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Unexpected Silver Creek #1 PDF Ï Unexpected Silver

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  1. Pam Pam says:

    What an enjoyable small town romance full of emotion and heart This is the first book from this author I have read and I love her voice and will continue with the next book in the series Kelsey Nobel is ready to start a family; she is 30 years old plus has the added pressure from her parents and married sisters Unfortunately she has had bad luck with men so she decides to go it alone with the help of a sperm bank Cole Mitchell had a short unhappy marriage his wife wanted him to bank some sperm so they could have children later but they divorced soon after when he went to the bank to dispose of the sample he was told someone had used it Needless to say he was livid; he strong arms the information from the clerk to find out who it is so he can visit When Cole appears on her doorstep Kelsey is sick unwelcoming and a bit skeptical of this man They discuss what to do but don’t really have a solution yet so she takes him up on his offer to stay at his ranch to make some decisions and rest She takes Alexa her best friend with her even though she complains the whole time that she wants to go back to New York We meet Cole’s brother Cade and sister Lark who both work on the ranch with him as well as other’s that help run things including Tyler that seems to have caught the eye of Alexa As they work through all the issues of a baby life gets in the way and they must make some hard decisions I like the premise of this story Kelsey decides she does not need anyone to help her start a family she wants a baby something of her own I like Kelsey; she has a lot of heart and determination and goes after what she wants I also like how she will not settle for just anyone this time around Cole is a tough guy to know he was in an unhealthy marriage and although was glad to get out swears he is unable to love and blaming it mostly on his father I thought that Kelsey and Cole were good for each other but it took awhile for the chemistry to work in my opinion He wanted the relationship with Kelsey and their child but it was hard to get him to admit to anything he pulled back several times and it was a bit frustrating I really enjoyed Cole’s brother and sister Cade and Lark and I am looking forward to reading about them again Although Cade is portrayed to be this lazy ex rodeo pro I thought he was insightful and grounded than Cole at times I did have a problem with Alexa however Kelsey’s best friend grated on me I did not mind that she was citified and hated being out in the west but I did not like how she treated several people including Tyler and Cole All in all a well written romance with some heat angst and true love Copy from publisher through NetGalley for an honest review

  2. Ni_kii Ni_kii says:

    FTC Disclaimer I do not know this author nor was I paid for this review This ARC was provided through the publisher for an honest reviewI actually follow the author on twitter so when I knew she was writing a cowboy I put it on my to read list Then it appeared on NetGalley so I immediately reuested it This is a very cute and easy read It had enough heat to keep me interested and I enjoyed both of the characters immenselyThe premise for these two meeting was uite cute if not uite extreme Cole had donated sperm to the sperm bank as his ex wife was a complete nutter and only wanted children from his young man sperm and not his old man sperm but wanted them at a later date Then the sperm bank messed up and hey presto we have a story His reaction to the news of his impending fatherhood was noble; he wanted to be a part of the baby’s life even though he hadn’t actually thought about having children then It was good guy behaviour and he continued to prove his worth over the course of the book He invites Kelsey to his ranch so they can get to know each other he pushes her into becoming part of his family and he is resolved to being part of the baby’s life even when he did nothing to bring it into the world The only issues arise when the sexual attraction flares between them because he truly doesn’t want to complicate their relationship“There was no chance of no strings sex with him because she and Cole had nothing but strings”Kelsey was a nice character to read about too She went to the IVF place as she decided that she didn’t need to wait for some man to come and impregnate her when she had alternative options She could have told Cole to take a hike when he arrived on her doorstep but instead she allowed him in and played along I liked that she was open to a relationship with him as she saw him as a victim in this situation She was so attracted to him and why wouldn’t she be? He was hot and nice but she tried so hard to play by all the rules he kept making It was all very sweet They were fabulous characters to read about and their love story was so sweet I really enjoyed that these two were adult enough to talk through their feelings and problems; the fears they had for their future child’s happiness was a genuine barrier rather than a silly oneThis book is a nice easy read It is definitely a book that will make you smile and give you a case of the warm and fuzzies With a genuinely lovely cowboy who just wants to do the right thing there is no way I wasn’t going to like it

