Kindle Edition ↠ Chasing Beautiful PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ↠ Chasing Beautiful PDF/EPUB å

Chasing Beautiful [Reading] ➱ Chasing Beautiful ➹ Pamela Ann – What would you do if you had two hot men fight over you An orphan at the age of seven there was one thing that Sienna Richards didn't do easily give her heart She made that mistake once by trusting an What would you do if you had two hot men fight over you An orphan at the age of seven there was one thing that Sienna Richards didn't do easily give her heart She made that mistake once by trusting and giving her heart to her childhood best friend and ex boyfriend Kyle Matthews When Sienna left for London to study she was taken aback when Kyle told her that he's been seeing someone else Hurt and betrayed Sienna decided to fly back to LA to confront him The whole idea of closure was definitely a bad idea She immediately left deflated and aggrieved Back in London Sienna was surprised when her very good friend the magnetic Blake Knightly seemed to be determined to have her Blake was relentless but will not settle until he gets ALL of Sienna Women clad to be the handsome aristocratic Blake Who could possibly resist a compelling man that drew such power and commanded attention by simply just breathingWhen Sienna was about to give in fate stepped in and muddled her mind and heart once again Kyle moves to London to be close to her If Sienna thought her life was in shambles before she should think again.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 257 pages
  • Chasing Beautiful
  • Pamela Ann
  • English
  • 08 December 2014

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10 thoughts on “Chasing Beautiful

  1. Farah *Professor Dean& Farah *Professor Dean& says:

    25starsWhat can I say about this book? HmmmI was screaming and cursing A LOTThis book had good potential Let's seeHOT girl who doesn't think she's Hot SiennaCHECKKyle Childhood Love of her youth Hot RichCHECKBlake Smoking hot stinking Rich British accentCHECKSienna leaves LA to the UK to study and leaves her boyfriendShe has to get away from her familySienna becomes Bff's with Blake who every is every girls fantasy he likes her a lot Takes her to Paris for the day Can you say OH MY GODA guy who likes sweet stuff as much as a girl DKyle calls Sienna to break up with her Long distance relationships never work Sienna goes back to LA for ClosureWTF?He cheats on you and you want closure?Is that not enough?Then she sees Kyle with his new gf and guess what? She FUCKS him?WTF??He still breaks up with her and she runs back with her heart broken back to the UKBlake swoops in tells her he wanted her forever she needs time but he ravishes her and she falls for himBe mine Sienna Your body tells me that it’s mine but your mind resists Stop fighting it and let it conuer us We’re fated to be together I knew it from the moment I met you You’re mineWHOOP WHOOPHe is Uber Sexy And the Sex is SMOKing HOTKyle comes to the UK as he is broken hearted and turned to drugs so his parents moved him closer to SiennaWHAT DOES SHE DO???She accepts a job to work for himThis girl is a fucking idiot Does she expect Blake to be OK with this shit KNOWING Kyle wants her back??Sienna is most irritating with her mixed feelings I want to shoooooot her or bitch slap herHuge Cliffy But I'm not worried because I have book 2 D

  2. Jenny Levine Jenny Levine says:

    THIS IS ME AFTER READING THIS BOOK WHAT THE ACTUAL FVCK? THAT'S IT? Don't get me wrong I love how the story went up until the ending Seriously though?There better be a second book I'm giving it 3 STARSFor now UPDATE Okay so there is a second book coming Yipee I guess the ending makes sense nowLove the title and cover Pamela ; Changing my rating to 4 Stars NEW UPDATE CHASING IMPERFECTION TEASER Chasing Imperfection THANK YOU PAMELA

