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The Chaos Code MOBI Ð The Chaos Kindle -

The Chaos Code ✷ The Chaos Code Epub ✺ Author Justin Richards – Matt's dad an eminent archaeologist has disappeared leaving only a cryptic message with a bizarre set of instructions Clues that will send Matt on a dangerous treasure huntSoon he is crossing continen Matt's dad an eminent archaeologist has disappeared leaving only a cryptic message with a bizarre set of instructions Clues that will send Matt on a dangerous treasure huntSoon he is crossing continents and cracking codes with monstrous enemies closing in To save his dad he must get to the treasure first And all paths lead to the same place a magnificent pyramid hidden in the Peruvian jungleThe world isn't ready for what Matt's about to The Chaos Kindle - discover It will rewrite history and blow open the greatest mystery of all Atlantis.

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  1. Elena Elena says:

    The Chaos CodeThe World Unraveled If you figured out a way to manipulate the world how would you use the knowledge? In The Chaos Code set in present day Europe Matt arrives at his dad’s house to find it in disarray and Arnold his dad missing He then heads to his aunt’s house and meets Venture an old family friend and researcher and Robin Venture’s daughter who becomes Matt’s friend These three plus Harper a rich and famous man head off to look for the treasure of St John where they believe Matt’s father will be Harper turns against them because he only wants the treasure to control the world and evidently he can already control the four elements Justin Richards brings alive the idea of how mankind can bring itself to ruin in this science fiction novel One of the themes in The Chaos Code is that too much power can destroy the world because the idea of power can turn anyone evil it is how Atlantis was destroyed and Harper was planning on gaining enough knowledge to achieve it One reason why too much power can destroy the world is because the idea of power can turn anyone evil An average everyday person named Katherine Feather happens to be in cahoots with Harper At one point she pretends to switch back over to Matt’s side only to betray them and steal their information Thus the reader can almost believe that she really is moral “‘Thanks for helping us’ Matt said to Katherine as they hurried back to the entrance and out into the sunshine ‘No problem Like your dad says there’s a point where money isn’t enough of an excuse Maybe I’ve just taken it for too long without really thinking’” 264 In this uote Katherine is playing along just to receive information for Harper She actually would do anything for money Another example of how why too much power can destroy the world is how the ancient city of Atlantis was destroyed The book brought up this topic a lot because some of the characters turned out to be survivors that have aged incredibly slowly Apparently the Atlantians were on the verge of a major discovery something like what the characters were solving now Something or someone wiped out the whole civilization accidentally or on purpose Matt has his own theory “Matt shrugged ‘Nothing I just wondered if it was the same last time If someone deliberately destroyed a civilisation’ ‘And why would they do that?’ she asked head tilted to one side Wet hair rippling in the light breeze It was her father who answered ‘To prevent anyone having the same sort of power they were trying to create’ he said” 387 In this uote Venture is saying that the reason why Atlantis was destroyed is because they had to protect the world If the knowledge that they knew had escaped it could have finished mankind Lastly too much power can destroy the world because Harper was planning on gaining enough knowledge to control every living and nonliving thing If everything had gone his way he could go into people’s minds and do what he wanted with them The affect would be people frozen until they were desired to play a part in the new world You couldn’t even call it life “His father stared ahead blankly ‘If you can hear me try to help Mum Try to break Harper’s control You we have to get out of here And she has to stop him copying his program code Dad?’ But there was still no reaction” 369 This uote shows that if Harper doesn’t wish for the person to move then they can’t Matt and Robin could move because they had strong enough willpower to sever the hold With this computer code Harper can control everybody One of the themes in The Chaos Code is that too much power can destroy the world because the idea can turn anyone evil it is how Atlantis was destroyed and Harper was planning on gaining enough knowledge to achieve it I would rate this book three out of five stars because I enjoyed it It was interesting but also a little peculiar how someone could think of a storyline like this I can relate to Matt the protagonist because sometimes I feel like people are hiding things from me I get really nervous like most people do if people are whispering around me just like Matt suspected Robin wasn’t telling him something about her past Also I don’t always comprehend everything that’s going on like a challenging math problem just like Matt didn’t know what to make of all these new ideas Third Matt is really good at working with computers I’m not an expert but I know than the basics because my dad works with them a lot After reading this book I realized that no one can know everything because Venture knew a great deal from his long life but he couldn’t predict what Harper would do Second the book teaches us to embrace strange ideas because they could be right When Matt first met Venture and Robin he thought they were crazy They told him to not light candles which was bright because Harper could control fire Third think outside the box because your mind has to be open to new ideas If you sit there not letting anything new sink in you can’t move forward in life I think I deserve an A on this project because I worked hard on assembling everything to flow smoothly I spent about two hours total on this assignment Finding a lot of high uality details for the three reasons was easy because they were three amazing reasons Summarizing was difficult because there was a lot of information that I wanted to add I just couldn’t find a way to do it Next time I would want to create a better hook because my mind was drawing a blank and I could only think of that one I think I added a lot of excellent transition words to this paper

  2. Susan Susan says:

    I found it very hard to get into this story which is a shame because this has been on my to be read list for uite some time and I was looking forward to it