  3. Sheryl C. Nash Sheryl C. Nash says:

    Really REALLY enjoyed this one Cole was just so FRACKING HOT and I LOVED how SPUNKY Kelsey was CAN'T WAIT for Lark's story in Untouched next

  4. Nate Brightman Nate Brightman says:

    UnexpectedThis is the first true novel in The Silver Creek Series Oddly the Hh Carly and Lucas from the novella Unbuttoned that kicks off the series never make even a cameo appearance or were even mentioned? One of the things I enjoy about reading a series is the reappearance of familiar characters from previous books in the series Otherwise what’s the point in calling it a series? I so wanted to love this short book Until the very end I was ready to give it a solid 4 stars maybe even a 5 I like Ms Yates writing that much Okay you have to be willing to accept the premise that two young adults in their early thirties have already both determined they’d never fall in love again because they were burned in early relationships But that sort of acceptance is necessary if you’re going to enjoy any romance novel or Hallmark movie or rom com As a man I have to accept that because romance novels are written primarily by women for women the male characters tend to be barely than two dimensional Over six foot check Wavy slightly too long hair check Piercing eyes check Broad shoulders check Wide moderately hairy chest check Six pack abs check Bulging Biceps muscular forearms big hands check Narrow waist tight ass thick thighs check check and check And of course he must be at his core caring honorable intelligent and involved in a manly profession or a doctor or a vet Cole Mitchell our male protagonist a studly rancher meets all of these reuirements Fortunately the female characters are far complex and this is where Ms Yates excels at her craft giving her heroines a voice that makes them feel like real people The female hero in this story Kelsey Noble is no exception Beautiful intelligent strong but vulnerable you can’t help but love her from the opening of the story Something I found different and liked about this book was that Ms Yates subtly introduces the idea that perhaps people should wait to know each other to form some sort of emotional bond before jumping into bed to satisfy an undeniable physical attraction to each other Our main heroine Kelsey’s best friend Alexa is shocked that ranch hand Taylor although obviously attracted to her isn’t ready to jump into the casual hook up she was imagining she’d share with him First get to really know someone before you jump between the sheets with them What a uniue concept for a modern romance novelSo why with a lovable heroine and good story line and even a uniue take on sexual relationships and some pretty steamy sex did my 4 5 star rating drop to a 3? Spoiler alert In order to give the book a dramatic ending the author writes a scene where Kelsey agrees to marry Cole and offers him her unconditional love Cole still living in fear of having his heart broken again tells her that love wasn’t part of the deal They were supposed to marry live together have great mind blowing sex and do their best to raise their child together But love each other no way In fact he can never love her because he’s been hurt so much by the loss of his mother by his shrewish ex wife by discovering his father whom he idolized was a lothario He goes so far as to tell her he will never be able to love her First of all Kelsey is a strong intelligent woman Too intelligent to consider marrying a man who doesn’t love her even if she loves him and carries his child It wouldn’t reuire Cole’s outright profession of his inability to love her or a heart to heart with her BFF to come to that conclusion Secondly Cole deep down inside knows he loves Kelsey When she accepts his marriage proposal and declares her unconditional love for him there’s no way he doesn’t break through the emotional walls he’s built around his heart to so ruthlessly reject her offer of love and callously throw it back in her face This is the point where Cole should have manned up and told Kelsey how much he loved her to bring us to the HEA Not after a night of drinking talking with his brother and then waking up with a hangover to realize Kelsey was in fact ready to leave having realized that what he had offered her wasn’t enough This whole scenario went so against the grain of both characters it darn near ruined the story for me and left a sour taste in my mouth The fact that Cole miraculously wakes up the next morning to realize and accept his love for her and tell Kelsey all the things he should have said to her the night before just didn’t salvage the ending of the story for me much as I love a good HEA as much as the next romance novel reader