  3. JAIME JAIME says:

    I'm not in the mood for anything at the moment so I figured reading something free was in order First things first the writing is not great Nor is the editing But free book From here on out I'm telling pretty much the entire story So don't read on if you ever intend on reading this unmitigated drivel that I could not put down I did promise I'd read it so you don't have to Sienna is a Cali girl studying fashion or summat in London She left her boyfriend confidant and best friend of many many years Kyle at home Said boyfriend confidant best friend of many many years cheats on her So of course she flies directly back to LA because reasons Then she bones him at a party With his new gf in the next room But it changes nothing for him so she slinks home So sad Did I mention she is stacked and gorgeoussssss? Because of course Upon her arrival her new best friend also gorgeous and billionaire CEO Blake is waiting for her scolding her irresponsibility for fucking her ex Fair By the end of the day he has professed his love for her 'I've been a patient man' blah blah blah And she is getting at his goodies BTW the sex scenes are actually pretty hot Unrealistic but hot like fiyah All looks good going ahead because rebounds always work But then Kyle's mother is in Sienna's kitchen and has decided to move her son to London to be closer to Sienna as he has gone off the rails since they last boned Totally good idea to saddle your son's ex gf with your off the rails son ¯''¯Blake 'This is fucked I'm out' Totally fair Sienna 'So sad But okay' Kyle 'let's go party with your friends and that dude that just dumped you because of me' Sienna 'seems like a legit good plan' Blake'find me some ladies so I can make you feel like shit'It goes on like this for some timeThen Blake caves still loves Sienna whyyyyyyy? she's an idiot More sexy times But Blake travels a lot for business and of course has a fiiiine assistant Jealousy jealousy jealousy Fine assistant 'You know he's engaged right?'Sienna 'Oh hells noBlake 'Welllllll'Sienna'Fuck this shit I'm going back to LA' Kyle'I'll take you'Blake 'You can't I love you Here take this I will marry you Yes Don'e EVEN worry about that other gal Best idea ever 10 points to me' hands over huge canary diamond ring'Sienna 'No Fuck off'Kyle 'Are you sure you shouldn't give it a try with him? I mean I know I've been trying to break you guys up but obviously you're into him soooooo'Me 'Wait what?'End Stay tuned for my review of book II

  4. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    ★★★★ 12 Chasing series Prelude book 1 of 3 One girl two handsome dark sexy rich alpha males and one heck of a rollercoaster ride This series should be read in order and if you don’t like cliffhangers hold off until the release of book 3 later this yearHeroine Sienna Richards 20 years oldfashion school studentAmerican Brazilianlong dark hairgreen amber eyes5’2”Hero 1 – Kyle Matthews 20 years oldstudent intern at father’s record labelAmericandark hairhazel eyestallHero 2 – Blake Knightly 24 years oldbusiness student mogul heirBritish ItalianBlack hairnavy eyes rimmed with silver and flecks of gold6’3”Story is mostly told from Sienna’s POV but every once in a while we will get to read Blake’s and Kyle’s POV Sienna was orphaned by age seven and ended up living with her aunt’s family next door to Kyle They soon became best friends and had started dating two years prior Due to her unhappy and abusive upbringing she decides to move to London to attend Fashion School majoring in Fashion Marketing She leaves Kyle behind but they maintain a long distance relationship In London she meets Blake Though they both feel an attraction to each other Sienna is not available so they settle for a friendship and Blake continues his playboy ways When Kyle cheats and dumps Sienna Blake lets her know he wants to explore a relationship but not until she is over Kyle But then Kyle suffers a breakdown and to recuperate his parents send him to London to be near Sienna his friend And so the drama begins continues – Sienna’s past and present come together as Kyle and Blake both vie for her love Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride because Sienna indecisiveness and unforeseen circumstances keep this love triangle going “When I met Kyle the boy next door he became my solace my protector and my friend”“Blake’s kind of man who knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to get it— and he could be utterly ruthlessI am team Blake Knightly I mean how I could I not be? Handsome dark looks hypnotizing eyes killer body ultra rich mogul in training to take over his grandfather’s empire a playboy and oh add that British accent SiennaPoppet He is in control dominant possessive and very much an alpha male And he wants her Here is how Sienna sees him described in book 1 Blake “I knew then if I didn’t possess her I would be haunted by her forever”Kyle Matthews is also a great hero He is handsome leaner than Blake of a surfer body He’s rich his father owns MATT Music He is passionate and possessive He has been a great friend and rescuer to Sienna He is her first love He truly loves her But he is very immature; so far he has cheated on Sienna dumped her seduced her then dumped her again Then mom and dad to the rescue shipping him off to London Now my opinion is based on him in prelude and book 1 – he still have time to redeem himself I suppose Kyle “I hate feeling like this This uncontrollable passion I have with her I feel powerless against it”Issues Sienna was at times annoying which is often the case when paired with a hot alpha male – make that two By description she is sheer beauty with her half Brazilian decent and luscious body and while everyone keeps complimenting her she remains oblivious mostly in the beginning For me her “modesty” and insecurities became redundant I get that they stem from abuse but for me it was overdone view spoileras in semi pornographic photo shoot with a 3rd hot guy to help build her self esteem hide spoiler