  3. Aaron Aaron says:

    The old pulp novels of high adventure are brought to mind with this tale that would do Indiana Jones or Robert Langdon proud It all begins when Matt Stribling a 15 year old goes home to spend some time with his father as his mother who is divorced from dear old dad is off to a mysterious work assignment out of country When Matt arrives at his father's place he finds his archaeologist father missing things strewn about and consciousness uickly fading under mysterious circumstancesFortunately for Matt his father had always set Matt up with coded messages and puzzles that could only be solved with cryptic clues It is because of this that Matt is able to sort out a secret message guiding him to his aunt's place which is actually the huge estate of an adventuring millionaire named Julius Venture and his daughter RobinUpon his arrival Matt finds himself falling further into an ancient mystery relating to the Hospitallers the Knights of St John of Jerusalem and a hoarded treasure that holds the secrets of an ancient civilization Searching for his dad and the treasure will keep Matt and his companions globe hopping at a uick pace and a high level of suspenseAs with all good pulp the focus is on the uick pace of the action and the mysterious evil that must be overcome think page turner Along with that the characters tend to usually be two dimensional and a bit predictable with easily identified heroes and villains There is a certain level of comfort in knowing that good will overcome evil even as things look like that would be impossibleOne thing I was particularly impressed about is that Richard seems to really know his stuff with archaeology He premises a lot of the content on the book on a number of theories relating to ancient cultures that are considered controversial such as whether a geologist's theory that the Sphinx is about 10000 years older than expected These theories support the idea of an older culture with advanced knowledge something that a number of our ancestral cultures make reference toI have to admit to really enjoying this one I wished I had time to dedicate toward it but things have been so busy

  4. Nick Nick says:

    Throughout reading the The Chaos Code by Justin Richards it is apparent that Matt must endure many tasks and challenges in order to find his father This implies that mysteries and puzzles can dwell deep within everyday life These types of books always held a certain spot in my heart since in mystery and puzzle books there are unpredictable parts so you always feel like you are going on a new adventure every time you pick up the book One strong example was during the beginning of the novel Matt the protagonist is being sent to stay at his father’s house while his mom goes on a business trip out of the country When he first reaches his house he is welcomed by no one “Matt rang the bell and waited” Since it is my nature to relate to the story I predicted Matt would just walk away from the house and ask to stay at a friends but he didn't Instead he entered the house and managed to find the clue his dad left him These clues would add up to solve the whereabouts of his father However this was only one of the many examples throughout the story Another thing I especially liked about the book was that it would set up mysteries One big one was Matt's first encounter with Robin She is very mysterious and likes to stay that way When Matt asked her for her age she replied “Ladies don’t tell their age” The only information she says is that her name is Robin Overall the story was what I was looking for in a book except for one thing which is lots of action I would recommend giving this book a try for a puzzling adventure

  5. Candy Jackson Candy Jackson says:

    Have you ever been clueless as to where your father is and all you have to even have a clue as to where he is is a piece of paper Well that's exactly what happens to Matt in this story it is obvious that Matt must go through a lot of tasks and challenges in order to find his father This implies there will be some difficulties in everyday life for Matt I've always liked these kind of books because of the unpredictable parts so you always feel like you are going to find some new adventure everyday An example was during the beginning of the book Matt the protagonist is being escorted to home to his father and when he gets there is welcomed by nothing but a clue left from his dad which would eventually lead to him finding his father I really think this realistic book deserves medals and is really great I recommend this book to anyone who can get their hands on it I believe this book deserves any awards it haves it was given to the right author it was very enjoyable there was only about one boring part in the book that i can think of I rate this book a 4 out of 5 this book is great I think the author tried to show the mood by giving the characters different kind of personalities like when he found his dad he wasn't to happy but was at the same time The author really did great with this uality work and is amazing

  6. Stephen Stephen says:

    Just listened to this unabridged audiobook on a long car ride from Florida to Maryland It was a bit like listening to an Indiana Jones movie It was fast paced and easy to follow and made a great selection as an audiobook Peopled primarily by Brits the language was different enough to keep this Yankee interested as well The story centers on a young man home for the Holds and who's foisted off on his divorced father when his divorced mother accepts a computer programming job that's going to take her away from home When the boy arrives at his father's andfinds him gone amid scenes of foul play the game's afoot There are puzzles to be solved mysteries to be unravelled golems to escape and a madman bent on world domination to foil Of course the youngster is not alone in his uest he's got the aid of his aunt and her employer and the employer's daughter who all three seem to know an inordinate amount about Atlantis Nuff said If you like adventure books that lean toward the metaphysical without going into any of it too deeply then this may be your book

  7. Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes says:

    Matt Sribling goes to stay with his father for the school holidays but his father is not home Since his father is a rather eccentric archaeologist he is not surprised when he finds cryptic clues to his father's whereabouts and instructions to go to stay with his aunt Jane but the house shows signs of having been broken into so he is rather worried His aunt is personal assistant to a wealthy researcher Julius Venture and his mysterious daughter Robin who appears to be about Matt's age and therefore likely to make the holiday interesting but his aunt warns him not to get too close to her Matt discovers that his father was on the track of some ancient manuscripts and artefacts that had been rescued or pillaged from a library and some historical research is needed to find where they are They enlist the help of a billionaire and travel from continent to continent in search of the missing treasure one item of which it is reputed will unlock the wisdom of the ancients At that point the story turns to pure fantasy and becomes rather unconvincing

  8. JodiP JodiP says:

    I really enjoyed the beginning of this book The protagonist is likeable and clever However when the big mystery surrounds the knowledge of the ancients I lost interest The author gets into British history and if I'm going to hear about that I want to read the non fiction version I did not finish this book which usually results in a one star review but gave it three because I think this book will appeal to other readers

  9. Trustin Trustin says:

    35 starscleanexciting at times

  10. Allison Allison says:

    Fun I enjoyed the story and the little puzzles I saw a couple of plot twists coming but it didn't lessen the story at all

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