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Ebook ↠ Danny PDF å

Danny ➾ [Download] ➻ Danny By Margo Anne Rhea ➷ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Paige Warren is sure she’s come to terms with her impending divorce until she wakes up in bed with her soon to be ex Danny Worse yet the bed belongs to Stacey the sexual surrogate Paige and Danny ha Paige Warren is sure she’s come to terms with her impending divorce until she wakes up in bed with her soon to be ex Danny Worse yet the bed belongs to Stacey the sexual surrogate Paige and Danny have been sleeping with for months and Stacey’s not thereAs much as Paige tries to deny it she soon realizes she’s still in love with Danny Now she’s torn between him and the woman who holds them together Should she risk hurting Stacey to rekindle a monogamous relationship with the man she once thought she’d spend the rest of her life with or should she learn from past experienceDanny is a sensual erotic novella following one woman's struggle between a love she thought was over and a relationship that's barely begun.

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  • Margo Anne Rhea
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  • 12 October 2016

About the Author: Margo Anne Rhea

Margo is a marketing specialist by day and a writer of steamy romance by night When she's not busy penning steamy fantasies she can be found man watching on the beach She is a lover of shiny things and an avid collector of shoes but her heart will always belong to books.

6 thoughts on “Danny

  1. ~ Becs ~ ~ Becs ~ says:

    Well this is very short but it packs a sensual punch during it’s 38 pages It’s a strangely atmospheric and sad piece of erotica This is a couple that should be happy together but have lost their way They have had a sexual surrogate join them to help them with their issues but still they were determined to go their separate ways Now that Danny has become the embodiment of all Paige’s sexual fantasies she realises that she still has feelings for himThis is incredibly sensual atmospheric and erotic and includes sex scenes between Danny Paige and their sexual surrogate Stacy It is very short and it did keep my attention until the very end – obviously there’s not enough time to get to know the characters very well but the story gives you just as much as you need to know to understand and root for them to find that happiness that’s been so elusiveI probably would have liked a bit length to this story for it to carry on just a little after the ending but all in all this is a very satisfying piece of erotica35 erotic stars For reviews please visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews or visit us on Facebook

  2. CeCe CeCe says:

    Giveaway love to read and will read anything Even though the book may not be my favorite genre I will still read it This book was not in my favorite or one that I would necessarily pick up but I am open to read anything I really don’t like “sharing” in a relationship so I was leery when I first started the book However I knew through the description that there was a love story between the man and woman Plus I have really enjoyed books that have been published through Entranced Publishing so I said “why not?” Well I was not disappointed The writing is really good For a reader who does not like “sharing” in a relationship some parts did bother me initially However I got over pretty uicklyPaige thought the relationship was over That Danny did not see them as a couple any but it reminds us that we should not always assumeThe third woman that was in the relationship was just “there” The whole FMF thing may not get me all “hot” but I still wanted to know what was happening in this estranged couples’ relationship that invited another being to share their bed Did I skim? No The story went right to the point Did I feel connected to the characters? Yes Even though this was a short story at the middle I was worried for Danny and PaigePace of the story GoodPositives Well written The writing flowed Sometimes when you read a short story you feel like the story was “empty” and missing something The author did a good job telling a good story in 38 pages The story is short so it is to the point I liked thatNegatives I felt the story just ended I wanted a little even a page to tell me how things went after I am big on endings However this is a short story I am not sure if there will be a seuel Do I recommend? This book did not turn me around to love the sharing aspect in a relationship but the love storyrelationship was very nice Bottom line If you like stories with ménage FMF you will love this one It started with the FMF but it was much than that I think it told a story about 2 people who did not communicate and who were too scared at the beginning of their relationship to open up about their needs and wantsBook Format Read An ARC of this this book was provided to me by the Entranced Publishing in exchange for an honest review

  3. Shayna Shayna says:

    ARC Review posted Love I was still deeply in love with Danny And with that love came a jealousy I'd never before experiencedThis little gem snuck up on me and kicked my ass You go in thinking okay it's 38 pages I'll be in and out and move on to the next one NOPE This story will stick with you way after it's over DANNY is a uniue story I mean who has ever heard of a sexual surrogate? Genius Don't get me wrong I am all for menage relationships but something hit me with this one When Paige had the little bouts of jealousy I felt so bad for her I felt her emotions like they were my own Even though this story was written in Paige's POV you could still feel the longing and the love that came from Danny every time he looked at his soon to be ex wife God he was breaking my heart I wanted to crawl into his arms whisper that I loved him too pretend none of this had ever happened But it hadThis was a short sensual erotic delight and I loved the effect it had on me How can such a little story make such a big impact? Find out for yourself You will be amazedARC was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

  4. Tana Tana says:

    Danny by Margo Anne RheaMargo Anne Rhea has written a short but sexy erotica novel the story is hot short and complete They scene’s are well written the story flows right to the end This is a short story about a couple who hires a sexual surrogate Because of lack of communication jealousy and hurt feelings the marriage nearly falls apart Can things turn around? Read this short novel and find out If you like your shorts full of hot sexy scenes this is the story for youI have rated Danny a 35 stars and definitely would read anything Margo Anne Rhea writes in the futureStop by and check out my blog post to see information

  5. Brenda Sparks Brenda Sparks says:

    This story was a uick steamy read and I enjoyed it Margo Anne Rhea works the plot into the story seamlessly the characters are amazing well developed especially considering the length of this tale and the reader is treated to enough backstory to really feel for the characters struggles If you are looking for a contemporary erotic romance that is well written and very satisfying then give Danny a read

  6. Lola Lola says:

    During October 2013 the profits of this book will be donated by the author to an animal rehoming charity Grab your copy of this book this monht

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