  5. Amy Amy says:

    ugh this book is rubbish Absolute rubbish I have some advice for Pamela Ann and since all of you here can seem to look past the thing that copy editors and major publishing houses cannot I would like to illuminate the huge issues with this book1 there's this thing called voice it is important in your writing If you're going to write from your one character Sienna's point of view use it through the whole story Don't give us one chapter from Kyle's perspective a bunch of sienna chapters and then one from Blake towards the end It was ridiculous It would have worked if the following had happened Either there were chapterspassages happened where Kyle or Blake narrated their scenes or the tone in the writing changed What i heard in my head when I read the Kyle chapter and the Blake chapter was the insane insipid whining inner monologue I had to endure from Sienna through the rest of the book They sounded exactly the same Many writers struggle with this so that's why you don't see a lot of people write first person perspective from many different points of view2 Sienna and Blake are bipolar There is nothing even remotely healthy mentally with their relationship or how they interact with each other One minute there is undying love professed and the next some whore is sitting on his lap and i'm getting whip lash trying to keep up with exactly what the heck is going on There seems to be no pauses no breaks where either character actually thinks for five minutes about how their actions affect the other person3 Facts that shouldn't hold up in real life which make this story completely unlikable and unbelievable Kyle's drug issue he should have gotten help Period No concerned parent of a 20 something allows their kid that is messed up on hardcore drugs to move to ANOTHER COUNTRY to be looked over by his ex girlfriend so he doesn't get high again also this was such a big deal for a while and then poof he's fine no big deal That's not how it works If it was a big enough deal for his parents to worry Sienna should have been worried tooThe only thing Pamela Ann does well in this book is write sex scenes and while they are hot Pamela Ann seems to be channeling her inner EL James and trying to make Blake into a Christian Grey and failing miserably Its like I was reading two books one written by a ninth grader just figuring out how to plot a novel and then an erotic blog off a porn site I pray this author gets better in time and maybe she will pick up a few style guides so she knows how to write for her audiences in the future but I won't be around to see itHorrible just absolutely100% horrible

  6. Joan (official heroine hater) Joan (official heroine hater) says:

    Okayumhonestly I don't even know what to say about this bookI'm sort of speechless and not in a good way I don't think I've ever read anything where the writing has been so bad I really don't want to sit here and bash this book though because it's kind of a rather sad situation The grammar punctuation everything was just so awful incomplete sentences switching from past to present tense in ONE SENTENCE I understand that it's self published but couldn't the author have at least had a friend or two proof read before putting it up on ? The whole thing made me want to get out a red pen and start marking it up I did finish it because I was just sort of in awe of how bad it was kind of like not being able to look away from a train wreck It ended with a bit of a cliffhanger and strangely enough I find myself actually wanting to know what happens I think I need my head examined but I'll probably pick up the next oneI don't know what I'm thinking

  7. Marulett Marulett says:

    Ok so I´m not sure about the bookI´m between 35 to 4 starsThe female lead is a tad annoying and I´ve been dying to use this gif so You leave the guy you really want to be with and go on a trip with your ex??I´ll move on to the next book maybe she will make better decisions?I´m team Blake all the way Kyle doesn´t stand a chance