  5. Sara Sara says:

    Well damn this was too cute and hot to handle Really There was fire between Cole and Kelsey I really liked Kelsey and felt connected to her It didn't hurt that Cole was REALLY REALLY HOT and also kind of cute Yeah there were also times lots of times when I just wanted to hit him hard in the head and made him see reason He clearly was afraid and didn't want to have feelings But he just didn't get that it was already too late I really liked the storyline and I thought it was fate that brought Cole and Kelsey together after all Really sweet I didn't like Alexa much but in the end she got better Tyler was cute A real keeper Liked him I'm so glad I picked this book up Recommended

  6. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    This was a disaster I really can't help but think the author doesn't think very highly of women in general Because she wrote some ridiculous female characters And not in an amusing ridiculous way but in an embarrassingly shameful ridiculous kinda wayI only finished reading because I wanted to know how Kelsey revealed her in vitro decision to everyone but she never did so that was a fucking waste of timeDon't bother with this one unless you enjoy reading about people that actively choose to be miserable out of contrariness

  7. Kari Kaz Kari Kaz says:

    I had a lot of fun reading this book I enjoyed the banter between Kelsey and Cole The storyline was a bit far fetched with Cole's sample getting mixed up at a fertility clinic and Kelsey ending up pregnant with his baby But they worked as a couple and I liked how they resolved their concerns regarding parenthood They were also mature characters with realistic worries The pacing of the romance worked well too

  8. Bette Hansen Bette Hansen says:

    Loved it So cute and what an interesting way to meet I don't think I'll try it though Great characters give us the start of what should be a great series Can't wait to dive into the next one

  9. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    The book started out good After a while I lost interest and it was hard to keep reading It was too much dialogue for me I did finish the book and it was a sweet sappy story

  10. Leena Aluru Leena Aluru says:

    I've haven't read a book where I've hated the heroine so much Kelsey and her bestie Alexa are the most immature 30yr olds i've come across and they hardly redeem themselves Kelsey is a 30 Yr old columnist who decides to get pregnant using the sperm bank obviously our hero's because she has been hurt by her ex and has been off mendating for eons She claims to be an independent woman wanting to make her own choices and her own decisions What humbug She cannot hold her own in front of her parents and sisters She's so scared of her parents repercussions that she promptly declares her engagement with the hero She has already refused him claiming claiming they can be friends raising a kid together 🥱What right does a spineless 30yr old have to get pregnant when she's scared to take responsibility of her action? She's called it a mistake umpteen times thru the book What if Cole hadn't shown up? Would she have aborted the kid to make her mom happy? I couldn't like her at all Her friend is no good too Oh comeon A 24 Yr old guy gives trust lessons to a 30 yr woman? Give me a break? What is this woman trying to say?carrer women aren't best at making life choices? IM insultedCade and Lark Cole's siblings are the only 2 redeeming characters I might want to read Lark's HEARecommended 👎

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Unexpected Silver Creek #1 ❰Epub❯ ➟ Unexpected Silver Creek #1 Author Maisey Yates – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk After spending another family wedding fielding uestions about her non existent love life Kelsey Noble decides she’s tired of waiting around for things she could go out and get herself What Kelsey wa After spending another family wedding fielding uestions about her non existent love life Kelsey Noble decides she’s tired of waiting around for things she Unexpected Silver Kindle - could go out and get herself What Kelsey wants is a baby and she doesn’t see any point waiting for a husband she’s not even sure she wants But a mix up at the fertility clinic lands her with a hassle she didn’t count on A big muscular hassle in a Stetson and cowboy boots Cole Mitchell is shocked to discover that a grand gesture from years past has come back to haunt him Now thanks to a clerical error a woman he’s never met is having his baby—and there’s no way he’s going to walk away and forget he has a child Trying to make nice with the unexpected father of her baby lands Kelsey in Silver Creek Oregon dealing with the kind of small town life she left behind years ago Even worse is dealing with the burning attraction she feels for Cole She knows adding sex to the mix is a very bad idea but she’s not sure how long she can resist falling for the last man she ever expected.