Midnight Brunch PDF å Kindle Edition

Midnight Brunch PDF å Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 294 pages
  • Midnight Brunch
  • Marta Acosta
  • English
  • 07 February 2015

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  1. ALPHAreader ALPHAreader says:

    ‘Midnight Brunch’ is the second book in Marta Acosta’s ‘Casa Dracula’ series I loved first book ‘Happy Hour at Casa Dracula’ and ‘Midnight Brunch’ is a riotous follow up‘Midnight Brunch’ picks up pretty much where ‘Happy Hour’ left off Down on her luck writer turned down on her luck vampire Milagro de los Santos is living with her boyfriend Oswald Grant on his sprawling family estate For the most part Oswald and Milagro are blissfully happy Their sex life is incredible; they have a hold on their red coloured cravings and have an adopted child in dog Daisy But there’s trouble in Casa Dracula Milagro is feeling and like an outsider looking in at the Grant family’s many secrets and rituals A certain dark lord vampire called Ian Ducharme is a thorn in Oswald’s jealousy and the Vampire Council are wary of Milagro’s miraculous recovery from vampire infectionMs Acosta writes comedy of manners and errors The storylines are sometimes non seuiturs that lead the character’s into random adventures of comedic brilliance In ‘Midnight Brunch’ Milagro finds herself fixing a screenplay at a desert resort playing maid to a B grade heartthrob and chasing a chupa with a high school English teacher The plot is a criss crossing beautiful mess of epic proportions – and as a reader you’ve just got to go with it and trust that Ms Acosta will blow your mind and bust your gutOf course the stand out of the ‘Casa Dracula’ series is Milagro de los Santos What’s not to love about this feisty Latina vampire with a heart of gold? I loved her in ‘Happy Hour’ and the fictional girl crush grows in ‘Midnight Brunch’ In this second book Milagro is recognizing the negatives of biting into an ancient family of secret keeping vampires As funny as Milagro is and she really is hilarious ‘Midnight Brunch’ is also an in depth exploration into Milagro’s post vampiric life and it aint’ always pretty “I don’t know that I’m going back” “Sure you’ll go back I've seen sad endings and I've seen happy endings and you’re a happy ending type” “You’re talking about movies not real life” “Same difference” he said ‘Midnight Brunch’ sees Milagro thrown into the deep end and struggling with life after ‘happily ever after’ She’s dealing with Oswald’s jealousy feeling like an outcast in the Grant family hunger pains and job woesSecond only to Mialgro my other favourite character in the ‘Casa Dracula’ series is Ian Ducharme First introduced in ‘Happy Hour’ where he became enamoured of Milagro despite her rebuffs the dark lord returns in ‘Midnight Brunch’ I can’t get a handle on Ian and I think that’s why I love him so much He’s like dark chocolate – a little too much but just enough at the same time a sweetly bitter deadly conundrum Dare I say I even like Ian than Oswald? gasp Ian is clearly in love with Milagro and I can’t help but root for a romance between them even when I know it’s impossible and he is a little psycho I blame Marta Acosta for writing such a darn good bad boyI looooooove this series so so much Milagro is a hot and feisty Latina heroine with a razor sharp wit and big bazoombas And I worship at the writer altar of Marta Acosta I’m going into third book ‘The Bride of Casa Dracula’ with a giddy heart and a craving for spicy Milagro

  2. Toni Toni says:

    I'm seriously loving this series right now Its fun It's flirty It's different And it brings out the hispanic girl in me like no other I loved it This is the second novel in the series in Casa Dracula Secrets the family is holding from Milagro makes her run and hide That would be all great and dandy but she ends up hiding in a lions den where only trouble can find this amazing chica I'm noticing a trend and that is that Oswald always takes off when the going gets tough It frustrated the hell out of me because if he would only just stick around there wouldn't be any drama for Milagro to get into or the drama levels would be at an all time low for her But he leaves and I know its to help children but still he needs to man up or vampire up or just UP He's supposed to be considered an Alpha Male but for some reason I can't picture him in that kind of light But I will have to say that I still like him flaws and all He's perfectly imperfect in the sense that when it comes to love and Milagro its all new to him and he handles it the only way he knows how Ian I want to know about Ian He's the Dark Lord He's enchanting And he's sexy as hell New characters in this novel make this book beyond funny and interesting Chupacabra sitings Blood letting ceremonies Imminent Death And a sexy naked guy swimming in a pool all await you in Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula

  3. Noodle The Naughty Night Owl Noodle The Naughty Night Owl says:

    Book two in the Casa Dracula Series was not uite up to book one Still an enjoyable read but it wasn't until well over halfway that some of the wit and humour came crashing back in It was all a little heavy and our heroine Milagro just seemed a little flatI also had difficulties with the story and plot it just didn't grab this time around Despite that I am still intrigued Ian Ducharme is delightful exactly what a vampire should be But unfortunately he leaves Milagro's other love interest Oswald in his shadow I can't tell yet if I want Milagro to be happily ensconced with Oswald or upgrade to the much flashier and livelier DucharmeI missed the humour I missed the depth to the plot from book one I also missed the romance Oswald was AWOL and Ducharme hardly made an appearance at allI have hopes book three will remedy all of this Fingers crossedThis one gets a 510 Finished the book and it was above average but I won't be seeking this author out again on the NBRS

  4. Shalor T. Shalor T. says:

    weeps in a cornerWhy am I crying? Because now I'm done with the first two books and I have no way of getting my hands on book three until the book I bought off of eBay arrives Sadly this book isn't available on any reader other than the Kindle which I only have on my iPod I freaking love this series Milagro really is the Hispanic Bridget Jones only with a bit chutzpah to her nature I love Bridget but sometimes you do want to kick her in the shins a little Milagro is as clueless as Bridget when it comes to things you see coming a mile away but like her British counterpart she's just so freaking lovable that you really don't care I really wish that this series was a bit well known than it is as Acosta seems to have nearly perfected the type of escapism beach read where you might buy the first book by itself but you'll buy the other books all together because you don't want to wait for the next one to arrive Which unfortunately I didn't do

  5. Christy Christy says:

    This is the second in the Casa Dracula series and I loved it oh so much better than the first Even during the one slow point when Milagro was meandering aimlessly in life thinking she needed to be cured and not wanting anyone to touch her I still loved the way this story was shaping upOswald and Milagro are such the oddly perfect couple Although they are also the safe couple for those who root for her to hook up with IanEdna made a much pleasant appearance in this book as well I grew to be uite find of her and I continued to be uite find of GabrielOne character I never understood and very much disliked was Thomas Cook even if he did have hot chocolate breathIn short I'm psyched for the next in the series and am sure I'll be just as entertained I love when I can slip into a good book and lose myself for a wee bit

  6. Froggarita Froggarita says:

    Marta does it again with another amazing tale of Milagro de los Santos This is book 2 in the Casa Dracula Series As soon as I recieved this book I started to read it immediately and could not put it down Nonstop hilarity and action will keep you up late reading this book because you just can't stop I am torn between which 2 of the men I want Milagro to end up with but I think I want the naughty boy Ian to win her heart Oswald is just to goody to shoes for heroh how I yearn for book 3 and for book 4 which is currently being written to know what happens to my friend Milagro I highly recommend this series Now go hop to the store and buy it LOL

  7. Michalyn Michalyn says:

    This book was such a surprise When I first glanced at it it seemed very chick lit esue which usually isn't my kind of thing But it was 300 in the sale pile at Borders and when I flipped through it the dialogue seemed funny and snappy I thought oh what the hell and went for it I'm so glad I did Midnight Brunch is actually the seuel to Acosta's first book Happy Hour at Castle Dracula which I now want to get my hands on Our heroine Milagro de Los Santos is dating a vampire except vampirism in this world is a genetic disorder that causes blood cravings super healing abilities and sensitivity to sun There are no sharp fangs and a judicious application of sunblock is all the vampires need to stay healthy and happy We learn that Milagro accidentally became infected with the disorder in the previous novel and not only has she survived the infection which is a very rare occurrence but she's gained some special abilities as well Needless to say these abilities attract the attention of the wrong kind of vampires and Milagro must fight to stay out of their clutchesThis was such a breezy enjoyable read Milagro is a funny sassy protagonist and the plot is transparent but not thin You can guess what's coming a mile off but it's the cast of characters and the humor that really fuel the novel Sure Milagro falls into traps that might as well have danger signs written all over them but she does so out of her sense of adventure than actual ditziness She never becomes a weepy heroine and so even if the bad guys are obvious it's easy to forgive You'll find yourself chuckling with her along the way even as you hope that she really does find true happiness

