and essays memories about driving down the water and letting the sublime shoreline overtake you stories about how the lakes have changed the authors and the people they know It’s a simple project it wasn’t funded by any corporate interests The Great Epub / or a publishing giant and all the work for it was done entirely in the Great Lakes region It was printed in Benton Harbor Michigan thanks again to all the helpful people at Patterson Printing and was published through Felix Exi a small publishing entity and the brainchild of editor Walter Blake Knoblock located in Traverse City Michigan.

  • Paperback
  • 167 pages
  • The Great Lakes Book Project
  • Walter Blake Knoblock
  • English
  • 13 March 2014
  • 9780988593503

10 thoughts on “The Great Lakes Book Project

  1. Paul Paul says:

    I bought The Great Lakes Book Project from its website in November to for my mother as a Christmas gift It looked interesting so I read it before giving it to her don't tell ha and then after giving it to her promptly bought another copy for my coffee table Great Book about a Great Region everyone who has ever visited the lakes should own a copy

  2. Killatom Killatom says:

    As the father of two teenagers I found this book invaluable I'm sure other parents here can empathize when I say I shudder at the thought of the increasing presence of huge ships in the lives my children I certainly remember the strain I caused so long ago for my own parents when I began experimenting with huge ships The long inter continental voyages that kept my mom and dad up all night with worry Don't even get me started on the international protocols when transporting perishable cargo To think I was even younger than my kids are now huge ships are everywhere and it doesn't help that the tv and movies make huge ships seem glamorous and cool This book helped me really approach the subject of huge ships with my kids in an honest and non judgmental way Because of the insights this book provided I can sleep a little better and cope with the reality that I can't always be there to protect my kids from huge ships especially as they become adults I'm confident that my teens when confronted by a huge ship are much better prepared to make wiser decisions than I did At the very least my children certainly know that they can always come to me if they have any concerns uestions or just need my support when it comes to the topic of huge ships

  3. Gina Genovese Gina Genovese says:

    Full disclosure? My essay Highway 61 and Beyond is included in this anthology so I'm biased Check it out and let me know what you think

  4. Scott Kennedy Scott Kennedy says:

    I'm not a big reader but I really loved The Great Lakes Book Project It's like listening to someone tell a bunch of really good stories I also like that it was printed and published in Michigan

  5. Mike Mike says:

    Not at all what I expected As the stories went they become sweeter and sweeter memories experiences and moments of people's lives that most if not all of us who have spent time in Chicago the upper peninsula Duluth the Apostle Islands near WI etc can relate with These stories are so well written and descriptive that it takes to right back to your own memories in a sense I was pleasantly surprised Great collection of short stories and poems not one are alike either which actually made it interesting and exciting to read not knowing what experience or where in the Great Lakes the story would take us

  6. Walter Blake Knoblock Walter Blake Knoblock says:

    I think this book is amazing Although I may be a bit biasedMerged reviewEditingPublishing the Great Lakes Book Project was an unforgettable experience Working with the 25 authors I began to understand just how much growing up around The Great Lakes means to all of us The authors highlighted are truly talented and this book would make a perfect addition to any Upper Midwesterner's collection If you want to see about The Great Lakes Book Project its authors or how to purchase it please visit

  7. Gretchen Knoblock Gretchen Knoblock says:

    The authors with their individualistic styles all share their stories about the Great Lakes but they were chosen out of hundreds of submissions for their ability to relate feelings through vivid imagery poetic verses humorous analogies and intricate details about the cultural landscape of The Great Lakes

  8. Steven Steven says:

    This was a major surprise to find such literary gems about the various cultural dimensions of the Great Lakes I am looking forward to volume 2

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