Live From Mongolia ePUB ì Live From PDF/EPUB ²

Live From Mongolia ePUB ì Live From PDF/EPUB ²

Live From Mongolia [BOOKS] ✫ Live From Mongolia By Patricia Sexton – In 2006 author Patricia Sexton set out on a journey most of us have only fantasized about She uit her job to pursue her dream Thirty years old and a rising star at a Wall Street investment bank Patric In author Patricia Sexton set out on a journey most of us have only fantasized about She uit her job to pursue her dream Thirty years old and a rising star at a Wall Street investment bank Patricia wanted nothing than to work as a foreign correspondent So that's just what she did moving to Mongolia after landing an internship at the country's national TV station  Live From Mongolia follows Patricia's unlikely journey Live From PDF/EPUB ² from Wall Street to Ulan Bator Not only does Patricia manage to get promoted to anchor of the Mongolian news she also meets some unusual people following unusual dreams of their own There's the Mongolian hip hop star who worked in London restaurants to make his dream come true or the French corporate exec now tracking endangered horses in the steppe All this whilePatricia is living with Mongolian Mormons camping with nomads in the Gobi desert and even crashing Genghis Khan's th anniversary party But of course Patricia has her fair share of stumbles including a brief return to Wall Street even after meeting with the president of CNN  Live From Mongolia is the story of this ongoing journey from a corporate career to a dream job Patricia hadn't even imagined she would land.

10 thoughts on “Live From Mongolia

  1. Jill Dobbe Jill Dobbe says:

    Follow your dream is Sexton's ultimate message in this fun read as she leaves her high powered banking job and moves to Mongolia to work as a foreign news correspondent I learned so much about Mongolia from the author's vivid descriptions of the people history and country; a place I knew nothing about Sexton's story is filled with her own doubts humor and musings as she lives her life and now motivates others to follow their own dreams I love where Sexton's story takes her but still have one nagging uestion does her husband's name begin with an E?

  2. Abigail Majane Abigail Majane says:

    A surprisingly engaging account of one woman's three month journey to realizing her dreams of becoming a foreign correspondent I'm not sure what I was expecting of this when I started it but what I got was an entertaining relatively easy read that made me feel like I was there with her I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in backpacking Mongolian culture or who just needs a sign to send them in the right direction towards going after their dream

  3. Clara Clara says:

    Filled with cliches but from an interesting viewpoint Would recommend not for the uality of writing but instead for her fearlessness

  4. Joy Joy says:

    This book was read for my Reading Challenge Around the World in 80 Books This book took me longer to finish than it should have It’s a compelling real narrative of Patricia Sexton’s departure from Manhattan to Mongolia to chase her dreams Unhappy as a Wall Street Banker Sexton decided to make a radical and bold move She applied to be a foreign correspondent in Mongolia nestled between Russia China I enjoyed her journey on many levels As someone who has uprooted her American life and moved to Asia I felt a camaraderie with Sexton She turned her back on predictability and walked out into the unknown I also liked learning about Mongolia it’s culture and history I’ve never traveled there and Sexton did a good job of tying together information about Mongolia with her journey as a foreign correspondent And then I liked reading about her journey into journalism She had hardly any experience when she landed the internship and really learned on the job In a new language and new culture Impressive Sexton faced some wild unexpected circumstances and came out stronger on the other side It was also interesting learning about her life after the summer internship in Mongolia Life rarely ties itself up into a nice neat bow and heroes only ride into the sunset in the movies But Patricia Sexton’s reinvention of her career and dreams is a story of hope possibility

  5. Kelli Tarala Kelli Tarala says:

    A short fun book on pursuing dreams with a brief glance at Mongolian culture

  6. Apriel Apriel says:

    Interesting story about following your dreams but not brilliantly written

  7. Elisa Elisa says:

    Interesting I have always had a weird fascination with Mongolia So when I saw this book about the author's move from banking to Mongolia I was intrigued plus there was a Kindle daily deal The story was interesting in that most Wall Street bankers do not uit their jobs to live with a Mongolian family drinking fermented milk and eating greasy lamb The author also used Mongolian history as filler for what could have otherwise been a much shorter story Despite my fascination with Mongolian culture I am less interested in its history so I skimmed those portions generally The book generally flowed well but one thing that drove me crazy was how the author would tell you earlier in the story something that would happen later For example later she would be pumping my stomach and then chapters later writing a bit the event Etc This happened multiple times I found it irritating I couldn't tell if this was a way of the author encouraging the reader to keep reading but it nearly had the opposite effect on me I don't want to know in chapter 3 about something that will happen in chapter 7 There's other thing is that she didn't tie up one loose end and it originally was a big narrative point SPOILEREarly in the story sexton tells of a fortune teller who tells her she will meet a younger man whose name begins with an E he will sweep her off her feet etc They do meet and later decide they aren't meant to be She uses the same narrative device as previously saying later I would run into him and he was engaged but unfortunately for this one event doesn't then actually tell how or when that happened I was dying to know about that But alas it was never described further Overall the story was interesting

  8. Amie& Amie& says:

    I won an autographed hardcover copy of LIVE FROM MONGOLIA From Wall Street Banker to Mongolian News Anchor from Goodreads GiveawaysWhen I first read the description of this non fiction book I was intrigued Following your dream instead of following the money is an exceedingly rare occurrence And it seems like the world of Wall Street is a strange place to find someone who values dreams over money The book did not disappoint Patricia was a rising star on Wall Street and was offered a job at Goldman Sachs at a staggering salary It takes a rare determined woman to be able to turn down such a huge amount of money and to travel across the globe to start an unpaid internship in Mongolia of all placesWhat follows is an inspiring and often hilarious description of her summer in MongoliaI advise everyone to read this book I rate this book as 5 out of 5 stars

  9. Barb Barb says:

    If you or anyone you know needs inspiration to “follow your dream” they should read this book It lends credence to you only have one life but if you live it right once in enough In 2006 Patricia Sexton uit her Wall Street job to do a summer internship as a news anchor in Mongolia And loved it Well maybe not all of it – she probably could have done without the food poisoning Sexton writes in a very personal and humorous style while conveying much history and culture in her memoir about her Mongolian experience The stories we tell reveal a great deal about ourselves and what we value Sexton is someone whom you will feel comfortable sharing stories and a cup of airag fermented mare’s milk I am looking forward to reading about her travel adventures in the future

  10. Heather Heather says:

    I LOVED this book I won it on a giveaway on goodreads It was a simple fast and humorous read It was an uplifting positive book that reaffirms why it is so important to follow your dreamsThe writing is wonderful and simple There are many characters that you meet in Mongolia that are hilarious and hilarious situations that the author finds herself in The descriptions of Mongolia are not too overdone yet are vivid and paint the setting very wellThis book doubles as a motivational uplifting book and a travel book I enjoyed this book it is a wonderful New Year's read or anytime you feel you need a little impetus to follow your dream

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