  8. Steph Steph says:

    Ohhh Ms Acosta you've done it again Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula is the amazing seuel to the fabulous Happy Hour at Casa Dracula and once again you will find yourself cracking up at the top notch wit and personality uirks of every single character you meet Vampire bite survivor and the very human Milagro De Los Santos is pretty much being stalked by a bunch of fanatical vamps out for her very special blood a dark lord ex lover a narcissistic actor who swims naked moves into her hotel room a tabloid reporter who wants her next to a spread on chupacabras a screenwriter who lures her to a spa resort under the guise of editing a screenplay All while her lover and vamp Dr Oswald Grant is lending plastic surgery assistance in a 3rd world country Yes it all sounds nutty and overdone but somehow it just WORKS Milagro is perfectly flawed and I can't get enough of her Just try Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula and tell me if you didn't find yourself laughing your way through the entire thing Another excellent read Ms Acosta I'm off to start The Bride of Casa Dracula book 3 in this brilliant series

  9. Marta Acosta Marta Acosta says:

    This ebook is FREE today Monday May 6 at Sexy sardonicuniue and alluring Milagro will continue to amaze readers in Acosta's terrific new adventure BooklistHilarious Acosta's heroine is fresh and sassyall the characters are worth watching Romantic TimesA hilarious novel with plenty of colorful characters; Midnight Brunch will make you an instant Marta Acosta fan Fresh FictionAn addictive combo plate of romance and vamp satire Publishers WeeklyThis new edition includes a bonus feature Milagro's own version of how she came to live with vampires at the wine country ranch she calls Casa DraculaI hope you'll enjoy my funny screwball vampire romantic comedy PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH YOUR FRIENDS

  10. Mem Mem says:

    This begins where Happy Hour book 1 in the series ends Milagro has found love and is living with Oswald her love in his cottage on the ranch she was taken to after being infected with the virus she caught from him in the first bookOswald's family is still hiding things about the family from her She is kept from attending the naming ceremony of Sam and Winnie's infant daughter No one shares anything with her and she does not take this exclusion willinglyLeaving her out of the loop because the family is afraid of what might happens makes many of the things that happen inevitable Can't wait to get the next book and read the next episode in Milagro's life

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Midnight Brunch[PDF / Epub] ★ Midnight Brunch Author Marta Acosta – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Horror story writergardenerparty girl Milagro De Los Santos thinks she's well on her way to becoming the sincere and serious person she knows she should be She's in a serious relationship with a fabul Horror story writergardenerparty girl Milagro De Los Santos thinks she's well on her way to becoming the sincere and serious person she knows she should be She's in a serious relationship with a fabulous man Oswald Grant MD and living at his wine country ranch with his career fixated relatives It's true that Oswald accidentally infected her with the rare family condition that makes them crave blood cocktails and need protection from the sun but what family doesn't have it's uirksShe thought they accepted her so she's hurt when she's excluded from a midnight ceremony with special guests including a creepy family elder Oswald's hostile parents and Milagro's ex lover decadent and powerful Ian DucharmeWhen Milagro's life is threatened she flees to the desert to hide and work on a screenplay Instead of solitude she encounters an egomaniacal actor a partying socialite a sly tabloid reporter and a lavish spa full of dark secrets It's all lots of fun until the bwaa ha ha laughter and the knives come out Now all Milagro has to do is finish her screenplay ambush a world domination movement and overcome a terrible infection before she can make her way back to Casa Dracula.

About the Author: Marta Acosta

Marta Acosta lives in the San Francisco Bay Area She was a feral reader roaming the stacks of the public libraryShe received a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford University and has written for the San Francisco Chronicle the Contra Costa Times and Spaces MagazineMarta lives with her husband spawn and their crazy dogs An avid gardener she likes independent fil.