  8. Michelle Christine Kua Michelle Christine Kua says:

    my mind is getting crazzyy with all the DRAMA HOT MEN I think Sienna is absolutely stunning but she has to make up her mind who she really wants all this love triangle is really making me crazy haha referring to Blake there was no doubt in my mind that he will take everything he'll consume me with no concession Sienna 2 hot men Kyle Blake crazy over Sienna the drama is super intense and the jealousy and possiveness is just overwhelming I am at loss for words but everything is a roller coaster ride of emotions You don't know how long I've been waiting for you my sweet Sienna I've always wanted you from the moment our eyes met I wanted you badly but you were with someone else I've been patient biding time until you're free And so here we are Blake ohhh HOTNESS please give me a FAN I need some AIR Alright my lovely Sienna I've waited for eight months I can wait a little I'll wait until you are ready But I want to make something clear; I just don't want you for your body when you're mine I want your all your body your soul your mind I will consume you I'll be your world and in return I'll worship the ground you walk on and make you a very happy woman Blake aahhh hyperventilation of cheesiness I love BLAKEEE Every scene is just scorching HOT NO JOKE We were on fire I felt his need his frustration his want his desire from his blazing kisses SiennaI promise that I will always be honest and never lie to you From now on I will protect you as my own you're mine now no harm will come to you BlakeUhh yes Blake please protect me hahaha I'm melting again I love this book sooo soo much Intense passion and lovemaking intertwined I'm a certified romance novel addict I admit

  9. CeCe CeCe says:

    This book was an emotional roller coaster but I liked it It is labeled as a love triangle which in my opinion can be very tricky to write and only a few authors can really do it well Pamela Ann did a good jobFirst let me introduce you to Sienna Richards She is from LA but has decided to go to college uni in London Sienna’s parents died when she was young and she was taken in by her aunt and uncle who made her life hell Even after her “not so happy” childhood she turned out to be a very happy and good person Sienna had a childhood friend Kyle who later became Sienna’s first love first boyfriend first everything When Kyle cheated and broke Sienna’s heart when she moved to London Sienna never thought she would survive While her time in London Sienna made some good friends Among them was the hot sexy and rich Blake KnightlyBlake and Sienna were best friends but when Blake found out that Sienna and Kyle were no he felt it was his time to tell her how he felt One think I found refreshing in this story is that Blake is a gorgeous rich bad boy but he does not have with a twisted past He has some issues and not everything was perfect in his childhood but he does not have any dark secrets I liked that this couple were friends and opened up to each other early in the relationshipEven though this book is about 2 men who are in Sienna’s life it did not feel like a typical love triangle The book in my opinion was not Sienna contemplating “who should I choose?” She knew what she wanted but could she have it and would it cost her heartSienna I liked her a lot but she made some dumb decisions that I swear I wanted to kick her How could she not think that certain situations or things she agreed to would not make a man jealous? I wanted to ask her several times “how would you feel if he did that to you?” Nonetheless she did not bug me like some other heroines have a tendency of doingI liked her even though I just wanted to smack her sometimes The excess amount of immaturity from both a Sienna and one of the male characters I do not want to give anything away I could have done without I would love to chat with someone after they have read this book to talk about some of those scenes The book is mostly in Sienna’s POV but the reader get one chapter of Kyle’s POV and a chapter from Blake’s POV and both of those chapters came just when the reader needs them Great writingThe sex scenes in the book were hot and steamy Loved them Did I skim? No I had to stop at some points in the book since I was nervous of what was going to happenDid I feel connected to the characters? Yes All of them Pace of the story The plot was at a good pace that allowed the characters to grow at what was happening in the storyDo I look forward to the seuel? YesPositives I am glad this was not like a typical love triangle where the girl can’t decide which one she wants Negatives Okay I am going to say this because it really bugs me in booksunprotected sex It does not bother me when I know the couple is in the a monogamous relationship and they have talked about the type of protection they will be using Do I recommend? Yes

  10. Kristin Kristin says:

    I don't typically leave reviews that I would say are horrible I leave reviews based on what I think the author did right and wrong This book however was seriously disappointing At first glance the cover is seriously deceiving Sienna is suppose to be thicker in the hips brazilian or something of that nature and yet the girl on the cover could pass as a Victoria's Secrets model Highly unbelievable On top of that the story moved way too fast and was so unbelievable I found myself rolling my eyes on than one occasion Not to dash the dreams of girls everywhere but the real world does not work like it does in this book Maybe in some people's lives but not normal every day people which is how Sienna is describedAnd aside from the story being unbelievable and the cover drawing you in when the story does not match this book was not well written jumped around a lot and was a 50 Shades of Grey wanna be And I disliked 50 Shades of Grey The concept could have been a good one but was poorly executed and I would hope for better in the second bookOne star and that was pushing it

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